Model Mustangs

Just after the Mustang launch, various die-cast model makers around the world sought Ford permission to produce models/toys of the now famous Mustang. While Ford did grant permission for some convertible and coupe versions to be made, their main focus at the time was on the newly introduced fastback. In the UK, both Dinky (model number 161) and Corgi (model numbers 320/325) managed to obtained rights to issue their models in 1965. Corgi at the time was considered to be the best likeness – with working suspension, jewel headlamps, opening doors and folding seats. The very early Corgi versions had wire wheels and some even had a Corgi dog seated on the parcel shelve.

Can you guess how many different Corgi versions of the 1965 Mustang Fastback were issued during 65/66?

The Answer:

Six initial models: silver, green, blue, purple metallic along with a flower power design (well it was the sixties after all!) and a ‘racing’ version in white with red stripes (the model came with various numbers so the buyer could put their own special number on). In addition, Corgi made all of the above as re-issues during the sixties using differing wheels and packaging (some models were re-issued a couple of times). They also produced what is now an extremely rare version of the racing car with extra stripes along the rocker panels.

It’s fair to say that they are all now extremely collectible – mainly by adults trying to recapture the memories of the toys they played with when they were young.




Thanks to Gary W for the Info.