“Lob Monster’s” ’66 Coupe

Paul started the full restoration work on his ’66 Coupe starting from the front and floors which had taken a total of two years to complete from start to finish. The car is a ’66 Coupe 289cid auto transmission export model with a factory Vin tag using a number rather than a letter, thus making this a rare car. The car was imported into the UK and at the time of the import the rule was to assign a registration for the imported year, not the year of manufacture as is the current rule. Hence you see a ’66 on a ’68 plate “F” plate suffix.


He had some welding skills drafted in to help with the work. The car needed quite a lot of work doing to it but to his testament did well on the work he completed. Firewall was removed to be replaced by a new one.

The flooring was next.

A pillar needed a bit of work doing with the old rusted up metal replaced with new and prepped.

At this point Paul handed the reigns over to us and we were tasked with completing the rear end.


We basically removed the rear section and rebuilt the chassis legs, inner wheel arches, trunk area and drop sides.

We then and added quarters with full leading and not the cut and weld as we see so often for this job.

Remaining panels were aligned up and gapped.

The “Lob Monster” nickname story is quite a funny tale; After the work was completed for the rear section and all the panels were aligned up, some filler was being added to the rear light panel. Our painter visited us for instructions on a job and saw what Paul was doing. During a friendly exchange of banter about the amount of “Lob” or filler being used at the time. Yogi decided to pounce on the exchange so the name Lob Monster was christened to him and has stuck ever since. Considering all the lob that was applied, Paul sanded it up well and the resulting paint job in Fiat colour called “Pasadoble Red” was pretty awesome..

For all the hard work at the beginning of the project the agreement was that Paul would allow his buddy to use his restored car for his own Wedding as payment. Now that is what we call a sweet deal!

The car as she is today:

Update: 6/3/2016

Paul was searching for some photo’s on his PC and came across these which he has kindly sent to us, such a great angle for the overhead shot. You don’t see many like that.





Thanks to Paul AKA “Lob Monster” for supplying us the pictures of his work and the resulting Wedding.

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