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A Green Goddess

This week we have our next customer in for a restoration to go into the panel shop. There is a bit of difference though. On this little lady we are only doing the sheet metal rebuild, and then we are … Continue reading

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Yogi’s Mask

This week we have had quite a few visitors to collect their products from our WebShop headquarters. The lockdown has eased in the UK and virtually all our customers still were respectful of social distancing and wearing masks. Thank you … Continue reading

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He knows That We Know

We have a lot of project work requests in at the moment and we have had to be quite selective about the type of work that we will undertake. We are seeing more and more of the ‘fix this restoration … Continue reading

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Putting The Brakes On

Servicing of cars has been the order of the day, not so much Mustangs but our own commercial vehicles, from vans to trucks. We have been busy rearranging our stores to accept a new range but more on that below. … Continue reading

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The Car That Started It All…

This weeks post is a first for us as we have a double-header of lead news. A car we are very fond of arrived into the yard for a little annual maintenance, and Yogi taking a bite out of an … Continue reading

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Farewell & Fairlane

A busy week with a new arrival to the fleet, Adam decided he wanted something a little different from a Mustang. Before you ask, yes he still loves his Mustangs! We will start with the Park & Pic on this … Continue reading

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We mentioned last week that we always get busy this time of year due to the show season, so we would like to thank those of you very much who have emailed us and we hope that the response(s) was … Continue reading

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Tight Fit

We pick up this week straight away with our customer’s cars and a resurrection of the project ’70 fastback with work being undertaken ready for the rear quarter panels to go back on. As Yogi has the new doors in … Continue reading

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Back To Front

We decided to let the public into the inner secrets of Mustang Maniac body shop, (before you ask, no it’s not Yogi’s body we will be exposing). For the later cars this particular job is a bit more straight forward, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

We hope you had a Great Christmas and relaxing few days off before we start the forthcoming year. So we would like to grab this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. So what have we been up to … Continue reading

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