Slow Processes

The week has been busy, but full of slow process with attention being paid to details. We have done some time consuming work Customer Cars, and some work on our YouTube Chanel. We will start as we always do with cars:

Customer Cars

1972 Lime Green Mach1

The car we are talking about here is the ’72 Lime Green  Mach1, or give it the correct colour name “Medium Lime” which was a 1972 only colour. The car has been put mostly back together now so we can drive her. The front end wire loom for the front lights was wrapped and installed. The difference is amazing as soon as the lights and grill are in place and working.

The engine bay was wired to the dash and the all important turn of the key spun her over and fired up. The starting is a little temperamental at the moment as the carb has not been adjusted properly yet. The point here was to make sure the electrics were correct and live as they are supposed to be. With the confirmation of the engine running the hood was bolted back in place, a two-man job as the hood on these cars is the best part of 6ft long and weighs accordingly.


This second pic we like as it’s slightly darker with a different front angle later in the day. The Sun was going down so we got a more moody or atmospheric looking Mach1. Sometimes these off the cuff snap shots are better than the more formal pics we take. So when we mention an “afternoon moody” we done mean Yogi being disturbed in his cave, we mean photographic atmospherics.


The car was driven out under her own power and left to run a little while to make sure the sensors and gauges were all working. There are a few more things to do yet which are more cosmetic, such as the side marker lights, adjusting the trunk now the weather strip is in place, engine tuning, carb set up, tracking brakes adjusted etc. We will take her for a quick drive down the road and back to settle the suspension in place with the tyres to check basic handling. When she comes back we do it all again to make sure everything has stayed where it should be. Then it will be taken for a proper drive to make sure everything is where we expect it to be and handles how she should. The rear on this car still has the air shock replacements from a good few years ago, obviously these will be set up to how Paul wants them to be for his preference and style of driving.

This next pic shows Yogi in the background, what he is in fact doing is checking the stance and overall look of the car from a distance.


Gulf Stream Aqua’ 65 Coupe

This car is still undergoing the slow exploration phase of rubbing down the problem areas to see exactly what needs to be dealt with. Here the left side top corner of the roof has been filled so it will need to be cleaned up and checked for any rust areas underneath.


The lower edges of the wheel arches can be a problem area if the drain away becomes blocked. The other classic spots for rust, the front edges at the bottom of the doors and the bottom of the front fenders.

Our YouTube Channel:

We have our own YouTube Channel where we post clips and footage of various things, from new products and how they work, to a complete restoration in under 5 minutes. This is no easy task as the original 4000 or so photo’s were whittled down to still large number of 1200. Then the final collation of pics are used to make this slide show. Although this computer work isn’t working on cars, sifting through all those pictures in order for it all to make sense takes just as long.

We often get asked what is involved in a bare metal restoration. This short video is aimed at those type of questions which should give you a rough idea of the slow methodical process involved. What people don’t appreciate is the time involved to complete this particular project took four and a half years complete.

There are lots more still pics from the video show which can be found from the menu above customers Cars/Acapulco ’66 Coupe – Full Restoration. This page is a large document with lots of detailed pics, so give it a minute or so to load, or click here for the hyper link to go straight to the page. The full restoration in all its detail can be found at One Man And His Mustang or click here for the hyper link. His site will show you step by step and walk through processes he did with us. The restoration was completed with all the parts he used came from our WebShop.

If you like this video pop over to our channel and subscribe, click here for the link.


Thanks to Chris T. for taking the time to create the slide show for us.

We would like to thank a couple of our new followers; Leon J. & Hans L. from Germany who have started following our blog as we are building the DeAgostini 1:8th Shelby GT500 model. The guys said they have learnt a fair bit about the real cars from the blog too and they we pleased to see that we pay as much careful attention to the smaller cousin models as we do the full-sized cars. We aim to please. 🙂

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Yogi says:

    I decided the 72 mach1 required 15″ magnums. Also just for the record I wasn’t looking at it I was resting my tired legs 😂😂

    Thanks yogi

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