NSRA Show 2017

Last weekend Mustang Maniac and friends headed out to the National Street Rod Association show in Bedfordshire which is always a good day out and a popular show. The sun was out and so was the vast array of cars that turned up. So without much more waffling from us, here are some of the pics from the show:

Adam just can’t seem to get away from “that” John Wick by the car pose!

Yogi was chillin’ and says his new foot attire matches his car!


We have had a first sample or trial of some new ’64 – ’66 tail light lenses. These are clear and look best on the LED Euro boards we stock. Now we can imagine that you either love these or hate them. So thanks to Lance who kindly took them of our hands to try them in his ’65.

Let us know your thoughts on the clear lenses – do we stock them or not? Our customers yet again get to decide for us. ūüôā

Please vote and let us know what you think.

Customer Cars:

We had a nice ’67 in the classic Highland Green in our workshops, as seems to be the case now days this was taken apart, but the rebuild was a bit too much so we were tasked with putting her back to together again.

’65 home made parts

We had to sort out an issue on a ’65 coupe that had issue with the gearbox member. We soon found out why – as it was a home-made part. not a bad effort, but hardly ideal. We suspect that the time and effort to make it would have been more than the replacement part itself.

What Adam Didn’t Say:

“Thanks” to facebook (sarcastic overtones intended, with the lower case letter as it doesn’t deserve its correct name), Adam’s well known name of “Mustang Man” has now been rejected after TEN YEARS! To say that Adam wasn’t to happy was an understatement. So we can’t actually put what Adam said about them. But, those who know Adam will know exactly what he may or may not have said! As a result Adam has now had to choose another name, a Mr. Wayne Kerr is now on facebook. So if the facebook dictatorship decides to reject this name as well, Adam will not be on facebook anymore! This change for no real reason after TEN YEARS, has also caused config issues with the blog as well. Rant over! (Did we mention that name has been in use for TEN Years?)

What Adam did Say:

That having children or grand children all need to be brought up correctly by having an appreciation of American cars:

We think a booster seat may be needed in this case though!

Cunning As A Fox

The week started of very well with the arrival of the freshly painted ’69 back from the paint shop, the down side is we needed to make room for her as all the spaces we had lined up were all taken with mostly service type of work this week. We promised last week that there would be an update on the Fox body LED conversion we have bespoke, one-off, custom-made from the ground up, or perhaps we should call it the mark 1 version for now.

Park & Pic.

This ’66 Coupe is owned by Adam D. who has only had this little lady for a number of weeks. Adam bought this car in to us the previous weekend for a look over as he wasn’t sure what to make of her. So both the Adams took her out for a road test and the verdict was made. She was booked in with us during the week for a good old sort out and little loving care that ONLY Mustang Maniac can provide.

The car was running a little rough on her very first visit, so we had an impromptu air filter change and a default setting carb tuning, all on a Saturday morning while the mandatory cup of tea was to be had. So if the phones were not being answered – here is a perfect example why.

Once we had the car in this week, we could have another good look over her, the car is not in a too bad at all and quite clean underside. The main concern was that the front drum brakes had been converted to a discs, nothing wrong with that of course. But, there is a problem when the conversion was left with the original single pot master cylinder and booster in place. As a result there was not enough back pressure to keep the pads from dragging on the discs. As a result this was slowing the car down, using more fuel to get going and making things hot. You can see the old single pot master cylinder here at the back right which should be a dual version with disc brakes.

There was a smell of petrol from the back and it was obvious that the fuel tank had a crease in it, from what looks like it was backed over something, which was in turn seeping fuel slowly, and certainly required a new one. The car was up on the ramps fuel tank was swapped out, and the work started on the master cylinder change over to the correct dual cylinder that should be used, the brakes were bleed and properly adjusted all round. The brake pedal was adjusted to the new cylinder push rod. This in turn highlighted the hand brake that was also needing adjusting correctly now too. The car had a little quirk where the gear shifter needed a little wiggle to start and the transmission lever would not stay in Park. The safety cut out and the transmission selector lever connected correctly and adjusted, tested and all was now fine. Next up to be sorted out was the engine running, starting with the spark plugs out and the new ones gapped and refitted. Holley default settings were dialled in and the fine tuning started from there. The timing was out and needed resetting which helped a great deal for the initial running and idling. Next was the air/fuel mixture carb settings, Yogi demonstrated his dark art of engine tuning by feel, response and sound. It’s OK setting the mixtures to “what the book of words says”, but, “if it doesn’t run right what’s the point? All engines are different,” said the bear. Once the engine was now the best it could be for the garage setup, it was time for a full road test. The car came back with a small list of final tweaks for the carb setting under load, and that the speedo was reading 10mph to slow which required a new speedo gearing to fix that. The brakes were now spot on and bedding in nicely, but now we had a little wheel balancing to do to get rid of the wobble at speed.¬†Another road test and all was good in the retest.

In fact the Owner Adam D. sent us a pretty awesome email, as he was well pleased. I’m sure he won’t mind sharing this little clip with you;

“The work that you guys at Mustang Maniacs have done on the car was phenomenal – differences you have made since you got it and did a couple of days work, pulls and accelerates noticeably better – absolutely beautifully and even sounds better.¬†¬†The brakes also seem to work so much better and it handles and steers so so much better in the bends and straight – no more steering wobble or unnoticeable !!!¬†Petrol consumption is also so much better – really very noticeable indeed.”

We are pleased that we have another happy customer who can really enjoy their car which is just how it should be.

Fox Body LEDs

We promised this last week so here it is; A new acquisition Fox Body Mustang was bought into us, the requirement was to have some flashing amber LEDs to make it UK road legal keeping the stock look of the lenses. Now we don’t have a ready-made kit for that, so it was time for Adam and Yogi to design and make a bespoke set of LEDs. The guys are keeping this one a secret on how they done it for now, so there is no circuit boards allowed to be shown, but we can show you the results.

The rear assemblies were taken apart to expose the lenses. We think they look great.

Before the custom Mustang Maniac Fox lights were fitted they were tested off the car and here is that test.

The owner is one very happy chap too.

’69 Rebuild New Paint

We have had a bare metal respray back from the paint shop and now ready for that rebuild. There is just something magical watching a car unloaded with her new paint. This is going to be a cracking looking car once she is done!

But before we can start work on her – we need to clear a couple of cars out first. We are looking forward to this build.

A Restoration First?

While we have been busy posting about our SEMA 2016 trip, there has been a few changes going on behind the scenes. We have removed the “graveyard” where the old cars awaiting our magical touches. And will be replaced with a “little project” Adam has in mind. Those cars will now be going into storage in the big shed for now. Yogi realising that these will be coming his way soon!

We are still planning on posting the SEMA 2016 day four as well as the Shelby Heritage Museum tour we promised you over the coming week. We had taken almost nine hundred pictures that day and we still need to sort out the better pics to upload for you.

A first for the Restoration industry?

So back to the what we do best, showing you what we do.¬†As we like to think we are pretty unique we have made some serious decisions while we were in Las Vegas over a beer or two. We currently have our Mustang Maniac Forum that is popular, but it has started to die down. This is not unique to our forum though, it’s happened to a lot of other forums too. The mobile phone is the communication device for emails, photo’s and keeping up with the world on the go. So logging into a forum with passwords on a mobile, leaving a reply, then waiting for a response all takes just to long in this busy world of ours. So we had an idea and are very excited it, that idea has taken off very well with a small “trial” invited group of members.

We have created a Facebook Chat group called “Mustang Maniacs“.


From there you can see some real-time updates from us along with updates¬†from other members of the group. Now this group is going to be all about Mustangs or Fords, so there is none of this “I’m popping out for a pint of milk” rubbish. However if you said “I’m going out in my Mustang to an event” – that’s a whole new conversation to be had. We have now opened this up this new group to everybody to upload their car pictures, stories for others to comment on or just to read what we and others are up to. If you have a question – members from the Mustang Maniac forum may have that answer for you, on the group now. If you have a technical sales question; we still request you email adam@mustangmaniac.co.uk¬†for further details as normal, we won’t be doing business on the group. There are moderators who will be keeping an eye on things too, so keep it nice and no moaning, or you could find yourself blocked. To show this all in action we had a three-way example view. We had to get a customer’s car out from storage to be moved to the panel shop. Lance “live” streamed the move to the Mustang Maniacs Group, we also took pictures of the¬†live streaming in progress for the blog here. Filming the filming if you like.

The car being moved.


Lance filming and the live stream


The live feed as it happened


Click here to see the full live feed, or copy this to your browser Р https://www.facebook.com/lance.barrington/videos/10154775131952418/

With the car moved into the workshop Yogi took a selfie for the group:


What was he looking at?


So we hope you can see how want it to work, a snapshot in time of Mustang Maniacs, and like minded people. We want people to interact with us, we shall try to post and upload where we can. Of course you can post your own pics and comment on others as you see fit. Remember; banter is good, moaning and insults are not. Show us your projects, tell us your thoughts, ask us what we think, send us a message, anything car related.

Let us know what you think.

So how many other car restorations out there show you what they do as it happens? Of course the blog is here to stay, and it will continue to give a little more in-depth behind the scenes as we always do. For a quick moment in time or chat with us and other members; join us at Mustang Maniacs! That leads us very nicely into the next section:

Customer’s Cars:

’67 Convertible Full Restoration

This is a new project that the Yogi will be starting soon. It’s a ’67 289cid Convertible, which needs some serious attention. We aim to bring this project to you step by step as you would expect. This is the car that was moved in the live stream from above.

We are looking for a nickname for this car now. Perhaps the owner Mark may have an idea for us?


The¬†’69 with the new front end has been taken off the jig after Yogi had welded the new panels back in place. The car was moved to Yogi ‘s work shop (Yogi says that’s an upgrade for a¬†car accommodation), where the work can be continued under the car. The underside will need to be rubbed down in order for the final welding to be completed. The rubbing down and grinding work can be heard going on in the background of the live video we mentioned above.

The new front looks great and won’t be long before she is off to paint.

Chris’s Coupe

The last few weekends since Chris has got back from Vegas he has been working hard to get his car ready for some metal work and body prep. Chris had stripped and rubbed the inside of the engine bay down and has started to paint it. Being in the storage shed Chris had a flood light on the engine bay. from a distance it looked like a little star shining down on him!


We suspect that the complete engine bay will be done by the end of the day (Saturday). A good start and there is nothing like seeing your first coats of paint going on the car. It transforms the whole car from a work in progress to a restoration under way.


Adam like to keep an eye on things for sale and see what the Mustang Market is up to. On this occasion he contact a guy who was selling an engine. The story is that the previous owner took it out of a car and nobody knows much about the engine. Adam was sent a few photo’s and bought it straight away. Why, because he knew this was “special” to the other blocks that come up for sale. The chrome rocker covers were rusty as was the sump. No problems there as they can be replaced. But taking the rocker covers of the engine, Adam’s suspicions were correct. He had found a little diamond in the rough. Adam and Yogi

What we have here is a brand new block with a very nice set of GT40P heads on it.


The guys continued to strip the rest of it apart to see what was going on.

This was a new rebuilt engine and the cylinders still had the honing marks on them. The timing chain was new as were the valves, cam and the cam rollers.

What did Adam think? Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words. Speaking of thousands; Adam reckons the work that had gone into the engine and the use of Ford stamped parts, “You can easily add a nought to what I paid for this engine, bargain!” Shame that luck didn’t run with him on the card tables at Las Vegas!


Adam pointed out the differences on the heads and how he spotted it. The GT40P heads needed better springs to make use of the valve openings depending on cam and the larger exhaust porting. Headers will need to be specific GT40P fits. The headers are right up there with the fabled “HiPo” units, apart from modern alloy heads this is about as good as it got. But a lot of people want originality and more power. What we have here is both.

Next week we intend to be concluding our SEMA 2016 posts.

Cars & Prom Night

Another big post for you this week, lots of pictures of the Mustang Maniac clew go on tour to the USA. OK, so when we say the USA technically it is the USA bu located in the UK. we of course mean Lakenheath where there was a “Wings & Wheels” show, the first one as last years was cancelled due to a security issue. The guys were a little undecided as to whether they should go or not due to the weather which was looking unpredictable. But they decided to go anyway. Lance & his fianc√©e Sam drove his ’65 to Paul’s house where he and his son Mason where waiting. Unfortunately they picked up an additional passenger in the shape of a bird that meet his grill head on. They were a little delayed removing the remains from the front of the car. The drive was about forty mins where they meet Mart at McDonald’s for breakfast. We do have pictures, but it wasn’t pretty!

The place was busy with lots of cars meeting up ready for the next five-minute trip up the road. Mason was filming the trip and we have a couple of them here. The wind noise is expected from leaning out the window, but not to bad at all.


Security was incredibly tight there and photo ID had to be shown while you were held at a waiting points. Above Lance and Paul were looking at the other cars. The cars were called into an area and searched while you had to wait in a cabin where you couldn’t see what was going on. Searches done the cars were all escorted into the show area which was part of a standing area by the side of the runway, each space was allocated per car. There was supposed to be about four hundred cars there according to one of the machine gun-toting guards, but there was less than half of that by the looks of it.

The cars were parked up and wander around the area that you were not allowed to leave unless security escorted away. There was plenty to do for youngsters in the shape of a fun fair, a few stalls selling pulled pork, sausages, burgers and other various American goodies taking payment in dollars and pounds.

After an hour you had seen everything to be honest as there nothing else there to see or do as you weren’t allowed away from the designated area.

At two thirty there was a Spitfire which did a run over the airfield and back, by the time the camera was out, it had gone. There was a promise of a Vulcan bomber to fly over at five thirty, but that didn’t happen either. The only thing that did open was the rain. It was forecast light showers, it looked like the entire rain fall of the USA happened within a few hundred yards where the cars were parked up for the afternoon.

After the downpour that lasted for quarter of an hour or so, the sun came out; so did the drying towels, chamois leathers, micro fibre cloths and yet more lovingly applied wax to the cars. The weather held off for the rest of the afternoon we are glad to say. At five in the afternoon it was award time, a customer of ours picked up a trophy on the day, so well done to him.

lakenh54The guys managed to get their cars next to each other for the afternoon photo shoot which worked out quite well in the end.

Lance and Sam posed for a quick candid picture, Mason who had a very busy day was counting raindrops and trying to catch them during his snooze!

Big thanks to Paul, Mason, Lance, Sam & Mart for sharing their photos with us. 

Customers Cars:

We had a big block engine in that was blowing from the exhaust manifold. The trouble with the big blocks are you can’t get tot he bolts properly as they are so close to the shock towers. We had tightened the manifolds up previously in place¬†as best we could to try and keep the costs down. But, it wasn’t working to well and after a while they started to blow again which left us scratching heads a little. So could only mean one thing; it was engine out time.

Once we started to remove the manifolds it was obvious why, a previous fitting in the USA had put a double exhaust manifold gaskets in place. One had broken down and no amount of tightening was going to repair it. We fitted the correct manifolds this time and should now be fine again.

Prom Night:

Mustang Maniac to the rescue again. Something we have adopted from the USA is prom nights. Adam has known Kane since he was six years old and now it was time for his prom night. What else could be better than to rock up to school in a Classic Shelby KR? Kane and his mate Sam were duly delivered in style, not before a few pictures first though. Glad to help out for such a good cause. ūüôā

Adam on “Brexit”:

There is so much waffle at the moment about trade deals with the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. So in Adam’s very own words he explained how it works; “I made my own trade deal, you email them, you pay them, they send it”. So here is the proof, yet again that this idea seems to work very well. Another big delivery of Mustang parts that will be sorted out and added to the WebShop as soon as we can.


Office Phones:

We have been super busy with the cars, stock deliveries and order dispatches, road tests, MOT’s, holiday season etc. Something has to give, the phones are the first thing that gets relegated down the list. We don’t like doing it, but sometimes it’s the only way we can deal with all the things going on at the time. When we are taking a big block out of a car and the phone is ringing to ask if we have something in stock or not, it does cause some issues. We can only say again – the stock list is 100% up to date on the WebShop, if its says it’s in stock – honestly, it’s in stock. We have been successful with¬†the out of hours email service we provide, which is a lot more than other companies will provide we might add here. So please send us emails and pictures of the questions you need for a part you might need or cant find on the WebShop as it makes it easier for us to give you the correct answer. No matter how hard you try, descriptions over the phone are never as good as a photo.


We finish up with a little request from Yogi (Allan), the picture speaks for itself. Yogi would appreciate it if you could let him know. Thanks.


Spring Clean

This week has been very busy again with a much-anticipated delivery of parts from the USA,¬†we were not disappointed with it that’s for sure, but more of that later. We have also continued the clearing up of the yard, a spring clean in the summer.¬†We have also had a more than usual¬†number of cars to look after.¬†Regular visitors will notice¬†the changes to the yard, we have moved some of the long-standing cars, including a rare genuine factory optioned GT that we just haven’t got round to restoring yet, to their new hopefully temporary homes. The cars¬†were all under tents and on the backs of lorries awaiting their fate, or¬†decision.¬†We think the sun and hot weather has made the decisions much easier, either that or Adam got a little sunstroke! Anyway¬†moving on,¬†the space will be used for customer cars delivery and collection, valeting and new larger enclosure for the guard dogs. The skip will be going now as we have two other small skips that we¬†now¬†use. The big result is that we can now even turn our transporter lorries around without any problems at all now,¬†a first for Mustang Maniac.


Customer’s Cars:

We often have cars that have been bought and not much is know about the history of the car. We have a real gem of a rare car and its full history. We now see this car each year for a service and an MOT, we also discuss the next little projects. This really is a fantastic looking car. Thanks to Gary who has kindly given us the following information so we could put it on our blog:

This particular car was built the day before the Mustang launch and was ordered by Ford centrally as dealer launch stock.
Originally when the car was bought¬†it came with very little U.S. history, so after 6 months researching¬† late last year a real stroke came Gary’s way. A visit to a vintage Mustang forum and a¬†random search¬†for ‘Pagoda Green D code convertible’ was made and up popped a trail from 2007 discussing the colour of the James Bond mustang from Goldfinger.¬†One member¬†commented that¬†“it’s not pagoda green as I had one of those with the rare d code engine in the late 90s”. He came from Terre Haute, Indiana – the last known address of my car!¬†The member was contacted and sure enough, he had owned¬†the car. Over the next few months and with his help and many letters sent to the U.S., since then¬†a full history has been traced¬†from¬†new.
Gary is the¬†9th owner (including 3 dealers). It spent all of its U.S. life in a 40 mike radius of Terre Haute Indiana and its 99k mileage appears to be genuine. The first owner was a banker from Paris Illinois (20 miles from Terre Haute) and really wanted a dark blue car, but as Mustangs were in short supply at launch he had the dealer paint it dark blue. In the late 70s fashions had changed and red convertibles were in vogue so he had it then been painted red. He part-ex’d it in the mid 80s for a mid 50s Thunderbird.¬†A dealer bought it for his son’s 18th birthday, restored it underneath (which is as it is today albeit with a few local repairs). The son kept it for 4 years and sent me photos of it in red with him proudly sat in it. The 3rd owner was a Terre Haute business man who kept it until 1995 and his son also sent me a photo of it. The 4th owner who was Gary’s¬† initial contact) checked the vin and realised it was an important, rare early car.¬†He proceeded to have¬†it bare metalled and painted back to its original rare colour of Pagoda Green – Ford only sold this colour for the first two months of production then changed it to Tropical Turquoise. It is suggested that only 200 Pagoda Green D Code Convertibles with White Trim were produced. He also replaced the worn trim and fitted sports wheels.¬†He then sold the car to his attorney (who kept pestering him to sell it) in 2001. The attorney guy was the last U.S. Title owner in the car file when¬†Gary bought it, he had kept it until 2007¬†only driving it 800 miles. The car then went to Malta via a trader in the UK, where¬†he kept it until late 2012 when it was imported to the UK. It was correctly registered and¬†Gary bought it from¬†the dealer.


Gary has given us a great idea, we would like to our customer cars on our blog with their history. So if you can give us the details we will put them on our blog with some pictures. Who knows we may be able to establish a pattern of movements?

Chris’ i6:

Work has started on Chris’ coupe in the yard at long last. He was seen with a grin on his face and an 18v¬†Snap On impact wrench. The suspension needed to be removed along with all the other bits, so we have some first day restoration pics. There was some helpful hints on how to remove seized steering joints without damaging the threads!

There was some more pics of the work along with the ceremonial handing over of the Mustang Maniac scraper from Mart to Chris with them shaking hands and having a laugh. As John pointed out the looks on the faces were¬†“I’ve done it – you’re doing it”. But some dip stick¬†had deleted the pics during the transfer to the PC for upload. Yes he has been ridiculed, he will be made to take a bath in used engine oil as punishment. ūüôā

Acapulco Coupe:

Mart’s¬†Acapulco Coupe is getting more of the pretty bits and functional parts added to the car. The washer jet¬†pump was not working so needed to be replaced. We are at a point now where have given the car a little something special. For a our full restorations we have a little tag¬†placed on the car.¬†We stuck a¬†certificate if you like, on the car to show it has met with our highest levels of restoration for a rebuild project, Mart’s number is 35. We are proud to put our name¬†to our restoration projects and the work we do.



We mentioned earlier in the post that we have had some stock delivered. We have been waiting for these for a while now and ordered a few sets to get us started. These are on now on our WebShop, but the image does not do them justice at all. They are bespoke to Scott Drake Magnum 500 styled wheels which are made from a machined Aluminium Alloy. Available in Gloss Black and a real beautiful satin silver. The wheels had been in stock less than 24 hours and we have sold a set already.




Quick links to the WebShop to buy them here:


A Bit On The Side

We have been blessed with glorious weather this week and as a result managed yet another tidy up of the yard. This time we had an agenda to get Chris’ i6 from round the back to the front so we can start work on it. Not in the workshop? Nope, we have a car in the panel shop at the moment taking up the space, but we want to give Chris¬†a chance to get on with his car. The first job is to see what is underneath the car which require plenty of scrapping and grinding and filling. If you remember we had Mart’s coupe at a similar stage about eighteen months ago. Now Chris is stepping up to walk that same long path. The dirt and dust will be outside so better for Chris and the workshop. The car has had the axle removed so was sitting on axle stands at the back. The present and unique problem of how to move a car that was rolled in had to be solved? Adam got the forklift out and had an idea. Pick up the back via chains and wheel it round. The second problem was that the car was half on a¬†rotisserie that need to be¬†removed in order¬†to move it. We had some very welcome guests down who kindly gave up their time to help out. Spence and Paul thanks very much for your help. The car was moved to the main yard where it was perched while the areas were made clear. chris1

A space near the fence was cleared for Adam’s resto mod project, and next to it Chris’ i6 was going to get a new home for a while. We will be making an enclosure to keep them dry and away from the elements. The car was again fixed to the forklift and moved near to its new home.

It was turning out to be a complete nightmare to move the car into position on a chain so Adam had a back up plan B. move it via the forks.

The weight of the car was very front heavy so it required a very technical balancing act!


Chris taking a ride in his own car

The car was dropped on the axle stands and the more genuine technical work to bolt it to the rotisserie.

With the car bolted up and balanced we turned the car over and for the first time Chris was able to look at his work for the next few months. There was of course plenty of innuendo around having a bit on the side, let alone having two bits on the side at the same time. Yes we know its corny but we found it funny (again). anyway, the centre bar was bolted in place and a celebration cup of tea was required to go with the melted chocolate cakes, Chris was volunteered for the tea duty honours, well it was his car after all.

Chris did point out that one part of the car wouldn’t be rusty, right where the oil leak was.

Other News:

We had a guest vehicle brought over to us to have a look at, not our immediate field of expertise, but not a bad car on first glance – a Pontiac GTO that was parked up next to 66 convertible.

We have a couple of cars awaiting collection in the main workshop and grabbed a couple of pics of their ghostly presence.

 Mini Article:

Firstly a big thank you to Gary W. who is¬†an Ex-Ford employee from a senior position. Gary often brings us in his incredible knowledge, as well as some very unusual items. This week was no different as we were asked what this was: tooltag Obviously Ford, we thought employee tag, we were close. Gary informed us this was an employee tool tag. The Tag or Chit or Crib was taken to the store when a specific tool was required, the employee’s Tag was hung in the borrowed tool’s place. Thus denoting who had the tool and where it could be located. Once the tool was returned the tag was given back to the employee. We have a seen a single note that says there were five tags per employee. We haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere else yet. We have been looking for more information on these fantastic little pieces of history and found the following incomplete information so far: The Ford River Rouge Complex (commonly known as the Rouge Complex or just The Rouge) is a Ford Motor Company automobile factory complex located in Dearborn, Michigan, along the Rouge River, upstream from its confluence with the Detroit River at Zug Island. Construction began in 1917, and when it was completed in 1928 it had become the largest integrated factory in the world. From what can gather they started in 1932 they were still using them in 1954. They¬†switched to a plastic photo ID sometime later, we are not exactly sure when though. They used most of the letters from A to Z, but so far only found these references: A – Motor building. B –¬†Motor building, paper. C –¬†Plant, Tank engine, Power plant, Specialty Foundry. N – Stock, Blacksmiths. W – Crankshaft, Dies, Jigs. We would love to know the full list of the codes that were used, if you have any information or correct what we have found to date,¬†then please let us know. We would like to have a little article in it’s own right. Thanks again GW for another little piece of the jigsaw,¬†Gary gave us¬†four tags which¬†were given out to¬†our very lucky guys¬†who would honestly appreciate them.


Update 12/7/2015:

Comment from Gary 17:14

Hi, thanks for mentioning the tags in the blog. The reason I personally think they are very special is that the River Rouge plant complex was the very first motor factory built to handle the complete process of building a vehicle ‚Äď from making steel and cast iron through to wood processing, casting, pressing and assembly. Henry believed that was the only way to make the cars affordable ‚Äď and he could control every stage. He also wend the mines producing the ore and the forests growing the timber. So the Rouge was where our beloved car business all started. Up to that point various factories and suppliers worked to build a car. From that point all future car makers would try to emulate the Rouge. If the tags have ‚ÄėR‚Äô stamped before the word Rouge they are the very earliest tags‚Ķso come from the pockets of Ford workers who were in the business from the very start! History is great eh? Gary

Thanks Gary.

Route ’66

For the next two weeks Adam is on holiday, he tells us it’s a much deserved break for some reason! ūüôā If you need to order any parts the WebShop will be functioning as normal, or call Yogette who will be running the office in the mean time.

The blog is planning to do is something a little different for¬†the next¬†couple of weeks.¬†Adam will be travelling the world-famous Route ’66 in a Mustang with his wife Lynn, what we hope will happen is that he will be posting a couple of pics each day or every other day when something takes his fancy. All this can only happen¬†providing he has a cell phone signal to do so of course.¬†He also wants to see if anybody will catch up with him on the road to say “Hi” and have their pic on the blog too. We shall see.

Anyway this week has been absolutely stupid busy. We managed to reunite three cars with their owners again and a couple of those eagerly awaited pick ups were on Saturday morning. We even managed to take a few pictures of the owners with their cars and we would like to thank them for letting us do so.

First up was Colin who called in to pick up his lovely black Coupe that makes the windows rattle when it starts up or pulls away, a noisy little number who’s exhausts sound pretty mean with the new 330bhp engine. Colin was obviously happy with the sound and the look of the car. Adam was there on hand to explain what had been done so far and how to drive the car for the first 1000 miles or so until she settles down. The last part that we were waiting for was the new Pertronix distributor which arrived late last week. A bit of rush to get it all fitted, set up and settled down, but we got there. We will obviously get the car back from Colin as a standard follow-up procedure for all our new engines,¬†just to double-check all is OK after the 1000 miles¬†to change the oils and run a selection of spanners back over it.

Colin gets ready to hit the road, and we would like to say –¬†“Yes Colin,¬†we could still hear you quarter of a mile away down the road!” ūüėČ


Update: 23/3/2015

This little section we incorrectly referred to Colin as Chris. We apologise Colin and as for the daft individual who composed this post we promptly shoved a spanner where the sun don’t shine. Sorry Colin.

Next up to go¬†was a “Hertz Rent a Racer” ’65 fast back, which have been working on when we had a little time in between jobs. A very nice car now that just needed a couple of little bits doing to it here and there. We also have a new member for the Yogi Fan Club¬†too¬†because Andy wanted to have a GT350 fuel cap fitted, as Yogi was about he volunteered to fit it for Andy.

Andy posed for a quick pic by his car before he too hit the road.


Shortly after all the departures had gone, we had a genuine and rare T5 returned to us for a little work and some Mustang Maniac TLC. We hope to have those pictures ready for you in the next week or so. We are glad to welcome this little lady back again.


The Rust in Piece is no longer rusty at all, in fact we need to name her something else but we are not quite sure what yet. The back-end has been fitted together and painted, both doors are in place and the starting of the suspension build. This is going to be a nice early car once she is finished.

Lastly to set a record straight.

A comment regarding the Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain alleged fracas.

We are aware that certain members may, or may not have been banned from the Mustang Owner Club Of Great Britain. The background is that a post was made on their forum that mentioned our own fledgling Mustang Maniac Forum, if anybody was interested that is. The post was made with good intentions to help other Mustang Owners. That post was promptly removed saying that it was¬†not acceptable. Then another post by a different member of the MOCGB¬†was put up to ask why the previous post was removed. Again this second post (after a couple of comments were left) and their subsequent third postings were also removed. We would just like to state that we being Mustang Maniac, had nothing to do with those posts, and we even replied to the post before it was removed.¬†We can’t speak for other people’s actions and what they do, as it’s none of our business. We will not be drawn into this rather sad situation where MOCGB feel that they do not wish to acknowledge our Forum, that’s their choice and we understand and accept that. We are bigger than that to get potentially involved in some sort of petty argument about it. Quite the contrary in fact, we have mentioned their club and their forum on this blog before with no issues at all, and why not? We will even mention them again in the future I dare say. It’s a Mustang movement of members who enjoy the cars and like to network, and we believe that the world is big enough for more than one forum to be honest. We have our target members and the MOCGB have theirs. They have their rules and we have ours. We hope that sets the record straight for anybody who may have heard anything different!