1964 1/2 “D” Code

Rare example of a genuine 1964 1/2 “D” Code 289

This car was imported straight from the USA to us to have some upgrades added before she was even driven. The car looks like it still has the original generator, many of the original fittings still in place a generally a tidy looking car. There are a few bits that can be done to her of course, but the main thing is she will drive well and be safe.

The list of upgrades so far are:

Edelbrock carburetor and matching inlet Manifold.

New fuel pipe to the carb

New HT leads.

New performance shock absorbers all round.

Disc Brake conversion to front with proportioning valve.

Master brake servo.

Custom designed brake pipes and fittings.

New radiator.

Custom made exhaust.

Steering wheel.

Under the hood where most of the work has taken place.

2 Responses to 1964 1/2 “D” Code

  1. Wilson says:

    Adam she looks superb, stuck in qatar but hoping to be back soon. Took a chance on this one but she looks mint, thanks for the advise w


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