El Camino

Customer Owned El Camino who also owns a Mustang which we look after it for him. A recent purchase of this huge car involved us working a little of our magic on it for him.  Some of the mechanics need to be replaced due to rust and rotting issues in the usual places for the year as you would expect. The other additions are upgrades such as the disc front brakes, the carburetor, distributer, manifold, UK right hand side spec lights, the exhaust has been custom-made to take the extra punch from the Holley 600CFM Carb it now has in place etc etc.

The engine has had an integral, distributer, electronic ignition and coil fitted at the back of the engine. The Holley looks good in place with the custom-made linkage fitted. Plenty of chrome to be added yet.


The old carb and intake

The old drums removed and were replaced with disc conversions.


Custom exhaust that sounds as good as it looks! (the old drums still in place at the time we fitted the exhaust)

15th December 2013

Update on the progress so far of the work which is removing the old rusty floor sections and replacing them with quality steel, long slow process but she is getting there.

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