New Staff & New Stock

Some very exciting news is coming on on our blog over the next few weeks, but if you scour the WebShop you could find them before we tell everybody! The first bit of exciting news is that Mustang Maniac has expanded their front line staff. So we would like to welcome our new recruit Gary. This pic will be going onto the WebShop front page soon, but we thought we would tell you first because we pinched the picture. 😉 (Only because the WebShop has a head start on new stock lines before the blog at the moment.)

So we have left to right, Adam, Morgan, Gary & Yogi.

Gary is learning the ropes with Morgan, but as you can imagine there is a lot to learn, the cars, computerized stock management, stock locations, our suppliers and most importantly our customers. So while we have Morgan and Gary we could be a little better at answering the phones if you want to book in your car for some special Mustang Maniac service.

Adam’s new vision for his parts store is also being heavily revised, we are going upmarket. Yep, Mustang Maniac wants to move away from the cheaper end of the market parts that many competitors are using. We want to stock the best possible quality parts we can find to put on your cars. That means our parts are premium quality. If you want cheaper parts there are other options, we want the best for us and ultimately you, our customers. We know these new lines are good because we fit them to our cars, we test them first before we sell to the public. The Enos range is still there of course, which is aimed at the more frugal, economical buyer or somebody just wanting to sell on a car with a working part. These Enos parts are clearly marked as such. The choice for parts is now entering into an exciting new stage. We will have more on the new stock lines a little later and will continue over the next few weeks, but first the cars.

Customer Cars

Not many things make our Yogi ‘Cross’, but we have recently had a car in that made him face palm when he saw what was going on. He even had a cup of tea while just staring at the mess.

The car came in with issues with the brakes and cooling among other things. We have seen this old school brake conversion that was common a few years ago, but we hadn’t seen it for a while and we thought it had all been changed by now. We were wrong on that count. Adam had spend many hours trying to locate these parts, but now he stocks all sorts of EBC brakes he managed to locate the part numbers and original manufacturer. He will not divulge that information as it took him many hours of of looking through many part catalogues to try and find it, so he doesn’t see why he should do all the research and let others reap the rewards of his knowledge, especially to some of the competitors. They will just have to work it out like we did.

So this car is a solid car, but has many issues of getting your wires crossed and letting things getting out of control. The previous ‘work’, a term we will use very lightly here fitted the wrong water pump, that meant that the pipework was wrong for the radiator which itself was then plumbed into the wrong radiator for the car.

Removing the fan we see more examples of poor workmanship, cross threaded bolts used as spacers! Simply fitting the correct water pump would mean that everything fitted correctly and to you wouldn’t have to spend hours bodging things together. Time is money at the end of the day.

We noticed a strange sound from the front of the engine this was down to timing chain cover being slowly eaten away. You can see the levels of swarf or shavings which was ridiculous.

Eventually some of that swarf will get into the timing chain and could cause catastrophic failure of the engine.

Things get worse, believe it or not. The wrong master brake cylinder fitted and piped straight to the distribution valve. When the cylinder was removed we found a valve screwed into the bottom, just why?

Here the old brakes were sort of working, but not helped by the spring perches having seen better days as should we say.

The car is now getting a proper disc conversion with a servo being fitted as well this time. Yogi will rip out the criss-crossed brake lines and redo them properly, Yogi loves a bit of brake line work. The new set of brakes going on make it look better already.

That’s where we are at the moment on this little lady. This sort of work makes us all cross in fact and gives restoration services a bad name.


There is a new button at the top of the WebShop page: “Special Offers“. This is for our snap sales, special offers on stock when Adam feel like it or for promotions. On the page you can see the latest deals that can change throughout the day or be there for a few days or a week.

Keep checking back to our new page to see what you can pick up at a bargain price. 😉

New Product Line

We start with the latest line of Mustang Maniac; Group 24 Classic Mustang batteries – ’64 to ’70. In the past there has been many batteries that fit of course, but many required some modifications, over the top hold down brackets, poles around the wrong way or not bolted in at all. Mustang Maniac 3000 Series of batteries will fit correctly in the stock battery tray. They have the correct pole positions and have plenty of power of 630 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to get you going.


Our range has a 3 year warranty so you know they are a top quality battery. Power details are as follows.


The best part is that the battery case has the correct lip which will hold it in the tray correctly without modification to the stock bracket.

There is a status windows for the battery to show the health of the battery on a red, amber & green scale. Along with a fold away carry handle.

The part number for this battery is MM-BAT-64/70  this will be on the WebShop very soon. What if you don’t want to see our Mustang Maniac branding? Well these batteries are also 100% compatible with the Autolite replica tops. Here we have one of the top on top of the battery.

The poles are correct for the Group 24 battery and the replica Autolite battery top.

These replica tops can be purchased here.

On top of that Adam has slashed the price to less than half price of the Autolite tops if you want to purchase one at the same time, or if you just want a top for your current battery. When the batch of tops has gone the offer will be no more, so get in quick while they are in stock.

More next week on some amazing new lines and stock. 🙂

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Big & Small Swaps

Last week posted pics and an update of the ’66 Fastback gear box swap out. We have been busy with that this week and we are pretty much done. The Wilwood brakes have had some of the Yogi magic applied to them. Each brake line set up is different and unique to each car – just be cause he can. Nothing stupid looking of course, but the best route and best looking setup.

Some would say automotive works of art in fact.

The pedals take a little adjusting but are looking good now. We removed the steering column and gas pedal for easy access and fitting. While the parts are out we check the condition and replace what needs it while we are at it. A Mustang Maniac quality of service that goes without saying.

Down to the wheels;

Brake bleeding, road tests and final adjustments all done. It won’t be long before this little lady is back with the eagerly awaiting owner.

WebShop: Special Order Stock

Sometime our loyal customers ask us for parts that they need which we have to special order. The reason is because the parts are either scarce or out of stock at the suppliers, sometimes even we can’t always get them and are on back order. However, Adam has an ever increasing number of contacts that he visits on a regular basis while he is out in the States. Such an request came in when Lance was after some new ’69 park lights and upgrade kit. We don’t sell many of these lights and had sold the last of the stock a while ago. So the little black book, (it’s a large black book actually) came out and the hunt was on. A week later a small stock was tracked down, so Adam bought all they had, including some ’70 ones as well, all of which are now back in stock. Two weeks later the latest stock delivery arrived and those lights were in there too. Lance picked them up the same day and got to work with the swap out and upgrade. Lance has kindly sent us some pics of his replacement lights swap out comparison, not to bad in fact. Unfortunately Lance’s OCD got the better of him and the small swap out was completed!

Comparison of the old and new;

To make things a little better a pair of our bespoke LED bulbs as well, not just the standard white bulbs, but the flashing amber type too.

Thanks to Lance for the pictures and video.

Reconditioned 351 Windsor:

Another engine correct date code gone for the recondition works. This will be back in stock soon.

Not a cheap item this of course. It could be yours if you save up enough pocket money, you know where to come if you want one.

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Swap Over

First of all we can say that Yogi is back from his home country Canada and he has had a restful break in a cave up a mountain somewhere. So to ease him back into things we had a nice little job for him, but more on that after the Park & Pic.

Park & Pic

Andy had bought his ’68 Coupe 302 into us for a service and the much sort after Mustang Maniac once over and adjustment as only we know how. Here she is sitting pretty ready for a nice drive home.

The Swap Overs

Something that we don’t normally do as we have no control over the parts. A customer wanted his ’66 Fastback to be converted from auto gearbox to a modern 5 speed manual gearbox. The other part was to swap out the drum brakes to a set of Wilwood front discs. The brakes are certainly an upgrade of course, we can’t technically say that a manual gearbox is an upgrade as some owners swap the manuals to automatics, it’s all down to personal preference. However a 5 speed gearbox is an upgrade to the standard 4 speeds.

Lets just say there were a few parts dropped off to us. The customer had supplied the conversion kits for the clutch and brakes to us, except for the pedal bracket for the additional pedal that we supplied. All the parts are quality parts. As we have seen these parts in similar kits before we knew there shouldn’t be any problems fitting and assembly with experience from our past conversions.

First job out with the old gearbox and then check the transmission tunnel to make sure the new gearbox will fit into the hole for the selector.

Then swap out the flywheels and align the clutch.

Fitting the new clutch and pedal and adjustments.

The new gearbox is fitted up and mounted on retaining bolts.

We moved onto the brakes next. Old drums off,

Checking of spindles and prep for the new rotors and caliper brackets.

The brake booster brackets mounted in position ready for the pedal positioning.

We will get to finish this little lady early part of next week with some more pictures. After all we wanted to get Yogi back into the swing of things slowly, well until Wednesday at least. 😉

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Hand Built

We have mentioned over the last couple of weeks that Adam has now got a stash of date coded engines and parts all reconditioned and ready to go. The final touch is the seal of approval which comes in the way of a unique label on the valve cover.

It doesn’t get much better than that, to know that we have built it, it has been checked by us and it has been run on a test rig by us to make sure all is well. Born to perform once again.


We have had a couple of emails in to asking about our new ’71 door tags. That’s all well and good, but without some sort of proof that can warrant us producing some for you, we won’t do it. The reasons are pretty obvious and we’re pretty sure that you don’t need us to explain why.

Mustang News

We have been reading an article with interest about the new 2020 Shelby GT500, it’s going to be an animal with 760bhp on tap. That is getting into the reals of Super Car performance and beyond!

As the most powerful street-legal Ford ever built, the all-new Mustang Shelby GT500 harnesses world-class muscle and power train technologies to attain super car levels of performance. Its first-in-class 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, race-bred control strategies and advanced drive modes deliver a car that performs unlike any other domestic sports coupe.

Its 760-horsepower 5.2-liter V8 engine is the most power-and torque-dense supercharged V8 in the world. With 625ft.-lb. of torque funneled through a Tremec®TR-9070 DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Shelby GT500 achieves a 0-100-0 in 10.6 seconds, thanks also to the largest front brakes of any domestic sports coupe (16.5-inch rotors) and available carbon fiber wheels,each wrapped in a Ford Performance-spec Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire.

Beyond the raw power and ultra-fast shifts, advanced control systems optimize the capabilities of the chassis and power train to create distinct drive modes –or personalities –to get the maximum performance from every aspect of the Shelby GT500 performance hardware.

“The range of brute-force drag acceleration, seamless road shifts and amazingly smooth shifts on the track further highlight show the soul of the Shelby GT500 is elevated in our most advanced Mustang ever,” said Ed Krenz, Ford Performance chief program engineer. “Effortlessly handling the 760 horsepower is our segment-first Tremec dual-clutch transmission, with an advanced control system that enhances GT500’s five drive modes to deliver a driving experience once reserved only for exotic super cars.”

Dual-clutch transmission delivers
Applying 625ft.-lb. of torque to the pavement effectively requires a transmission and drive line that can do more than just handle a massive amount of power. Ford Performance engineers collaborated with Tremec to design a gearbox that offers maximum driver control with stunningly fast shifting and greater performance across a wide spectrum of driving environments. The team’s “and” solution is the Tremec TR-9070 DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

“In many ways, this is like having two transmissions in one,”said Pat Morgan, Ford Performance power train manager. “On one hand, it enables performance at the outer reaches of straight-line quickness with minimal torque interruption, yet provides an incredible amount of finesse and control in track environments for maximum stability and predictability at the limits of lateral acceleration.

”To firmly and smoothly deliver torque, the TR-9070 DCT dual-clutch transmission has a novel wet clutch system with five friction plates in the odd-gear pack for a total of 155 square inches of surface area. In the even-gear pack, six friction plates provide 136 square inches of surface area. Transmission fluid is applied to the clutch surfaces only during thermal events for optimal cooling and minimal parasitic loss. Seven non-sequential helical forward gears with advanced triple-cone synchros are carefully matched to the engine’s torque curve and are pre-selected by an electro-hydraulic shift mechanism using energy-efficient low-leak solenoids that can execute shifts as quick as 80 milliseconds in sport mode.

Inside the control system, timing is everything. Shift points and clutch modulation are orchestrated by a computer-controlled mechatronics system that simultaneously reads dozens of vehicle and environmental factors–including engine and transmission rpm, driver input and g-forces, and clutch and shift fork positions–to pre-select and engage the optimum shift for every driving situation. Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters are direct-wired to the transmission to avoid CAN-bus vehicle communication system delays and initiate shifts as fast as 130 milliseconds, further enhancing responsiveness and connected feel.

“Contrary to popular belief, fast shifts do not always equate to better road performance,” said Morgan. “In every driving situation, we emulated what professional drivers do, whether it’s a smooth, precise heel-and-toe shift of a professional track driveror a much more forceful power shift like drag racers. We’ve designed the perfect shift every time.”

Drive modes add more personality
The 2020 Shelby GT500 has five drive modes that further enhance the driver experience with a flick of the console-mounted mode switch. It instantly changes the car’s personality from a moderated “normal” car to a “track” master with more aggressive throttle responsiveness and gear selections. The system changes nearly every aspect of the car’s behavior, including ride dampening, stability control, anti-lock brake modulation and steering feel –even the sound and instrument panel change. Inside the TR-9070 DCT dual-clutch transmission, drive modes influence transmission shift points and feel.

In normal mode, the system selects gears and shift timing for moderated, everyday driving and seamless shifting. In sport mode, shift character changes, slicing shift timing by roughly 20 percent while throttle tip-in is more responsive and rpm ranges extend longer into the maximum torque curve.

Selecting track or drag mode further changes the shift characteristics to pure performance. For maximum straight-line quickness, gear changes use “over-torque” shifts for uninterrupted power delivery, similar to power shifts that give an extra torque hit in between up shifts. Take the Shelby GT500 into a turn, however, and the transmission immediately adapts with smooth, quick and seamless shifts to ensure maximum lateral g cornering by minimizing drive line disturbances.

Drive modes aside, an rpm-selectable launch control and electronic line lock through Track Apps®enable synchronous power train strategies that deliver optimum quarter-mile runs, while an always-on pseudo launch control enables spirited launches at any time without having to select a drive mode.

“Every aspect of the Shelby GT500 driving experience changes with the mode–be that the throttle responsiveness and snap of the shifts you feel in the seat of your pants, or the ‘pop and burble’ of the exhaust in performance modes. It’s a full multi sensory visceral experience,” said Morgan.

Power output is transmitted to the 3.73:1 Torsen limited-slip independent rear suspension via a carbon fiber driveshaft for reduced rotational mass and torsional distortion, plus larger half-shafts and a redesigned rear suspension hub for added strength.


We think that we want to have a go in one and embed the tires into the tarmac, just for fun of course, on private land, with no noise, with no tyre smoke, not disturbing anybody at all.

Yeah right. 😀

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Not So Cool

A calmer week for Mustang Maniac and we try to concentrate a little more on the stock scenario with all the brakes from EBC needing to be stored and  added to the WebShop. We have almost got all the stock on the there and this all takes time. So watch the WebShop for your brakes, that’s everything from 1964 – 2018. That is a range of stock you will find hard to beat.

Meanwhile in the workshop and very much brake related, we had a car in that needed some rather urgent work. We had her up on the ramps and was a little shocked at what we had seen. When we checked the brakes calipers on the car there were sheared bolts to hold the calipers in place, or not in place to be more accurate. Were they fitted like it (we like to think not, but quite possible), faulty cheap parts, or failure through incorrect fitting, we wouldn’t like to say either way.

The bushings had perished and had a lot of play.

We took a a couple of seconds of the suspension play each side, you certainly don’t need us to comment, as this video speaks for itself!

Then there was the holes in the underside and a patchwork exhaust. Perhaps the holes were sold as a feature for additional drainage?

Just because the paintwork looks good, or somebody says it’s good, it certainly doesn’t mean that all is well, the structural integrity of the car could be a risk, in the rare cases dangerous. We have said this before, Please check what you are buying, or take somebody with you to check out the car, maybe get somebody to look for you with an independent review for you before you part with some hard earned money, and maybe a lot more to fix it.

Customer sales tip to save you money

A customer of ours is now on his third radiator, because of over heating issues. When we had a look at his fairly new radiator brought back to us, it was obvious what the problem was.

The customer has not flushed out his engine block, the old debris and rust has clogged the radiator. Simply replacing a potentially expensive part will not fix the problem in the long term, it will just come back. With this sort of clogging time should be taken to flush the engine block through, remove the debris and then fit a new radiator. This is certainly not a faulty product, but a lack of process or understanding of what is actually going on.

Replacing the radiator depending on style (say £400 – £600 roughly), plus the antifreeze is not cheap. Where as couple of hours flushing, running the engine, flushing again then repeating till the water is clear, would have saved that second radiator and now a third from clogging. Although we can keep selling radiators, we don’t want to do that. We want to fix the problem at source which would be considerably less than the radiators already purchased so far! We know the customer will be back for another radiator at some point, perhaps with the car next time so we can sort it out for him once and for all. He can then drive the car and enjoy it, instead of dreading every trip out thinking that you are on for a potential boil over. Perhaps damaging the engine if it gets that hot, who knows? We can only advise, what you do with that advice is obviously up to the customer.

Our New Product:

After some investigating and experimenting we have now come up with a new product which Mustang Maniac can now supply. On the 71 – 73 Mustangs there were door tags that had a sticker layered with plastic to protect them. Although they were difficult to replicate we have now got the template and fonts to reproduce them.

We can supply these of course, but we need to make sure we can verify that you have the correct documents in order to get them custom made for you. So please email us before ordering and we will advise what we need to see before we can create these great, virtually always overlooked important vehicle tags. If we have the car on our files it will be easier, we will still need verification for obvious reasons.

Email:  with the subject line 71 – 73 door tags and they will be sorted straight to Adam.

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Ahead Of The Game

We mentioned last week about Adam’s venture into Date Code Correct Reconditioned Engines. Well we have more on that below, but lets just say its the next level of ‘crate engines’ that only Mustang Maniac know how can provide. But we start with a Park & Pic story.

Park & Pic:

1969 429 Boss Tribute.

A loyal customer and good friend of ours Lance, said goodbye to his ’65 Gulf Stream Aqua Coupe a while ago and has been looking for the right car ever since. There had been people in the USA looking on behalf of Mustang Maniac, one potential purchase was abandoned for various reasons, UK searches and numerous inspections of cars proved fruitless in the search as well. Then a tip off to Mustang Maniac about a car that had been imported to the UK in 2017 which just sits in a lock up for two years could be up for grabs. Lance was notified and then an agreement was made after the paperwork checked out, Mustang Maniac doing a favour along with the promise of copious amounts of beer and wine went to inspect the car (you know where to leave it all Lance- just saying!) The guys picked up various issues at inspection that needed fixing and some of the usual problem areas. Lance was notified and their report was discussed at length in the offices over a cup(s) of tea and a packet of Jaffa cakes. Having not been driven for quite a while there would be issues and that was a given. Lance pressed the button and the funds released to buy the car.

So here it is with the new owner making his mark on her already. The car has a great spec which includes a triple black colour scheme, 460ci big block engine with performer manifold, street demon carb, Crites performance headers, Tremec TKO 5 speed manual transmission, 9” rear diff and American Thunder exhaust system, aluminum radiator and twin Zern fans. Interior consists of Hurst shifter, modern slide digital radio etc.

So after initial purchase, the car was taken to our yard for a road worthy check in order to do the initial proper road tests, to blow away any cobwebs as it were. After a few runs the car was in a position for the final engine tweak, a mod or two not to mention some Yogi tuning.

Plugs checked, mixture, new air filter and pan, a new performance carb spring, timing, idle and vacuum all adjusted. A couple of new wires need as the old were brittle and past their best should we say.

They guys knew about the power steering pump which was whining and leaking so that was replaced.

The car was also sitting too low and the manifolds were hitting speed bumps. To help this a set of 1” raised rear spring shackles have been added and a set of 800lb performance front springs fitted, which in total have raised the car 1”, enough for a little more clearance without ruining the stance. The manifolds were also wrapped at the time for some heat management, with the help of a couple mates, Mark & Barry who were happy to help with a constant supply of tea and biscuits.

Various minor items like various clips, brackets and grommets were missing were upsetting Lance’s OCD so had to be rectified of course. The interior got an upgrade of GT9 billet steering wheel.

The car got some EU spec LED lights frot and rear for safety while retaining that important stock look.

We suspect there will be more to this story, so we have a page here where you can keep an eye on the updates.


At the beginning we mentioned that Adam has his batches of Date Coded correct pairs of head parts that are now flooding into stock. We went to have a little look around, lurking in the depths of the storage there was this little lot, with spaces made for more…

Yep they are now being cataloged for the WebShop, Windsors, Clevelands, 302, 289 etc. We also found some batches of more reconditioned intakes and pile of more intakes to be reconditioned!

We have also seen the latest batch of gearboxes being loaded up and taken away, we will be seeing those back here shortly.

We, well Adam actually, said at the time that these were not cheap parts and never going to be as the rarity, the amount of man hours and new components to make them serviceable on the date correct parts are all major considerations. and yet already, we have had two enquiries asking if the prices were up for negotiation, could they have a discount. Simple answer is No. The best part of all this is that we have never heard of these people before and they were perhaps just trying their luck. If you email for discounts on these reconditioned date parts, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response, that’s because Adam won’t reply to your request. Now on the other hand, if you bought a lot of stuff and are a regular customer then perhaps a conversation could be had, but you better get a good case together first why you should get them cheaper 🙂

Proper Crate Motors;

With the reconditioned parts, heads, intakes, engine blocks etc etc. Adam has created the ultimate turn key crate motor. The engines are built by us, they will be bench tested to make sure they work, and the default tuning and timings set up. You bolt it in and turn the key. Again not a cheap collection of parts, but where else can you get an Autolite 4100 carb fitted and tuned on a date correct engine? The valve covers are in black but can be swapped for any colour of course. This is the engine being built up, not fully completed yet, but you get the idea!

The attention to detail?? A picture says a thousand words, this one just says four, but we think that’s enough.

These cables now in stock in black and blue from Scott Drake if you want some. The best part is that this engine will be officially in stock within the next few days.

As Yogi is on holiday now, we know he will be reading this, so have a good break Yogi, we have plenty of stuff building up here for you already! 😉

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The Full Range

Adam is feeling quite pleased with his latest arrivals from EBC Brakes. From what we know Adam can now boast he is probably the only dealer with full range of EBC brake kits for all Mustangs. that’s 1964 to 2018. That is some stock reserve, and all available now via the WebShop here, or past this to your browser;

Park & Pic

A little while ago Michael Block dropped his little lady in for a make over. Nothing mechanical just a little rouge here and there. OK, its pair of nice red racing stripes. A pleasant change from getting our hands dirty, this needed to be clean. We called in our decal specialist he works his magic in the workshop for us. We prepped the car by taking all the parts off the car to make it a proper job and none of this cut around the parts effort.

It certainly transformed the car and looks great as a result.


We mentioned the EBC stock had arrived which completed the range of brakes Adam was after. This was the last few boxes loaded from the lorry to the stock rooms.

We have catered for all types of requirements and the latest batch included the vented, slotted and drilled version rotors.

Original Reconditioned Parts

We gave you a little teaser last week of another new direction Mustang Maniac we now being a part of, this is the update and details.

As we post this up the WebShop is being updated with latest venture into our Date Coded correct parts. These are not cheap as we mentioned last week, these pictures are of the latest additions. In fact I personally witnessed our British engineer take away a van load of precious parts away to be worked on.

We will start with what Adam calls the Super Six. (One of Adam’s favourite engines!)

Those with the sharp eye will notice that the smaller freeze plugs have been replaced as well. No, you can’t but these parts as standard for a Mustang. Adam has a secret stash that he has especially sourced for Mustang Maniac, when we say reconditioned – we really mean it!

V8 Engines

This is a 351 Cleveland 4v – 4 bolt Main.

Each of the engines will have a report on the WebShop of what has been done, this is the rebuild spec for this Cleveland;

Elsewhere lurking in various corners hidden out the way for now, engines; lots of engines;

One of our reconditioned short blocks in the process of being rebuilt;

Adam will insist quality control over the engines by making sure that the oil can be pumped up through the engines and not in a dry state to the customer or for storage.

Yogi builds, Adam checks & Yogi Checks again. Like we said before these are not crate generic rebuilt engines, these are date correct which come at a premium. We could bespoke build an engine heads combo for you from the date correct parts we have in stock, if the money is right. The prices for these parts are on the WebShop and are not for negotiation.

The first of the date coded parts has now gone onto the WebShop now; which can be found here.

You Get What You Pay For

The old saying is that you get what you paid for. You would certainly expect that when you pay for £100k+ on a car it should be spot on. We inspected a car a little while ago that was not what we expected. The rear brakes on this car were shocking.

As was the welding of the floor pans that had not even been ground and sealed.

Without going into any details, the car was imported to the UK from the USA, it was registered and sold straight away. No MOT required as it was not required by law. Unlike our engines, it seems in this particular case you don’t get what you paid for.

Mustang Maniac tip of the year:

If you want to buy an expensive car, go and look at it, if you are not sure take somebody with you who knows what they are looking at.

In fact, Adam want’s to see every classic car imported into the UK to have an MOT as standard before it can be registered. At least then the buyer can be sure they are buying a safe car. In fact Adam thinks all cars should still have an MOT after the new car three years has elapsed. Ask any serious owner of a classic car and we could bet that they are still getting their pride and joys checked each year.

Next couple of weeks;

Yogi is going home, back to Canada for a couple of weeks. Yes Yogi is Canadian! So the workshop will be a little light but it depends if Adam can get in to do a few bits without being pulled away elsewhere.

Have a good holiday Yogi, don’t forget to brink back a a couple of rear axles and that Stroker motor we like the look of in your luggage! 😀

In fact if there is nothing to report, we may even have a week or two break on the blog, we shall see.

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