Budeweiser Promotion

This was A car that we sold to Budweiser in order for them to give it away as part of a competion.

Autocar Advert:


Ford’s first generation Mustang is rare enough in the UK to attract serious interest when you see one, as well as some serious price tags. The better-condition, more exotic models often change hands for more than £50,000. However, you could get your hands on one for the price of a bottle of beer. A bottle of American beer, obviously.As part of a special promotion, Budweiser is giving away a yellow and black, 1965 Ford Mustang fastback, complete with its 300bhp, 5.7-litre V8 engine and Shelby-style Magnum 500 wheels.Anyone who buys one of their promotional ‘Budbucks’ cans or bottles of beer stands a chance of winning it; all you need do is log on to http://www.budbucks.co.uk, enter the special code from your bottle or can, and use the ‘BudBucks’ currency it gives you to bid on the car.It’s a reverse auction; on 5 August, the person with the lowest unique bid wins the car. And here’s the bit we really like; you’re bidding with made-up money. It’d be like buying a hotel on Mayfair with Monopoly money. Or a $100,000 condominium on Lake Placid for a solitary $5 dollar bill.

Promotional “Bud” Poster in our offices:

budweiser competion

Budweiser competion

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