The Custom Look

The major advantage of these Classic Mustang cars is the way they can be customised to your own personal taste. We have had a few superb examples in this week of such customisation. To start with we have had a Fastback in with a custom made red leather interior with embroidered pony on the seat backs. The carpets are nicely edged, the door cards to match, dash, headliner bar at the back and the speaker kick plate all custom finished. This is one quality and very well done interior.

The quickest way to change how a car looks (without paint) is the wheels. Here we have one of our old cars with an old set of Wolfrace rims. We swapped them out with the stock set of steels, white walls and the correct wheel trims. We will let you decide as each to their own taste of course, with these things, there is no right or wrong. Only the purists would have screamed sacrilege I expect!

The street race look with Wolfrace

The stock cruiser look, same car with a very different personality.


We have had another car in for a our bespoke LEDs ’64-’66 bespoke rear lights kit upgrade. As soon as these come in they go on the cars, we even have a waiting list for these kits now as they are so popular. You can see these in action on out YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Of course we have a lot of cars in new and old. This car is similar to ours but his has red racing strips on her. The difference is striking, would you want to take this on at a set of lights?

Try making these sort of changes to a modern car would be a real pain to say the least. But who is to say these changes from the stock look are right or  wrong?  We just love them all.

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Short Weeks

Easter week for us has turned out to be very busy and we are trying to squeeze in 5 days work into four for the next couple of weeks. That is often easier said than done unfortunately. We have had nearly all the parts delivered for some of the cars. We have had new stock in as well as an unusual newer generation Mustang for some minor work to be done on her. We have decided that we are going to recommend that when we do an engine rebuild or restoration we would like to have aluminium sprayed exhaust headers used. This will protect the exhaust, they don’t discolour and look amazing even after a year. For the relatively small cost and the big difference it makes, we think it’s worth while. We have added them to the 302 – 350bhp we will be fitting into our convertible project car.

We detailed this engine and fitted the aluminium coated headers, and after a year they look as good as new. Of course we can fit the polished stainless version, but they will go blue and require a lot of cleaning to keep them looking in top class condition.


We have had the seats arrive from the upholsterer and the full leather seats look perfect in the car and the smell on new leather in a classic car is really an amazing smell. The seats are black but the flash on the camera has lightened them up a little. We have also sent the centre console away now to match the seats as we wanted it to all match. Although what was there was fine, but we wanted that little extra special touch. The scuff strips will be fitted once the inside seating and console are finished. That’s it. she’s as good as done.


We have had some great looking parts in this week. For those who want to detail their engine then we have some nice air-filters for you.

We have had some nice fill chrome rocker covers come in as well, we have a variation of these in black and chrome which also looks fantastic on the car.


all chrome

all chrome


It seems as though we have a theme over the last few months of custom lighting again. We produce out own custom-made LED light kits, but this time we had a request for mirror lights. Now these are nothing new and you can buy them off the shelf, but not ours. We have had these made specially for us in Amber lighting instead of the standard red. They make a difference to say the least. We understand that some people will like them and some won’t. We have them so give us a call for more details. We will putting up a YouTube clip of the lights working and a sequential bonnet set too.


As it’s Easter we will have observation test – it’s not hard honestly.  Last week we mentioned we were going to do a little spring cleaning and we have stuck to that. So we decided to see if you can spot the difference on these two pictures.

Yep, we pulled out the white Shelby GT350 for a blast. She responded well to a little road test where the acceleration, gearbox and temperatures were all checked. A little fact for you, did you know that the gearbox on this car does not go into fourth until 110mph under heavy acceleration! Not that you can try that on our roads of course, but on tracks etc. it’s an awesome ride. We even took a customer out for a spin in her to as he showed some interest. He needed a little sit down and some fresh air when we got back. It was a brisk road test to say the least.

Mastic to Metal

The Final Chapter – Mastic to Metal

The week brings to an end the long journey of Mustang from mastic to metal. The classic ’67 Convertible transforming from a filler and mastic filled rusty dangerous car, into a safe drivable classic that will turn heads wherever she goes. We have had many views of this car’s journey to date, alas, it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend we have grown to love and proud of what she has become, the now legendary “Mastic” Mustang. The owner came down to inspect her a little while ago and wanted a few little upgrades, those upgrades are now fully completed. The upgrades were quite large and resulted in her going back to the ramps. The single exhaust is gone and new twin exhaust system is now in place. The custom-made LED conversion kit is now installed and working correctly. The last little luxury was the wooden steering wheel instead of the old original white one. The results are amazing, the car sounds like she means business, and with the hood down will make those sunny days out something to remember. The lights upgrade means that she can be seen from behind safely. The standard lamps are fine for America, but over here the flashing rears can be a little difficult to spot. We are pleased to say that the road test was as good as we expected it to be. We took her for her MOT which she obviously passed first time round. The owner will be picking her up this week and we wish him many happy hours driving her. We will be a little sad to see her go, but there will be more.  We have uploaded a video of this Mustang starting up on YouTube here,  or you can go to the quick link below.

A quick recap where she was when we got her:

Where we have taken her to now:

The end results:

The light(s) at the end of the tunnel:

Here the Mastic Mustang start-up on her new twin exhausts click on the YouTube link Below:

YouTube small

For the full story and journey of this car click: here

Stock News:


We have bought a stock of various gauges as they become available for various years and options. You can buy them of bid sites if you’re lucky but it’s a bit of gamble. Speak to us first to see if we have the new gauge you want for your car.


We were asked a while ago if we had any gas-filled shocks, we had a limited supply but we now have upped the stock to cater for this option should you wish to upgrade of course.

Swap Out

Lots to report this week:

We have had a busy week, and we are getting on very well with the cars that are almost at the end of their little projects. The good weather has enabled us to dry out our flooded panel shop and move cars around as we needed to without worrying about the customer’s cars getting wet. That means we had a swap out of cars in, and cars out. We have uploaded videos to YouTube and had new stock too.

KR Update:

This car has been fired up and as we expected sounds incredible with a slightly more modern sounding bark to the engine thanks to the exhausts. The amps have been set in place on carpet and the stainless steel fuel tank has been left exposed as requested. We think it’s a good shout as it does look pretty good sitting in there.

The engine has a couple of tiny links to be made for the pipes that are hidden outside the engine bay then that area is finished. We have fitted an electric Scott Drake fuel pump to her as we want to make sure there is no flat spot in the carb when it gets nailed going down the road. We made a custom bracket for the pump to protect it from the road rubbish.

The interior now has the centre console in place and the hand brake connected up. The seat upholstery should be with us soon and she is ready to roll.

Mastic Mustang Update:

This heading of the Mastic Mustang is a little unfair now as there is no mastic in this lovely car at all now. We thought she was done and ready to go, but the owner wanted a couple of little upgrades, replace the single exhaust to a duel exhaust system, the rear lights are to have our bespoke LED light board kit fitted and a new steering wheel. The exhaust system makes her sound lovely and with the top down she is now a pleasure to drive. Full story of the project start to finish can be found here.

One Man’s Mustang:

As we have made some space and sold a car or two we have made space for another vehicle to come in to us for the heavier side of restoration work. The vehicle is a ’66 project Coupe 289ci owned by a fellow blogger He has been a customer of ours now for a number of years and you can visit his blog where you can see his previous work to date on this car.

As she arrived and we got her of the lorry and straight up on the ramps to look at some of the previous work which may need to be redone, such as the shock tower and inner wings that weren’t very well done before Mart bought her. The chassis needs a little work too in the usual places and maybe replace a rear chassis leg. We will need a thorough check once we have taken the rotten panels off. But, once we have tidied up the chassis and replaced a few bits and a panel or two, we will line her all up then she should be ready for a little paint.

As we need the ramps for existing work to continue on Monday we pushed the Coupe out to her new home for a little while – our panel shop.

With the transporter lorry now cleared we were able to load up an Australian right hand drive ’67 Coupe which will be delivered to the owner on Monday. We have worked on this little lady before and all the work can be found here.

Unusual car in for a little work:

Another unusual car we have been asked to provide some tender loving care by us on this Rolls Royce. The owner also owns a couple of Mustangs that we have worked on. Not our normal car, but a pleasant change. The carpets in here are deeper than most of the carpets in a house!

New Stock:

We have a UK made Race prepared, heat-treated and zero balanced flywheel for your classic small block Mustang. This is not a cheap part but can make a lot of difference. Give us a call for our prices and availability.

small block fly

LED Lights:

We promised that we would post a link to our KR replica LED light work. The Shelby lights have had our one-off and bespoke LED lights made to fit and we have posted a link on YouTube to show them. As if by magic a customer of ours has taken a night-time video of the LED light board kit we offer for the ’65 – ’66 Mustangs and can also be found on our YouTube channel.

The quick links:

Our YouTube Channel click here

KR Replica light kit click here

’65 – ’66 LED light kit click here


Promotional Time

A limited promotional offer for our customers.

The orders have started to roll in from our on-line ordering and new website and we are pleased with the response and the feedback so far for the site. As a result we have decided to offer a little promotion of our bespoke Mustang Maniac laser cut, black-coated metal key hook for your treasured Mustang keys. In order to qualify for one of these special key holders, just make an order online with us over £50. If you are one of the first ten people to order we will send you out the key hook free with your order. Of course if you like it and was not lucky enough for the free one, but you would still want one at a very reasonable cost – let us know via email and we will see what we can do for you. They have been a very popular item since we have had them made, get one early for Fathers Day or Easter?



Mustang Maniac has a new company car for the guys to pick up small parts, (pints of milk or lunch from the village too),  or nipping between the different sites. For some reason the objected to the original idea of the antique bike! The car is not quite the big beast we are used to, but this will help the environment for those little run around jobs we all have to make now and again. The upside is the signwriting on the side, OK all over it promotes our business where ever we may go. You got to be Smart these days when it comes to cars.

KR update:

This has car has come a long way this week and the electrics are almost completed. The rear lights look incredible with the flasher units in place, we have added our bespoke running LED bulbs to the front of the car with clear lenses, they run a normal white side light, but when indicators are used they will flash orange. The main headlights are Ford badged right hand lenses to give the correct illumination to the road. We will be posting a very quick video of the front and rear lights in action on this car on our YouTube channel very soon. We will post an update when we have edited the footage together.

The dash has been fitted and looks very impressive next to the modern radio in the dash.

The exhaust needs a little more fine tuning to fit properly as we have added a rear anti-roll bar. We seriously recommend this upgrade if you are going to drive it like you stole it! The rear anti-roll bar makes quite a difference to the predictability of handling, especially with this much power on tap to hit the road.

The sound system is in which has some very nice mounting for the speakers in the rear, we just have to mount the twin amps in the rear quarters, you’re going to hear this coming down the road via the exhaust or hear the music, one way or the other it will turn heads!

The engine has been given some more very nice updates via the new polished power steering pump reservoir and looks fantastic against the black inner wings. We have swapped the spark plug leads to orange instead of the yellow to match the bodywork, a very subtle change, but it has made a huge difference. The Scott Drake Stainless fuel tank has also been fitted now.

The wheels are ready and when fitted they just set the whole car off. Not sure how long the first set of boots will last on this spectacular car, but if it were our car, they wouldn’t last that long 🙂

The interior is being fabricated at the moment and we will bring another update of interior when we fit that in. We have of course updated the ’68 KR Replica page in the Customer Cars section as well for the whole story.


A large delivery of rear leaf springs has been delivered as we seemed to have sold a number of them fairly quickly for some reason. More stainless steel parts have arrived and we are pleased with the polished Monte Carlo bars, again a couple have already been sold as the older and tired chrome ones have been replaced.

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KR Replica Update

Things are moving on very nicely with the KR replica. We are now finishing the custom exhaust, rear lights and detail of the engine. The inside has the shifter in place and the custom wiring location is looking very good for that under the hood minimalistic look which was a request for this build. The sound proofing is in to insulate the cabin from the bark of the exhausts. The air conditioning has been piped up and the rest of the water pipes are being fitted. The oil sump is polished, the exhaust is polished, the door strikers are polished and the whole look of the car just begs your attention. The rear lights have had some of our bespoke LED lighting units fitted into the classic all red lenses that will flash orange for the indicators, but they can’t be seen until used which will maintain that stock factory look. Detail on this car is fantastic and has to be seen to be believed.

Our Yard:

Meanwhile all this great work has been going on with the KR we were caught unaware by a flash flood. It looks like a small section of a stream not to far from us was blocked and water backed up very quickly and crept into the yard. The water also got to one of the workshops, but we fired the pump up and drained it all out, but as the stream was full it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. We would like to point out that the customers cars were out of the way in other work shops so they were safe which is a priority of course. The one workshop with water and a customer car was lifted into the air, Sorted. The dogs were a little confused by the water although a couple of them didn’t seem to mind! It could have been a lot worse.

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Sign of the times

It’s been a busy week, we are slowly getting there with our stock being allocated space and the customers cars are queuing up. We are excited about our range of LED lights that are a direct replacement for the stock bulbs. These are safer, brighter, clearer and should stop the MOT centers moaning about your classic. There will be a video of these in action but for now you can see the inside here, or go to our Products tab. I have added the newer items we now have, like the steering wheels, glass, and our new Rack & Pinion replacement for the early Mustangs.

But to top all that, we now have our new sign up. People were saying they couldn’t find us. Perhaps this bigger sign might help, it was an excuse to get the new logo up as well, now it matches the blog as well. We are still waiting for the website to arrive with a full price list and ordering function.

new sign

new sign

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