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Lots to report this week:

We have had a busy week, and we are getting on very well with the cars that are almost at the end of their little projects. The good weather has enabled us to dry out our flooded panel shop and move cars around as we needed to without worrying about the customer’s cars getting wet. That means we had a swap out of cars in, and cars out. We have uploaded videos to YouTube and had new stock too.

KR Update:

This car has been fired up and as we expected sounds incredible with a slightly more modern sounding bark to the engine thanks to the exhausts. The amps have been set in place on carpet and the stainless steel fuel tank has been left exposed as requested. We think it’s a good shout as it does look pretty good sitting in there.

The engine has a couple of tiny links to be made for the pipes that are hidden outside the engine bay then that area is finished. We have fitted an electric Scott Drake fuel pump to her as we want to make sure there is no flat spot in the carb when it gets nailed going down the road. We made a custom bracket for the pump to protect it from the road rubbish.

The interior now has the centre console in place and the hand brake connected up. The seat upholstery should be with us soon and she is ready to roll.

Mastic Mustang Update:

This heading of the Mastic Mustang is a little unfair now as there is no mastic in this lovely car at all now. We thought she was done and ready to go, but the owner wanted a couple of little upgrades, replace the single exhaust to a duel exhaust system, the rear lights are to have our bespoke LED light board kit fitted and a new steering wheel. The exhaust system makes her sound lovely and with the top down she is now a pleasure to drive. Full story of the project start to finish can be found here.

One Man’s Mustang:

As we have made some space and sold a car or two we have made space for another vehicle to come in to us for the heavier side of restoration work. The vehicle is a ’66 project Coupe 289ci owned by a fellow blogger http://onemanandhismustang.com He has been a customer of ours now for a number of years and you can visit his blog where you can see his previous work to date on this car.

As she arrived and we got her of the lorry and straight up on the ramps to look at some of the previous work which may need to be redone, such as the shock tower and inner wings that weren’t very well done before Mart bought her. The chassis needs a little work too in the usual places and maybe replace a rear chassis leg. We will need a thorough check once we have taken the rotten panels off. But, once we have tidied up the chassis and replaced a few bits and a panel or two, we will line her all up then she should be ready for a little paint.

As we need the ramps for existing work to continue on Monday we pushed the Coupe out to her new home for a little while – our panel shop.

With the transporter lorry now cleared we were able to load up an Australian right hand drive ’67 Coupe which will be delivered to the owner on Monday. We have worked on this little lady before and all the work can be found here.

Unusual car in for a little work:

Another unusual car we have been asked to provide some tender loving care by us on this Rolls Royce. The owner also owns a couple of Mustangs that we have worked on. Not our normal car, but a pleasant change. The carpets in here are deeper than most of the carpets in a house!

New Stock:

We have a UK made Race prepared, heat-treated and zero balanced flywheel for your classic small block Mustang. This is not a cheap part but can make a lot of difference. Give us a call for our prices and availability.

small block fly

LED Lights:

We promised that we would post a link to our KR replica LED light work. The Shelby lights have had our one-off and bespoke LED lights made to fit and we have posted a link on YouTube to show them. As if by magic a customer of ours has taken a night-time video of the LED light board kit we offer for the ’65 – ’66 Mustangs and can also be found on our YouTube channel.

The quick links:

Our YouTube Channel click here

KR Replica light kit click here

’65 – ’66 LED light kit click here


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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