’64 1/2 2+2 Fastback (RTA)

This is a very similar road traffic accident to the ’66 350GT. The only problem is this was a lot worse. The damage was extensive on the inside. The inner wing needed replacing, the right fender, shock tower,  shocks, all the grill area, hood hinges, both headlight buckets and the trap doors, grill and chrome work, bumper, front valance, lights, headlights, engine mounts, badge work, running strips under the sills, the doors needed to be straightened up, the left fender had to be straightened and then both realigned, the unusual hood we managed to save just! The tracking was sorted once the new wheel was sourced. These photos were taken quite a while before this blog was imagined so we didn’t have any of the finished article unfortunately. this set of photos were more for the insurance aspect of the damage. However, the paint shop performed a great job and we got her looking like the day she came of the forecourt.  this was an expensive fix due to the time, effort and materials that went into the rebuild. We think it was worth it.

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