1964 1/2 Coupe RTA Repair

This early 1964 1/2 Coupe  that sustained some critical damage. just after it had been restored. I truly heart breaking experience let alone being on the road for a maiden outing and damaged. Although the damage was to metal work the force of the impact effected all sorts of things inside the car, chassis, hinges, mounts, pipe work, electrics, fixings etc. The force of the impact actually moved the whole font of the car over to the left which closed the gaps on that side of the car.

We have seen these accidents a number of times, but as these cars are so strong we knew we could sort this little lady out.


The car was taken apart and straightened out on our various jigs.

We dry fitted the new fender and gapped it up where is was supposed to be, the paint and body shop would then realign all the panels back to where they should be.

The car was taken to the body shop and painted for a few weeks where she was gapped up again, blocked and prepared for the all important colour match paint job.

Primer was applied, then blocked a number of times.

Under coats were applied and blocked down.

The engine bay was also treated to the levels of detail that we provide, masking up and the painting the engine bay.

Then the top coats and lacquers were applied.

Final fitting and finish of the paint.

Once the car was cured the car was shipped back to our workshops.

Once back into the workshops or “Caves” as Yogi refers to them as, we started to put her back together again.

The engine mounted back into the car where the connections and fittings were connect back up.


Next the final mouldings for the engine back in place and the hood refitted, grill fitted and the rest of the light details.




The last job was to set her up on the Geo rig and road test. We managed to get the car back to factory tolerences and now drives beautifully again.

You would never have thought this was the same car.