1968 KR Tribute

We always get requests to create a special project, Eleanor being the main request of which we have done five variations now. But, every so often we get an unusual request for something a little different and a challenge. This time we have been asked to start work on a ’68 KR Replica. We have had the shell painted for a while now but nothing has been done for various reasons.

We expect the before and after to be similar to this, apart from colour that is!

We are excited about this project as it’s different and a rare car in itself, also there are not many replicas around so we guess that makes them just as rare. This car will be eye-popping in presence as well as performance. The donor car is a ’67 but it will be kitted out to the ’68 spec when the KR was launched. We have added a Truetrac diff to the back of this car which is similar in principle to the limited slip diff. Hopefully that will keep the power going to the road where it needs to be.

Most of the parts have gone back into the car and we are now starting the wire process. The owner wants to have a minimalistic view under the hood so all the wire and pipe routing will be hidden where possible. We have designed the twin radiators bracket for the aircon as well as the radiator itself. The radiator has been upgraded for a larger capacity in order to keep cooling at optimum hence the custom made brackets.

Update 6/2/2014

Things are moving on very nicely with car. We are now starting to get the custom exhaust on, rear lights and detail of the engine. The inside has the shifter in place and the custom wiring location is looking very good for that under the hood minimalistic look which was a request for this build. The sound proofing is going in to insulate the cabin from the bark of the exhausts. The air conditioning has been piped up and the rest of the water pipes are being fitted. The oil sump is polished, the exhaust is polished, the door strikers are polished and the whole look of the car just begs attention. The rear lights have had some of our bespoke led lighting fitted into the all red lenses that will flash orange for the indicators but can’t be seen until used to maintain that stock factory look. Detail on this car is fantastic and has to be seen to be believed.

Update 16/2/2014

The KR has had most of the wiring completed now and the dash has gone in, what difference a week or so makes. The car has just taken on it’s own personality as a result of the recent work.

The sound system has been installed with a couple of amps in the back that need to fitted each side in the quarters once we have trialled them out, they sound awesome, loud and it certainly makes you sit up and take notice of the sound. Standing still or going along, one way or the other you are going to hear it.

We have install the stainless Scott Drake fuel tank in her.

The lights work well for the orange indicators and we have fitted our bespoke lights to the front too. The lenses are clear but flash amber for the indicators. The main headlights are ford badged and are the correct right hand side direction for the correct road illumination.

The tyres are ready on the rims and finish the car off nicely when fitted.

The exhaust needs some minor tweaks to fit it all in as we have added a rear anti roll bar. This shapes the rear end up and makes it much more predictable handling. We seriously recommend this upgrade.

The engine has had  the yellow plug leads taken off and a fantastic orange set wired in which matches the body paint. We have added polished reservoir to the side wall and looks amazing. We reckon another week and this beautiful machine will snarl into life and will roll under her own power. Looking forward to that. The interior is to be fitted out with some genuine leather to finish this car off and we can’t wait for the full thing to be finished.

Update: 23/2/2014

Finishing touches now. The car has been fired up and sounds incredible, we decided that a full on fuel pump was needed to keep the engine ready primed with gas to avoid any flat spots. A bespoke bracket and mounting plate has been made and fitted along with the Scott Drake pump from our stocks.

The interior has taken on its own character and we are looking forward to the seats being fitting soon. A couple of little bits under the hood to tidy up and hide then that end is all done. The owner wanted to show the stainless tank to its full potential and it looks to be a good choice with the carpet around it. Inside the centre console has been fitted along with the very nice handbrake we have made for her.

Update 21/4/2014

At long last the custom made leather seats have come back and they look mazing. we have fitted them in the car but now the centre console needs a little tweak so we have sent that of to be matched to the seats as well. We will replace the scuff guards once the console goes in. Then she is done.


LED Lighting test can be found here by clicking on the logo below:


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