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We have seen the argument for the “independent” rear suspensions on the Classic Mustangs, there are obviously two sides to each discussion. Once the aftermarket bolt-ons have been added for a while, they are usually taken off and end up in the scrap skip. The main point is here that although you can remove the leaf springs and put various coils, shocks and traction bars onto the rear axle, however, the rear axle is hollow heavy tube in effect, so each side of the suspension will never be independent from each other, this set up is known as a “live” rear axle. Here is the setup that has been removed from a ’68 390 fastback.

The correct suspensions was added back to the ‘car which now looks neater, sits correctly and handles how they should and more predictable. The best bit? The car is pleasant to drive again without any rattle, bang or clunk or sound track, just like you are towing a crate of tin cans up the road!

We have another ’66 convertible which is in for some routine annual service. But we can see some rare options of the headlight doors having a chrome trim around the front. It give the car a totally different look.


We were sent an email (thanks Gary), to say that he had found something on YouTube that we might like, so we decided to share it with you.

We can’t take the credit for this one but the original is located here.

Shelby GT500 DeAgostini 1:8th Model Update

Another delivery from DeAgostini has moved us to within one more delivery for completion. The build log has been updated and can be found by clicking here. or cut and paste the link here to your browser.

So we have added a few little pics to show the progress again.

We cant wait till the build is finished now as it’s been almost two years.

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6 Responses to Add Ons

  1. Not seen the chrome “vents” on the lighting before. They look quite cool.

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  2. Love your email newsletter; this is one of the best. Rear end add-ons? Yes, my 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 racer has the plain live axle (although it has a sway bar and an extreme anti-droop cable). The video on the evolution of the Mustang since 1965 is so good I have shared it on two pages of mine with a credit for Mustang Maniac, my parts supplier. Good job Adam and Morgan. Anyone coming to the Ford event at Snetterton this Sunday 22nd November? I’ll be there with the Mustang racer and there is a possibility of hot laps for a passenger. Email me

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  3. Hi Marcus, that is for the comments which are always appreciated. We try to get to as many shows as we can, but we can’t promise anything. Have to tried posting it on our Mustang Manic Facebook forum there may be a few takers on there for your kind offer.


  4. Nice article, glad you were able to show the “other” side to the rear suspension add-ons. Not everyone does the research needed to make a good decision, then they blame the parts for their poor decision. Seeing some of the “cons” to the parts is helpful.

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    • Thank you. It’s good to sometimes show the things that aren’t quite so good on the classic cars. But that what makes these cars so great, you can do pretty much what you want to them. Each to their own personal choice too.


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