Another First For A Mustang

This week we have been working on a customer’s car who wishes not to be featured on our blog, of course we respect their privacy so there isn’t too much to show for our work unfortunately. However we can show you other things we have on the go;

Project Engine

We have a project in mind which we want to start soon, so we have started to build a pretty special engine for it. Unless somebody wants to buy it off us in the mean time of course, but be prepared for a little open wallet surgery as this power pack won’t be cheap. The engine we are building is a 351 Cleveland, 4v, four bolt main closed chamber heads. Now to most petrol heads that is sexy talk. What it means in layman’s terms is that this engine is strong and built for punishment. Not only will this engine be great for the street racer, you can drive it to a track, race it and then drive home again.

Magazine Feature

A little while ago we told you how Mustang Maniac entourage arrived at Santa Pod drag strip with A602s for a little private racing. We had some of our cars in the latest edition of the ‘Custom Car’ magazine. The bottom three pics on the left hand page.

Left to right; Yogi doing what he does best, burning rubber. Adam getting out the biggest badass UBB Mustang 1000bhp from storage. Spence not saying much – just letting his racing do the talking!

We think our pictures were much better to be honest!

Another Mustang First

Over the last few days there has been a lot of talk about Vaughn Gittin Jr. becoming the first person to drift the legendary 12.9 miles of the Nurburgring in his 900 horsepower Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR. This video is spectacular to watch and listen to as well. It’s hard enough to complete a lap of this legendary circuit without coming of and rearranging a barrier or two, as many other videos will testify. Yet this gentleman (who we think must be mad), manages to do it pretty much sideways ALL the way around. Incredible.

Click here for the official YouTube channel and like/subscribe for this mans incredible work. Or cut and paste the link below to your browser.

We don’t own the copyright of this video, but we just had to share it with you to raise this guy’s profile. What an achievement and what a car, we still think he is mad though! 😀

Rollin’ On

We would like to thank our followers for some rather amusing response emails to the photos that were taken of Adam at the SEMA show. Some we couldn’t possibly put up on a family blog! We can answer a question that was answered a couple of times. Was that all the photos of other cars? Honestly, Yes that was all the photo’s Adam took of non Mustang Cars! While we are on the subject of SEMA 2017 we were sent this press release from Ford. (Thanks Gary.)

“DEARBORN, Mich., – Ford Focus and Ford F-Series are now back-to-back-to-back winners of Hottest Hatch and Hottest Truck awards from the Specialty Equipment Market Association. Ford’s domination of the show continues, as it collects these coveted awards at a greater pace than any other automaker. Ford has won 15 out of the 33 Hottest Vehicle awards presented by SEMA since 2010. “The aftermarket industry’s ongoing elevation of our vehicles feels great,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “We are beyond proud to have two back-to-back-to-back winners in our Focus and F-Series.” With its hot ST and RS performance trim levels, Focus continues to win over the aftermarket. Two years ago, it took home the final Sport Compact award. 2017 now marks two years running for Focus winning Hottest Hatch. F-Series, the ultimate Swiss army knife of the aftermarket, is a proven favorite for customization into everything from tarmac-shredding drag racers to off-road monsters. America’s best-selling vehicle has been named Hottest Truck seven out of eight times in the award’s history.

“Ford has a long history of support and partnership with the aftermarket community, bringing increased options and products for consumers,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “F-Series and Focus are just two of the most recent examples of the great vehicles Ford offers for personalization.” With more than 50 vehicles on display, including a large collection of custom builds at its stand, Ford’s presence at SEMA remains the largest of any automaker. This is the seventh year for the Ford Out Front performance demonstration track, a lead attraction of the 2017 show.”

Quite an impressive record we must say. Congratulations to Ford.

Customers Cars:

The “Blue Racing Coupe” is now at a point where she is ready for road tests. The engine was wired up and plumbed in over the week.

With the engine all fired up and some base line setups made we could put the car panels back together again. The rear axle was replaced with a reconditioned as good as new 9″ version to do away with the welded up rear end that made the car a real handful to drive on normal roads as a result.

Not quite the race car she was turned into, but much more enjoyable to drive and will still be able to hold her own if somebody wants to try and race her.

’69 Mach1

Jacqui’s car has some temporary wheels on it now and can be rolled around the workshops as we need to now. This is always a big step as all the main running and steering gear has been fitted. The car’s paint job looks pretty cool out in the evening sun.

Andrew Hedley has done some nice charity work with is ’65 Coupe. He brought his car to us to sort out its “saggy bottom.” We have the before and after pictures his. New rear springs and shocks makes a massive difference to the car’s handling that’s for sure, as well as giving the car its aesthetically pleasing correct stance. Must be all that wine Andrew keep filling the trunk up with? 😉

A subtle difference, but what a difference! 

We have been asked about our Dual LED Bulbs front the front of the early Mustangs. We have just uploaded this video to our YouTube Channel to show how they work.

If you want to order them here is the link to our WebShop or click here.

We haven’t forgotten about the exclusive we have for you. We are just making sure those involved are happy for us to post it up for you.

Watch this space! 🙂

Add Ons

We have seen the argument for the “independent” rear suspensions on the Classic Mustangs, there are obviously two sides to each discussion. Once the aftermarket bolt-ons have been added for a while, they are usually taken off and end up in the scrap skip. The main point is here that although you can remove the leaf springs and put various coils, shocks and traction bars onto the rear axle, however, the rear axle is hollow heavy tube in effect, so each side of the suspension will never be independent from each other, this set up is known as a “live” rear axle. Here is the setup that has been removed from a ’68 390 fastback.

The correct suspensions was added back to the ‘car which now looks neater, sits correctly and handles how they should and more predictable. The best bit? The car is pleasant to drive again without any rattle, bang or clunk or sound track, just like you are towing a crate of tin cans up the road!

We have another ’66 convertible which is in for some routine annual service. But we can see some rare options of the headlight doors having a chrome trim around the front. It give the car a totally different look.


We were sent an email (thanks Gary), to say that he had found something on YouTube that we might like, so we decided to share it with you.

We can’t take the credit for this one but the original is located here.

Shelby GT500 DeAgostini 1:8th Model Update

Another delivery from DeAgostini has moved us to within one more delivery for completion. The build log has been updated and can be found by clicking here. or cut and paste the link here to your browser.

So we have added a few little pics to show the progress again.

We cant wait till the build is finished now as it’s been almost two years.

The Jobsworth

We have been asked about a car we had with us at a recent car show, but we will get to that a little later along with a story about a “Jobsworth”, in other words, a somebody who had nothing better to do with their time other than enforce a petty rule. But we start again this week with the Park & Ride car on the post.

Park & Pic:

Derek has owned the car for a while now and has been gradually doing little jobs here and there on her. But after a look at the quality of work we do here, the car has been booked in with us to complete an ever extending list of upgrades and bit of under hood bling.


The Grinch:

This car is a real like it or loath it restoration or “Restomod” that took six years to complete by our very own Yogi including the awesome paint job, just before he joined our ranks at MM. We love this car it has to be said and is a rare and genuine S code 390GT with all matching numbers.


The modifications to the car are subtle and obvious at the same time. Under the hood there is no wire loom. The engine is ported out via a pair of ear drum busting Flowmasters that makes the big block V8 sound like it has a seriously bad attitude. The steering and suspension are total control setup, which is certainly required for this beast of a car.

The bodywork modifications are obvious at the rear with the well known Shelby look. The front cowl section has been removed and replaced with sheet metal to give the continuation of the hood to the glass. The rear vents have also been removed and plated up to give a smooth flowing line to the trunk lid.

Inside the quarter stick shift is automatic with a racing setup and it needs it. The sound system matches the engine and looks like the car.

Petty Rules?

Ken is Adam’s dad and still owns the very first Mustang that Adam restored before Adam’s passion had evolved into the trade leading Mustang Maniac company. The start of the story is that Adam bought his dad a set of number plates with the classic Playboy logo on them, after a bit of in joke while they visited Las Vegas over twenty years ago. The plates have been on the car ever since without a single problem.

Ken bought the car back down to Adam to have some new wheels on her along with a service at the same time. On way down from the Midlands, the local police constabulary decided to pull Ken over for his number plates. Obviously said individual had nothing better to do, like catching terrorists and murderers, oh no. They chase people for the serious crime of a logo on a registration plate. Nobody in the twenty years that they had been on the car has ever mentioned them before. So now the plates have been changed and Ken was left to feel like a criminal at the time. It’s not as though the car is driven for hundreds of miles everyday!

So we now have Ken’s official mug shot!


The wheels look great and he went for the classic styled four stud look, but in the modern alloy, which is part of the new range on our WebShop.


We have uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel for the new stock for the 2015 – 2016 Mustangs for the front LED sequential indicator lights.

The link for the new sequential lights click here, or paste the link to your browser.

Another Prototype:

We have a one-off, bespoke, custom-made pair of smoked rear lenses. We had some clear ones made a little while ago and the reader poll showed us they were not as popular as we thought they would be, even though we sold the small stock we had. So now we now have something the opposite way around – smoked.

The question would be what do they look like in use? The video here shows you just that:

We have another poll for you, would you buy them if we got them made and kept them in stock?

Please vote and let us know.

Euro Update

If you are thinking by the heading that Mustang Maniac are going to talk politics, you are very wrong. We are pleased to announce that we have some new stock for a European look upgrade to our popular custom-made LED lighting kits. But first we start with the Park & Pic.

Park & Pic

This Coupe owned by Steve has had a little upgrade on the front suspension. Steve supplied us with the wheels and the tyres so we could set the geo up on the car after the suspension swap out.

First out was the was the old springs, shocks and perches removed which have seen better days regarding wear and tear.

The perches had the upgraded Shelby suspension springs which are stiffer and lower the front of the car a little to give that more neutral body stance. The front sway bar was upgraded to a 1″ bar which will improve the handling of the car no end with the new performance springs and shocks.


We mention that we have now had a Euro version of our popular LED circuit boards for the early Mustangs. These boards have multiple options of sequences you can choose from via a button on the circuit board itself. We were asked if these were available so we had a new batch made to see what the reaction was like. We have already sold a few sets, so if you see them on a Mustang, the chances are they are from us. If you wanted to see them click here for the hyper link, or cut and paste the link here into your browser.

Euro LED 65-66 sequential flash

We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel and the video is also here. Or click our YouTube logo to the go the channel.

Our YouTube Channel “MustangManiacUK”

We have had a request, it was only a single request for a Yogi pic – we suspect it was from Yogi’s wife, sorry ladies – but he’s taken. But we have one of the bear working on his own car which was also posted on our Facebook pages too.

To answer a Question:

We were asked if our light weight indoor covers would fit the new Mustangs too.

Yep – they do.

Slow Processes

The week has been busy, but full of slow process with attention being paid to details. We have done some time consuming work Customer Cars, and some work on our YouTube Chanel. We will start as we always do with cars:

Customer Cars

1972 Lime Green Mach1

The car we are talking about here is the ’72 Lime Green  Mach1, or give it the correct colour name “Medium Lime” which was a 1972 only colour. The car has been put mostly back together now so we can drive her. The front end wire loom for the front lights was wrapped and installed. The difference is amazing as soon as the lights and grill are in place and working.

The engine bay was wired to the dash and the all important turn of the key spun her over and fired up. The starting is a little temperamental at the moment as the carb has not been adjusted properly yet. The point here was to make sure the electrics were correct and live as they are supposed to be. With the confirmation of the engine running the hood was bolted back in place, a two-man job as the hood on these cars is the best part of 6ft long and weighs accordingly.


This second pic we like as it’s slightly darker with a different front angle later in the day. The Sun was going down so we got a more moody or atmospheric looking Mach1. Sometimes these off the cuff snap shots are better than the more formal pics we take. So when we mention an “afternoon moody” we done mean Yogi being disturbed in his cave, we mean photographic atmospherics.


The car was driven out under her own power and left to run a little while to make sure the sensors and gauges were all working. There are a few more things to do yet which are more cosmetic, such as the side marker lights, adjusting the trunk now the weather strip is in place, engine tuning, carb set up, tracking brakes adjusted etc. We will take her for a quick drive down the road and back to settle the suspension in place with the tyres to check basic handling. When she comes back we do it all again to make sure everything has stayed where it should be. Then it will be taken for a proper drive to make sure everything is where we expect it to be and handles how she should. The rear on this car still has the air shock replacements from a good few years ago, obviously these will be set up to how Paul wants them to be for his preference and style of driving.

This next pic shows Yogi in the background, what he is in fact doing is checking the stance and overall look of the car from a distance.


Gulf Stream Aqua’ 65 Coupe

This car is still undergoing the slow exploration phase of rubbing down the problem areas to see exactly what needs to be dealt with. Here the left side top corner of the roof has been filled so it will need to be cleaned up and checked for any rust areas underneath.


The lower edges of the wheel arches can be a problem area if the drain away becomes blocked. The other classic spots for rust, the front edges at the bottom of the doors and the bottom of the front fenders.

Our YouTube Channel:

We have our own YouTube Channel where we post clips and footage of various things, from new products and how they work, to a complete restoration in under 5 minutes. This is no easy task as the original 4000 or so photo’s were whittled down to still large number of 1200. Then the final collation of pics are used to make this slide show. Although this computer work isn’t working on cars, sifting through all those pictures in order for it all to make sense takes just as long.

We often get asked what is involved in a bare metal restoration. This short video is aimed at those type of questions which should give you a rough idea of the slow methodical process involved. What people don’t appreciate is the time involved to complete this particular project took four and a half years complete.

There are lots more still pics from the video show which can be found from the menu above customers Cars/Acapulco ’66 Coupe – Full Restoration. This page is a large document with lots of detailed pics, so give it a minute or so to load, or click here for the hyper link to go straight to the page. The full restoration in all its detail can be found at One Man And His Mustang or click here for the hyper link. His site will show you step by step and walk through processes he did with us. The restoration was completed with all the parts he used came from our WebShop.

If you like this video pop over to our channel and subscribe, click here for the link.


Thanks to Chris T. for taking the time to create the slide show for us.

We would like to thank a couple of our new followers; Leon J. & Hans L. from Germany who have started following our blog as we are building the DeAgostini 1:8th Shelby GT500 model. The guys said they have learnt a fair bit about the real cars from the blog too and they we pleased to see that we pay as much careful attention to the smaller cousin models as we do the full-sized cars. We aim to please. 🙂

Time Flies

This week we have got back to the cars that needed finishing off and the time has just flown by. Yogi was working hard on the glorious Highland Green ’67 Fastback which will be delivered back to the owner on Tuesday if all goes to plan. The car has had some real nice mods fitted to it which will make subtle differences, and they will also make the handling that much better too. Brake lines finished and bleed for a solid pedal, and all joints on the suspension have been greased and tested.

We also fitted a nice upgrade to the cars in the form of a centre hand brake, stainless steel lines to the rear drums are fitted as standard.

The steering column is a very nice and not so common tilt option. highland67-51 The handling of the car is important to the owners so as well as the Mote Carlo bar under the hood the rear end has had an adjustable sway bar fitted too. Again not so common but does make a difference.

The wheels are on and we now have a rolling chassis to get to work on putting her back together again.

Our yard also had the pleasure of Yogi’s Mach1 too, a little trip out on the nice days. The car had a few minor tweaks to the carb and needed a road to make sure it was all was OK. The results we have posted on our YouTube channel and also have here for you. Ever wondered what it’s like to run this car at Santa Pod drag strip in a Mustang (which he does)? Watch this and find out. yogi-mach1-11

We even managed to grab a few picks under the hood, but don’t tell him! 😉

You can read all about Yogi’s car that featured in Classic American magazine here.

Customers Cars:

We have been working on the Acapulco Blue Coupe to get the lights working and bumper on this weekend. The lights are stock on the outside but has LED’s on the inside. This enables us to run amber indicators and was as the red side and stops lights. Not required on our MOT tests due to the cars age, but it will make it safer regardless.

The rear bumpers can be a complete pain align correctly, but a few tricks of the trade got this bumper to line up better than a lot of other we have seen. Yes we know the gas cap is wrong we will change it soon. rbump16


We have had some pretty good feedback from the Kroon Oil we are now stocking on the WebShop, at £33.60 for 5 litres is also a pretty good deal too, click here for the quick link.