Classic Car Tax Discs

Since 1st of October 2014 the legal requirement to display Road Tax in the windscreen is no longer in force. All the car details are all held by DVLA along with car insurance details on various systems etc. Since then there has been a flurry of activity on eBay auctions for old tax discs so we came up with these ideas.

Mustang Maniac can now offer a choice of our EXCLUSIVE Tax Discs, either a Generic or Mustang Maniac logo version, both of which are only available from our WebShop. These high quality Tax Discs are machine printed on aged paper stock with authentic style perforations that can be displayed in the windscreen for show purposes or just because you want it there.

Generic Tax Discs

These “Private” tax discs are “London Central” stamped and blank except for the printed year and month of expiry. You will be able to fill these tax discs for which ever make & model of vehicle(s) you own. Years currently available are 1964 – 1968.


Close up of the “London Central” tax disc:


Mustang Maniac Logo Tax Discs

For our Classic Mustangs we have come up with the finishing touch for your car. Our bespoke printed “Private” tax discs will have the year & month for the vehicle and our company details as the official stamp. The rest is again blank to add what ever details you want. Years currently available 1964 – 1968. Of course Mustang Owners can purchase the Generic Tax Discs if they don’t want to have our logo shown on the stamp.

Dated from April as that was when the first Mustangs were launched. 


 Close up of the Mustang Tax Disc:


 Comparison Close ups:


Displayed in car:

(Taken at the Birmingham Classic Motor Show 14 – 16 November 2014.)






Our official launch of the discs at Birmingham NEC

 Celebrity Purchase

The well known motoring journalist Quentin Wilson stopped by our display stand and purchased one of our Tax Discs and kindly posed for a quick photo.

Quentin Wilson


The night before the Classic Motor Show and the first test batch of Tax Discs.

You can purchase these Tax Discs EXCLUSIVELY from Mustang Maniac Webshop click here for the quick link or visit:

Quick links:

  • Generic Classic Car Tax Discs click here.
  • Mustang Maniac Classic Car Tax Discs click here.


It is not our intention to replicate an exact copy of the original tax discs with the individual identification numbers at the top of the discs.

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