Tilt Away

Last week we had posted about the proposals for the UK to stop mandatory MOTs for cars over forty years old. Well our poll has told us that a massive 90% of people thought it was a bad idea! We agree. We have had a few emails in to us and they have all been along the same lines as this quote below which sums it all up, along with the frustrations.

“I guess the bigger issue for the classic car scene and Mustangs in particular is the issue of modifications….and the way the DFT (Department for Transport), will treat it. They still haven’t issued any guidelines and are saying that any modified car will possibly need MOTing and may need to be identified by a “Q” plate. The issues this raises are enormous…does that include a Holley carb rather than the standard Autolite, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, LED rear lights and the list goes on and on.  My car is pretty much stock, but I have added a servo and dual line brakes and LED lights so does that make me liable for a MOT and Q plate?”

The “Q” plate issue raised here will make a lot of unhappy classic car owners who will not be able to use the correct date plates for their cars. So if you improve a car’s safety by adding LED lights instead of the poor standard bulbs that is a modification and will need a modified reg plate! The government doesn’t seem to have thought this through. Some criteria for “Q” plates are listed here: Self-built constructions, Key Q-plate insurance points, Ex-military vehicles, Radically altered vehicles, Self-imported vehicles, Any car that doesn’t have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Single and Individual Vehicle Approval. The other point is here that the insurance for a “Q” plate car will go mental and we have found similar descriptions for most insurers;

Insuring a Q-registered vehicle:

Insurance coverage still poses more of a challenge than insuring a regular ‘off-the-production-line’ vehicle. This is because all insurance is about quantifying risk, and risk is much harder to determine with any Q-plated vehicle. Obtaining cover is by no means impossible, though. While some insurers refuse to cover any Q registrations, there are a number of providers who specialise in this side of the motor market and have a detailed knowledge of all types of Q registration (even tanks!). In order to assess the risk of any individual vehicle and calculate an appropriate premium they need specifics on every single aspect of the vehicle. We like to think that this will not be the case, but this last sentence in blue could make a huge difference to owning a classic car. 

We have seen petitions on the forums to pass to the government to stop these mad proposals. If you see it, sign it and pass it on.


Adam has added to his Mustang collection again, this time with a very nice virtually untouched ’67 Convertible.

Adam is particularly pleased with this little lady as there is a nice option extra that he has seen plenty off in the past, but not working properly. The “Tilt Away” steering wheel. We have taken a short video of it in action.

Customers Cars:

BRC has been worked on by Yogi and has some parts put refitted. The engine, the rear axle, Borgeson steering box and rear brakes are back in place. the front suspension needed new upper and lower control arms and then the brakes can be fitted.

Please keep your comments coming about the MOT debate. As we were preparing this post we have some more DeAgostini parts arrive for the Model, so we will have that updated for you soon.

Time Flies

This week we have got back to the cars that needed finishing off and the time has just flown by. Yogi was working hard on the glorious Highland Green ’67 Fastback which will be delivered back to the owner on Tuesday if all goes to plan. The car has had some real nice mods fitted to it which will make subtle differences, and they will also make the handling that much better too. Brake lines finished and bleed for a solid pedal, and all joints on the suspension have been greased and tested.

We also fitted a nice upgrade to the cars in the form of a centre hand brake, stainless steel lines to the rear drums are fitted as standard.

The steering column is a very nice and not so common tilt option. highland67-51 The handling of the car is important to the owners so as well as the Mote Carlo bar under the hood the rear end has had an adjustable sway bar fitted too. Again not so common but does make a difference.

The wheels are on and we now have a rolling chassis to get to work on putting her back together again.

Our yard also had the pleasure of Yogi’s Mach1 too, a little trip out on the nice days. The car had a few minor tweaks to the carb and needed a road to make sure it was all was OK. The results we have posted on our YouTube channel and also have here for you. Ever wondered what it’s like to run this car at Santa Pod drag strip in a Mustang (which he does)? Watch this and find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIIW0cX-1Pw yogi-mach1-11

We even managed to grab a few picks under the hood, but don’t tell him! 😉

You can read all about Yogi’s car that featured in Classic American magazine here.

Customers Cars:

We have been working on the Acapulco Blue Coupe to get the lights working and bumper on this weekend. The lights are stock on the outside but has LED’s on the inside. This enables us to run amber indicators and was as the red side and stops lights. Not required on our MOT tests due to the cars age, but it will make it safer regardless.

The rear bumpers can be a complete pain align correctly, but a few tricks of the trade got this bumper to line up better than a lot of other we have seen. Yes we know the gas cap is wrong we will change it soon. rbump16


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