A Good Prank On TV

Something a bit unusual this week for you in the fact that our sister company “LAR Traffic Services” were on prime time television where our lorry was used for a TV prank on some poor guy. The program was Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Ant & Dec during their high ratings prime time evening slot. Basically the guy liked his car and our truck was used to lift it up then crush it. The car we damaged was a replica Ford Mondeo of course, but the results were amusing. We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel click the icon or click here for the quick link. Ant & Dec made a good job directing the chaos, we have some stills from the video clip here.

Snapshot 1

ITV Presenters Ant & Dec

The set up:


Kicking off:

Of course all turned out well when the guy realised it was a prank.

Customers Cars

This week we had a car dropped into us where the owner said the engine was feeling a little tired and could we do something about it. Of course we can depending on your budget and did! We had an engine rated somewhere between 330 & 350 bhp replaced into the car. The intake and carb were the owners own purchases which we fitted it all together for him. We had the exhaust headers treated via aluminium coating along with the intake. We replaced the pullies at the front with some nice aluminium versions for a little engine bay bling. We recycled as much as we could for the new engine.

First the tired old block was retired.


The replacement was fitted


This little lady looks and sounds the part now.

Rust in Piece

Not too much this week to show as it has been mainly prep work. More fittings have been attached and the left side lower suspension now in place. We cleaned up the front springs and they are ready for fitting. The rear axle has come back from shot blasting and has been painted ready for the diff rebuild.


Due to amount of stock coming in and out of the stores via the WebShop now we have made some changes to the premises. We have replaced the old roller shutter with a new full width security roller shutter. This will allow pallets to be delivered directly into the dispatch area now ready for stock location or distribution. In fact we now have enough room for a car to be stored in there, we know because we already tried it.



We have had a few of our good customers now sign up to the forum and we now want to get more people involved. If you know of anybody who has a classic Mustang get them to join us, its free at https://mustangmaniac.co.uk/forum/

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LAR Website http://www.lar.uk.com/ or click here

LAR prank video click here, or click on the YouTube logo to go to our Mustang Maniac channel for all our other videos.


What a Diff(erence)

The tittle is a play on words, but we liked it. We wanted to share with you a little something we see quite often here at Mustang Maniac. This is a piece of work that we keep putting back due to other priorities, but as it has now been sold we have to get on with it. The rear axle and Diff(erential) had been sitting around for about thirty years now and we needed to be clean up as the axle and diff as a customer was in need of this particular ratio. The oil had gone a little hard and was more like black treacle than an oil. We have seen diff’s on a customers cars that have not been changed since the day they were made. Obviously any lubricating properties have since been depleted and the fact the oil is sticking could lead to wear and tear on the differential itself. Not the cheapest of part to buy so a diff oil change is seriously recommended by us and most times we’re not happy until we know it’s been done. The brake drums had to come off and we removed the complete brake plate from each side, the hardware was replaced a while ago when we started this, but like some things, this never got round to being finished. One side of drive shaft came out without a hint of trouble, the other was a different story, slide and copper hammers were required to give it a little start should we say. Once we have cleaned up the diff and checked it all over we will put it all back together again as we have asked to do.

Just in case you wanted to see what was inside a diff, here’s your chance.

The hardware was laid out nicely so we could see if we need to replace any of it.

Rust In Piece (No More)

As we predicted a while ago this early coupe is now on the home straight. Bodywork wise this car is now rust free, solid and safe, as well as looking factory fresh under the skin. The sills have been repaired or replaced, inner engine bay panels replaced, chassis legs front and rear replaced, complete new floor pans fitted, new firewall fitted. In fact everything from the cowls forward have been replaced as some of it unfortunately couldn’t be saved.

Soon we will be starting on the engine and gearbox to see how they go. Again we wont know fully until we take some things apart and inspect them.

Customer Cars

We mentioned a few blogs ago that we had Chris’ i6 in for a complete restoration. Unfortunately we had to move his car outside temporarily as we need the space for an urgent crash repair to a car. In order to stop the chances of rain damaging the car we have erected a very temporary roof over his car. We have the rotisserie outside with the car now which should be mounted on it soon. Those with sharp observational skills will recognise it from when it last used on Mart’s ’66 Coupe while his floor and chassis work was being done. This type of messy and dusty work is better being done outside in the fresh air where possible for obvious reasons. We will put some temporary sides around the car soon to stop any side rain or damp getting to the car once this work begins.


The Mustang Maniac Forum is taking on new members now so we are pleased with that. We hope to add some technical information to the Forum soon as a reference guide as soon as we have some time. We have added a link to the side of the blog as well now to make it easier to get there. Click the logo below for a quick link.


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We have almost run out of our vouchers and we are hoping to get some more in. If you plan on getting some vouchers soon we hope to have a new batch in by mid-week.

Mustang Maniac Gift Vouchers

Getting Your Money’s Worth!

Now there is an old saying about getting your monies worth, sometimes it’s true and other times you can take the chance. We have been asked to look at a strange noise coming from the brakes. A quick visual inspection told us the brake discs and pads were shot to bits. We were surprised they hadn’t exploded to be fair as they were so thin on the inside of the face plate it was like a razor blade. Yogi thought about a skim to face the plates up at first until they were inspected properly. Yogi noted that there was nothing left to skim.

The pads tell the story on their own – they had gone through the rivets to the plate, so much so that the hot metal had stuck to the wheels. Yogi had a great time trying to remove the debris to make it look respectable again.

New rotors and pads in place

If you hear strange noises get it checked out to save a potential accident. This story ended up with a larger bill than expect for replacement parts luckily, it could have been much, much worse.

Exhausting work:

You often here the term custom-made this or that, but we genuinely do make custom parts, here is a good example of just that. A car needed a new exhaust and from the headers to the baffle boxes. The part that was supplied for the 351ci Cleveland didn’t fit as the angles were wrong to the header itself on the left hand side.

The answer was to cut and remake the exhaust to fit the car. Here we have plenty of pics of the welding and cutting that took place. Longer section of pipes have been inserted and the original flange fitting kept. Small sections of angled pipe were made and welded into place to make the fitting angles correct and allow the maximum gas flow as possible.

Full welding finished for strength on all the joints.

A few arty pics of the welding from the inside of the pipe.

The final stage was the fitting of the original flange back to the reshaped pipe using more angled pipe to make that all important fitting angle. Once all welding was completed the pipe was cleaned up and rubbed down and a light dusting of paint.

The finished result is pretty awesome and you would never know the exhaust has been made the way it has.

Early Christmas prezzie:

We had arranged an early Christmas prezzie for Mart from One man and his Mustang blog (click here for link). Mart was lead to believe that the car was having all sorts of issues, which of course it wasn’t. Things like the paint reacted badly or the primer has to come back off in places – all little white lies to throw him of the scent as it were. I’m sure you will see the full pictures on his blog very soon. We wont steal his thunder from his blog this week as he was so excited, we hadn’t seen a grin like that for while. But, we will be featuring the rebuild of this project on our blog too. We must say this is a fantastic looking paint job and all the cloak and daggers games was well worth it to see the look on his face. Yogi guides her home.


Chris’s i6 Project

Chris’s Project 66 coupe i6 gets under way now with the engine and gearbox out of the car. The front has been stripped down so we can have a good look at the engine bay. The plan is to get this onto the rotisserie to have a full check of the underside and the rear quarters which are causing us a little worry at the moment,  nothing that can’t be sorted of course, but we just want to see what is required to put it right for parts ordering etc. if we need to that is.

We also decided to take the back axle out as well while we were at it, the hands on work will so begin.

A Little Fun…

At long last we have managed to deliver some cars out and make space to get our project ’65 convertible back on the ramps we started a while ago. We have now fitted the new rear axle and springs with a little detailing of course. The front brakes have now been fully fitted and the final link ups for the Borgeson Steering conversion kit. The nice thing about this Borgeson conversion is that it looks almost stock and they handle close enough to a rack and pinion you will get without the rack itself.

We have been asked to install a sound system into a car which has caused problems. Not for anything component wise, but the fact the engine has a wonderful sound and bark to it that the sound system couldn’t be heard. That was cured by putting in some serious speakers front and back with a pre-amp to be installed. To do the job properly the dash has had to come out in order for the wire routing. But it will all be worth it as he will certainly be able to hear it now!

Customers Cars:

’65 Coupe

One of the nicer jobs we have is detail the engine for our customers. A good friend and customer of ours brought his  Gulf STream coloured ’65 down to us to have a little work done. We replaced the air filter and rocker covers, rerouted the HT leads, added a Monte Carlo bar and few other little bits.


We have the before and after comparison here.


The other extra little bits was the front disc brake change. There was already a disc conversion which used the old Granada set up. Lance the owner of this lovely Coupe wanted to have a better look to the car so we obliged with a custom set of callipers and discs for these classic Mustangs. The main difference here is that these brakes have the full face contact to the discs and they are located at the front of the discs and not rear like the Granada set up. We have a before and after shots here.

’66 Coupe restoration 

We have also been doing a little work on the ’66 Coupe restoration that has needed a little more work than we expected. Once we removed the old lower cowl we could see the dash had gone very thin and rusty at the bottom. We decided to replace the complete dash section brazing it in place along with the lower cowl. We prepped the lower cowl and painted it ready for the upper cowl section once it had dried.


We have a new toy! This is our new AirCon service unit. We usually get somebody in to do our aircon work so now we have the training and the tools to do the job. Drop in if you Mustang needs a little top up, probably a bit late now for our UK summer though.


Goodbye ’67

’67 goes to her final resting place

We have got more vehicles in than we expected to have in over the last few days, so we decided to bite the bullet and get rid of a car that we had plans for. The plans were so long ago that nobody remembers what the plans were, and in the mean time the car has sort of rusted in half. We will now take of the good parts like the axle, dash area (still in remarkably good condition), steering, the engine block, glass, and the original trim work. These old parts are kept and reconditioned for customers who want the originals parts and numbers, not the modern equivalents. This poor old car’s bodywork has rusted away quite happily over the last two years or so and it won’t take much to cut up. We hate to do this to any of our cars though. We call situations like this a part donation. This will keep another car going in the future so her parts will live on. The rest of the car will be cut up into smaller manageable pieces and put into the scrap skip. Goodbye ’67.

During the process of the sort out on a hot day we had lunch, Terry was unable to eat in peace as some of the dogs realised it was food time! Who was in needed the food most we are still trying to work out !! Sorry Terry we just had to share this!


We have added a new video to our YouTube channel of a customer’s car engine rebuild. The engine has had white aluminium coated long headers, aluminium heads, bearing valve lifters, a full strip down and rebuild of the pistons, crank, fuel pump etc. The photos are located under the Customers Cars – 302 bored to 308. The video is worth a watch to see it fired up for the first time.

electrics almost wired and starter fitted

electrics almost wired and starter fitted

Quick links:

The Customer ‘s 302 bored to 308 test run photos – click here

YouTube link for the video – click here