Alfa (Romeo) Red ’66 Convertible 289

When we got the car it was already painted and some bits already left in the car. We have been asked to rebuild this little lady which of course we will. The colour is so striking as we have not seen one this colour before. This will a car that certainly stands out in a crowd. A real nice one off colour which should be complimented by a biscuits colour interior which we should be getting shortly.

The parts and everything else for the car so far arrived inside or in the trunk. Rebuilding this will keep us quite for a little while.

Update: 21/4/2014

We have started work on assembling the car back together again. The suspension and disc brake conversion have been fitted. the custom brass fittings and the powder coated engine mounts and other parts makes the difference for detail here.

Update: 26/4/2014

dummy or test fitting of the engine. Aluminium sprayed headers and the chrome intake.

Update: 24/10/2014

Work has moved along quite quickly with the car now and we have finished the engine bay and the exhaust and had her running.

The exhaust needed a little fine tuning to fit but now sounds as good as the engine looks.

Update: 5/4/2015

The interior is coming together now.


seat back

seat back

seat base

seat base

Update: 27/10/2015

The custom made soft top has been fitted and the cover. The interior has been completed and all is ready to go.

Roof going down and tucked away.

Interiror with custom door cards and rear panels.


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