Hammer Time

This week we have had a car into us for a conversion and an engine rebuild. Then Adam has had an interesting conversation with a now ex customer who has been awarded the dreaded “C” button. We will get into that little later. It’s well worth a read and you tell us if we are right or wrong!

Customer Cars

This ’68 has come in for a little work on the steering. OK a lot of work on the steering, a swap out to the Borgeson setup.

First it’s out with the old;

Unfortunately, this is as far as we have gotten with it, but it will be finished next week.

On this subject; we have been asked why are we more expensive than others when we fit these kits. The simple answer is – we do it right! When fitting these kits there are a couple of things that need to be done to make them fit properly. Incorrect fitting will damage the “rag joint” and will wreck your set up. We also use upgraded bolts, custom anodised fittings (arrowed), just like in this swap out we done towards the end of last year.

As this was an aircon car it needed a couple of extra bits to make it fit to just look and feel right. We are not going to say what those adjustments are as that is out secret(s) we have developed. The steering column needs to be adjusted otherwise the steering can be pulled up or you run the chance to squash the rag joint. In essence what you are paying for – our experience. You can’t buy it of the shelf, but we have it for hire.

351 Cleveland 4v

we mentioned in a previous post that we had a constantly over heating engine and was smoking like a chimney. We had our UK engineers acid dip it and rebore to 0.30 over with new pistons. The crank was measured and spot on to specs so it was polished and reused. There are also new valve guides and reconditioned heads. The cleaning for these engines is the worse part. We need to make sure the oil and waterways are spotless.

Yogi gets to work with painting and building up the engine in stages.

New water pump, oil pressure, water temp sender, thermostat and housing, bolts and a part that we had made just for us as they are no longer available, the 67 – 70 water bypass tube.

We fitted correct core plugs, new gaskets, harmonic balancer.

The exhaust manifolds have been painted black to match the engine with super high heat resistant paint.

Now we have another engine ready to go into the engine storage shed.

Hammer Time!

Here’s what happened; we we had a company order a set of front discs from us and we shipped them out via our normal services. A few days later we get an email to say they had been damaged or ‘must have been dropped by the delivery’. They wanted a replacement set of discs. Obviously such events are out of our control and these things may happen as they are a heavy bit of kit.

They arrived back at the offices, the box was fine! So we took the package into the dispatch room to investigate further. As we unpacked them there was no damage to the outside of the rotor, very strange.

We flipped the disc over to the inside and there it was, massive damage.

The casting had splitered and cracked off.

What amazed us was the amount of damage was located in the middle area of the disc. Our initial thoughts were that this has indeed been dropped onto a hammer about a dozen times by the looks of the damage. Possibly dropped into a hydraulic press that was working. I doubt we will ever know.

A little heads up that we don’t make very public; for parts like these, high value or rare items, we check before dispatch. 1) all the bits are there, 2) the item is fit to send out and not damaged. Perhaps we need to take photographic evidence as proofs before sending. That’s a drastic step and time consuming considering the number of orders we send out. It shouldn’t be necessary to be fair, but we may not have a choice.

The reason we check is exactly for this eventuality. We have no idea why this part was so unlucky enough to be dropped this many times, in the same location, in a recessed part of the rotor. We can only wonder why.

Adam was not impressed that the part was “dropped” and did not send out new parts. The money was refunded and the (ex)customer has been allocated the “C” button and is now a proud owner on the “C” list who won’t be buying from us again.

So, that leaves the question what happens to the part? It gets taken to the scrap skip and the company has lost a chunk of money as it can’t be resold and we can’t use it either. As a business model that’s not sustainable. Mustang Maniac has to make, (trigger warning) a “profit” just in case this happens. Other than that we could add the loss to the rest of these parts which will go up and people moan about the cost of the parts again.

Were we right? Should we have even given a refund or said no? In the interests of customer service we refunded. Can you imagine the furore on the social media? ‘Look what we got sent by Mustang Maniac etc’.


It’s no secret that Mustang Maniac like the front disc and rear drum setups on the Mustangs. It can never hurt to have a little extra stopping power at your feet. With that in mind Adam has sourced a new range of 2 1/2″ rear brake drums. This offers quite a bit more surface area for the rears. These drums are stock looking, but pack a punch.

First the drums come with a backing plate with both left and right hand side handbrake fitting. They also come with the brake cylinder.

Inside, the brake shoes are huge, all new springs and upgraded hardware for the self adjusting system. These need to be on show to be honest!

We have already sold two sets of these and will be on the WebShop soon. They won’t be the cheapest rear drum set that you will buy, but you are getting a lot for your money.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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From Russia With Love

Back to normal at the yard with the WebShop being updated over the Christmas break and the workshops being rearranged for the cars to be worked on. We have had lots of positive feedback for the minor changes to the items where we show the real time number items in stock. We have also had a number of people asking us for sheet metal to complete projects. We are being very careful about the allocation of our panel stock. Some orders have been fulfilled from our back orders with a few more to be completed hopefully this week.

Customer Cars

’65 Fast Back Time Trial

This little lady is being prepped ready for her next adventure, a trial across Russia! We are so pleased to see this car being used and enjoyed all around the world.

The front brakes have been swapped over and fitted with some heavy duty pads, which was a ‘no brainer’ to advise the owner.

The rear brakes have been completely rebuilt with all new parts.

The diff has been opened, cleaned and inspected while we removed the half shafts. Bearings and seals were replaced before refitting.

Metal Mayhem

Yogi has been in the panel workshop and removing the back of the car, literally. As we took the rear quarter off we could see that the rust worm has done its best to wreak havoc everywhere. The quarter was to bad on the outside when it was first done, but over time the damage from inside was showing under the paint. A rare sight to see the original panel part number too.

The inner arches will need replacing.

With the inner arches removed back to the frame, it’s clear that we would have to rebuild the back of the car with new metal.

When you are this deep into a strip down, you just have to keep going until you find some good metal to tag the new stuff onto. Patching will cost more in time and effort than it will be to replace the metal. What’s left of the bigger chunks of metal before they hit the scrap skip.

It’s nothing that phases us, regular readers will have seen photos like these before. Then a few posts later we show the car rebuilt and looking as good as new.

351 Block Dies

This engine has been a problem for a while. Budgets from the owner didn’t allow us to do a full strip down. So it was done best as we could at the time. The problem was overheating.

The waterways were clogged and not flowing the water around the block properly. In the picture above right you can see the ‘temporary’ core plugs that had been in the block for so long they had started to fall apart. When the plugs were removed the root of the problem spilled into the yard.

No amount of flushing would get this back to where it should be, we had done it a couple of times in the past. It was better, but has never right, it soon clogged up and damaged a couple of radiators in the process.

Sometimes enough is enough and you just have to stop throwing good money at a partial fix. The owner has taken our advice and gone for a engine swap. There will be more power, the engine will work as it should and no more overheating issues.

Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind to customers in their own interests. We will do what we are told, sometimes we just have to be brutal.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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We’re Back For 2022

First things first, we hope you had a good Christmas break and lets hope we can start to get some sort of normality back in our lives this year! A big “Thanks” to those of you who kindly dropped gifts over to us and your kind wishes for the holidays, it was much appreciated.

We’re back in the driving seat (well office chair actually) again with our first post of 2022. If you’re anything like us, last year was a tough one with restrictions, shortages and rising costs. The year did seem to fly by when we look back at where the time had gone. Over the holiday break Adam was around the yard sorting through a large heavy pallet of stock to be put away and working on the WebShop.

We do have a New Years Resolution though; we are aiming to upload more YouTube videos of our products.

Customer Cars

We are always getting asked what the stock exhaust sounds like on a first gen Mustang. Most of the time we are fitting big fat loud exhausts. We have plenty to choose from and sometimes we have to start a few cars when customers can’t make their minds up.

We have the ’66 Coupe back on the ramps for new exhaust system where the owner has chosen the stock option. We have people complaining that the exhausts don’t fit properly. We have never had that issue and we are showing you the correct set up including the clamps which should be sideways for clearance.

Each side of the engine from the manifolds.

To the first section with the H-Pipe setup.

Mounting of the rear boxes and the clamps.

The sideways on with the car shows that the exhaust system hardly drops below the from chassis arms, highlighted with a couple of lines on the first picture. Even at the rear the boxes don’t hang low to scrape over the ground.

But what do they sound like? Here we have the video we have just uploaded to our Channel on YouTube. You can find lots of other little videos to demonstrate our products.


We have recently fitted one of our new products to a customers car; our T Park Locks which can be purchased here. A simple and stealth security option we recommend.

Other stock just in

Adam had a delivery just before the new year where his back order of rear springs have now turned up along with a some panels.

A fairly short post this week, but we should be back to normal from next week.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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From Us To You…

From all of us at Mustang Maniac, we just wanted to say thank for your support this year and we look forward to seeing you all in ’22.

What a year it’s been, Covid on and off, a few of us had caught it and we’re still here. We have gained some great new customers, we have put a few (ex) ‘customers’ on the “C” list. We have listened to what you said; we have updated the website, we have introduced free postage, we have even sold some sheet metal to customers. We have upped our social media game, we now have staff just to deal with that for us keeping you up to date on deals. We have started to stock all 50 plus years of Mustangs, widened the stock range for Falcons and other early Fords. We have created partnerships with new suppliers giving you even more range and options depending on budget. We have re-invested in Mustang Maniac as the home to Mustangs and the UK’s Premium Mustang Supplier.

Above all we have been honest with you on everything we do. So when we say a “Big Thank You, to all our Customers and Friends for your support” – We mean it!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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That’ll Make A Diff-erence

Our work this week is coming to an end on the 66 Coupe with a few little updates. To bring this little lady up to a real nice spec again. The other 66 Fastback is getting out of sight TLC as well.

Customer Cars:

’66 Coupe

The old carpet was pulled out and the floors checked over while we were there. A couple of little bits to keep an eye on but nothing to cause concern.

Nice new carpets makes quite a difference to the interior and shows the Pony interior of to its best.

With the carpet out we replaced the heater plenum, which again can make nice difference to the ventilation and heating inside the car.

We had our glass guys come in and fit the front and rear glass once we were happy with the final adjustments to the headliner. We also make sure the glass is bonded into place to make sure there are no leaks from the screens. It may not be concours but at least you wont get wet feet.

The lights have been upgraded to a LEDs so that you can see where you are going. The difference is amazing to be honest and a well worthwhile upgrade.

We checked over the wiring and being exposed to the constant temperature changes under the hood they had gone a brittle. A direct replacement from stock will sort that out and give many years of trouble free usage again. A couple of little mods and it’s all done. See and be seen.

The other end of the car required a replacement trunk rubber. not a difficult job but time consuming to get right. Removing the old glue and prep for the bonding is the key. We have a couple of little trick up our sleeves for these type of jobs to make it go smoothly, but we shouldn’t share those to make life easier for others.

We have enjoyed working on a nice unmolested car like this, it makes life so much easier to be honest.

66 Fastback Time Trial

The fastback has had the upgraded brake pads from EBC fitted to give that performance (and more) for a car used for this style of driving.

We took the drive shafts out and replaced the bearings on each shaft. This makes a difference to having a ‘bum hum’ as Adam calls it, or a relaxing quieter drive.

With the drive shafts out we cleaned out the diff case, and the gears. We could then get a good idea of wear and tear. Those who have had dealings with the diff oil knows this is not the best job as it’s a bit on the stinky side.

Nothing out of the ordinary. But it was worth checking while we were at it. Nice new oil to go in, adjust the brake shoes and road test to see where we are at and maybe some small tweaks.


Adam has decided that with his connections with Holley he would be willing to make special orders for the right customers outside of his normal ordering regime. You may or not know that Holley is a huge company and recently added Scott Drake to their inventory of parts. IF, you want to order some of these parts, email Adam and he will see what he can do for you. The caveat is that customers who order £10 worth of stock once a year need not apply.

Adam has had five big pallets of stock arrive and we are busy going through back orders and have notified those customers of their orders now being dispatched. Within the order we have detected a couple of bits. What they are for we’re not sure, yet!

All we know is that these parts were custom made with the dimensions and specification on the order form!

Adam has also ordered from the dark side! Yep, ACDelco parts. Not just any ol’ bits, these are compatible with Mustangs. Parts like the alternators which are direct replacement items. The spark plugs have black bases to make them look concours.

We have parts for the “Wolf” project come in, a part for us which has been on backorder for a while now.

We as in the ‘Media Team’ m may be taking next weekend off, so there may not be a post. Depends how bored we get with crap TV or families having a row. Sitting in a workshop surround by classic mustangs and a beer in your hand becomes a very appealing idea!

Mustang Maniac wishes all our friends and customers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Stay Safe & we will catch up with you – in ’22 👍

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Trial & Error

We’re trying to wrap up the outstanding jobs in the workshop to leave us in a good place over Christmas. This year falls nicely with the days off and we are looking forward to the break it has to be said. We have had many partners of our customers drop in for a few Christmas bits and pieces along with a number of emails for our ever popular gift vouchers. With yet more covid restrictions coming into force we are not sure how the offices will be opening, we will play it by ear. For now the offices are open, but we will ask that you wear a face mask. Keep an eye out on Facebook for updates if we are restricting access.

Customer Cars

’66 Coupe

We are continuing more upgrades on the coupe. The headliner is stretching out nicely now.

The front brakes from our stock of Leed Brake kits has been fitted and just needs the bleed.

New split reservoir master cylinder, custom Yogi lines and proportioning valve too. A no brainer safety upgrade.

Under the car we fitted a full twin exhaust system with H-Pipe.

Inside we still need to replace the carpet, the trunk weather strip seal, LED front headlights and the glass front and back to go in. Finally a road test then the owner can come and take her away and she will feel like like a new car.

’65 Fast Back Time Trial

It’s quite rare that we get a “Time Trial” car into us for some work, not for the model of car, but the fact they are fitted out with the complex equipment.

The interior was fitted out for the specifics for time trials and has been done well.

We couldn’t think of a better car to time trial in. It’s not about thrashing the car round a track at all, but getting from A to B with specific parameters to be met, number of miles, check points time constraints etc.

This car has finished a 10,000 mile trial and inherited some braking problems. The front discs had a caliper binding and also has a warped front disc.

The rears drums had the linings disintegrate and had to be removed to avoid a binding rear wheel accident waiting to happen. The brake shoes had nothing left on them at all. The metal shoes scored the drums themselves. You can see all the brake liner dust on top of the wheel cylinder.

The car was nursed back to us where we are going to sort these brakes out properly, new drums cylinders, shoes etc. to the rear. Were not sure why a bar was welded to the shoe as they are supposed to move, there must have been a reason for it at the time.

We will check the spindles for damage as we replace the front disc brakes with another disc kit. We will be recommending some performance pads to go with the new discs this time. We shall catch up with the owner to see exactly what the requirements are when we get to that point. We have plenty of options to suit all needs and budgets.


We have been very busy behind the scenes as we reported a number of posts ago. The WebShop now has a “For Sale” section where blemished or promotions on certain items can be found. This page will be updated regularly, when they’re gone they’re gone. Potentially, this page could be updated on daily basis. Not just classic Mustangs parts, but also the newer models too. Things like service kits, air filters for modern models, grills, shock absorbers, in fact anything could go in here. We recommend a bookmark to keep an eye on our new For Sale page. Click the picture below on any of the links to go straight to the For Sale section.

Also we are getting emails to ask if something is in stock. Even though we say it is in stock. So now we are updating (again), all the items will (eventually) show the real time stock levels. These stock levels are updated instantly, as soon as somebody buys something, the items will update within a few seconds.

We are working our way through the many thousands of items to show the new stock levels at the bottom of each item. So as you can imagine that’s a huge task, so please bare with us while we update the sections. We’re getting there!

Hopefully there should be no need to send us an email to ask if the item is in stock, it says so and also now has the number of the items in stock as well now.

Something Different:

Adam’s wife Lynn has got her own little side line going of home made items. They have been in the offices on the counter and been selling well. Check out her instagram account here or the link below for the

There are some great ideas for stocking fillers, company logos, Football team emblems, customised items, bespoke printing, embroidery you name – it’s probably there.

Her best sellers in the office for obvious reasons are these little items. We think it also has something to do with Adam’s sales pitch! “If you get your car tuned by us, and you give it some – you gonna need one of these afterwards!” 😂

The embroidery is also on fabric, so you can simply remove the tissue from the logo and and sew the patch to your clothing or wherever else takes your fancy.

Adam has got Lynn on the case to add a few little bits of customisation – ‘to get some practice in’ as Adam had led her believe.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Heads Up

A little treat this week for us with a nice ’66 Coupe has has been pretty much unmolested. The owner wanted to have a few little bits done to her so we gladly obliged. The end of the post we will reveal Adam’s latest toy. We had very near miss with the answer.

66 Coupe

A nice straight car with red stripes always a good mix and guaranteed to turn heads. The headliner needed to be changed which is a big job as the front and rear windows need to come out to do it properly. Of course when the windows are out we check for rust damage and clean up ready for the refitting.

With the old headliner out we can see the original sound proofing still in place on the roof and the rear pillars. This is often removed or falls down and not replaced.

We changed out the rear quarter felts as they had all but disappeared.

The front quarter rubbers is a simple task but the overall process is a much bigger job, as they have to be removed. There is a definite technique to it, but we can’t be giving away all out little secrets.

Metal Mayhem

We are now at a pint where we invite the owner down to see the progress and decide on the next steps of their project.

Big Reveal:

The last few weeks we have been teasing you with the guess the car quiz. We have had a near miss courtesy of Peter R. with his guess of the Perana 4 door.

The (Full) Answer: Ford Cortina MkII “Perana” – 2 Door

The Twist? This is the only two door Perana with a V8 in white from the Perana workshops.


Basil Green Motors (VIN: BG) is a former car manufacturer and racing team which is located in Edenvale, Gauteng near Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company has specialised in Ford vehicles, in which the manufacturer’s models are recognised by the brand name Perana added to the model name. The name Perana is a deliberate misspelling, as Piranha already had been protected.

Founded in 1967 by Basil Green the company dealt with engine tuning of Ford vehicles and participated in a variety of races as a racing team. After winning several races the Ford Motor Company became aware of the company and used the company for some of the South African models as a kind of in-house tuner.

The first model of the manufacturer was the Ford Cortina Perana V6, which was launched in 1967 as a tuning model. Production began one year later in the summer. Grosvenor Motors, then the largest Ford dealer in South Africa, took over the sales. The standard version was based on the Ford Cortina Mk II GT. For the units ordered by the Gunston Cigarette Company, the Ford Cortina XL was used as base model. The Ford Essex engine with 2994 cc was used as engine. Those engine were taken from the Ford Zephyr as well as the powertrain. Along with the engine conversion and lowering the Cortina Perana V6 was 64 kg heavier than the Ford standard model Cortina. The original recognisable features for the Cortina Perana V6 are a black strip over the bonnet, a black front grille and black coloured rims.


Adam has been looking for an unusual UK Ford with something different to the normal modded UK stuff. During his hunting around his contacts led him to a source in South Africa. This car was owned by one of the tuners who worked for Perana works in South Africa. He took his own car in and it was given the same treatment as the other cars that were Perana(ed) at the time. A perk of the job if you like. This car did indeed have the V6 as they were designated at the time. But with the quest for power that never ends, the owner took this V6 back into the workshops for the nice new V8s that were becoming available from Ford.

So, Adam now owns a rare Perana from the original South African Perana workshops. He didn’t want the four door that he could of had that he found during his searches. Like all things from those days, this is not a fully documented Perana, but as it’s one of a kind. Adam just had to have it, a unique South African piece of Ford history to add to the collection.

The car needed a few things doing to it, like having a new fuel tank for a start. These fuel tanks are not off the shelf items, so Adam had one made for his car along with a couple of extras while he was at it. Now they are available of the shelf, whether he will sell them or not is a different matter of course. The rubber filler hose and fuel hoses were shot and perished. All the rubber fuel lines have now been changed over to the E10 compliant rubber hoses, available here. The rear mounted battery gave the engine bay the little extra room it needed for the V8.

The Adam has the original wheels, but he wanted something different, so he had these made just for his car.

The transmission is fine and shifts as you would expect.

Under the hood a new radiator was needed, water pipework and the fuel lines as we mentioned. The old carb was working (sort of), but wasn’t consistent in running. Adam has replaced it with a new Holley and will have a look at rebuilding the old one as little sideline hobby when he has nothing better to do! (Ed: Sounds like a Christmas Day job to us when the crap TV comes on.)

This single exhausted car sounds like a Mustang, not in your face loud, but you know it’s a V8 from that classic Ford burble.

Inside is pretty much original, except for a couple of bits missing. Nothing that can’t be sourced from the internet or an auto jumble.

Adam is pretty smitten with his new toy, ask nicely and he may take you to see if when you pop in!


Since we mentioned these in a recent post they are selling very well as they can be sent via email. mustang Maniac stock service kits and parts for Classic to Modern Mustangs. If you don’t know what to get the petrol head in your life for Christmas, let them choose with our E-Vouchers.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Double Trouble

This week we have had a couple of near guesses with the little quiz and the end of the last few posts. We will have the last part four of our guessing game with the some dead give away photos at the end, but there is a little twist to look out for which will challenge any petrol head. We also have a fairly common problem brought to us a couple of times a year, coolant leaks.

Customer Cars

This ’67 convertible has the double whammy, a radiator leak and the heater matrix. While the coolant being drained from the system this is the ideal time to replace both the radiator and the heater matrix and have a good look around the hoses to check for any splits or persihing. The radiator in this case was quite obvious where the problem was and the owner has gone for a more modern efficient aluminium radiator as the replacement.

The heater matrix is a little more awkward to get to, and you have to be careful with the original heater box as over time it becomes brittle. There are a number of sprung clips that hold the two halves together via a lip which can break off. The leak inside the heater box builds up then eventually you get a footwell puddle.

The heater matrix needed a replacement and really recommend going for a quality part as this is not a job you want to do often. Under pressure the size of the hole only needs to be a pin prick size to start the rusting and onto the eventual failure. If you’re unlucky you will ruin the carpets and under carpets (sound proofing if any) if the failure is sudden.

Once the matrix is refitted it’s a case of cleaning up the mess and check for more leaks after the system has been flushed out a couple of times. The are little tricks to remove the airlock from the system. Did you know that there is a right way and wrong way for connecting the heater pipes?

The car wasn’t running very well and we soon found one of the issues. The carb was held in place by incorrect bolts along with a broken spacer, if that wasn’t enough the carb was held down by more than the odd washers as the wrong bolts being used. The carb gasket was also mounted with a mechanical no no. An unhealthy amount of silicon which is not exactly best practice. The reason for that is that the fuel reacts with the silicon and can break down going into the engine or block the airways on the spacer.

Then comes the fun bit trying to remove the old silicon without dropping the mess into the manifold. Once we had it all cleaned up we replaced the spacer, gaskets and carb. Then it’s a case to sit back and watch Yogi as he does his dark art magic ‘thing’ when retuning tuning the carb.

Above we have the carb located correctly before the throttle connections and the tuning starts.

Metal Mayhem

We’ve shown the build up dry fit process of the cowl section to the body. Now we have taken it to the next level by applying the colour before it’s all sealed back up again.

The base etch coats going on.

The primer base coats.

The top coats of colour and lacquer.

Once the paint was dry could clean the coating of the cowl ready for a good connection the chassis and spot weld into place properly. Just how they would have been from the factory.

Guessing Game (part 4)

A couple of good and close guesses last week so we will give the game away surely this week. We have the badge of the exact model and plenty of the car to see.

We had a previous guess which almost nailed it but the wrong MK version.

All is not what it seems or should be…

Clue: from the above picture on the left, what is the unusual twist about this car? Next week we will show you the rest of the car and reveal the details of why this particular car, is one of one!


We are nearing Christmas and wondering what to get the owner of a Mustang? Don’t worry as our Mustang Maniac gift vouchers are now available digitally too.

Click here or the picture below for the links. 😀

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Road Trip

It seems as though we have stumped a few people with our little teaser quiz for the last two weeks. We shall give you a few easier pictures this week which should give you the model of the car at least. This week are also coming to the end of “The Pear’s” restoration which we have been working on since April of this year. It will be a little sad to see her go but she was worth the wait.

The Pear

This is how the poor ol’ thing came into us before we got going on her.

Now she’s a real beauty.

Some of the last parts to go in the car was the door cards. Before fitting them we drove her around for a little bit to settle the suspension down and make sure the door opens and shuts as it should do.

With all the bolts adjusted and windows aligned we applied the damp proof to the door and fitted the cards. The trims which go onto the doors instantly make the car look finished.

When we are happy the car goes out for a final road test. Here Yogi takes the honours for a ride out and we think he enjoyed this one!

Carpet Differences

We have sold many carpets to owners of the 64 and 65 owners. But, did you know that the carpets were different? The ’64 carpets stopped at the bottom of the inner sills, the upper part of which was covered in vinyl like this one below. It’s quite rare to see cars with these original vinyls still in place.

We also had to repair the drivers seat frame as it had collapsed over time which is a fairly common problem.

With the seats out this gave us an ideal time to remove the old carpets and replace them.

As you can see here the correct carpets stopping short. The later models had a bit of an upgrade where the carpets rose up the sills and were mostly covered by the much neater chrome sill covers.

Most of the time the 64 owners used the 65 on carpets as they looked just that bit neater. Once Yogi had welded and re-upholstered the lower seat frame, the seats were put back in.

It’s amazing what a difference a new carpet can make.

Guessing Game (part 3)

As we said earlier, here is that big photo clue. If you look very closely there is a huge clue to the exact model.

Clue: This was a huge seller and an important car for Ford UK in the 60’s. This car had five generations before it ceased production.

Adam had these wheels made for his car as you can’t buy them!

And to finish of with a couple of bonus pics;

We must have given the game away now?

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Spot On

This week we show you the updates to a couple of customer cars, one nearly complete the other is in the body shop. Thanks for joining in with the “Guessing Game” this week. Yes it was hard from a little red picture. We have added another couple at the end of the post to see if it gets easier.

Customer Cars:

The Pear is having the underside completed and all put into place. The suspension has been geo’d and cleaned up. Adam will take it for a second road test to settle down the carb and its settings.

The old exhaust and parts that we could salvage have been fitted back to the car.

This gives the car that just looks like it has been lovingly looked after for fifty odd years. We actually like what this customer has done and their idea.

During the week we had been asked by a visitor why we sprayed the interior panels dark blue? The answer was simple; to match the seats!

Another nice little touch to make this car their very own, and it looks right too.

Metal Mayhem.

The last post showed the front end assembled all be it with clamps to hold things in place. The fenders and hood have been removed in order to start the spot welding, just like the original cars had.

The floor pan is prepped ready for the seat mounts and ready for the welding and drilling.

Most of our competitors will will use welding plugs and simply leave them. We grind them off to be how they should be, even though you won’t see them.

Ground down plugs look so much better. In the back of your mind – you know it’s done right!

The front radiator support and inner aprons are spot welded and red oxide sealed. These tiny indents are the signs of attention to detail. Adam had to dig deep to buy a new spot welder as his old one had given up and had welded it’s last panel. You had been a good tool – we shall miss spot!

The scuttle and cowl will be taken of and taken to paint. Then we will clean up and spot weld back into place – just like they should be.

Guessing Game (part 2)

We had all sorts of guesses some with specifics like we asked. Many of this car’s parts are not available off the shelf. So Adam has had them made with a spare or two at the same time.

  • Clue 1: It’s Not a Mustang.
  • Clue 2: It’s a Ford.

These pics are not obvious, but once you see it, you will know. Then it gets a little more tricky to nail the model/version.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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