About Us

Who Are Mustang Maniac?

Mustang Maniac was founded by Adam Longmore, it started as his hobby and has now become his business. For over 30 years Adam has been an enthusiastic collector of classic Mustangs. Favouring 64-66 cars he has amassed quite the collection over the years. Herein lies the inspiration for the business, all these cars will need maintenance or restoration, so will require parts. With so many cars in the collection there was a need for a variety of parts to be ordered in from America to begin the restorations. Gradually Adam kept being asked for one of these or did he have one of them, or could he get one. Seeing the demand was there he decided to set up the parts distribution as a business.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I received a very reliable recommendation from Mart and I am very happy to follow your blog. It has a great look to it. Very slick, love how you vary the colors of the fonts, must figure out how you did that. Best of luck!


    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the good wishes and kind comments for our fledgling blog. We are looking forward to our new website that will be online soon as well as our social networking. Thanks for joining us and we will endeavour to keep up the good work on our blog.


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