Volts That Jolt…

We start this week with a cautionary note to continue on with the electrical theme from the previous post. This time it wasn’t a modification, more a case of some damage limitation. There’s an old saying that says ‘It’s volt that jolt, mills that kill!’ We will explain more a little further down. This nice rare coloured coupe came in and was reported that it had some ‘electrical issues’ should we say. We investigated and found that the battery had shorted out and was getting very warm, not only that, a wire had burnt through. All of which could lead to a electrical failure as in this case, possibly leading to a fire or worse case; lethal exposure.

The heavy gauge wires were just wrapped in coloured insulating tape, which in this case didn’t insulate enough, handling these wires could kill you or us. Use the correct wires for the job intended, if you are uncertain about what you are doing, please leave it to the professionals. That’s all we can say, we see it often and sometimes we are amazed these cars still keep working.

(On a personal note; A very close friend of mine had a brother who had an accident while he was working under the hood of a car, he touched a wire while trying to start the car. The resulting shock caused his body to spasm violently. That spasm caused him to smash his head onto the hood and cracked his open skull. He died from the head wound, burns and organ while in a comma a couple of days later. He had just turned into his forties.)

Back to the little saying about volts and amps;  it would seem that a shock of 10,000 volts would be more deadly than 100 volts. But this isn’t so! Individuals have been electrocuted by appliances using ordinary house currents of 110 / 240 volts and by electrical apparatus in industry using as little as 42 volts direct current. The real measure of a shock’s intensity lies in the amount of current (amperes) forced though the body, and not the voltage. Any electrical device used on a house wiring circuit can, under certain conditions, transmit a fatal current.

While any amount of current over 10 milliamps (0.01 amp) is capable of producing painful to severe shock, currents between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) are lethal. Currents above 200 milliamps (0.2 amp), while producing severe burns and unconsciousness, do not usually cause death if the victim is given immediate attention. Resuscitation, consisting of artificial respiration will usually revive the victim.  After a person is knocked out by an electrical shock it is impossible to tell how much current has passed through the vital organs of his body.

The point of all this is simple, if you don’t know what you are doing, please leave it to the professionals as we said above. The modern day car batteries for these early Mustangs easily produce 600amps to well over 800amps on cranking. We found this little chart to put this into perspective.

Customers Cars:

Austin Collins had brought his ’67 convertible into us for a few little bits to be done.

First up was a general tune up; timings and that elusive dark art of carburetor settings.

Next up was a little internal TLC, the rear trims needed replacements each side.

Still on the interior, Austin had seen on our little ol’ blog where we previously made some upgrades to bring these old Mustangs into the modern era. Hardly anybody uses the lighter socket these days and it’s a bit of a waste of space, unless you smoke in the car of course. With so much of the modern day connectivity using USB, such as after market SatNav, phones, music players etc. we stock these upgrades as standard now. We replace the lighter socket with a new modern and dual functional fitting. Hidden out of sight it still looks stock and doesn’t ruin the old school look. As a side note the voltage readings can also give you an idea of any potential electrical issues.

The Yogi Mach1

Yogi recently posted this on social media of his new updated engine with the 950cfm carb.

We we have a few more of the engine being built.

We are so looking forward to giving this a good thrashing down our little test route we use, only to 30mph and 70mph of course. 😉

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An Unusual Light Modification

Back to normal with the blog posts now as the Enfield Pageant has finished and we can put our cars away again, until the next show that is. We may do some more locals shows but we are not sure which ones yet. We could even be making a trip to the Santa Pod Drag Strip too, providing Yogi gets his engine back in time. Then his 50 year old car will show the modern boys just how its done, ripping up the track as he goes down it!

Customers Cars

We have had an imported coupe come into us for a little suspension work, well a lot actually. Coming in from a dry USA state, the pros are that there is no real rust to the metal, one of the cons are that the rubbers tend to perish. The suspension was pretty shot and didn’t drive very well at all, so it was decided a fresh setup to replace the old.

While the suspension was out we renewed the fuel lines as well as they had a few dents in them along with a large piece of perished rubber up to the carb. So Yogi does his thing again.

The new suspension perches gone in with new shocks, the springs were more than acceptable for now.

The the car was then set up using our own Geo settings to make these imports work properly in the UK, road tested and rechecked. We have been asked for these Geometry setup guides many times now, the response is always the same from us; No, we wont give out the settings as we had to work them out for ourselves, that’s for each year and model. So please don’t ask us again, (you know who you are).

The car was requested to also have a UK light modification for the side lights and headlights to be in one unit like the modern cars. We thought about it and done the mod while switching over the headlights to the left side of the road UK compliant lenses.

The standard lights were to have side running lights within them and not change the front indicators as per our bespoke LED setup to be white with amber flashing. this was different to what we normally do, but relished the challenge and they came out very well.

Caption This Photo:

OK, it’s official that some of our readers have a gutter sense of humour (as do we), but we can’t possibly post those responses on a family blog. Paul was amused and took it all in his stride as did we, some of those responses amused us no end.

The best response (that we could post); “Yogi wasn’t in here when I last looked” from Brian Rand. Followed by “I really love my tent!” Andrew Grant. By the last comment I think you can guess where the majority of comments were going. 😀

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Enfield Pageant Of Motoring 2019

The annual trip to our local big car show; the Enfield Pageant of Motoring didn’t disappoint again this year. Each of the three days we had different cars for people to look at. There was a steady stream of visitors on the Saturday as the sun was out (a very pleasant change), and the Sunday started off well, but then the unforecasted (is that even a word?) rain started to fall, lightly at first then getting heavier through the evening just as Yogi & Paul were getting their tents set up.

We wanted to have a little fun this week. Paul is seen here doing what ever it was he needed to do on the Monday after a couple of nights out camping after a few beers.

Please caption this photo in the comments, it’s just for fun:

The best, wittiest comment will be posted up with your name, just how bad could the comments get? We hope to see a good selection of silly and daft sense of humour that we know our customers and followers have. We will let you know what Paul’s response is as well after he has picked his favorite, providing that we can post such a response. 😀

Saturday’s panoramic view of the field and our stand before we got busy.

Yogi in good mood as we let him out of his cave, he brought along his F150 truck! Rumour has it that the back of the truck had copious amounts of beer for the weekends camping!

The John Wick car got lots of attention, especially as the new film has just hit the cinemas.

On the Sunday we had a different batch of cars.

The white ‘Prototype’ Shelby got a bit of TLC under the hood with a little engine bay detailing. We even had a visitor that told us this wasn’t a proper Shelby! We didn’t argue as he knows best obviously. Not that we are good friends with Shelby American or anything, but what we do we know?

This little lady always turns a few heads too.

The rest of the stand as the cars rolled in.

The other cars that took our fancy at the show, in no particular order.

The car that started the Group B insane rallying, the mighty Audi Quattro and it’s big rival the Ford Sierra Cosworth side by side.

Some beautiful old ladies here.

The rest of the field was for the family and stalls selling all sorts of stuff. Anything from car shells to a parrot!

We think Adam’s wife took him ‘shopping’ around the car show stalls! We don’t need to caption this one, as people who know Adam will know exactly what he is thinking. We definitely can’t put that on a family blog! But, if you wanted to add a comment for Adam’s pic – feel free. You know you want to 😀

All that remains for us is to say a very big thank you to all the customers who loaned us their cars, to our customers who came to say hello, visitors who showed an interest and to our new customers. A couple of them liked our work so much and our attitude for all things Mustang, they are now on the Mustang Maniac waiting list for for a proper restoration job that you would be proud to take to a car show!

Thank You‘ for making this another successful Enfield Pageant.


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Seven In A Row

Another busy week of giving our customers cars the once over and services now the car shows are well and truly under way. The last few weekends have been a pretty poor as far as the weather has been concerned, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for next weekend’s big car show. The Enfield Pageant of Motoring 2019 which is our preferred car show of the year is on over the Bank holiday weekend. There probably won’t be a blog next week either as we will be busy of course, talking to Mustang fans, potential customers, existing customers and everybody in between.

We would love for you to come and see us to say hello and see the selection of cars we will have on our own stand. There will be our cars as well as different customers cars on different days, you will get to see the cars featured on our blog here up close and personal, perhaps a selfie or two with these beautiful cars.

Line Up:

We managed to move some lorries around and made room for a nice area where we stored some cars out the way for a while. We grabbed these pics while the sun was out, is this a Magnificent 7 or not? Very patriotic with a red and white theme going on.

We suspect that you noticed that one of the cars is not a Mustang not a Falcon. We have a beautiful ’63 Ford Mercury Meteor. This car has had some one-off, bespoke and hand crafted parts on this car which are just amazing. This little lady is still wearing her original paint job too!

Even the rear wheels were hand made just for this car.

The engine is a beautifully presented and ticks over like a clock.

In fact Adam likes this car so much he has got his eye on it to add to his collection.

Our Cars

Yogi’s car is also being worked on and has started the front suspension and running gear. There seems to be a trend at the moment for red springs and or shocks, we are not sure what that’s all about though. Apparently according to the bear it will shave of a tenth or two down the strip being red. We think that it’s more likely to do with the fact that he is running a drainpipe for a fuel line actually.

Yogi has opted for a set of our new brake kits, vented, slotted and with the extra drilled option. Straight from the stock shelf onto his car, we don’t think he even put them down before fitting them.


Yogi has alleged to have said, ‘I need bigger brakes to hold the new power pack when I do burn outs’ Only on the drag strip of course!! 😉

Make a point of coming to see us and say hello next weekend at the Enfield Pageant of Motoring.

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While You Wait

We had a call from a customer who wanted us to look at the engine mounts on his ’67 Coupe that he uses for Pro ‘ET’ drag racing. That of course is no problem, but the car was on its way to Santa Pod for a weekend of drag racing. Now we don’t work on cars while people wait, the reason being anything can go wrong, things like a rusted in a single bolt could add considerable time to remove and re-tap the threads clean before we continue. If the job takes longer than expected it could leave the customer sitting and waiting. Which is not ideal of course. We also have a little announcment at the end of the post for our Social Media platforms.

Our customer Clive Dandridge turned up in his van and the car on a trailer.

The car still has some great battle scars from the odd burn-out or two. Yogi was impressed.

The car was taken straight into the workshops and Yogi got busy, making the tea. Not really, Yogi already had the parts sitting on the bench ready to fit and all the tools ready to start work.

A little while later the car’s broken engine mounts were out, and the new ones in. Needless to say we had a happy customer who then continued on his way to the drag strip.

Dan managed to get himself to the quarter finals which is an awesome result. Pro ‘ET’ drag racing is where you specify a time that you will run on the pass, the aim is to then run as close to that time without going under it, the closest to their predicted time in each heat goes through. Dan narrowly missed out on his stated time of 13.20 as he ran a 13.19, so close.

Here is Dan adding some more molten rubber to his paintwork!

Well Done Dan!

If anybody is thinking about asking for a while you wait service, don’t bother. We done this as a special for a Dan as he is loyal customer buying parts from us and he needed help or he couldn’t race. We can’t not have Mustangs racing now can we?

Customer Cars:

A good customer of ours takes his Mustang around the world on rallies and raises money for charity.

While on his travels he sent us this fantastic photo:

Is this the real meaning of a pony car? 😀

Our Cars:

Now we can’t mention drag racing without bringing the Yogi Mach1 into the conversation. The bear has been fitting his new flow and return fuel system from his new fuel tank with a built-in fuel pump via a 1/2″ fuel pipe!

With the pipes in now place he then wanted to start with the steering and suspension, just to put the parts on the car roughly to keep them out of harm’s way.

He has even got his hinges and export brace anodised for a little something different.


Adam has some of his original date coded intakes reconditioned ready for his stash. Before you ask; no we dont have any spare intake manifolds 😉

Social Media:

We have Facebook, our very own WebForum with a live chat facility with other members and us if we are online at the time, YouTube, Twitter and our own personal Instagram accounts. Unfortunately we are still getting work requests and part queries posted on these platforms which is not the ideal business model of Mustang Maniac as they are not always monitored 24/7 and leading to customer frustration. Going forwards we will not be answering any WebShop part enquiries, or making workshop bookings via FaceBook and FaceBook Messenger. If you need to contact us for anything, simply email us at:


The emails are even monitored outside of our normal business hours as well, so it’s much quicker and a more direct, personal response with an audit trail of what has been agreed. We have mentioned may times before, that our stock for the WebShop is accurate, especially as we have just moved. If the part says ‘In Stock’ then honestly the part is genuinely in stock. Around 90% of our calls are asking if something is in stock believe it or not! Mustang Maniac is moving with the digital age and make thing automated, the telephone is very old fashioned now days for shopping online.

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A Trio Of Beauties

With car show now under way we have had some good weather which has bought out a nice selection of Mustangs for us. Nothing to exciting just the usual service stuff, oil, plugs, points and MOT prep etc. In one day we a had a few ’67 & ’68s ready to go back on the road. They still look as good today as they did then, if not even more so the rarer they get.

Customer Cars

We have a very nice ’71 Ford Torino into us for a little work. This included some rear springs, new shocks front and back and a LED conversion for the lights. We don’t get many of these into us, but Yogi was quite happy to drive this lady around for the road test.

Simple but elegant interior is a very nice place to be especially with the bench seat.

We were tasked with the rear lights to be amber flash to make them a little more UK spec legal without changing the stock look. The normal red lenses proved to be a challenge as the Amber didn’t show through as well as we liked.

So we had a thought, change the back up lamps to be amber flash when needed. This also gave us the clear lens for the amber to use as well. A little re-wiring and box of bespoke tricks sorted that out. And while we were at it we also made the front sides white with amber flash as well. We took this short video to show the difference it makes to have bright LEDs in place. We were quite pleased with the results for our first Torino conversion, makes a change from the Mustang conversions we regularly do.

Yogi decided that he needed an extra road test just to make sure the LEDs worked while on the road, we think he liked it!

Our Cars

Or should we say our trucks? A few of our very own LAR trucks also needed a little TLC and some servicing. So Yogi had a little change this week and worked on some bigger trucks. Not his normal cup of tea, but a change is as good as a rest so they say. We didn’t think that you wanted to see a load of hydraulic lines and under cab engines, so we didn’t bother to take pictures for you.

Have a good bank holiday from all at Mustang Maniac. 

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A Midweek Jolly

This week we have taken a day out of busy schedule to have a boys day out. We were invited to a very secret location with some pretty tight security attached to it. We had a guided tour and all the wraps were taken of the cars for a better look and we could sit in all the vehicles; American, European and UK. We could open the hoods do what ever we wanted in fact, which we certainly took very full advantage of. We have sat where world-famous and household names have driven those very same vehicles. There are some truly spectacular cars, trucks and vans there in mint condition that looked like they just left their production lines and never been fiddled with or molested with. Some of our own questions were answered as well. We were allowed to take all the photos we wanted, we took over three hundred on the day in fact on just one camera, but we’re not allowed to post them up here for you due to security issues for pretty obvious reasons. In a way it’s a real pity we can’t share them with you, but we must respect the requests of those who allowed us (the honour) to see these priceless vehicles in the first place. The vehicles included the last of the production models off the lines, one of only six cars made, one of only two cars made, prototypes, director owned vehicles, pre production vehicles, world rally cars, sports cars, F1 cars, cars that have appeared on the TV, news bulletins and the subject of some documentaries. Endless vehicles of historic importance where ever we looked, even the original small-scale models used for pre-production sign off by Henry Ford himself had handled we also got to hold. A couple of things we are not even allowed to mention either 😦 We spent the day there and had unlimited access to what ever we wanted; the workshops, fabrication areas, we were even shown how to drive a Model T, we held the original models and the engineers blue prints for some of the most iconic and classic cars Ford has ever made. We even got to grips with the very first workshop manuals, awards, world championship trophies, classic memorabilia, photo albums and plaques for some of the cars too. Such a great day and to be honest overwhelming with so much to see, we could have stayed there for days. We even had a cup of tea made for us.

We can only say a very big Thank You to ‘Boris’ for making it all happen. 

Our Cars

We have been working on the Secret Project Car which has been productive, but it has all been about the panels and ground work ready for the panel prep. So even if we showed you some pics they wouldn’t be any different to the others we have posted so far.

Yogi’s Mach1

Yogi has taken out his engine, gearbox, front running gear, in fact anything from the windscreen forward in fact. He has been working on the underside for a little tidy up and refresh. The old under seal removed, fixed a small patch fixed and red oxide painted wherever he could put it, including himself.

He then prepped the engine bay with red oxide, primer and gave a nice black coat of paint.

The re-assembly has new brake lines, hoses and wireloom wrapping. Even a little ol’ billet battery tray gone in too.

The hood hinges have been freshened up and fitted.

According to Yogi; The engine has been “looked at” and will be on the dyno to “check out a few things”.

We don’t know about you, but the secrecy thing going on in that yard is like something out of spy movie. 😀

Short and sweet this week, back to normal next week.

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