Got The Hump?

The pace has calmed down a little in the yard we are pleased to say, and we concentrating on the general servicing on the cars we have waiting for us. We have also been working on a pretty unique car in the mean time which has brought with it its own problems for us to sort out, and we have learned from it all in the process. You will have to wait a while until we bring that story in another post soon. Last week we posted a little early about Jacqui’s fully restored ’69, as we predicted the car was completed with no problems a few days later. Here we have a quick snap as the car was picked up and taken home with Roy in the driving seat and Jacqui riding shot-gun. (What – still no sunglasses Roy?) 😂

The interior needed the finishing touches and then another final road test. It was an excuse really to drive this lovely lady. The steering wheel was the last decision and what a great choice it was too.

The door cards were ok, and could have been fitted back on, however there was a small tear on the driver’s side by the handle, a common place to show wear. When you have gone to this much trouble, it’s all down to the details. The carpet on the doors looked ok, until you compare them to the new carpet. The looked positively grey next to the black carpet in fact. So to keep as much originality as possible we transferred as many parts as we could to the new door cards. The result is we have a restored car that looks as though it’s being used and retains the original character of the car.

The centre console was fixed in place and final trim fittings added. Then the final drive to check for rattles and squeaks but all was good and Jacqui got the call. “She’s all done and ready for you.”

Enjoy the car, she’s a beauty.

Customer Cars

There were so many options available on the early Mustang when you ordered one, that all the combinations reportedly “ran into the millions”. A fairly expensive option at the time was the centre console. This was either full all the way up under the dash or had the even more expensive factory air-con option under the dash and the alternative console fitted under that with different fittings. To get genuine original parts are rare, fragile and can be silly expensive unless you “go repro”! The long transmission tunnel can be a large expanse of carpet, so if you want the best of both worlds there is an answer, Hump Hugger. The Hump Hugger fits all cars from ’64 to ’73 and comes in a wide range of colours to match your interior. The best part? It’s held in place by velcro that won’t let go when you drive around a corner, so there’s no drilling or extra holes to be made, which means it can be removed at any time. We have some pics of the unit in place courtesy of our friend Lance who treated himself to one.

What more could you want? A compartment to hold your old 8 track cassettes and a couple of cup holders for your caffeine fix. These are special order items from us, click here for details, but with our regular deliveries it won’t take long to get to us. Copy the link below to your browser for this colour:

As  Father’s day is on the 17th June next weekend. We have lots of stock, from a few washers all the way to a complete body shell all online from our WebShop, no need to call us. If in doubt what to spoil that special man in your life with; Mustang Maniac gift vouchers are the way to go and you just can’t go wrong.


After the car show at Enfield Pageant we had another fairly local show and a trip out where the recently resprayed ’65 Coupe had her debut after a little upgrade, but more of that later. Our Park & Pic stash of photos are almost depleted, mostly our fault as we forgot to take the pics in the busy times when our customers come to collect their cars, so please send us some photos of your car at our yard, either old or new and we will make a feature of it for you.

Park & Pic

This ’67 fastback is a recent purchase for our customer and just needed a few tweaks and once over. This is a fantastic colour that the pictures really don’t do it justice, from the shade to the sun the colour really pops out at you. Under the hood the sparkle of bling complements the paintwork and works well on this car.

Fresh Paint:

We have lance’s Gulf Stream Aqua fresh back from her new paint job back into us to have the front and rear glass bonded in. Althouh this is not technically correct for the cars it ensures that there are no leaks and we think it finishes the chrome to metal of well. The glass has to be carefully removed and then fitted back into place with the trim and the bonding sealing agent. The white pearl stripes on this car were sprayed on and that means there is no hard edges to see or feel when cleaning and waxing.

The aerial was to be replaced with a nice new billet job, to do this most of the time you have to remove the splash guards to get to wires if there is an after market electric aerial fitted like this had. Replacing the splash guards with fresh rubber seals is a cheap enough option and is a worthwhile change to remove any rusty guards and clean out behind the guards too.

The is a downside to all of this? Your car cover needs a hole in it to make it fit properly.

Hertford Castle 

Lance and Paul took a day out to the countryside to Hertford Castle where a fairly local meet was being held. The scenery provided the opportunity for an exceptional photo. Nice work guys! We would to have this as the lead pic on the blog this week, but we promised if you have a Park & Pic that takes the lead!

Meanwhile at the bear cave, Yogi’s car was out of the cave in order to work in the sun too.

Fathers Day

Next Sunday is Fathers Day on 18th June. If you are stuck for an idea what to get in order to spoil that special man in your life, how about a gift voucher for his Mustang? It sure beats knocks the spots off a another bundle of socks! The best bit, he can order online while he is having his breakfast in bed!

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Out Of Ideas?

We’ve had a customer in the office today who wanted some parts and paid his account. As he and Adam loaded them into his van his lovely wife then asked “What else can I buy him for Christmas?” She was unsure what to buy and didn’t want to get the wrong thing. Simple – our Mustang Maniac Vouchers! She wasn’t aware that we sold them. Now we are not going to say how many she bought, but we will say that her husband is going to have a great Christmas when he opens them up! So it’s not to late to pop in and get some, or order them on the WebShop, click here for the link. This gave us an idea for this quick reactive post to help out any “Mustang Wives” out there who need an idea. Also the a great subtle hint to pass this link to your loved ones 😉

They come in £10 or £20 denominations

£10 voucher

£20 voucher

Perfect for stocking fillers too. 

Gift Voucher pair

If your out of ideas, we have an answer.

What a Diff(erence)

The tittle is a play on words, but we liked it. We wanted to share with you a little something we see quite often here at Mustang Maniac. This is a piece of work that we keep putting back due to other priorities, but as it has now been sold we have to get on with it. The rear axle and Diff(erential) had been sitting around for about thirty years now and we needed to be clean up as the axle and diff as a customer was in need of this particular ratio. The oil had gone a little hard and was more like black treacle than an oil. We have seen diff’s on a customers cars that have not been changed since the day they were made. Obviously any lubricating properties have since been depleted and the fact the oil is sticking could lead to wear and tear on the differential itself. Not the cheapest of part to buy so a diff oil change is seriously recommended by us and most times we’re not happy until we know it’s been done. The brake drums had to come off and we removed the complete brake plate from each side, the hardware was replaced a while ago when we started this, but like some things, this never got round to being finished. One side of drive shaft came out without a hint of trouble, the other was a different story, slide and copper hammers were required to give it a little start should we say. Once we have cleaned up the diff and checked it all over we will put it all back together again as we have asked to do.

Just in case you wanted to see what was inside a diff, here’s your chance.

The hardware was laid out nicely so we could see if we need to replace any of it.

Rust In Piece (No More)

As we predicted a while ago this early coupe is now on the home straight. Bodywork wise this car is now rust free, solid and safe, as well as looking factory fresh under the skin. The sills have been repaired or replaced, inner engine bay panels replaced, chassis legs front and rear replaced, complete new floor pans fitted, new firewall fitted. In fact everything from the cowls forward have been replaced as some of it unfortunately couldn’t be saved.

Soon we will be starting on the engine and gearbox to see how they go. Again we wont know fully until we take some things apart and inspect them.

Customer Cars

We mentioned a few blogs ago that we had Chris’ i6 in for a complete restoration. Unfortunately we had to move his car outside temporarily as we need the space for an urgent crash repair to a car. In order to stop the chances of rain damaging the car we have erected a very temporary roof over his car. We have the rotisserie outside with the car now which should be mounted on it soon. Those with sharp observational skills will recognise it from when it last used on Mart’s ’66 Coupe while his floor and chassis work was being done. This type of messy and dusty work is better being done outside in the fresh air where possible for obvious reasons. We will put some temporary sides around the car soon to stop any side rain or damp getting to the car once this work begins.


The Mustang Maniac Forum is taking on new members now so we are pleased with that. We hope to add some technical information to the Forum soon as a reference guide as soon as we have some time. We have added a link to the side of the blog as well now to make it easier to get there. Click the logo below for a quick link.


Click here for the quick link



We have almost run out of our vouchers and we are hoping to get some more in. If you plan on getting some vouchers soon we hope to have a new batch in by mid-week.

Mustang Maniac Gift Vouchers

Who’s Payin’?

It’s that time of year where it’s cold damp and dark, but it’s getting closer to Christmas and a welcome break of over indulgence and is welcome! Herbie’s American Diner is a regular venue now for friends of Mustang Maniac, this occasion was no different last Sunday, we decided to have our Christmas lunch at Herbie’s as we enjoy the food so much. The Turkey came in the form of a burger with all the trimmings such as stuffing and cranberry sauce. There were even a few that had the traditional burger which was doubled-up just to make sure they looked like Santa himself. It was a great afternoon and a good turn out with the usual culprits and a couple of new faces with us too. A few photos were taken obviously:

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; this one seemed to suggest that somebody should pay!


But, when it was announced it was only a joke….. the boot was on the other foot.

Beth (Yogette) gave her approval of the afternoons antics too.

 The next day:

After such joyous events things can be a little heavy going the next day. Terry was working on a 289cid which was making some strange noises deep in the block. He decided it was going to be an old school diagnosis with his stethoscope which narrowed the noise to a particular cylinder. Terry even offered a full body medical with that long probe too. His kind offer was declined of course, needless to say the kettle was put on for hot cuppa.


Later that week:

Our new Falcon convertible arrived so we decided to take it and her sister truck for a spin. Petrol heads with wind in their hair on the way to a big fry up, what more can you ask for on a cold winters day, apart from a hot cup of tea that is? We decided to go in convoy of course, but there was a debate over who was going to drive.

Hang on – I thought you said Yogi was in the back!

Back to Christmas again, the new launch of the gift vouchers has gone down very well indeed. We have had a number of purchases from the  partners of Mustang owners who didn’t know what to get them. But, now they don’t have to  worry.

Hot of the press, our exclusive tax discs have appeared in January Edition of American Classic. At the time we post this the copy wasn’t in our hands but we will post a picture of the mag next week for you.

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WebShop link for Classic Car Tax Discs, click here.


Gift Vouchers Now Online

As promised our WebShop has now been updated with full Gift Voucher functionality. That means you can now purchase the Gift Vouchers online via the WebShop, buy them directly from us at our offices or order them over the phone if you prefer. Once you have the Gift Voucher(s), you can use them against purchases made from our Webshop by entering that voucher’s unique code and the price will now be altered accordingly for you. What better way to shop online within the comfort of their own home, pay for the products with the vouchers and wait for the delivery to arrive? Get that perfect Christmas present solution for the person who has everything – except some of our Gift Vouchers of course!

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Gift Voucher pair

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Gift Vouchers

Exciting news & hot of the press – literally!

Mustang Maniac now have the ideal solution for buying that special person something from our stores. It can be a nightmare working out what will or won’t fit or would they like this or that. Now you can purchase our Gift Vouchers in either £10 or £20 denominations from us in person at our office or over the phone. We will also be making these gift vouchers available online purchases as soon as we can (see note below). The vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, that means the lucky recipient will have plenty of time make their mind for what they want to choose from our vast array of always in stock products, we will of course be on hand to help out if required. These vouchers will be available all year round for any special occasion that you can think off.

£20 voucher

£20 voucher

The WebShop planned updates:

As these vouchers are brand new and just arrived in our offices during the evening of 2 December 2014, we will be making some big updates to our WebShop in order that you can buy and use the gift vouchers online. These changes will allow the voucher codes to be validated by our WebShop and can be used as full or part payment for your online purchases. Please bear with us while we make these changes as soon as we can. We will obviously let you know when that full functionality is available via a blog post and all our social media updates.

For further information give Adam or Beth a call

Voucher pair


 WebShop link for £10 Gift Vouchers coming very soon

 WebShop link for £20 Gift Vouchers coming very soon