Cut & Paste

We have had a good response to last weeks post about the “T Park Lock” with a number of enquiries. We have sold a couple leaving only a couple left in stock for us. On with the cars as promised from last week where we have an update on our projects.

Customer Cars

Sheleanor is having a little attention as Yogi has started to put the lights back on the car and wire in some new ones.

With the main grill being fitted to the car along with the radiator fill plate the car immediately transforms.

Making everything disappear behind the dash and around the engine bay takes time to get right, the small attention to details that nobody seems to notice takes time, yet if they aren’t done, they become obvious. On the odd occasion, even what you envisage in your mind to look good, isn’t what actually looks good in practice. Sometimes you just have to try it, then come back to it the next day and just see if it looks and feels right.

We are just waiting for the lower spotlights to arrive so they can be fitted, all the wires and relays are in place so it should be a simple bolt in place and align. The back of the car has started to get some attention for the huge set of light bulb clusters now in place with the lenses to be fitted once we have test run the bulbs.

The top fill fuel cap is an iconic part like the scoops which needs to be positioned with care as the trunk opening to cap gap is cleared by ‘not a lot’ as Adam said at the time. Inside the trunk there is the extension tube to the fuel tank that needs to be routed carefully and securely to avoid any fuel leaks obviously.

The Mustang project with no nickname (yet).

Yogi has started to cut chunks out of the restoration and rebuild the patches. Both sides needed the same patching, not a case of cut & paste, more like cut and weld.

Inside before we can even get to the floors we needed to replace a large patch under the seat.


No sooner had we posted last week about our new stock of windscreens, we then sold one the next day. It was collected by the owner who was looking to fit it himself! That’s either a brave owner who knows what he is doing or he will be complaining next that the glass leaks. We shall wait and see!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Hidden Numbers

We had a week off last weekend due to other commitments and couldn’t put out a post in time so we apologise for that. We’re back now, so let’s give you the updates. We was asked a question a a couple of months ago and forgot all about it, but we will try to address that question with the first part of this post.

Customer Project Car Costings?

A little while ago we went to look at a Mustang project for a rough idea on restoration costs, which was going to be given to us to complete. As the car/shell was in a garage and we couldn’t get all the way round as we had hoped. We gave the owner a very rough idea of the costs involved and times. We would need to get the car back to the yard for the full once over and itenary to see how much the owner wanted to spend and limits to budjects.

Once we got the project into the body shop and started to strip away the trim for a proper detailed look around. This car hasn’t been given a nickname yet by Adam or Yogi, but we are sure that it will be coming soon.

We got to a point where we needed to be, then we started to find the unexpected. The left rear quarter looked and felt good from the outside. However the inside inspection was a different story.

The left rear quarter looks to of had some damage for what ever reason a long time ago. The original quarter was cut down and a patch section was welded in with a genuine Ford rear quarter part. The original part number is still clearly visible in the photo above. This then leads to the problem is the car still square if it’s been in an accident? All of a sudden a straight forward quarter replacement becomes a jig setup along with time and effort by us to measure it up and check it. If we don’t, it has the potential to become a whole heap of hurt waiting to come our way.

The usual places that we already knew about for rust like the floor pans, arches, sills etc. didn’t give us any additional nasty surprises and were pretty much what we expected.

This is exactly why it so hard to give an accurate cost for a restoration. We will speak to the owner to see what he wants to do with the rear quarter. There will obviously be some filler on the outside which could be covering up some rust issues from the inside out. A budget will determine just what will be replaced, we can only advise from our experience.

If anybody says it will cost £xyz for a restoration, they either have a crystal ball or are taking chances. We always like to look over a car the whole car before we even start.

Our Stock

We are quite excited to announce a new product which we have developed and now have our first batch going into stock. The top quality handle part as you would expect but it has been re-engineered by us in the UK. These handles are designed for ’64 to ’73 Mustangs.

This is our new “T Park Lock” shifter handle which has been designed to look stock as much as possible. The handle is a direct replacement for the standard T-Shift handle. The button on the right side simply presses in to lock, and a key is used to unlock it in order to select and shift as normal.

In the closed position you still have the black button as normal, but the right button is replaced with the press to lock fitting.

With the lock open the handle continues to a chrome finish.

You do not need the key in the lock to drive, but you can if you want to keep the key separate to the car’s keys.

For added security once you have tightened the handle in place as normal, you drop some glue into grub screw to stop any tampering and trying to remove it.

Any car that uses this handle fitting could use this lock. No modifications needed to the car and is fitted within minutes. This anti theft device retains its stock look, but prevents the drivetrain from being engaged.

Here is the video uploaded to YouTube of the lock in action.

We hope to have this on the WebShop shortly, it it’s not on the WebShop by Monday drop us an email. There is also a small batch held by Mart at who will be selling them. This is not something we normally do, but as he gets out to the car shows he’s in a good place to demo the product who want to see it in action. He also doesn’t have the pain of VAT on his prices like we do!

Park up and press to lock up.


An order has finally turned up after being delayed a few times. It’s a very fragile delivery and for once with no damage to any of the glass windscreens. Normally we have one or two that are damaged. We were certainly expecting the odd one due to constant handling.

We now just need to get them into safe storage.

We will be bringing more updates on our projects next week, until then.

Stay Safe & Take Care.

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Rest Of The Drag Racing Day

As we hoped this week we have been sent the official pictures of the day. Taken by a professional cameraman Chris Tilley who can be found on Instagram “Cortinachris“. If you see anything you like contact him and let him know. Thanks for the use of these pics Chris.

Chris has offered us over five hundred pics throughout the days event. That’s just way too many to post on here. So we have decided to pic what we like to show as many varied cars as possible, (which was a very, very hard choice). We then split this post into sections; park up, racing shots and the trip back from racing the strip. To finish we have the winners of the trophies presented by Roy from the Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain.

First we have Yogi looking chilled as ever waiting try out his new wheel nuts!

Some parking up and prep work for the racing.

The burnouts;

Staging ready to race;

The look of fear! Have you ever wondered what what fear looks like? If you want to know, then the look into the eyes of the passenger up for the 1/4 mile blast in Yogi’s car. A picture speaks a thousand words. 🙂


I’m allowed to use this photo again as it’s the high resolution version.

The ride back from racing down the strip;

At the end of the day the prize winners collecting their new silverware.

Nobody was a loser on the day everybody had a good time, atmosphere was great. Although the Chevy, Dodge and Plymouth boys all raced it was as friendly as always, no matter what they drove.

Big Thanks goes to;

Adam from Mustang Maniac for sponsorship.

Chris Tilley for all the photos in this post.

To everybody who showed up to watch, or race making it another great day out.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Watching The Light Tree

A short week for Mustang Maniac as we made our annual visit to Santa Pod Raceway arranged by Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain. This is always a very popular day and fully booked months in advance. We were also lucky patches of sun but not baking hot.

Again Mustang Maniac sponsored the event and Yogi was dead set on bringing back a haul of silverware again. Yogi’s was interested in one thing only… his fastest classic crown. A real nice gesture was shown, but more on that a bit later.

There were was some amazing cars there some raced for the first time, some just showed up offer support.

We have this picture of a strange man lurking by Yogi’s car. He himself has a beautiful car and it’s also no slouch either. Rumour has it this man was looking over Yogi’s car for ideas to make his go faster. If you know this man – don’t give him any Rizzla papers as he will lose them. 😉

There was a couple of serious cars coming out to play.

In fact a nice mixture of old and new cars, even the odd non-Mustangs infiltrated the day.

As the editor of this post I have the advantage of picking my favorite pictures to post. This candid shot of our very own “Lob Monster” Paul and Yogi lined up ready to go. I’m not to sure what was being said, but knowing these two, I reckon it would have been some serious trash talk about who had the fastest red car!

Then my favorite race picture is this perfectly framed and captured Yogi goin’ for it.

Some other racing action on the day.

We even have Yogi showing the moderns how it should be done. Worth turning up the volume for this one.

We mentioned that Yogi was after a haul of silverware, as expected he defended his Fastest Classic crown with his best of the day at a respectable 10.5 Although it was an improvement on his previous runs, he still wasn’t overly happy with that time, it was rumoured that he said “that will do for now, but I have an idea how to go faster – stop the (bleep) wheels spinning.” Again his nemesis is losing time trying to get of the line when you study his time sheet.

Yogi also won the “Fastest Speed” for a classic, but being the nice guy that he is, he stepped aside from the win and let the next fastest speed car take the trophy home.

We were expecting some more pictures of the day’s fun, but as we write this blog they haven’t arrived yet. So for now it will be a short and sweet post.

Thanks again to the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain for organising another great day out. Same again next year please. 🙂

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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The Crystal Ball

At the beginning of this year Adam predicted and we posted a few times about the lack of sheet metal. Things are that bad now that Adam told us; ‘Since the start up of Mustang Maniac parts business, we have never had so much stuff on back order, that list is just getting longer and longer now’. As Adam foresaw this, he ordered as much as he could at the time and he even advised our customers to buy now. Many took Adam up on the advice and did order. Some didn’t and it’s those customers are the ones who keep trying to call and email Adam about availability.

Yes, we do have sheet metal for our own projects, because we forward planned it that way. Some customers know this and still try to buy them from us, but they are not for sale. Everything we want to sell is marked up on the WebShop as “In Stock”. If the item is “Out of stock” or not listed at all then we don’t have or we won’t sell it.

Even now with Adam’s contacts and his priority stock allocation, he is predicting that things won’t get back to normal for a couple of years. As we have said before, our regular and loyal customers are and will be contacted once their parts are in stock with us. The sheet metal is coming in to us, but at seriously slow rates.

As we don’t answer the phone because we are an “online” business now, there are certain people that take to social media to and slag us off and give us downgraded ratings. We need to ask a simple question, do you call amazon to order your items? No. To help you, our customers out, we even redesigned our website to help with finding parts and cross reference part numbers to make life as easy as possible.

We had a customer who ordered a few parts after our offices shut at five past five on Friday evening. We then got an irate email saying he hadn’t had the parts Saturday morning. We don’t work 24/7 like the Amazon business model as our parts turnover doesn’t to warrant that type of service. We had to inform the customer that as their part was over a certain size it has to go via 48hr service, not our choice but the Parcel Force rules. Again this wasn’t good enough, Adam was still trying to explain this to the customer via email at eleven at night. Adam had enough by then and now he has applied the “C” button to that ex-customer who will not be getting parts from us again.

Another customer has emailed us trying to ask about an engine intake manifold. Again we don’t answer the phone as people want our knowledge, and then they buy the parts elsewhere. His email stated “you don’t get Covid from answering the phone”. With that sort of rude response, Adam is now ignoring his emails and this lucky customer has also now been allocated the “C” button.

Please check our front page of the WebShop for the delivery services and terms. They say that the customer is always right, Adam agrees that some customers are now right at the top of his growing “C”ancelled list now.

We will always try to respond to your emails as quickly as we can, if you have a specific question it doesn’t have to be asked on the phone.


As we are constantly asked for advice on fitting parts etc. how would people feel about us setting up a “Premium rate” phone line? The customers calls the number and is charged £1 a minute for the call. We would offer advice and technical support, that way our time is still paid for. If you want legal advice you get charged by a solicitor. Just the same principles as you don’t ring up a builders merchant on how to build your house.

Customer Cars:

We have had a real nice Coupe in to us which had a few issues both fluids related. A fuel leak onto the top of the intake manifold potentially a fire hazard. Then the other was the good ol’ leaking heater matrix and the

Yogi managed to find the first issue pretty quickly.

The fuel squirt is a rubber diaphragm (that seals itself) for some reason somebody had fitted a gasket to the rubber as well, thus creating a problem believe it or not.

With the diaphragm replaced with a new one for the sake of a few pence, the problem was fixed. All that remained was for Yogi to do his dark art magic on the carb and set it up again.

The second issue was a well known problem which is the heater matrix.

A time consuming job for a simple swap out.

Most of the time these are replaced with cheap versions and the problem will come back just as quickly. If you have a leak, don’t cheap out the replacement. This particular matrix was a a good quality one, which had a tiny flaw and leaked from the corner.

With a new matrix fitted the problem was cured, apart from having to dry out the carpet.

Next up was a replacement thermostat housing that still leaked. The old one had seen better days and replacing it was a good call.

However the replacement part is the shiny chrome ones which look great but soon rot out. This one had only been on for a short while but already has started to show pitting at the bottom. We don’t like them but we get asked for them, so we stock them.

We have arrowed the gasket for a the reason of the leak. Although the housing had been fitted correctly the thermostat had slipped down out of the recess and put a lip on the gasket. This means that it wouldn’t seal properly. The more you tighten, the more it will distort and the problem gets worse.

So we replaced the housing and reseated the thermostat correctly. Problem solved.


We have had another little delivery of a carburettor or two.

We also have the rebuild kits for Edelbrock as well as the Holley carbs.

We have also had another delivery of a some cast 6 pot valve covers.

We have these allocated to project cars so they are spoken for and not technically for sale. But, if you email Adam with a reason why you want to buy one, he could be tempted to sell you one!


On the 13th August (next Friday) The Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain will be at Santa Pod Raceway for a bit of drag racing.

As a result Yogi has been cleaning his beast ready to play.

We know Yogi has been playing with his setup like new drive shafts that we know of. There is a rumour that he has done ‘some small adjustments’ to the diff as well. He has remained very tight lipped about it so far.

We do know that Yogi has extra long wheel studs now fitted, but he has also had the wheel nuts lathed to lighten the weight.

According to Yogi; ‘that should be at least a couple of tenths gain off the line!’ 😉

there area few spectator places available as far as we know, contact the MOCGB if you wanted to watch. The racing has been fully booked for the day for a while now and is always a popular well turned out event. Now we say that, let’s hope it don’t rain.

Take Care & Stay Safe.

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Mustang Maniac Feeling Foxy

It’s a known fact that Adam is a wiley ol’ fox and this week he has started a new line of parts for his much loved Mustangs. Not the most loved looking Mustangs made, but over time they are starting to look better and the prices are reflecting that.

Adam has been doing some service work on wheel bearings again and some service work. We think he enjoyed it to be out of the office. Apart from the odd naughty word where he swears that there is Braughing (not Bermuda) Triangle in his workshop. He’s put stuff down and it mysteriously moves on it’s own to somewhere else, so he claims anyway! 😉

Customer Cars

With Yogi away this week a holiday ‘Sheleanor’ was left ready to have the glass fitted before he finished up for his well deserved break. As is our (and recommended) way we like the glass to be bonded in as well as the clips. This helps to stop leaks, prevents water pooling and the potential for rust. The very thin bond line doesn’t detract from the look of the car, we think it improves it to be honest. However some purists will argue with us, but then they may have a built in foot spa during some heavy rain. If we were to build a car to concours standards then that is different matter of course.

The rear window got the same treatment.

With the glass in place things start to look so much better and more like a car.

The customer supplied paint job over the body kit we fitted has gone well, it’s just now a case of putting things back together again.

Once the fitting has been completed we will have a test drive. Once we are happy then we will have a full tidy up and wipe down to make sure the car will be looking its best for the customer.


We mentioned earlier that Adam is crafty ol’ fox. It was a little play on words as well as we tend to do. Manufacturers are now starting to produce the parts for the Fox body Mustangs. That means that Mustang Maniac will now be stocking an expanded range of these scarce parts until now. Many of these parts are just starting to appear on the market as these cars become more desirable and so the parts demand increases. So in no particular order we have;

We have some nice hoses properly shaped.

Throttle and parking brake cables.

Then there are some badges of honour too. These black look chrome finished pony emblems are really nice and we sold one the day we opened the boxes as the customer was standing there watching.

More badges, bulbs and back-up lamp switches.

All these parts and more are to go into stock once we have found room for it all, again.

Moving on to the more familiar territory we have been asked if we can get some more ‘branded’ parts for our more discerning customers. Yep we listened and here is nice Autolite branded dizzy cap.

This specialist parts may not be big seller, but not many suppliers can offer the sheer alternatives of the same parts; colour, make, branded, quality etc. But we aim to please.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Exchanges Going Well

Last week we told you about our new part exchange service we are providing and already we have sold out off those parts before we even had the chance to get them on the WebShop. It looks like word of mouth and our little ‘ol blog preview has done the trick to get the word out. As the response has taken us a little by surprise by the sheer numbers we have sold, we are getting the old parts to our engineers as soon as we can for the refurbs. Thanks to those that have actually performed the exchange with us, many of whom have come in specifically to see us and take the parts away with them. We even had a couple of comments along the lines of “They look better than the OEM parts”. As for those who emailed us saying you can’t find them on the WebShop but still want the half price parts; we have responded to you individually to point you in the direction of the full price ones. Somebody even ‘offered’ to pay “a little more” than the half price to get the exchange one. We think the clue is in the title – “exchange”. We shall leave it at that and let you make your own minds up on that one. The exchange products will be going on the WebShop as soon as we get the next batch back to us in our our stock. Unlike some out there, we don’t want to put stock on sale and not have any, thanks for your patience in the meantime. We appreciate it.

Customer Cars

‘The Pear’ has swapped places with the ‘The Wolf’ for now so that it can be mounted on the ramps. We are waiting for the ramps to be delivered so we can install them in the “fitting” room.

Now it was time to put the rear running gear in place. The rest of the pipework can be routed along with the drums and brakes to the rear.

The rest of the steering linkage was also fitted and applied our default setup.


After our initial bodywork the car was taken to the customer’s spray shop. The car arrived back and it’s now up to us to refit it back together again. This car just never grows old.

Lights, glass, trim etc all has to be put back in place. But it will have to take it’s turn in the very busy workload.


DEARBORN – The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E earned Car and Driver’s inaugural Electric Vehicle of the Year Award, adding another coveted honor to its trophy case and beating overall top-rated EV competitors along the way.

First ride: 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E prototype | Autocar

The publication put 11 top-rated electric vehicles through rigorous testing over a three-week period, including a 1,000-mile road trip to evaluate each in real-world conditions. Mustang Mach-E took the No. 1 spot.

Ford Mustang Mach-E versus everything ad campaign launches - Roadshow

“We felt that if a carmaker was looking to convert people from EV skeptics to EV evangelists, there’s not a better vehicle out there than the Mustang Mach-E,” said Sharon Carty, Car and Driver editor-in-chief. “It’s a familiar shape and size of crossover. It’s in the sweet spot of what Americans love. It’s beautiful. It’s a design that gets noticed. It has a range and charging speed that is very competitive.”

The newly created electric vehicle award uses the same criteria as Car and Driver’s 10Best Awards: The vehicle must deliver exceptional driving engagement, offer indisputable value and/or practicality, fulfill its mission better than any of its competitors and, lastly, be fun to drive – a great description of Mustang Mach-E.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Drive Review: Electric Muscle | Digital  Trends

“Mustang Mach-E is the start of what we can do to compete in the EV revolution,” said Darren Palmer, Ford general manager, battery electric vehicles. “Its continued success in the form of happy customers, sales and awards are all signs of the momentum we are building. Accolades like the Car and Driver Electric Vehicle of the Year are particularly rewarding for the team who designed this performance battery electric vehicle to be truly fun to drive. It can only get better as we continue to learn from and grow with our customers.”

Other contenders include Audi e-tron, Kia Niro, Nissan Leaf Plus, Polestar 2, Porsche Taycan 4S PBP, Tesla Model 3 Performance, Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, Tesla Model Y Performance, Volkswagen ID.4 and Volvo XC40 Recharge. Car and Driver employed instrumented testing, subjective evaluation and side-by-side comparison in both practicality and entertainment value.

The 2021 Mustang Mach-E has claimed a number of other awards including Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice Award earlier this year, plus the Eco-Friendly Car of the Year Award, AutoGuide’s Utility of the Year, Green Vehicle of the Year and Autoweek’s Car Buyer’s Award.

“We could have made a boring electric vehicle, a compliance vehicle that looks like a dust buster,” said Palmer. “But we decided people need an EV with soul. So we built them an all-electric Mustang SUV that is disrupting the status quo in electric vehicles. And the Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition are still to come.”


Here at Mustang Maniac the car we want to see is the 1,400bhp version.

Maybe then in our eyes perhaps it could be worth the Mustang Badge.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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New Part Exchange Service

We return to a little normality this week after a flurry of quick services in the early part of the week. Now we can settle down a bit and start working on the existing projects we have on the go with ‘The Pear’. We have another poor installation feature for you at the end of the post and this one’s dangerous.

Customer Cars

‘The Pear’ is having the engine worked on before a refit and a couple of coats of Ford blue engine enamel paint. The engine had a new water pump and timing chain.

The inside is taking shape with a little extra sound deadening and ducting for the Air Con.

Under the hood is now having some of the brake and fuel line work finalised and the AC unit now fitted, but not plumbed in yet. Like we have said before we have reused what we can to keep cost down and the car as original as possible.

Our Cars – ‘The Wolf’

We have been asked if there is a stripe on ‘The Wolf’. The answer is yes, but it’s really subtle. In normal light the car looks like this:

But in the sun or bright light the stripe shows up. It’s a matt black metallic twin that changes colour. Notice the rear bumper is already fitted and de-chromed. We haven’t seen anything like it before and we dare say it will be copied.

The rest of the car while it was up in the air.

Front bumper is the same as the rear, de-chromed and painted to match the body.

Part Exchange Service

We have been asked a few times if there is a part exchange service on offer. Simple answer is yes, there are some things that the USA offers for a swap out. But, by the time we ship the items back for replacement it will cost twice as much as a new one.

So we have had a word with our engineering team who are now going to do a few projects for us. The first we have to offer is the power steering valve. These are fully reconditioned, tested and look better than the originals. Check our WebShop for the details of the parts that are under our new Part Exchange scheme.

The cost of the units are around half the price of a replacement. Already we have had a couple of customers asking if they can buy the half priced ones without an exchange. Erm, it don’t work like that, so when we say ‘Part Exchange’ that is exactly what we mean.

Dangerous Install.

A customer ordered a a set of rear brake shoes from us. He fitted them and said the car doesn’t stop very well. We asked for a couple of pictures of the install.

The customer did just that and we could see instantly that it was fitted wrong. The customer told us that he fitted it exactly as it was removed.

Adam responded with, ‘they weren’t fitted correctly either then’. The pictures below show show BOTH leading shoes on one side of the axle and BOTH trailing shoes on the other side. The give away is the gaps at the top by the anchor pin. The best part is the shoes are packaged as pairs for each side of the axle.

PLEASE, please don’t take anything for granted when doing a swap out. What was already there could be wrong.

In this case heavy braking this could have caused a nasty accident.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Simple Instructions

We catch up with the post from a few weeks ago and show you some rather staggering “Mustang Expert” repairs was how it was put to us. You won’t believe that set of pics a bit later in the post! First we start with a little known service that we offer (at our discretion of course), to those regular customers who contact us.

Customer Cars

That extra service we offer is that we put sellers in touch with buyers that we have on our books. An example of process was this little lady that we had in a couple of weeks ago, and we teased you with on the VIN Number.

Those that ‘know’, knew we had a something special in; a “K” code Mustang or a genuine Hi-Po model. These genuine “K Code” cars are few and far between as only 13,214 were made. This ’66 Fastback example is in Wimbledon White.

We have a good friend of ours and long time customer who has been looking for a genuine K Code for a while now. We arranged to get the car into us, road test it, check it over and notify the potential buyer that it was here in Adam’s workshop.

The car is in the ever popular red interior which just looks right with the white over coat. The original dash has been swapped out with this aftermarket version.

At the time buyers of the GT Equipment Package on their Mustangs could add the K-code option to their new ride for an extra $276 back in 1965. The cost to add this engine to new Mustangs without the GT package was $328.

Why was it called “K-Code?” The “K” stood for the engine code on the VIN number of these Mustangs. The K-Code engine was first introduced by Ford in 1963 and was featured in many cars such as the Fairlane and the Comet before the Mustang.

Each K-Code Mustang had a special badge on their front fenders that read “HIGH PERFORMANCE 289”. It was indeed all performance at the time producing a pretty impressive 271bhp. The K-Code Mustangs were not available with air conditioning or power steering. You couldn’t buy K-Code with an automatic transmission until the 1966 model year. Prior to that, the K-Code Mustangs had only four speed manuals. The car also came with a shorter warranty than the typical Mustang; K-Code buyers were looking at a mere three-month or 4,000-mile warranty instead of the standard 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty plan.

The entire driveline of these cars was designed for performance. Things were upgraded like a high-performance clutch, drive shaft, rear differential, and suspension. It was inevitable that Shelby put these engines in his racing performance GT350 Mustangs. The first Shelby Mustang, ‘GT350R’ also featured a modified K-Code engine.

With the car up on the ramps we got to have a good look round the underside. The car has had a few repairs that were not the quality we expect now days. There were additional parts added like, chassis stiffeners and the rear shocks. These are non standard parts on the K code but are usually added to track race cars.

So what’s all the fuss about with the K Code? Well it’s this bit under the hood, mostly. The engine here has had a trick fuel flow upgrade, but most of it remains unmolested.

The K-Code engine was different from the other 289 engines that fell under the D, C and A codes produced from 1965 to 1967 Mustangs. These engines featured upgraded pistons, cylinder heads, carburetor, lifter heads, and connecting rods. In addition, one look under the hood and you’d notice the chrome air cleaner and valve covers. There was also lettering on top of the air cleaner that read “289 High Performance.” As many of these changes were inside the engine it was difficult to tell if it’s real or not and there are many fakes out there claiming to be a “K” code.

There are those buyers out there that just want a K code no matter what, and there are the connoisseurs that want a “K” Code in stock condition.

The potential buyer for this example was going to think about the cost of the vehicle, and take into account the cost to take off all the trick bits and put it back to ‘stock’ and re-restore it again.

Even in this condition this car is still a highly desirable due to the “K” designation alone and the obvious rarity. But, modified like this can limit the market for some future sales.


This next example of a repair from another Mustang ‘specialist’, and we use that term in the loosest sense of the word. Just left us a little stunned.

The strut rod bush kits have a couple of rubber bushes and a couple of specially shaped washers each side. The kits even come with clear instructions on how to fit them.

We took a kit out from our stock just to show you how simple it is. These washers should only be fitted one way and even state on each one; “This side to rubber“.

It’s not hard to read or understand, we will leave these pictures here with you for a moment to see if you can work out what is wrong! (We will give you a clue: read the washers…..)

Which part of “This side to rubber” didn’t they understand? Would you trust these guys to work on anything else in your car?

Unfortunately this sort of thing is not uncommon. So you get what you pay for, somebody to fit them incorrectly and then pay us again to refit them correctly.

FYI – we didn’t actually charge the customer for changing these washers round. It’s a only a couple of minutes job at the end of the day that we did along with a couple of other jobs we had to do.


We would like to say a bit “Thank You” very much for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on our new Website. There will always be a couple that hate change and want the old site back. However, in this case it looks like that customer is in a minority of one. We have had a couple of extra ideas to help improve even more and we aim to take those on board too, so thanks for the additional feedback.

Take Care & Stay Safe!

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Professional Feel

We had some good stuff for you this week and we decided to swap things around a little bit. Those items we had planned will be next week or so as we decided this was more important. Mustang Maniac has launched their new WebShop still the same address; This now has much easier browse function but more on that a little later in the post. 🙂

Park & Pic

We have Mart’s ’66 Coupe back into us with a suspected problem. The car was brought down to us with “Somethin’ ain’t right with the steering, I also have a squeak that I can’t get rid of and it’s driving me nuts.”

This car was with us many moons ago for a Full Restoration over four and a half years, which we featured quite heavily on our blog at the time for the full process. Mart is still a long standing loyal customer of ours and good friend and part of the exclusive ‘inner sanctum’ of friends. He likes to quote; “I won’t let anybody near my car unless it’s Mustang Maniac. They are the only ones who know what they are doing”. We’re sure he won’t mind us repeating that.

As a precaution he wanted us to take a look at his car and let him know what we thought. The upshot of which was Adam took the car to the round about and back, less than a mile test drive. There was indeed something wrong. Adam explained; ‘if you drive a car all the time and things get worse over time you tend not to nice it, as you just get used to the degradation that comes with it. That’s what the MOT’s are for too, to make sure stuff hasn’t fallen apart’.

We dropped what we were doing and Yogi came up from his cave to have a look with Adam on the ramp. There was a fair bit of car swapping around first though to make space on the ramps. The car was lifted up and Adam & Yogi got to work checking things out and spotted that there was play from the idler arm. Mart asked ‘do you have them in stock with the shortages going round?’ Adam replied; ‘nope – we don’t have one. We have about twenty to choose from!’ 😉 Here’s the proof:

Over time these bushing perish and this can happen when the cars aren’t used. They then collapse when driven after a long time. Below are the new on the left and old arms on the right of each picture.

The idler bracket was checked for damage and wear and the arm itself was swapped out, before grease and adjustment.

This would cause the play or vagueness in the steering. As for the squeak this may help. Mart took it up the road and couldn’t believe just how bad it had gotten and was ‘OMG, it’s a different car, what an improvement.”

But, he reported that the squeak was still there. The next step was to take the left side front wheel of and investigate. Adam had already noted where the noise was coming from earlier.

There was nothing touching or dragging on the wheel, no stone in the brakes pads, no scoring etc. The guys listened intently as the rotor was spun and they decided to check the bearing. Yogi removed the outer bearing and by experience alone, Adam didn’t like the ‘feel’ of the bearing and Yogi concurred.

The guys checked the tracker for damage and that was all fine. The inner bearing was still fully packed with grease.

Yogi repacked the new outer bearing and refitted everything back in place. Yogi went round and checked that everything had grease in it and was pleased that it did.

A second test drive confirmed that the ‘squeak had gone’. Mart was a happy bunny again. Adam rechecked the old bearing and still couldn’t see anything wrong but just ‘felt wrong’. Adam filed in the storage area marked scrap. Now it was time to perform a little magic on Mart’s wallet. LOL. We have given Mart the pictures we took at the time and we suspect you will see them on his blog soon as well.

Moral of the story: Get the MOT done even on these old cars even though you don’t need one. If you think something isn’t t right get a professional to check it. We know exactly how these cars are supposed to drive. On the other hand the owner has nothing to compare it to. A two minute road test (literally) could help you avoid an accident or some big bills. The saving grace is that this owner drove it to us carefully just to check it out with us.

He went home happy and messaged us to say all was good in the world with the car on the trip home. Those that know him, he said “I had to clean it before I put it away and cover it back up. It was filthy by the time I got home!”

Customer Cars

‘The Pear’ has had some work doing to it and and we are now starting on the parts we can put back on it. The owner want to reuse what he can and is not precious about new parts, he just wants to drive it. The headliner was refitted from the donor car and went back in very well.

We are waiting for our glass guy to come and fit the rear and front windows.

The door glass has gone in now, but yet to be aligned fully, that will be done once the weather strip is fully fitted.

Work has started on refitting the wire loom. The old one was checked for damage and then re-wrapped to give it that OEM look (not that Ford bothered in the first place). This helps to keep everything neat when re-fitting.

The engine is now undergoing a strip down to see what is going on. All waterways look good, but there is a tiny leak on one of the core plugs. So we will replace the whole lot while we are at it.

The oil pump will be changed as a matter of course. The filter had some debris in it and will also swapped out as well as standard practice.


All New WebShopWebsite has been upgraded

We have listened to more customer feedback and redeveloped the website.

We are still making changes behind the scenes on how you can find your parts much easier. So you will have to bear with us while we fine tune things and make it better and better.

Hopefully you will enjoy the new look and feel of the new website and hopefully make life just that little bit easier and slicker. There has been some massive changes behind the scenes to improve performance and stability. The upshot is that front end user interface has been simplified and cross referenced to other sections which may help you.

Where the manufacturers have supplied a set of instructions for the fitting and parts, we are now also adding those the stock item in the form of a PDF document download. Hopefully that should help everybody if you lose the ‘book of words’. Not that most men read them anyway! This will be an ongoing process and we will add them as we go along.

We dare say that some of our fellow suppliers may well be downloading the documents from us going forward and passing them of as their own. We will be able to tell 😉

We have recently seen some comments on various media that Mustang Maniac is not showing sheet metal for the general public. We can confirm that this is correct by intention. Unfortunately these people hadn’t noticed that we have for the best part of this year advised that sheet metal is only available to the trade and is in very limited supplies. It even says it on the front pages of the WebShop.

Yes, we have plenty of our own sheet metal in stock which we are using for allocated projects. We had mentioned in the past that we are now fully booked up for two years for a full restoration service. A good amount of our sheet metal stock has been allocated to what we know is coming up. Yes, we are getting additional sheet metal as we posted last week. We will be notifying those customers as and when we get their items.

For all our friends across the pond:

Happy 4th July – Independence day.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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