R & D?

The heading suggests this week that we are talking about Research and Development, however in this case it means Restored and Dangerous. So we start with a really serious note, in fact we were shocked to such a level that Adam has made a video of it. An unprecedented move, but Adam felt that this really warranted a video to show our readers exactly what is out there. The laws in the UK have changed (a bad move in our opinion), for the MOT (Ministry Of Transport) tests for road worthy vehicles, the rules state that you don’t need an MOT if;

  • the vehicle was built or first registered more than 40 years ago
  • no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in the last 30 years, for example replacing the chassis, body, axles or engine to change the way the vehicle works

As we have said before in a blog; we can pretty much say that all our customers still go for the MOT even though they don’t need to have it, why? To make sure the vehicle is safe. That’s safe to drive and safe to other road users, the last thing Classic Car owners want is their pride and joy have a failure resulting in it getting smashed up somewhere. A vehicle that was ‘fully restored’ in Europe (that’s all we are going to say), was shipped to the proud owner in the UK. The owner of this vehicle paid some strong money for this car at the time and was expecting a top quality car. After the car was imported to the UK the car was taken to a well-known Mustang ‘specialist’ restorer (whom we know of by the way), where this car was given a full UK MOT.

As with all new cars that we haven’t seen before in our care, we always give them a safety check and full once over. The reason is we want to be sure that we are not going to crash and die in the vehicles, and to also get a baseline of what needs to be done if anything.

We are going to respect the owners privacy on his Mustang, understandably he is not impressed as some serious work needs to be done before he can even think of driving it again. Even after the restoration has been done.

The video of Adam’s inspection comments is here and will be posted on YouTube as soon as we can get to the account and upload it. The sound on the video will show just how bad the mechanical parts are, the idler arm, geometry, ball joints, grease points valance are all covered here, that’s before we inspect the brakes, engine, electrics etc.

These worn suspension parts are not supposed to move in the manner that they are.

Yep, Adam on video!

The moral of the story here is to make sure you know what you are getting. Ask other people who have had work done by other specialists to get an idea of their reputation. Lots of people claim to know what they are doing, but letting a car on the road like this is just dangerous and potentially lethal.

The blame is two-fold here, the restoration in the first place and then the person who gave the car an MOT afterwards.

Customers Cars

The Onion,

Last week we promised a big update on ‘The Onion Mustang’, and here it is. Yogi has been busy getting the panels together and wanted the car on her own wheels to get the weight right ready for gaps. Most of the parts have been powder coated to a high standard and we have had them for a little while now. Yogi and Adam inspects the new parts;

Yogi and Adam seen here fitting some very special suspension parts to this little lady;

The suspension on this car is made up of some rather clever movable parts called roller bearings. This allows the suspension to move much more in a controlled way, unlike the video above.

We have a couple of video that show what we mean;, and the movement here on the suspension is supposed to be there!

The car has also been treated to a ‘Shelby Drop’ using our own template which can be seen here with the suspension mounted below the original holes. Before you ask – no we won’t sell you one!

In order to get the correct geometry settings these car’s suspension on this year are adjustable via a cam and not use shims like the 64 – 66 cars, thus making it much quicker and a lot nicer to set up correctly.

As these parts are adjustable they did have a tendency to move on the odd occasion, to get around that we have some special parts to stop that.

These rather clever upgrades should enable the tyre to be in full correct contact with the road at all times. We must admit that we are looking forward to the road test on this suspension set up.

With the suspension in place and the rear axle bolted in the car sits on a set of (borrowed) wheels. In order to make the gaps correct Adam and Yogi placed a couple of engines in the car and a little trick the guys don’t want us to show you as it’s a Mustang Maniac secret. Now the car is a rolling shell, Yogi can set the gaps correctly and weld them up properly.

The Dreaded “C” word; yep it’s Christmas time!

At Mustang Maniac we try not mention Christmas untill December and as this is the first post of December we decided to mention it. We have already had a few early purchases of our very popular Mustang Maniac Gift Vouchers. We have had some more made up for us and are now back in stock. So if you want to buy something for that lucky person who owns a Mustang, and don’t know what to get them – then this is your dream come true to let them get what they want. They are available in £10 and £20 and can be used in the WebShop. during your purchases.

The links for the £10 voucher is here or click on the picture below.

The links for the £20 voucher is here or click on the picture below.

Exciting News from the WebShop that starts in the New Year:

Adam will be running a special offer once a month, for one week only where he will be having a promotion of a particular product. Once the product have gone, that’s the promotion done, even if it lasts for a day or two, so be quick. What will the promotional items be?

We can’t say at the moment so you will have to watch this space – or bookmark the WebShop  or copy this link to your favorites to find out!


Don’t Forget your Gift Vouchers!


The New Year chaos has settled down now and things are getting back to normal. The Pups have been requested yet again and we will put a few more pics up of them at the end of the post. But, as this is as Mustang based blog let’s get down to business with the cars.

Customer’s Cars:

Yogi has been busy working on the accident damaged 64 1/2 car. The engine was fitted back into the car and was plumed in and wired back up.

The whole front right corner was basically replaced with the chassis legs, fender, inner wing panels, radiator, lights, headlight mouldings and trims, bumper, front panels, various mountings, hinges, fixings etc.. the list goes on. But, what we have now is a superb looking classic 1964 1/2 Mustang. The full story start to finish can be seen by clicking here or going to the Menu under “Customers Cars – 1964 1/2 Coupe RTA Repair”


As we get a lot of requests for this now here it is: Before and After.

Our New Car Project:

We are aiming to bring you a complete build of a car with nothing but new parts. This will be a two-year project and we are looking forward to it. What is the car? It’s a Shelby GT500. We wished it could be a real one but this is going to be a 1:8th scale replica model from DeAgostini. Click here for their link to the website where you can order from them and subscribe for the offers if you want too. Their advertising campaign that has started this week on national TV and press sees the start of the project. We have created a page under the Menu “Projects” where we will be adding pictures and process of the build as we go along as well as appearing on the blog as we go too on a monthly basis at least. Each issue will contain step by step build guides as well as articles on Mustang, Shelby, other muscle cars etc.


The parts in this issue are extremely well detailed.

We will start the build once we have a couple of issues to hand. We have created a page in the Project Menu – “Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale Model” or just click here.

Yogi’s 1969 Mach1:

Yogi had his hibernation over Christmas and came back into the yard carrying bits that make him happy. Some would say that would be food or beer (which of course is always good). But the smile was because he had car bits, not any old car bits, some of these parts we haven’t had more than a day or so before he grabbed them. These are our custom-made LED ’69 rear lights with reflectors and the brand new smoked lenses we are now stocking that haven’t even been put onto the WebShop yet. Looks like we have sold them before we got the chance to sell them on if that makes sense.

The original red lenses and the new Smoked look.

Update: 12/1/2016

Thanks to Nathan who correctly pointed out that what we mean was the original style or look of the ’69 red lenses. The originals are darker than the these clearer style ones we have in stock as well. We are also thinking about getting some darker new styled red lenses as well if there is a demand for them. Please let us know if it’s what you are after, so in theory you could have four or so choices of ’69 lenses, orginal stock re, clearer red, smoked or darker red. Just for comparison.

The clearer style red and the potential darker red ’69 lenses.


Yogi took no time to take out his old bulbs and fit the new ones which have totally changed the look of the car.


We took a few pics with the flash to show the LED’s in place on the car.

You can buy yours from the WebShop – https://mustangmaniac.co.uk/part/36/8057/euro_led_69


Did you know that the black line detail on the back of these cars glows white under light?

The next job was the new fuel lines he was treated to by his family.


To give it more power Yogi said “I need a billet gas pedal”.

New Stock:

We have been waiting for the delivery of our new stock look modern radios. These are an exact replica of the original fitted radios that have full modern capability. You can switch the radio frequencies between countries and there is even a BlueTooth version coming soon. The fitting instructions are very detailed and the feed back so far is they are pretty amazing.

This is the early ’64 model fitting:


’64 Style here – https://mustangmaniac.co.uk/part/0/8562/new_repro_radio_64

’65 – ’66 Style here – https://mustangmaniac.co.uk/part/0/8561/new_repro_radio_65_66


Small size, BIG features!

Looks original but offers today’s technology
Quality chrome faceplate and knobs exactly match the original
AM/FM dial scale looks like the original
AM or FM band selected with slide bar like the original
10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM)
Maximum power = 180 watts RMS (45 watts x 4 speakers 4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz)
Uses original antenna
Fits in dash without any modifications
Digitally tuned AM/FM stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception
Analog controls look and feel like the original radio
All controls easily accessible. Volume, bass, treble, balance, fader and tuning from original-looking controls
LED dial lights will never need replacing
Memory retention for user settings is more than 40 years
3 RCA jacks for left channel, right channel, and sub-woofer line outs
3.5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, smart phone or MP3 player
Switch selectable for 1,2,3 or 4 speakers
Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode
Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable with every radio

We recommend that you don’t use the original speakers with this unit.


Last but NOT least a few pics of the puppies as promised:

The runt – Enos