Mustang Maniac Moves

The exciting news we have been teasing you about since the end of last year is that Mustang Maniac has moved. OK, so it’s only into the unit next door, the entrance to Mustang Maniac is now to the right of the main roller door not the left. You can’t miss it, honestly you can’t. Now there is no more going up stairs to the office, instead a nice customer friendly ground floor reception area.

As far as anybody is concerned nothing has changed for the Mustang Maniac business, except that we now have a new customer area and storage locations.

The address is still exactly the same, but Adam explains that he has taken (Mustang Maniac) to “the next level” ready for his next business plans.

There is a new reception/show room, a nice place to relax, chilled refreshments and a display area. This was a huge task over the recent holidays and is still being updated, with lots more stuff to go on the walls as yet. We have a couple up so far.

There has been wild rumours that the first thing Adam got to work in the new offices was the card machine for transactions! 😀  We can neither confirm, nor deny that this was true.

The broadband, 24/7 CCTV recording, full monitored premises alarm, individual lockable storage area doors, keycoded door and guard dog patrol areas were done the same day opened the front door as it were. The locksmith was a busy boy that day.

New front signs going up.     Thanks to Linards for getting them ready at such short notice.

The reception and seating area has a TV showing some project works of Mustang Maniac or the original Mustang adverts (thanks Chris). Adam now has customer information support screen located by Morgan to show any walk-in customers the parts they require before they are picked from stock. A small point, but nice touch for the plethora of combinations on the Mustangs.

Morgan’s working in her reception area where she can deal with call in customers, bookings for the workshops, prep and dispatch for WebShop orders, now all from a single place.

Seating is provided by Mustangs of course. Adam and Yogi talking to a customer while he was watching the wall mounted TV of our restoration projects.

Adam’s office is now at the back where he can work without being disturbed by the busy WebShop orders, he can still have a private conversation with the customers if needed. Yogi pop in to his desk where he can log the parts he has used, while Adam can invoice and quote for the jobs and manage his business.

Adam’s office decor, (so far):

The all important stock:

Morgan has done a great job and organised the stock into multiple rooms with colour coding and all cross referenced. The quick turn over parts are in the rooms directly behind her.

The rest of the stock, brake parts, electrical, lighting, door parts, emblems, hardware and fixings, transmission, and suspension parts like shocks etc. are organised based on car area location and colour coded on the upper floor. Larger body work parts like engines, gearboxes, axles, exhausts, body panels, seats, carpets, glass, wheels, tyres etc. are still stored in secure units at the yard. These pics are only some of the stock that has been transferred over at the moment, with more to follow. They may look the same boxes, but we can assure you they are all different crate locations.

Morgan has developed a mobile electronic method for efficiently picking the parts and works very well, we snapped this pic of her getting an order ready for customer call-in collection.

On seeing our new location, a very good friend of ours donated this rare Chinese metal toy for our display case. Thanks to GW for the donations, we appreciate it.

We look forward to seeing you in the new shop and reception.

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Tip Of The Iceberg

No sooner have we rebuilt The Onion Mustang and we made space for our next project. This comes in the form of a very nice ’68 Coupe Pro Street 302ci. We first saw this little lady in back in October last year where we made our first evaluations of the car. The car is in pretty good condition with a few rust issues like most of them at some point in their lives. The main painted part of the car has a few minor issue that can soon be sorted out without too much trouble. We say Pro Street due to the rear end being pretty much maxed out and tubbed, with some skinny front end tyres as being the first points to notice.

Both Yogi and Adam had a good look around the car with some recommendations depending on budget which would mean that there would be discussions later on between the owner and Adam on how best to proceed.

Some clever work was done on the rear chassis rails to move them over in order to cater for the massive rear tyres. Not a very common mod, but we have seen variations on this theme before.

The trunk was equipped with the race spec small fuel cell and trimmed out very nicely.

The guys were interested to see what was under the carpet when trying to evaluate this type of work. But, you can’t just rip out carpet on somebody’s pride and joy of course just to have a little look. So things like this can hide the odd unexpected bad spot.

Under the hood was neat, tidy, well presented and made a rather nice noise that got Yogi’s attention as she pulled into the workshop to be lifted up on the ramp.

The main reason the little lady came in was for some potential cosmetic work on the body. Like all these things, until you get into it you never know what you are going to find. A customer of our summed it up very well;

“Rust is like an iceberg, you never know what’s under the surface”.

The fenders were taken off the car and the inner fenders marked up for attention. Yogi got the car on the ramps and set to work on the problem areas that they had identified, pretty much they had expected, but certainly not the worst they had seen.

The chassis legs will need some attention as they attach to the floor and obviously we need to see what condition all that was in before final decisions can be made.

Like The Onion Mustang, the floor was made up of  a patchwork of metals, and the patches were more like tin foil in places. The trouble is when you get to this stage you have to keep going until you find a solid metal section(s) to start from.

With all the bad metal out the full extent of the repair can be seen.

This is nothing that we haven’t seen before and we will surely be seeing it again. With all the rubbish having been cleaned out it doesn’t look half as bad to be fair.

We have a couple of foot wells at the front to be replaced so far which is no problem, but we will need to go round the rest of the floor to see that all is well. If we have to patch too much it will be more cost-effective to swap out the floor pan itself.

As we have said so many times before, we are quite confident that this little lady will be back ripping up the road in no time. It takes a little time and a lot of knowhow that’s all.

Other News:

There has been a lot of work going on near the main offices and we will be letting you know all about that very soon. I’m not supposed to give anything away, so I picked this little pic doesn’t do that, but it gives you a clue!

It’s all very clever stuff!

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Off She Goes

Exciting times this week as we see The Onion Mustang sat in primer for a while and then ready for transporting out to our paint shop, the first time she has seen daylight for a year or so now.

The final red oxide and seam sealing gets some Mustang Maniac TLC.

Yogi started masking the car up ready for primer and blocking down again, his favorite part of the paint process. Like all these projects, nothing seems to happen for weeks as the prep work takes up the time. Anybody can bolt a fender on, but the gaps need to be set properly to make the car look right. That’s either cut the metal away or build it up to make the gaps consistent.

We can say that as we have learned from experience and listened to what the customers want with their cars. We were briefed that the convertible chassis should be solid and not wallow around as it were as most convertibles tend to do. We will now show you a little trick we have perfected; an additional plate welded into place to strengthen the front end up. We use various thicknesses and sizes of plating depending on the requirements.

The pics we grabbed as the engine came out to show the additional torque sections. We won’t show it all, as it’s our secret and experience that has perfected the little additions. Of course if you see the car at a car show then you can have a look for yourselves.

How many other restorers would think of, or even do this type of work based on a conversation of requirements with the customer?

After masking up comes the all important etch stage.

After the etching Yogi does his inspections and preps for his favorite part of painting, the primer.

In what seems like a pointless waste of time the primer was then again blocked down before the proper paint job. That way we know that all was well and we managed to smooth out any uneven panels. The car was wheeled out into the yard waiting to go on the covered transportation truck.

Next time we shall see her she won’t be an onion, she would be a pearl.

New Stock Lines

Adam is always talking to people regarding his stock and what he can sell. As Adam had made his grandson very happy at Christmas as he now also owns a Mustang like his Dad and Grandad who ‘has lots of cars’ as the little guy would say. 😀

Yep, Adam will be selling these ride in electric Mustangs soon on the WebShop to the lucky little ones who want to be part of the Mustang scene too.

Just how cool is this?

Watch this space for more details!

Import Update.

We mentioned before the end of the year that we will be bringing you updates on a customers car he was going to buy from the USA. It turns out that the vendor has now been reconsidering the sale of his car after all. So the vendor needed to be sure and make up his mind, so money was discussed again should we say. The end result was long conversations on the phone where our customer has pulled out of the deal. Yes our was customer was gutted, but at these points in negotiations buying a car is a business transaction. It has to be treated that way or you could be taken advantage of letting your heart rule your head. It takes a strong decision to back out of something when you have set your heart on something, we have all been there. If our customer decides to go for the USA sale again we will continue the saga again. So for now it’s ‘case closed’, to be continued?

Adam treated himself at Christmas and then made a video of it to reflect his passion for Mustangs!

The question is – was he joking????

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New Look Blog Is Here

We didn’t need to post this today, but while we were working on the blog we thought why not, it can’t hurt to spread a little good feeling now and again, can it?

(It’s also a good excuse to check the post function is working properly too!)


We have finished the little details of the blog and testing now, hopefully it’s all good in the world of Mustang Maniac blogging again, if not let us know we will let our Media team know and give them an earful to go with their hangovers!  We decided to not change to much visually for our readers except that it should look a little tidier and cleaner now. But behind the scenes it makes our life a lot easier.

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New Look For The New Year

Over the next day or so we shall be working hard by updating our little Ol’ Blog behind the scenes. Things may appear and disappear along with some information being updated. Don’t worry the WebShop will still be working as normal so you can order your parts as normal.

The theme we were using is now no longer being fully supported and things started to become problematic with what we wanted to do. With any luck you will see a few subtle changes, but things should look cleaner if all goes to plan.

By the end of tomorrow everything will be working as it should we hope, that is if our media team of geeks stop drinking the beer! 🙂 So if you click on something and it doesn’t work, please try again later. FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter etc. will all need to be configured as well.

Thanks for you patience in the mean time.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Just a very quick post to say have a great Christmas & Happy New Year. We just couldn’t let the holidays go by without a Mustang related Christmas post now could we?

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A Proper Rub-Down

We are coming to the end of the year and we have now worked out the last opening time for the Mustang Maniac offices; they will be closed from midday 21st December until the 2nd January 2019. The good news is that the WebShop will be running as normal as far as we are concerned, but the rest depending on the post and other services etc. If you need any last-minute purchases or gift vouchers, make sure you order within the next few days to be sure of Christmas delivery. If you try to call us after the 21st December there will be nobody there to answer the phone, honestly there won’t be anybody to help you. But, if you email Adam he may respond when he gets a chance over the Christmas Break.

Customer Cars:

The Onion

This week has been all about Yogi getting the Onion ready for primer and paint.The huge amount of work being done for the prep of welding has now come together. The bear has been in the body shop with the welding equipment and we have gone old school, just as the car would have been built. More red oxide paint is used to cover the metal inside. The front of the car has an engine in place, it’s not the actual engine to go in the car, it’s a rare and a very much sought after 351ci Cleveland 4v 4bolt, that Adam said ‘I just found it laying around’!!!

The dash area also red oxide and prep ready for welding in.

The dash section is a critical structural element of the car and needs to be done properly to help the chassis rigidity especially on a convertible.

With the spot welds in place it looks totally original as per the original builds.

We mentioned above the ‘Old School’, We are sure you have seen this before from us, but we will show it again to you as well as the customer. The traditional brazing we use is like what the original cars had when they were first constructed. It’s a small detail, but it shows the attention to detail we give to our restorations and another skill set.

With the sections in place and final painting, the seam filling begins. A process often overlooked by some, but not us.

The engine bay to the body of the car welding.

With the panels fitted at the back of the car and trunk in place, it now means that the bear can body prep to remove any minor high or low spots on the body work, also making sure all the parts are flush and even to each other. A true skill to get right.

With the car suspension being fitted last week, a couple more bits have now been added.

The attention to detail includes some zinc plating to the pedal bracket which looks amazing, but nobody will see unfortunately.

John Wick

The car is now fully back together and has a quick road test, we need to do a little more to give it the Mustang Maniac feel then she will be back with her owner.


Adam has found a rare part pipe from the USA for a Cleveland engine. Adam doing what he does best decided that he could do little better and make it more widely available.

The original;

The bespoke made Mustang Maniac Mod;

The new mod pipe is thicker and stronger than the original. The new part features a knurled end that goes into the engine block, the other end has ribs to hold it in place onto the heater hose clamp. The coating has also been zinc plated. All small changes but will make a huge difference.

We will have a break on blog as well until the New Year.

Mustang Maniac wishes all our customers, followers & readers;

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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