’66 Factory GT Fastback

Our 66 Fastback GT

Standard Fastback: 27,809 units

Luxury Fastback: 7,889 units

Total Production: 35,698 units

Retail Price: $2,607 Standard Fastback

1966 was the last year Ford offered the original Mustang Fastback. Although the Mustang had a stellar year in sales, the Fastback experienced a 50-percent decrease in sales over the previous model year. In all, about 35,000 Mustang Fastbacks were produced in 1966, making this model highly sought after by Mustang collectors.


  • New Wheels
  • New Grille Pattern
  • New Instrument Cluster
  • New Gas Cap
  • No Rocker Panels on GT models
  • No Side Scoops on GT Mustangs
  • Driving Lamps Standard

In 1966, the Fastback featured a redesigned grille, new instrument cluster, and new styled wheels. An automatic transmission became available for the “Hi-Po” V8.  Side scoops were absent on the GT model, making for a cleaner look, while driving lamps were offered as standard equipment. In addition, the GT featured side racing stripes which took the place of chrome rocker panels, giving the vehicle a serious performance racing look.

Although other Mustangs in 1966 sported the Mustang Pony emblem directly behind the front wheel wells, the GT Mustang featured a special GT emblem in its place. In addition, the letters “MUSTANG” were added to the lower front fender. The GT also featured the Hi-Po 289 Emblem, making it easy to spot one of these V-8 classics on the road. 1966 was also the first year Mustang featured standard backup lights.

One of the most distinct features of the 1966 Fastback Mustang is the car’s exit vents which work with the vehicle’s fully-functional silent-flo interior ventilation system.

The car also came with an AM radio.

Engine Offerings

  • Engine Code T: 200 cubic inch I-6 engine @ 120hp w/9.2:1 compression and a one-barrel carburetor
  • Engine Code C: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 200hp w/9.3:1 compression and two-barrel carburetor
  • Engine Code A: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 225hp w/10.0:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor
  • Engine Code K: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 271hp w/10.5:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor

Exterior Colours: Antique Bronze, Arcadian Blue, Brittany Blue, Candy Apple Red, Dark Moss Green, Emberglo, Ivy Green Metallic, Light Beige, Maroon Metallic, Medium Palomino Metallic, Medium Silver Metallic, Nightmist Blue, Raven Black, Sahara Beige, Sauterne Gold, Signalflare Red, Silver Blue, Silver Blue Metallic, Silver Frost, Springtime Yellow, Tahoe Turquoise, Vintage Burgundy, Wimbledon White

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4 Responses to ’66 Factory GT Fastback

  1. Bunnet says:

    Did any of this cars even came with an A/C unit?


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