Our New Final Assembly Room

This week we had a conversation with Adam and he has asked his Social Media team to put out some advice for you which is towards the end of the post, if you have a project car on the go; you need to read it. We start the post this week with some great news.

Congratulations to Jason & Pamela on their Wedding 7th May 2021.

Adam lost his beloved father a while ago now and he would loved to of had him there with him to see this day. So what’s the next best thing? His car of course which played an important part on the day.

This is also the car that started it all (not the wedding), Adam’s very first restoration of a Mustang and it it still looks good all these years later.

Speaking of looking good, the beautiful Pamela was accompanied by Adam who also didn’t scrub up to bad either on the way to the Wedding.

The PearIn Our New ‘Final Assembly Room

The pear has had her final coats of underseal and engine bay paint and allowed to cure.

The car was then moved to our new facility; ‘Final Assembly Room‘. ‘The Pear’ is also the first to use the room. We have yet to have the wall liner fitted along with some benches, more power sockets and full LED lighting.

‘The Pear’ is being worked on in here to get it a rolling chassis status before being moved to any other workshop stage area. This way the car will not get damaged and all parts are kept with the the car. The new assembly room is warm, very dry, natural day light skylight and can only be entered via a shutter from Yogi’s workshop. So you will need to get past the bear to get to it!

Adam’s Advice:

The background story: In January a container of parts shipped to us costs us lower end of four figures of pounds sterling. Each monthly delivery so far this year the duties have gone up significantly. Our latest import of stock for May has shot into the five figures of pounds sterling again. That cost has to go on something and the business can’t take the hit to keep the prices down. If you don’t believe us Google it! There is a ‘shortage of containers’, then there is a shortage of ‘freight space’ the list goes on. In fact from the end of last year to May this year the import duty has increased almost FIVE fold!

Granted this last delivery was a big order with a delivery of some of the sheet metal we had on back order to replace what we had sold, even we were running low on panels. I have checked the suppliers of sheet metal through my contacts and usual suppliers where I have preferential terms, and they are running out.

The Advice: ‘If you are think that you need sheet metal for your project – BUY IT NOW. There is a shortage of panels for our classic cars in general; that’s Falcon & Mustang. But it’s not Just Ford that is suffering, it’s other makes as well. Prices for sheet metal is expected to rocket up in price.’

There you have it, from the horses mouth (should we say the Mustang horse’s mouth – see what we did there)? Mustang Maniac Panel parts are expected to be going up and a note has been added to the WebShop as follows.

If you need sheet metal then all enquires will need to go through Adam as the panels are also being taken of the Trade pages as well now. Each application will be looked at in merit. For the moment our stock of sheet metal is allocated to our projects, with some to spare.


We missed the sheet metal being unloaded from the pallets, Adam’s treated them like the sheets of gold which they are now destined to become and put them straight into his copious storage areas. Sheets of gold they are, well for the foreseeable future anyway.

Stay Safe & Take Care

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Yogi’s Mask

This week we have had quite a few visitors to collect their products from our WebShop headquarters. The lockdown has eased in the UK and virtually all our customers still were respectful of social distancing and wearing masks. Thank you to all our customers for respecting our rules.

The fine weather over the last week or so has seen a lot of our service parts and sundries flying of the shelves. We suspect it’s down to the the start of the car shows and owners just wanting to get out in their treasured possessions. Many of those cars were given a run to our stores from well over an hour away, just because they could. It was great to see the familiar faces again.

Customer Cars:

‘The Pear’ has finished the underseal treatment stage now and Yogi has been wearing his mask in the body shop on his own! Yep his favourite type of mask;

We had to post this us to keep the ‘Yogi Fan Club’ happy as we were asked about him when a couple of customers picked up some of their parts.

The ‘Pear’s’ fenders were carefully removed from the chassis and stored well out of harms way. The mask was on, suited up, sounds were cranked up on the boom box and Yogi got to work on the engine bay’s paint, an etch base to start with.

A couple of undercoats and primer;

Then a couple of top coats of satin black, inside and underneath to blend in with the underseal.

We will soon be at a stage to start assembly and of course we will show the progress as we go along.


In between paint and drying Yogi has been building other things, engines! These V8’s been + 0.30 over and an I6 were rebuilt and prepared for our stock. Yep – more engines gone into stock. Not built to order as we normally do, but these engines are purely for Adam’s stock!

Fully rebuilt I6’s are not that common, but here is one just sitting pretty.

Then just a couple of his V8’s hanging around! Is this just not Petrol Head Heaven?

All finished and waiting to be wrapped up safe then stored with the other engines ready for sale, straight of the shelf! How many other Mustang Suppliers can boast that? Not just one engine, but a choice of engines and specs. Long block, short blocks, rollers, stock rollers, HiPo, date coded heads, aluminium heads, cams, pistons etc. etc.

These may look like scrap, but all of these will be restored to factory condition and sit in storage, just be cause we can.

Everything in for sale in our yard for the right price. If you want some of these rare items be prepared to get your wallet out – remember Adam doesn’t barter down on the prices that he wants, unless you bribe him with copious amounts of Jaffa cakes. 😉 (Those who know, know!)

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Car With A Mask

Not much happening this week apart from concentrating on ‘The Pear’ underside. We have also had a couple of service cars in (not Mustangs) but nothing we thought to put on our humble little blog.

Continuing on from a couple of posts ago, we have had some funny text messages/emails and comments about the Mr Good Guy Vs Mr Pratt. Since that post Mr Pratt had ordered the wrong parts that he got on last week, he then tried to blame us as the part didn’t fit. The reason was quite amusing as he said, “The part for the ’76 looked the same as the old one, so I ordered that.” Apparently we should make it clear, that the specific part for a ’76 doesn’t fit any other cars. We think the clue was in the WebShop heading, with the part and the year of the car he was looking at not being the same as his.

We asked Mr Pratt to send all the parts back and we gave him a full refund. We also ‘advised that perhaps another supplier would help him out with his parts requirements going forward’. He has ignored our little hint and has since then emailed us to say that he is unable to order anything from us. Funny that as he has had the “C” button assigned to him and he will not be ordering from us again. We have even advised him that he has been blocked, and he is not happy again. Another email which has since been diverted to the trash mail and any future emails from him. Oh well – never mind.

Customer Cars

The Pear was pushed into our assembly workshop / paint room and we started to mask her up ready for the rest of the underside colours. First the panels were all fully seam sealed and red leaded.

The satin black was sprayed to give the the car its stock look.

The underside has had two coats of the Red Oxide as they would have had probably just one from the factory.

With the protection of Red Oxide dried and in place it was time for the black underseal or stone chip protection to be applied.

Another short & sweet post as work has been time consuming rather than productive turn around. Some weeks are like that and it doesn’t bother us.

The WebShop on the other hand has been the exact opposite, it has just gone mad with orders. We think that now the UK’s lockdown is ‘over’ or eased, the car shows are on the calendar and a lot of cars are getting the pampering they deserve before they go out to meet the public again.

Take Care & Keep Safe

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Happy Birthday Ford Mustang

This day 17th April 1964, that’s 57 years ago at the New York World Trade Fair the Ford Mustang was launched to world wide acclaim. After 57 years the Ford Mustang is still the best selling sports car, but more on that in a bit in an article from Ford.

First we have a couple of iconic images from that now famous World Trade Fair that launched a legend with many copy cat rivals but never equalled Original Pony Car.

1965 Ford Mustang fastback in front the Ford Pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York.

In order to celebrate “Mustang Day” on a sunny day for a change in UK we got the GT Hertz out and cleaned it.

Once she was cleaned up a bit we took her for a 57 mile drive to get some groceries and cruised at a steady 57mph (honestly guv), on the open road in front of us.

It was a pleasant relaxing drive and we felt quite refreshed after.


1. Mustangs for the Win: Mustang claims Back-to-Back World’s Best-Selling Sports Car Crowns, Mustang Mach-E Shows strong Q1 sales

For sports car lovers around the world, Mustang has been a must-have ride for more than half a century. Fifty-seven years later, that love continues. The iconic Mustang capitalizes on our company strengths, leans into our strongest businesses and leverages our icons as a must-have product for generations of customers.

For the second straight year, Mustang – which celebrates its 57th birthday this Saturday – is the world’s best-selling sports car. The famed pony car also retained its title of best-selling sports coupe for the sixth straight year. Led by a surge in sales in high-performance Bullitt, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R and Shelby GT500 models, Mustang led all competitors with 80,577 global sales in 2020, according to the most recent vehicle registration data from IHS Markit*. That sales total represents 15.1 percent of the sports coupe market, up from 14.8 percent a year earlier.

“Mustang enthusiasts love their performance cars, and they showed that yet again,” said Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer, Ford Motor Company. “In a challenging year for the entire auto industry because of the global pandemic, Mustang performed very well, increasing its share in the global sports car segment.”

Sales of the high-performance Bullitt and Shelby variants were up 52.7 percent in 2020 from a year earlier, according to Ford internal data. Ford looks to continue its success with limited-edition models with the new 2021 Mustang Mach 1 entering the line-up.

The United States remains the strongest global market for Mustang, representing about three-quarters of total sales. Texas (8,600 vehicles), California (6,200 vehicles) and Florida (5,864 vehicles) remain the top U.S. markets.

Also helping Mustang retain its title as top-selling sports car were increased sales in various European markets. According to Ford internal data, 2020 sales in Hungary were up 68.8 percent over 2019; sales in the Netherlands (38.5 percent), Denmark (12.5 percent), the Czech Republic (5.6 percent) and Austria (4 percent) all increased.

All-electric Mach-E SUV continues Mustang momentum
Outside of the sports car and sports coupe segments, the all-new Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV exceeded sales expectations in February and March on its way to opening 2021 with strong first-quarter retail sales totalling 6,614. Demand only increased as the weather warmed, and Mustang Mach-E units in late March spent an average of only seven days on dealer lots.

Mustang Mach-E customers, nearly 70 percent of whom are trading in their keys of competitive brands, lean toward premium Mach-E models. The Mustang Mach-E 4X all-wheel-drive-equipped models are outselling rear-wheel-drive units, while vehicles with extended-range batteries are more popular and are capable of up to an EPA estimated 305 miles** with rear-wheel-drive.

As a disruptor within our own Mustang family, its success shows that as we challenge our business models to create an all-electric Mustang and a robust charging ecosystem, it’s not business as usual—we’re driving the transition to an electric lifestyle.

2. How a Review of the ‘Special Falcon Project’ would forever cement what the First-Generation Mustang would be…

The design origins of the Mustang, the world’s bestselling pony car, have been told via a number of books and stories over the years. To celebrate it’s 57th birthday, we are releasing some new planning documents which will add to the body of information on how the car was designed. Some of the earliest planning documents when the car was still code-named the “T-5” or “Special Falcon Project” and weekly reports during the critical design phase will give Mustang lovers plenty of new material to read.

On August 16th, a design competition was held between the three Ford Motor Company design studios with the Ford, Lincoln Mercury and Advanced Products Studios all presenting options for the Special Falcon Project. See the images below. 

Would we still love the Mustang as much with these designs? Who knows. But we think they made the right choice at the time.

Would you have bought any of the other designs?

3. What’s different about the Next-Generation NASCAR Mustang?

While we won’t know exactly what the next-generation NASCAR Mustang looks like for a few more weeks, Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports, has shared some details and, today Ford Performance released a teaser video shot from the cockpit during recent testing of the new car at Martinsville Speedway. The new stock car is expected to debut at the 2022 Daytona 500.

The current NASCAR Mustang debuted in the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series, replacing Fusion, and has posted 32 victories, including winning this year’s Daytona 500. The current sixth-generation stock car which has underpinned both Fusion and Mustang was introduced in 2013. Its successor was supposed to be introduced this season but has been delayed until 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new Mustang comes as Ford and other manufacturers, including Toyota and Chevrolet, have been pushing to make stock cars look more like their on-street counterparts. Not only will the new race car more closely resemble a Mustang in the dealership, it will drive like one, too. It will switch to an independent rear suspension, as well as rack-and-pinion steering, while the body proportions and the aspect ratio of the wheels will change.

“This is a big improvement, in that these cars will look much closer to the road cars we sell in the showroom and that was important for us,” said Rushbrook. “We have cars that will look really good and I think we will see great racing come out of that as well. That is what the sport is all about – putting on great races for the fans and our customers.”

The Ford Design Center has been actively involved with Ford Performance in the exterior bodywork of the car, ensuring it picks up the design cues of production Mustangs.

The current NASCAR Mustang debuted in the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series, replacing Fusion, and has posted 32 victories, including winning this year’s Daytona 500.

The race car will initially operate with an internal combustion engine only, but its architecture allows for the addition of an electric motor that will enable teams to run with a hybrid powertrain. That flexibility will allow Ford’s testing of on-track vehicles to keep pace with its testing for hybrid production vehicles, explained Rushbrook. Research into hybrids comes in addition to other areas of motorsports that already benefit Ford and Lincoln production vehicles, such as the use of engineering processes, and analytical and aerodynamic tools. The Ford Performance Technical Center in North Carolina does extensive development work for both racing and production vehicles.

Ford’s powertrain team has been working with NASCAR on the car’s development, while drivers from Ford teams have also been able to test the car in the two high-precision, full-motion vehicle racing simulators at the Ford Performance Technical Center. Simulation models have also revealed data about the new car’s aerodynamic performance.

Sources: including – Ford Online


We have had another shipment of Leed Brakes delivered to us this week. How much did it all weigh in at? One and half tons!

We have been getting some very positive comments via email about the fitting of the brakes being a straight forward bolt on with no alterations. Now that can’t be bad from the Weekend Warriors or the Saturday Spanner Service Guys.

We have had a little change of the posting day being today rather than on a Sunday. After all it’s the Mustang’s Official Birthday – so we had to celebrate it today.

Happy Birthday Ford Mustang

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Feeling Positive

It’s no secret that we do take in the odd American Classic to work on that is not a Mustang. We tend to do it only for good customers though, this week is one of those occasions when we picked up this little lady.

Customer Cars

What we have here is a very solid 1955 Studebaker Commander.

The owner of the car has left her standing for a year after it failed to run right when she was last driven. What we have now is double trouble; 1) What was the original issue? 2) Why won’t it start now?

This car’s electrics are some mysterious wizardry that made sense at the time to the designers. This car runs from six volts and with a positive earth. When working this way round you have to keep telling yourself, ‘it’s positive, positive earth’. As it’s only 6v, it can’t kill us, can it? The wiring looks a little dated and the problem could be just about anything with the positive earth making the whole car essentially live. Some of these connections are not original and look a bit fragile.

The first thing was to get the old fuel out of the tank which was a little stagnant and a bit funky smelling. At least with fresh fuel we have eliminated the usual cause of some problems straight away. We were told on pick up that the fuel pump wasn’t working and could we check it out. We took out the pump as requested and it works just fine. As we have only just started on this diagnosis, we will clean everything out that we can on the carb and make sure all is working correctly when we put the pump back in ready to spin her over.

One of the main reason we don’t take on non Mustang based cars, is quite simply the parts availability. Lets say we need a new solenoid to start her up, we would have to order the parts from our equivalent suppliers and that takes research time and occupies space in the garages and yard in the mean time.

On the positive side (pun intended), the underside of the car is remarkably solid for a car of this age.

Looking at the steering, there are multiple links to get the steering where it needs to go.

But, that’s how the cars were in those days, so it wasn’t horrendous by any standards.

The Pear

We promised more pictures of the car, and we have started working on transferring the parts over. First up is look over the ‘Brittany Blue’ paint job inside and out. Adam is checking out the paint job up close to make sure it’s up to our rigorous Mustang Maniac standards. The engine bay in satin black finish and the underside for her underseal.

Adam is unwrapping the other parts of the car which had been painted to check the quality.

Outside is gloss clear coat and the inside has been done the same colour with a satin finish.

The work has started at the rear of the car, the rear quarter trims, just because they were to hand. But we will complete the paint first of the engine bay and underseal.

This car is going to be driven and the now donor car is shedding parts quickly, including any of the parts that have imperfections which we arrowed above. Normally we would replace these for that fully restored look. In this build we won’t be doing that, unless the owner wants it or the part is too badly damaged of course.

Good Guy vs Pratt Man.

We have had two customers this week both with very different outcomes.

First there is context to understand; on the front pages of our WebShop there is a note to say that for next day delivery to work there needs to be a cut off point. That cut off is 11.30am. Here is a cut and paste of that section:

Opening Hours and Shipping

Having a web shop means we are ‘open’ 24hours a day, 7days a week, 365days a year, saying this, our shipping days are Mon-Fri, with orders completed before 11:30am being sent out the same day, not bad for a ‘small parts distributor’ from the UK. You will have a choice of shipping with either ParcelForce or UPS, for the same price, the reason we let you pick, you know their routes in your area/how close you are to their depot, should you not be in for delivery.”

The customers are two opposing points of view.

Good Guy;

A good customer of ours orders before 11.30am and he gets his parts the next day. The customer sends us a nice email after he got his parts. He didn’t need to and there was no drama with his order. We’re sure he wont mind us repeating what he said.

I have had a few orders from you now with many more to come and I would just like to say what a fantastic service you provide shipped on day of purchase received next day on every order 1st class the best
If only the Americans could take a leaf out of your book
Greig …….”

Thank you very much Greig for your email it’s always nice to get some good feedback. We look forward to helping you out where we can with your parts, if you’re not sure what you need, please drop us an email.

Everybody is happy!

Pratt Man;

Pratt is not this ex-customer’s real name, but we will use it for now.

Pratt orders parts at 14.15 on Thursday afternoon and wants next day delivery. The cut off is there for a reason as Parcel Force collects at 14.00 in the afternoon. We need time (hence the cut off point) to allow us to process the customer’s order and package it ready for that collection slot.

As Pratt missed the cut off point, the order was then collected on Friday 14.00 in the afternoon. As Parcel Force don’t deliver on weekends the part won’t be there till Monday. This customer has sent us an email which we won’t post (to save his embarrassment). The email basically goes on to say it should be made clear about cut of points etc. (Which it does say, see above extract.) Adam responded and explained to the customer about the cut off point and address our ‘service’ issue as he had ‘a mechanic waiting to fit the parts Friday or Saturday at the latest’. The customer didn’t want to pay for special next day delivery either. Have we mentioned about the ‘Cut Off Point’ enough yet?

Pratt sent a further follow up email which didn’t get another response from Adam upon which he hit the dreaded “C” (cancelled) button and this customer will now not be able to order from Mustang Maniac in the future.

This Pratt has caused all sorts of dramas and excitement through no fault of our own.

The moral of the story here is very simple; be a “Good Guy” and don’t be a “Pratt Man”. Being a Good Guy gets your parts when you want them along with other benefits of being a good customer like our time to help you out and our much sort after advice.

Stay Safe & Take Care

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Our Own Easter Parade

We have had a busy week, made busier as it’s a short one for some. We have had to swap a few cars around in the workshops. We’ve had a car back from paint, and our very own resto-mod project go out for paint. A stream of cars coming and going almost like little Easter parade of our own. 🙂

Park & Pic

Although not technically a proper Park & Pic for this little lady returning to us. But the lorry with the freshly painted shell which was secured on it had stopped, so it sort of counts. We make the Park & Pic rules up as we go along to be honest.

The Pear’s new shell has looks stunning in ‘Brittany Blue’ as she was taken out of our very own covered transporter.

A couple of pics of the car waiting to go into the spray booth for the colour.

The donor will now start to be stripped down and swapped over into the new shell.

We will need to underseal the car and paint the engine bay too. As always, we will be bringing you more pics as we progress with the rebuild.

Customer Cars

Sheleanor is almost ready for her customer’s own paint shop. We finished the rear and the arches to the point we are happy.

The front needs a few more little tweaks, until we are happy with that end, then this little lady can go for a little colour.

Our Cars

The military operation to get the cars in the right order for working on next week, and then going out again takes a lot of coordination. Our very own project, now know as “Wolf“, was then loaded onto the same lorry to make the return trip to the paint shop.

Watch this space for the colour reveal.

A treat for our own Falcon with a new set of wheels, with our own centre caps.

Subtly change but she looks sweet now, we just need Gary to clean the tyres now for full effect of the white lettering to match the paint.

Short and sweet post, so it just leaves us to say have a great Easter.

Keep safe and take care.

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Stick Or Auto Gears?

There are many forums out there that are often asked this question. What is best to drive; stick or auto. The simple answer is ‘personal preference’. We have many people come in asking for the auto to be swapped out for a modern box even the latest six speed boxes. Then on the other hand we have had many three speed stick swapped out to a traditional C4 auto. Some cars will drive better with a stick and some with auto. In fact as far as we are concerned there is no right or wrong. We have one such case for our Park & Pic where the manual was swapped out for a more modern ‘clever’ auto box.

Park & Pic

Lance’s ’69 is a great looking car and a very fitting tribute to the Boss 460.

The Aladdin’s cave that is Mustang Manic will take it’s toll on many a wallet, Lance was once of them. He came in with a similar question about the manual gear box and could we make it a little easier to drive while we had his car in for the initial windscreen replacement. We took it for an energetic test drive and everything was exactly as it should be. We gave him the not to unexpected news that it was indeed a good driving car. We offered him the opportunity to take out one of our big block auto’s out to see what he thought. As a result of that test drive the car was booked in a few days later for some extra work.

Lance eventually left with a new automatic gearbox, high anti stall torque converter, limited slip Powermax diff system, oil trans cooler and a few shiny bolts here and there, oh and not forgetting the windscreen to see where he was aiming his ride.

Recently his car came back into us as we had his special order centre console waiting for him. The car is completed (for now) and we have yet another happy customer, who loves the automatic gearbox and the more sedate driving experience, but he did say “It has the capability to bite you if your not careful, just how how I like it. A really good choice to swap over to auto.”

A seriously nice looking upgrade and looks like it should be there.

Customer Cars

A twist on the automatic gear box is the overdrive gearbox which gives you an extra higher gear for effortless cruising which is another very common upgrade for us to fit.

However, there is a another gem of a gearbox out there called Gear Vendors (GV). We have featured this before fitted in Yogi’s ’69. The gearbox is technically an ‘auxiliary’ as GV like to call it. Not only does the GV have overdrive up for each gear, it also has underdrive. The underdrive is a very useful weapon when nailing it from the lights, leaving a long line of 11’s down the road. Only applicable at the drag strip of coarse. 😉

Our Right Hand Drive Rudd speed car has had one of these gearboxes fitted.

We need to remove the back of the gearbox housing in order to fit the new parts. Then we send the prop away to be shortened in order to fit the new gearbox parts.

The new tail housing in place.

There are a few bits that need to be feed into the car in order for the GV to work correctly and sometimes that is the longest part of the job, depending if there is a console in place or not.

With everything in place, the extra GV is subtle but will give you 25% fuel efficiency due to the gearing and the constantly monitored gear is indeed the correct gear for the driving style.

No mods for the exhaust or gearbox bracket, it just bolt straight into place. Not a cheap hobby for this upgrade, but the benefits are well worth it. Just ask Yogi!

Stay Safe & Take Care

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Special Offers

It has come to attention the last couple of weeks that people are selling Mustang parts and referring to our stock for details and incorrectly saying ‘we are out of stock’. It looks like some of the images that are being used are doctored to reflect no stock. We have an example of somebody selling ’64 – ’67 HiPo exhaust manifolds and again referencing our stock which can be found here. We have had many hits on our stock page for the same items as they are currently on ‘special offer’. As a result of the free advertising we have gotten, we have almost sold all of our stock. Not only that, we have also sold the corresponding gaskets, bolts and other hardware to go with the manifolds, which makes sense of course. So we would like to thank those people for directing your customers to us.

Due to the free advertising we have ordered more stock to replace the manifold special offers. Now that is what we call trying to be smart and having it backfire and doing us a favour instead. 😉

It’s always worth checking our special offers page here for our latest deals. More on our new stock lines a little later below.

Park & Pic

We mentioned that the first two people that bought our Leed Brake Disc Conversion Kits we would fit them free. We showed the first installation of them to Paul F’s ’63 Falcon.

We know that Paul is a busy man and with the money he saved from the free fitting, he was able to take advantage of our Collection & Delivery service in our dedicated covered truck. Not only that, he treated himself to the Pertronix Ignitor kit we also showed last week.

Paul is a very happy customer with his upgrades, and we’re pleased that he is happy.

Customer Cars

Shelanor is a bit of a unique project for us. Normally we won’t touch a car unless we can see it through to completion, but in this instance the owner of Shelanor has Four Mustang which we look after so we have done this customer a favour.

We will fit all the parts to the car using our own unique Eleanor moulded parts. Once the paint work has been completed the owner will take the car away to his own paint guy for paint prep ready for spraying. Once the painting has been completed the car will come back to us to complete the build.

Here the gas cap has been fitted to the rear of the side according to the templates of the original car we have.

We moved to the front and test fitted the headlights to mould and adjusted the opening to fit correctly.

The front needed a little fettling as no two cars are the same, but it has started to take shape.

Next we have the wheel arches to fit properly, add the filler and then it should be ready for paint.


Continuing from above we have had some serious stock arrive in the form of Shelby wheels, and some more Leed Brakes to replenish what we have already sold.

Keeping UK workers employed is a something quite close to Adam’s heart, especially in this pandemic lockdown. In order to do that Adam is sourcing parts made in the UK where he can, he has even commissioned parts to be made for just Mustang Maniac.

Our own specification 600lb rated progressive 1″ lowered springs have now gone into stock all made here in the UK. The first batch of fifty sets (yes fifty sets), arrived earlier in the week and we captured Adam inspecting the quality of the black powder coating is what he had asked for. These springs are top quality and are also on an introductory offer here on the ‘Special Offers’ page which are a LOT less than you think!

Our 1″ lowering kits have been selling well and received good feedback about the ease of fitting and quality. Our next batch of a dozen kits being labelled up for stock.

A new item in stock is the ’67 – ’68 hood lip trim. This is now available in stainless steel, its heavier, shiny and fits without any problems.

On the WebShop you may have noticed a section called “Blems”. This is a section where we have stock has no original packaging or minor marks on the products. The items are reduce accordingly, ideal for the person that wants to flip a car without paying to much for the parts. Click here for the page to see what we have on offer.

Take Care & Keep Safe

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Stop Right There

We start this post with the extremely sad news that one of the Motorsports broadcasting legends Murray Walker OBE, has passed away yesterday 13th March 2021 at the age of 97.

Murray was born 10th October 1923 and is of Scottish decent. He has been the staple motor sports commentator for every petrol head from the 70’s onwards. He left the army after the second World War and had successful but brief career in advertising. His voice was first heard in the early 60’s where he commentated on motor bikes with his father until 1962 where his father passed away. They were the only father and son commentary team at the time. He became the chief motor cycling commentator shortly after, then he progressed to rally cross in the 70’s and then British Touring Car Championships in the 70’s & 80’s. 1978 he became a full time BBC commentator for Formula 1 as well as any other motor sports events which were offered to him. He teamed up with (the late) James Hunt, a Formula 1 world champion from 1976 where they became a firm favourite with the fans the world over. He retired in 2001 but still remained a in the public eye with guest appearances and the occasional fill in commentary.

Hi flamboyant style of commentary was legendary with speaking at a fast pace keeping up with the action on track along with his unique animated enthusiasm. He was also know for his many “Murrayisms” (see the list below), when he got so excited and got the odd thing wrong now and again. Nobody minded and it was part of the fun which made motorsport an enjoyment to watch. He would remain standing during the races to keep him on his toes in more ways than one.

Some of those legendary ‘Murrayisms’:

  • “There’s nothing wrong with the car except it’s on fire”
  • “With half the race gone there is half the race to go”
  • “I imagine the conditions in those cars are totally unimaginable”
  • “Either that car is stationary or it’s on the move”
  • “Do my eyes deceive me or is Senna’s car sounding a bit rough?”
  • “And the first five places are filled with five different cars”

He had many many friends up and down the pit lane with team bosses, drivers like; James Hunt, Damon Hill, Martin Brundle (who he later teamed with for commentary when James Hunt died), Michael Schumacher, Sir Stirling Moss, Jackie Steward, David Coultard and many many other high profile names. His respect was often noted with other media teams around the world, often being a guest of honour at events when he retired or at the talks about his life that he gave.

Perhaps his most famous long term friendship was with Nigel Mansell 1992 F! World Champion who would often been seen together, being professional sometimes for interviews. 😉

One of the most famous moments was when Nigel Mansell won the 1987 F1 Austrian Grand Prix. While standing on the parade truck he banged his head on a low bridge. A large egg sized bump appeared on his forehead. Murray had a now famous interview with Nigel;

“Nigel first of all could you carefully and slowly take your hat off. You’ve got an enormous bump on your head, can you let us see it? Right up there, ooh I’m sorry!”

It was at that point that Murray accidently poked Nigel’s head where the large bump was. Nigel was in pain and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

R.I.P. Murray Walker, you will be missed.

Customer Cars

We have completed our first customer Leed Brakes conversion for free on Pauls’ very nice 1963 Ford Falcon.

First job was to remove the old brakes and doesn’t take Yogi long as it’s almost second nature now.

The master cylinder was removed and all fluids drained out.

The new parts laid out ready for fitting to the existing spindles after being checked that there was no excessive wear and tear or damage.

There the process of building up the rotors to the spindles.

The rotors were fitted into place with the wheel bearings and greased accordingly. Note the special tool we have that doesn’t damage the polished bearing cap.

The callipers are fitted on next.

Yogi with the copper slip coating (before being evened out) to allow the pads to slide into the callipers.

With the brake callipers in place new lines and brackets were fitted to the callipers.

The master cylinder take a little longer due to the confines of the location. The unmistakable brake line works of art can be seen too.

Then we bleed the brakes aligned the wheels to our own secret settings before take it for a test run. On return we checked the bleeds again and adjusted the brake pedal which invariably different from the stock drum position. The brake balance front to rear was set up to be a little bias to the front and then all was good with the world. We can’t go mad with the brake testing as the pads need to bed in little and settle to the rotors for a few miles. But, even at this new stage of fitting, stopping is significantly improved without fade along with a much better feel for the brake pedal.

We had another job which was to fit the Pertronix Ignitor ignition upgrade. This bit of kit replaces the the standard contact points setup for a more accurate electronic solution for fit and forget.

Old points and condenser on the right, new tech on the left. the parts shown located on the base plate of the distributor in their respective positions.

The distributor cam is replaced with a magnetic collar for the sensor to pick up the fire signals, and finally the rotor is replaced.

An upgrade you notice from the outside, but a big upgrade for performance vs stability at a reasonable cost depending on the type of Pertronix kit you want.

Well that’s one car fitted for free, we just need the next car in to show that one as well for you.

Stay Safe & Take Care.

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On The Right Side

Late this week we started the LEED Brake Conversion for FREE on a customers Falcon. We will bring you all the photos of the conversion process once we have finished it. Keeping on that note we have sold most of the LEED Brakes stock which was a little unexpected to be honest. In order to keep up with demand and replace what we had previously ordered, we will have more stock arriving early next week. Thank you for the enquiries about the Leed Brakes products, we were snowed under with emails for a few hours after the last post went up. We don’t think we missed anybody for a response. 🙂

Customers Cars

Ruddspeed right hand drive cars are quite rare and we have been looking after one for a number of years now and a good loyal customer of ours. The car came into us for a pair of front wings as they had gone a little rusty.

The rust was a little advanced to be restored as an economical comparison to a replacement.

We got a pair of new wings from our extensive stock and started the process of test fitting and then getting them ready for paint.

Once the fitting was fitted was confirmed and marked up for some minor adjustments to make sure for a perfect finish, the inside of the fenders were undersealed.

The outside was prepped for the process of underlayers of paint.

The insides of the Ruddspeed cars were done to a great standard at the time and they have certainly lasted the test of time. Seeing one for the first time can make you do a double take.


From our last few posts we mentioned that we have a ’67 shell project on the go. To help with that build we have in stock two amazing kits that we seriously recommend for purchase for a project this size.

These hardware kits are EVERYTHING you need to put together the car. All the screws, fittings washers, bolts etc. and they are all labelled up on where they go.

The first is the Body Kit: Click here for the link, we have all years 64 – 73.

This kit is everything for inside or on the car from the chassis up.

The second is the Chassis Kit: Click here for the link.

This kit is for everything under the car and under the hood.

We will be using these kits as it saves a lot of hassle of ordering parts and the postage associated with it. You can’t go wrong to be honest.


The other new line of stock we have is our very own made progressive sports springs for ’64 – ’73.

These springs give comfort to the ride of the car, yet if you push towards the limits the springs will start to make the handling of the car more sure footed.

If you want to order any of these items they are on the Webshop or drop us an email for more information.

Stay Safe & Take Care

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