The Test Rig

Our rebuild policy

We have many customers come to us with the requirement of an engine rebuild. We are happy to oblige of course and we will also take custom builds and modification on board as well. ALL our engine rebuilds are run for a minimum of 1 hour on the Test Rig. The engine is run with Evans Waterless Coolant (which we strongly recommend). This will make sure there are no leaks, the engine can be tuned easily and we are confident that everything works how it should. The Test Rig is not pretty but it’s a vital piece of equipment. We will only supply our engine once they have been tested to our satisfaction. We also run the customers bespoke requirements on the test rig before we fit them to the cars.

The rig is succesful because the Evans Waterless Coolant runs and no pressure and will not over heat.

Test rig

Test rig

We have all sorts of requests, this was a recent build for us and is awaiting fitting to the car, this is a billet requested 347ci – that produces an insane 700bhp. This sounded as good as it looked – trust me!

347ci 700bhp

347ci 700bhp

Our team are dedicated and only work on Mustangs and they have been doing this for years. We have a few pictures of the engines we are building to our customers requirements. We will do anything they ask – as long as it’s safe and we believe it will work. There is no point in building something that looks great and blows up past 3,000rpm!

302 block


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