Acapulco ’66 Coupe – Full Restoration

We have a coupe which is owned by a fellow blogger and customer of ours for a couple of years now. He has been working on projects on the car until it was getting to the point of a nice new paint job. We picked the car up for him and brought it down for a look. We had a conversation where a few parts needed doing underneath that he knew about. To do the job properly we decided to start from the ground up – so we told him “everything you have done – take it all off, that’s the wire loom, body parts everything”. It sounds like a lot of wasted work, but we know the parts taken off the car all fit. The parts taken off will be cleaned up away from the car and put back together after the paint. This is a journey that the owner wants to be a part of and on this particular occasion we agreed that we would help him out.  You can see his previous work on his blog called –

Delivery of the car to us at here.

Initial once over on the ramps by the guys.

The new resting place for the Coupe in our panel and jig work shop

Some of the work going on to get her back to a shell

With the car stripped down to nothing we were able to attach the car to our rotisserie in order to see what she is really like underneath.

Update: 5/4/2014

The start of the removal of the under seal from the car, along with tar, and anything else that goes with it.

Update: 13/4/2014

2014 Body Work and lots of Red Oxide.

Replacing the lower cowl with prep work for paint

Dry fit of the rear quarters and trunk panel and hardware.

Replacing the Dash area and upper cowl.

Cleaning up panels to see what’s under the old paint.

Welding the rear quarters in place.

Fitting the remaining panels, rear valance, front valance, stone guard, doors, headlights, fenders.

November 2014 – Off to Paint

The Paint Process:


Base Coats and Top Coats:

Back from Paint into the workshop:

Prep work for suspension, steering parts and engine parts (homework):

Fitting the upgraded suspension parts and disc brake conversion:

Cleaning the engine, inspection, testing, painting and bolting the parts on:

Cleaning and refurbishing the C4 Transmission 

Fitting the engine and transmission:

Rear axle and fitting prop shaft:

Feb 2015 – Wiring:

March / April 2015 – Exhaust, brake lines and fuel system:

May / June 2015 – Interior:

First Display at Enfield Pageant 2015

Dynamat, dash padding & Carpets

Heating, steering column and dash controls

Glass and weather strip: