Check Up

This week we have had a car in for a a repair and sold parts for a similar problem. We’re talking rubber fuel lines that perish with the nasty E10 fuels forced on us. Here are a couple of facts about the storage life of the ethanol added petrol. When E10 is stored under shelter in a sealed container it will last one year. Once a seal is broken the fuel has a storage life of six months at 20°C or three months at 30°C. Here is the worrying part; the storage life of petrol in equipment fuel tanks or your car – is one month! When your car has been standing over the winter, the Ethanol content of the fuel will start to break down the rubber and seals that are in contact with the fuel, especially on older rubber.

We strongly recommend you check all rubber fuel hoses for damage before driving after a long period of hard standing. Once the system has fuel being pumped around you could develop a leak, depending on where the leak is, you could end up with a fire in your pride and joy’s engine bay. Or you could end up with a a rather large puddle of standing fuel which has all sorts of consequences of its own.

We suggest that if your fuel lines are looking old, cracked or damaged in any way what so ever – replace them. We stock Ethanol proof fuel lines 3/8″ here or 5/16″ here. Once the hoses have been changed to the ethanol proof style rubber, the E10 fuel should be fine in your car, apart from maybe a little timing if your car is sensitive to the ethanol.

Customer Cars

The ’67 Fastback that is having new rear quarters has been stripped back even more. We could end up taking the back completely off the car if we can’t find a solid starting point for the rebuild.

Obviously when we replace the quarters we put them back how they are supposed to be fitted, braised. We will bring you those pictures nearer the time.

The rear light panel has seen better days and the dreaded rust worm has had a field day at the joints. Nothing we haven’t seen before and she will be as good as new again. This type of work is time consuming and the attention to details, even those you can’t see makes the difference a few years down the line.


We have started to get a few of our original Carbs refurbished ready for sale or fitting a little later on to our projects. This particular carb 4100 has been fully reconditioned for a customer and will run as good as new. The brief was to keep it’s patina so it didn’t look our o place going back into the rat style engine bay.

As they are a loyal supporting customer we obliged and got it done for them. The customer was happy as it arrived sooner than we expected back to our offices. The bonus was it arrived neatly packaged with one of our own ready for stock.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Holding His Own

A short post this week as we didn’t have Yogi in the workshops. On Friday this week the boys came out to play for the Mustang Owners Club who had arranged the annual and private race day at Santa Pod. Yogi again got a couple more trophies for his collection with a best time of 11.2seconds for standing 1/4 mile on the day. Yogi thought there was more in the car, but yet again the traction issues from launch are still there. The weather was not kind and rain stopped play before he had the chance to try some different launch techniques. Well done Yogi.

We do have a video of his run against a modern Mustang. What would you rather have; a modern or a classic that can still hold its own on a drag strip some forty decades later?

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Our Crown

With all the royal coronation all but over and done with in the UK, we had a slightly quieter day in the offices on Saturday. This gave Adam a chance to get out some new stock blocking up the waiting area of the offices. He hadn’t had time to update the stock on the WebShop stock lists when they came in, but should now be up to date as you read this. We also had a few emails this week after we mentioned that we have some sheet metal, as we said before – yes we do have a stock. However the sheet metal is for our select trade members, our customer car projects or our own projects. We have to thank a customer we shall call Adrian, for his kind offer to swap his kidney in exchange for a 67 front fender. We did decline, as we think he would need it for a stiff drink after he finds out the cost of one now days compared to pre Covid prices!

Customer Cars

A customer wanted a replacement engine for his ’65 Tribute. This engine is “warmed up a bit” as Adam described it, and we don’t mean by temperature. The heads are made by AFR along with a couple of ‘other bits’ too.

He will certainly notice the difference that’s for sure. Like all our rebuilt engines we gently run them in, checking temps and some timing for stability. All on our engine test bench, although it’s not a bench exactly more of a movable rig.

Clutch Adjustment

A couple of weeks ago we posted about a clutch judder issue that we were going to have a look at. We found that a dowl had been missing and an element of play had crept in. A replacement set of dowls we have could have been taken straight off the shelf, but we needed something else.

We have these dowl pins which have an 0.007″ offset which are adjusted by an Allen key. These pins are a must for easier alignment when installing the bellhousing on your engine block. They contribute to fewer shifter problems and maximum life for your bearings and transmission. They can be found here, or if you have bigger issues the 0.014″ pins here.

They did what we expected and hugely helped the clutch issue. The conclusion in this case is that 0.007 of an inch is important and size does does matter for offset.

Our Cars

At the same time the customer’s 302 was being rebuilt we had one of our own 302s being restored at the same time, both were delivered back to us at the same time. So while the customer’s engine was being being run in and checked, we prepped our own for the same process. Again we broke the engine in with an hour or so monitored running in on our test rig. We know our engine looks a mess with old valve covers and our old test shorty headers etc, Once we want to use it, we will then paint it and add all the nice bits back on it, or maybe what a customer wants. For now though, it’s off to storage in our Aladdin’s cave of engines.


During the week we had a customer pop into the offices for an order pick for the first time. The customer had seen our WebShop service obviously, but didn’t expect to see the extent of our stock as Adam and the customer went of to get the bits from the yard storage areas. As Adam prepared his bill, the customer was having a cup of tea and chat where he said, “you need to call yourselves WebSupermarket not a WebShop”. He spent more than he expected too with us, which is always a risk when you see just what we have on the shelf(s). He walked out with a big smile on his face and large box of parts.

New in stock is the ‘Enos range’ of starter motors from Wai which can be found here. They are currently on special offer with the best part of £55 off, grab one before Adam changes his mind!

We have some direct replacement lightweight aluminium four pot calipers for 64 – 67. If you have an aftermarket drum conversion, or 68 – 73 single pot calipers they should fit too. Please check before you buy, or drop us an email with a picture of your brakes and year, we should be able to advise you on compatibility.

Our Holley Sniper carbs and K&N filters now need their own spaces. Along with the standard classic filters, we now also stock K&N for 1994 to 2014 cars too.

Speaking of our new King Charles III coronation, we like to think of ourselves as the the King of Mustang Parts in the UK.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

(Our Stay Safe & Take Care message this week is a special golden crown colour!)

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A Decade On

This week we are celebrating a whopping ten years of blogging. We were informed by WordPress that it was our ten year anniversary, we hadn’t given the blogging time scales much thought to be fair, as it’s now deep within the Mustang Maniac ethos, we show you what we do. This is our five hundred and sixty second post, an achievement for any blog. So we thank our behind the scenes media team that look after our Website, Blog and our social media activities. Above all, a big thank you to all our readers, followers and customers for being with us on this evolving journey, here’s to the next ten years.

We have had a delivery of stock where Adam has been appointed as another authorised supplier, that of course means even more choice for our customers. With the May bank holiday tomorrow in the UK and the King Charles III coronation we have a couple of short weeks to look forward to, not that anything Mustang Maniac stops behind the scenes. The WebShop will still be open, but there could be delays with postage.

Customer Cars

We have a ’67 in with us from a loyal customer that needs the next phase of work doing to it. Previously we sorted out the front end for various issues including the dreaded metal worm, now we are working on the back end.

The reason is that there are some rust spots getting worse that didn’t look right or feel right to the touch. We had been given the go ahead to strip down and see what lurks beneath the skin. We already knew that we are going to replace the rear quarters on each side before we started. The quarters were very thin with some tell tale spots under the paint bubbling up and that always means trouble in our experience.

As the layers were stripped away it became clear that there has been some previous attempts to repair the car.

What we didn’t cater for was the bits of fibre glass falling out exposing more than we expected. But, our first gut reaction something wasn’t quite right was confirmed.

By the time you patch and fabricate the the new metal, it’s just as just as cost effective and better in the long run to swap out for new metal. Yes we have a supply of sheet metal, but most of it has already been allocated to future jobs coming up.

The inner wheel housings also needs to be replaced for the same patchwork repairs, the same on both sides.

We had to keep going further and further back into the panels to find out where the bad metal finished.

With the back of the car’s outer skin removed we exposed the trunk drop off’s which will need to replaced as well.

Working towards the front on the sills we removed more and more bad metal.

The sills weren’t the worst we have seen by a long way. But, a structural part of the car needs to be very sound for any repairs to be made to them. It’s also easily visible where the fibre glass has been attached.

These repairs will require some old school fabrication and some Yogi magic. As we have said many times before on our posts – nothing we haven’t seen before and nothing that can’t be fixed.

We will bring more updates on this little lady as we go along.


Adam has joined forces with BlueCol to supply their products, click here for the link. The first batch of stock has arrived with us and the WebShop has been updated.

Just because it says antifreeze, these products also act as a coolant too.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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All Fired Up

This week we’ve had a customer ask us if we could customise some parts for them to be a little different but also be practical. The results we got back from our platers were impressive (as always) and now we have started to stock them as standard. How many parts suppliers will do that for their customers? We are open to suggestions and if it’s viable for customers the chances are we could end up stocking the item too.

Customer Cars

Holley Sniper EFI

The 460ci has now had the Sniper kit fully installed, wired up and fired up. The team completed the install and had a turn key fire up.

The whole system has intelligent learning which adapts to your particular style of driving. However, the initial timings have to be setup to be within tolerances of what the EFI system can adjust. There is a wiring loom to be integrated, so you need to read the manual carefully if you are going to self install this kit. Once you have fired up the engine the little control screen which is inside the car will adjust all sorts of things, timing, dwell, idle, air fuel mixtures etc. In fact the settings can be adjusted by 0.1deg for the timing, it’s that accurate. Lance took the car for a spin and noted there was “some refinements that could be made on the first run”. He pulled over in a quiet spot, changed a couple of bits and repeated the high speed pull again, within speed limits of course. The small adjustment made all the difference to how he wanted the car to behave. To quote, “I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realise just how good, in fact I don’t have to get out the car to adjust anything now. The only down side is that I have had to learn a lot about engine settings to make sense of what I might be adjusting”.

If you want a classic ’64 – ’93 Mustang with modern technology, click here for the link.

Clutch Issue

This little lady has just come back from South Africa after some time trial events. The problem was noted that there was a little bit of clutch judder. The only was to check it out properly is to drop the gearbox out (not literally), and have a look to see what is going on. From the initial inspection all looks acceptable with the clutch, pressure plate etc. Things were a little grubby on the first look round by eye.

The gearbox feels and looks OK, but just needs a little Mustang Maniac loving considering the mileage and use this car gets, its not surprising. So we will clean up, measure up to see exactly what we got to work with. It could be a case of the clutch just needs some adjustments, nothing we haven’t seen before or we can’t fix.

We checked the bearing which will be a replacement before we check anything else, we have seen worse of course, but this one doesn’t sound the best.


From our opening paragraph a good customer of ours had asked for one of our exhaust hanger kits to be zinc plated. We agreed and the results are amazing, but it’s a shame they won’t be seen by most people. Not only does it look great but also has the anti-corrosion properties as well.

The standard kits can be bought here.

Seat Extenders

Our very own design seat extenders have sold well but could they be improved? While we were having the exhaust hangers plated, we thought about getting a set of our seat extenders done at the same time. We liked them so much we are keeping them zinc plated. Again an ideal base to paint them your own colour if you wanted to match the carpet of your car.

You can pick up set of these popular seat extenders here.


DEARBORN, Michigan April 13, 2023 – Ford Performance unveiled the continued evolution of its electric-powered motorsports efforts with the Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800, an aggressive revision to the NHRA world record-holding Mustang Cobra Jet 1400. It is targeted to best the Cobra Jet 1400’s standing world record for full-bodied electric vehicles in the quarter-mile, 8.128 seconds at 171.97 miles per hour.

In June of 2021, Bob Tasca III drove the Cobra Jet 1400 to its reigning time in Norwalk, Ohio. The vehicle, originally built as a collaborative effort between Ford Performance, MLe Racecars, AEM-EV, Cascadia Motion and Watson Engineering, was then ready for its next challenge.

The Ford Performance led team went back to the drawing board and poured their effort into revisions and upgrades to the chassis, powertrain and control systems. To match this work, Ford Performance brought back the famed Super Cobra Jet name, first offered on 1969 model year Mustangs as an improvement to the standard Cobra Jet package.

“We’re always looking to push ourselves in every corner of the motorsport world,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “Drag racing remains a key proving ground for our products and technology, and we’re excited to not only try to best our own record in the quarter-mile, but to further showcase ongoing development we continue to make across the entire electric vehicle landscape.”

The Super Cobra Jet 1800 utilizes the same four PN-250-DZR inverters coupled to two double-stacked DS-250-115 motor pairings as before, but now attached to a new transmission from Liberty and powered by an entirely redone, lighter weight battery system designed by Ford Performance and MLe Racecars. The power is sent to an MLe Racecars-revised rear end featuring improved suspension geometry from PMR and larger Mickey Thompson drag radials to optimize launches.

The entire dance is managed by Ford Performance proprietary control software running on AEM-EV hardware, with a new data acquisition system, dash and power distribution system all designed in-house.

“Our changes have made significant improvements to the car, including removing hundreds of pounds in weight and increasing horsepower to 1800,” explained Rushbrook.

On top of going for a new full-bodied electric vehicle record, the Super Cobra Jet 1800 will also attempt to claim records for fastest electric vehicle 0-60 mph and fastest two-wheel drive electric vehicle 0-60 during an NHRA event later this season. MLe Racecar’s cofounder and official program test driver Pat McCue is planned to be in the driver’s seat.


Who says electric cars can’t be fun?

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Keeping It Neat

We hope you had a good Easter and for us here in the UK the second short week as a result. We have been busy in the yard over the break by moving cars around. This was prompted by some customers asking to get their stored cars out ready for the summer season. Our workshops had a bit of trouble shooting to do for a customer’s Ford, but it wasn’t a Mustang.

Customer Cars

The ’69 460ci has the next part of the EFI being installed. The control modules and the wiring needed to be kept neat and tidy like the rest of the car.

Most of it will be hidden except for a couple of under the hood addons. In fact there is only four wires to connect with this configuration.

With the throttle body being electronically controlled it needs to understand what is going on input and output. So an O2 sensor is fitted to the exhaust for the clever box of tricks to understand burnt fuel mixture at any given moment anything from idle to full throttle or anything in between.

To make sure the car can cope with the demand from the new electronics an upgraded one hundred amp one-wire alternator from Powermaster was installed.

The plug leads fitted back onto the distributor and things start to come together again looking like an engine.

Just in case anybody misses it – there are a couple of little stickers to state what is going on under the hood.

F100 Truck

This customer’s pre ’70’s F100 truck had its 302 engine rebuilt and was OK only for a very short while, then it just didn’t run at all. The truck was taken to our workshop where Yogi got to work trying to understand what had happened. His gut reaction was to take the valve covers off based on the description of the problem.

The problem was immediately evident:

The wrong rockers were fitted and slipped of the top of the valve stems. The correct rockers for these engines should have a lip down each side in order to stop that happening. These are clearly visible on the larger picture on the left below (top).

Once the correct rockers were fitted and adjusted, the engine started and fired OK. There was some minor timing and carb set up adjustments needed as well. BUT, what worries us in these scenarios is the fact that something so obvious was wrong and not corrected. That leads to the follow up question; what else is wrong? Without another potentially costly full engine strip down, we don’t know. We have listened to the engine and diagnostics so far so good. But engine problems can happen next time it starts up. we guess time will tell.

Yet again Mustang Maniac comes to the rescue to help out, in this case working on an engine we know very well. We may have fixed one or two in our time.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Easter Goodies

Everybody likes chocolate, but given the choice most Mustang Maniac followers and customers would choose car parts over chocolate any day. One of our customers has decided that this Easter rather than a a little basket with for an Easter egg hunt, he went hunting down our goodies instead. It worked out a bit more than a fancy chocolate egg for sure, but not quite as much as a Fabergé egg.

Customer Cars

Lance’s car is a ’69 Boss 460 Tribute which is an amazing example of these rare cars. Not only are these cars stunning to look at in all black, but they have the power to match.

So what do you do if you want even more power? You come to us for a Holley Sniper EFI kit and installation.

The car was booked in with us and we started to take of the old parts off the car to get ready for the new upgrades.

We will get more on this install as we progress.


We posted last week for one week only about our K&N oil filters. These filters have been flying out the door this week. We have even had some of our competitors buying from us. No doubt they will bump the prices up for you if you buy decide to buy them elsewhere. We had sold more than we had expected from our first batch of one hundred or so we had initially put for sale, we had to dig out some more to boost stock levels again.

Customers had walked in into our offices and bought two or three at a time, one customer even bought six who then asked for a discount for bulk purchase. Adam was not impressed and was thinking that the “C” (cancelled) list was about to get updated. The customer then quickly said “only joking”. He wasn’t.

We are looking to buy some more of these filters, but even we can’t get them quick enough from K & N themselves. However the order has gone in for more so we don’t run out of stock for our customers.

We have also had some more stock of seat belts arrive with us for the colours we were running low on which were on back order. The Classic Mustang logo buckles have sold well over the winter which was unusual. Simply unfasten the four bolts, replace and your done. A simple and quick way to freshen the interior of your car. Click here for our full range of seat belts.

Black can be purchased here.

Dark Blue can be found here.

Aqua can be found here.

We hope you all have a great Easter break, remember buying car parts not chocolate will make you happy. Well, that’s what our customers tell us!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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One Week Only!

We have something exciting this week to announce to our customers. Due to the collaboration of Mustang Maniac and K & N Filters, we have ordered big to bring you the best prices we can.

For one week only we are offering these performance K&N oil filters at an amazing price on our WebSite here. Get in quick while we still have stock.


inc. VAT.

Reduced from £28.00

We had well over 100 of these in stock as we write this post, how many we will have the end of the week, we’re not sure. But as far as we know – this is the full extent of stock for these particular filters in Europe. Unless you are a person who wants a stock look as much as possible, we highly recommend these oil filters. There are plenty of comparisons on YouTube about cheap verses quality oil filters. Don’t take our word for it, take a look a see the pretty big differences of what is or shouldn’t be inside your oil filter. Remember this part part is to protect your engine.

Customer Cars

We have had a special order item on back order for a months now and now the wait is over for the customer. His much anticipated ’67 center console was fitted and has transformed the inside of the car.

These center consoles aren’t a cheap addition to the interior of your car, but boy oh boy do they look great.

Our Cars

We have been working on our 1965 Ford Ranchero continuing on from last week underside treatment. the truck is now back up the right way in order to start the rust treatment on the top side.

The bed needed to be stripped back to bare metal, treated and protected. The red oxide is again our own blend which we find works well for us.

The stripping back of old paint is a long and dirty process and we made use of the weather for maximum ventilation.

This surface prep is so important to get a good surface in order for the bed liner to be applied. A couple of layers for the red oxide to make sure sure full and even coverage. Time consuming but worth every minute.

In these damp conditions we want to cover any bare metal as quickly as possible to prevent any surface rust forming. Completing this stage of undercoating also allows the red oxide to fully cure over the weekend.


We mentioned last week that we completed a rebuild for a couple of gearboxes to our most loyal customers. We would like to clarify a quick point; buying less that £100 of items over the course of two years doesn’t make you a “great customer”. Especially when we have seen your comments on forums about our prices and shipping. We had a quick game of email tennis from somebody who wanted a C4 rebuild and was rather annoyed that we declined his insistence that he was a “great customer”. This type of specialist engineering work for the rebuild of engines, gearboxes, axles etc. is not a standard service we offer.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Getting Into Gear

This week we have finished a couple of customer cars as well as doing some more work on our own shop truck Ranchero. We’re pleased to have had some new stock which has been on back order and unavailable for a couple of years now.

Park & Pic

We have completed a LEED Brake refit to a ’64 1/2 Coupe that had some issues after a DIY brake kit fitting.

Those with a sharp eye will have noticed that this little lady has had some modern Mustang wheels fitted and some small wheel spacers as the customer requested. It’s not very common to see new wheels on a Classic Mustang, but it can be done.

This was the initial installation of brake lines which we ended up replacing.

These pics are the completed brake lines from Yogi, it’s all very subtle of course. But, if you don’t notice it straight away, then we have done our job properly to blend in the new parts in with the car for a natural stock look.

Customer Cars

Another loyal customer had started to get some gearbox issues and asked us if we could help him. We agreed and got his complete gearbox reconditioned with new parts for him by our very own specialist engineers.

The original gears were worn and the bearings had seen better days, but everything had lasted quite well considering the age and use of the gearbox.

Here are some close ups of the old gears and worn teeth.

Our Cars

Our 1965 Ranchero has now had the underside completed sealed in red oxide, then proper seam sealer followed by a couple of coats of our own recipe for the black underseal.

We shall the car back up the right way this week for some more prep work.


We are pleased to say that these wheel studs are now back in stock here after being unavailable for a few years. We found them at the bottom of this large randomly packed delivery box.

We are pleased to have our consignment of ‘heated’ front ’64 to ’68 clear windscreens here. This batch has been allocated to a number of customers and we should have them listed in stock soon after we have checked them for any damage.

Another modern invention which is a welcome addition to these older Mustangs especially in the UK climate which is mostly cold and damp.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Prancing Horse Meets A Pony

This week we have completed a few cars along with more work on our very own Ranchero, we will have some more pictures next week for you. However we can share a few pics with you about an incident regarding a prancing horse, but not too much to show for privacy reasons, but a little more on that later.

Park & Pic

This weeks Park & Pic is a ’67 Convertible which has come in for steering pipes which were leaking and causing an issue. The car in front is Adam’s Shelby which has just passed it’s MOT ready for a few summer miles to go on it.

On the left here ready to into the workshops the coupe had been taken of the ramps.

With the car up in the air Yogi quickly found the leak which was on one pipe. As the reservoir was being drained it makes sense to replace both the top and bottom pipes. Not essential, but if one pipe has gone, those replaced weak pipe now become the strongest and will highlight any other weaknesses with another failure with the longer pipes.

This always a messy job and needed a bit of a clean up before the final tightening in place.

Customer Cars

We have a loyal customer who recently sold his ‘classic’ Mustang and bought a couple of more modern Mustangs to replace it. The owner had booked a road trip in his new car but forgot that his 2007 Mustang was due an MOT. The car was taken to the test centre where it failed the MOT. Now the owner was in a predicament, road trip with no road worthy car to take. He drove the car straight to us and asked for help. As it happened, we had a pair of lower ball joints in stock. The owner left his car with us for a little while as we fitted the parts for him.

Once the work was done we called the customer to come and collect the car. He then took it back for the MOT retest where it passed with flying colours not long before they closed for the day.

The customer was over the moon that Mustang Maniac saved the day for him, not only did we have the parts ‘In Stock’ from our WebShop, but we also fitted the parts to his car on the same day to help him out, all without booking in first. This type of service is not for any ol’ customer. We have known this customer for a good few years now as we had always looked after his classic and now his modern cars. Being a loyal Mustang Maniac customer does have it’s advantages. As Mustang Maniac has the best supply of Mustang Parts in the country we can always get you the bits you need fast, but we can’t promise to fit them same day!

LEED Brakes

We have a great relationship with LEED Brakes and we are delighted that LEED Brakes have created an advertisement featuring Mustang Maniac as the UK distributor. The add below tells a short story about Adam & Mustang Maniac. We are proud to have it here for the first official showing in the UK.

Prancing Horse Meets A Pony

Ferrari’s logo is known as the ‘Prancing Horse’, the Mustang logo is referred to as the Pony.

All we can say is that the prancing horse came of worst and has gone to the great scrap yard in the sky. Not only that, but his prancing horse has the ‘carbon ceramic brakes’ which was a seriously expensive option on the super cars.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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