’67 Mastic Mustang Convertible

This was a shock to us to be honest as we thought this sort of thing was no longer going on. This car was bought over from the States and was purchased in good faith. The paint job is not bad to be fair but what it hides is a real bad piece of news. The sills have all gone, and the floor pans have just been welded in to old rotten metal. The strength of the convertibles come from the sills having any damage here is potentially lethal. We have nick named this car the “Mastic Mustang”. The car has been sealed with silicon sealer and some of the holes have just been covered up with a screw plate. This is a seriously sad example of a bad job for the year underneath, but it looks great on the outside. We are still evaluating the full-scale of damage, but it looks like the body may have to come of and potentially a new chassis but we will see what we can do to salvage her without too much disturbance. We will sort her out though.

Update – 4th August 2013

We have removed the engine, transmission, fenders, trunk, hood and front body work sections to inspect the rest of the car. We are now preparing the car for the jig to lift of the body shell and repair the chassis as we need to.

Update – 17th November 2013

The car is now on the jig as we have finally freed up the space, some of the right side of the floor has already been removed as well as part of the tunnel. We will fit the new metal as we need to this side then start again on the other side. It’s a slow painful process to find the solid parts that are not surrounded by rusty bits. But we are well on the way with her now. We are sure she will be as good as new.

Update – 24th November 2013

A busy week and the car has taken a couple of us at times to move her forward. The jig is holding her together as the sills both came out. Some photo’s of the work here and we are so far pleased with the way she is going.

Update – 4th December 2013

With the sills in place we are now able to add the torque boxes and the rest of the welding to the floor pan.

Update – 1st February 2014

The car is now of the jig and up on the ramps to finish underneath where the inside rear quarters have gone rotten. We are pleased with the results here and she looks like a different lady now and should handle so much better with the strengthening in place as it should be. We have even done some fancy welding underneath. where the front bumpers are mounted we had to cut out and remount a plate in order for the bolts to go in correctly. She is coming together.

Update: 22/2/2014

The car was almost ready to be collect and the owner has had a couple of little upgrades added while she was here. Replace the single exhaust with a dual system – a great upgrade. the rear lights will have our custom LED boards fitted and a new steering wheel was added. All make a little difference and we can say that she is pretty much finished now. She drives well again now and feels how she should do, as for the hood down with the dual exhausts – well, do I need to say any more?

This car is now no longer a Mastic Mustang, but more Majestic!

Update – 416th March 2014

She passed her MOT the first time. The steering wheel looks great and the exhausts sound wonderful. We have uploaded a video of her starting up here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZNfYqWaAZU

The LED lights look great and are much safer than the standard flashing lamps.

The full spread of lights:

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