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Who Are Mustang Maniac?

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Mustang Maniac was founded Adam Longmore, it started as his hobby and has now become his business. For over 30 years Adam has been an enthusiastic collector of classic Mustangs. Favouring 64-66 cars he has amassed quite the collection over the years. Herein lies the inspiration for the business, all these cars needed maintenance and restoration, and therefore required parts.

With so many cars in the collection there was a need for a variety of parts to be ordered in from America to begin the restorations. Gradually Adam kept being asked for one of these or did he have one of them, or could he get one. Seeing the demand was there he decided to set up the parts distribution as a business.

Mustang Maniac – The ’64 to ’68 Specialists – Spares – Repairs – Restoration

Here at Mustang maniac we are committed to the right parts for the right cars/people. To ensure our high level of service continues we need your help.

Our telephone lines have been ringing of the hook with questions, which at times, has prevented us from shipping orders and stocking the shelves with exciting new lines. Most of these could arguably have be solved online, so, how can you help us, or, more importantly, help us to help you?

Our most common questions are around stock levels, part fitment (if this is the correct part for the car) and overseas shipping costs.

The first is easy to solve…

Stock Levels

If a part is stated as ‘Currently in stock’ in green, rest assured that part is on our shelves and ready to ship. When looking online, if a part is marked as ‘Currently out of stock’ this means it’s either on it’s way from the states to be replenished, or, your order will prompt us ordering more from our suppliers and we will give you an arrival estimate once the order is placed.

The third stock level you may see is ‘Special Order Item’. This is reserved for more specialist items and as a result, we order these in only when requested, so, your online order will kick-start this process, and we will again give you an estimated time of arrival once your order is placed. Here is just a sample of the “Small Parts” we hold in stock. All the larger items are held in various locations around the premises.

Overseas Orders

Overseas orders are equally as simple, in that we ask you to go through the standard ordering process, if needs be using our address/postcode to complete the order, then, once we have picked, packed and most importantly weighed your complete order, we will contact you with a balance price for the shipping. Don’t panic, until your order has left our building, you can always cancel it with no charge, so don’t fret over not knowing the postage price first.

You are also welcome to arrange your own courier, though we ask you send an email requesting this as soon as your order is placed: adam@mustangmaniac.co.uk subject: Request to Collect

Part Fitment

This is always a tricky one, as over the phone technical support can be challenging at the best of times. As a result, we ask you to trust our model year/descriptions online, but, that if you do still have questions, that they be emailed to: adam@mustangmaniac.co.uk containing as much information as you can, and where possible photos (a picture does tell a 1000 words) so we can best advise the part you need. This communication will be in the form of part numbers, which you can use to search our web shop, and complete your order online.

Opening Hours and Shipping

Having a web shop means we are ‘open’ 24hours a day, 7days a week, 365days a year, saying this, our shipping days are Mon-Fri, with orders completed before 11:30am being sent out the same day, not bad for a ‘small parts distributor’ from the UK. You will have a choice of shipping with either ParcelForce or UPS, for the same price, the reason we let you pick, you know their routes in your area/how close you are to their depot, should you not be in for delivery.


Using email is the best method for general contact, allowing us to give you a thorough answer to your question and even provide links for what your looking for online. This also includes the progress of your order, online order returns and service/restoration requests. Mustang Maniac isn’t some huge corporation interested in only taking your money, we are a family run business who care about you and your Mustang. We hope our reputation of stocking only the finest Mustang parts and Accessories precedes us, so, your feedback is always gratefully received. Find us on FaceBook and keep up to date with our weekly Blog.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Debbie says:

    I received a very reliable recommendation from Mart and I am very happy to follow your blog. It has a great look to it. Very slick, love how you vary the colors of the fonts, must figure out how you did that. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the good wishes and kind comments for our fledgling blog. We are looking forward to our new website that will be online soon as well as our social networking. Thanks for joining us and we will endeavour to keep up the good work on our blog.


  2. I will never forget the day that I drove a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible. That was a great experience. Great blog, I can’t wait to see what else you post. I am also into Mustangs, and I have reviewed two of them on my blog if you want to see (http://rnrautoblog.com/2014/03/17/2014-ford-mustang-gt-review/) and (http://rnrautoblog.com/2013/12/27/2011-ford-mustang-review/)
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bunnet says:

    One of my old coworkers, spoke highly about you guys and it incredible that randomly I came across you guys

    Liked by 1 person

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