Ripping Up The Rule Book

This week we can’t fail to mention the weather, which has seen a promise of more to come in the UK. We are happy to see a period of nice weather for a change instead of the normal rain, with the on set of the nice weather we have managed to convert the old car storage areas into a new “large and heavy parts” dispatch area. As a result of Mustang Maniac needing more space and storage areas for a slightly different car! More on that later a little further down.

Park & Pic

This week we had a very nice rare car come into us with a minor leak on the steering. We fixed it with no problems as normal, and the customer arrived to take her away. We give you the legendary Shelby GT500, nothing else needs to be said!


More Stock

It’s a well-known fact that for your Mustang parts, Adam is your man with is ever-expanding WebShop. But, what is not quite as well-known is that Mustang Maniac stocks an ever-increasing rage of ’64 – ’66 Falcon parts too, so much so that Adam is now “stock piling” Falcons cars now to match the stock levels.

The latest set of Mustang parts in stock are these performance strut rod parts which have now arrived in the latest container. They are super high quality and an awesome racing part upgrade or just for bragging rights.

Drag Racing

Another known fact is that Yogi takes his Mach1 down the Santa Pod 1/4 mile drag strip, wrecking a set of tyres each time, but the bear was not happy with his last eleven second run. The reason was the will spin being unable to get all that power down to the tarmac. To stop that Yogi bought himself an over drive and under drive unit. Yep you read that right “Under Drive”. This gearbox allows you to select the lower gear to launch of the line that much quicker. The gearbox will allow you to change gears for each of the main gears which gives you in effect six main gears now. Yogi has fitted it and loves it, so much so that he has melted his speedo cable, we need to think of a way to fix that, we have a plan. Here we have some instructions for the unit to show just how it works. The new AutoDrive is able to handle up to 1200bhp! Yogi has been heard to say, “That will do for now”!

The inside is so subtle to work the overdrive, fully automatic with indicators via a switch on the console arrowed here.

For race, there is a switch on the console that controls the normal operation, and another he operates with his foot for “only for racing purposes, on specially designed track with proper supervision for all health and safety purposes” should the need arise at Santa Pod.

The funniest part of all this is that we found a page “removed” from the instructions. Rumour has it that Yogi “accidentally ripped it” or tore out the page called; “Drag Racing do’s and dont’s”. He is also rumoured to be growling “nobody tells the bear how to drag race”.

Yogi has changed out his livery on his car too, subtle but very effective. Thanks to Linards for these.

The gearbox is working fine, but his interior is now apart thinking of a way to stop the speedo cable getting so hot. But this is what the completed fit looks like underneath.

He has put some of his stickers on the car too;

If you see this car don’t bother to try racing it! Honestly, we have road tested it and we can confirm – it’s quick.

Next week we have a special report on the Fox body lights. Keep cool in the sun and be sensible with the heat.

Las Vegas – Scott Drake

Monday 31st October 2016. This was the first full day in Las Vegas before the SEMA Show 2016 started on Tuesday. Adam always takes the advantage to pop in and see the Scott Drake guys.  Adam is one of the few genuinely authorised suppliers, not just selling the odd few bits now and again claiming to be a authorised supplier. The trip out to Drake’s takes in a highway, it’s difficult to comprehend that Las Vegas is basically in the middle of a desert surround by mountains wherever you look.

As Adam is a very well-respected client we were all taken for a VIP guided tour around their offices, warehouses, storage area and manufacturing area. Obviously some things were confidential and we were asked not to post the photos, so we obviously respect that request, but we can show you the huge scale of their operation. On arrival you are greeted with a massive building which is only half of the plot.

The entrance has the reception area, a display of a few parts and a seating area. Most of the staff were preparing for SEMA so they were on a skeleton staff there, but Adam’s personal account handler had arranged to meet us.

Passed the reception area is the main workstations and few offices. The workstations were showing account details etc so we can’t show that part, but we can show you the gold mine of memorabilia in one of the offices.

Past the desk area is rest area for the staff, which has some amazing stuff on their walls. There is the fifteen stage process of how the wheels are made.

On the other walls there are the rough Die Casting raw mouldings of the various parts for various cars.


Past this break out area there is the main warehouse at the back. The first thing you notice walking in is a bench with half a car on it. The warehouse itself has rack after rack of parts that are stacked full floor to the ceiling.

The wheels are shipped in from the manufacturers and inspected before they are released to the chrome plating area. The newly chromed parts are then inspected again before they area assembled in-house. For confidentiality reasons we won’t show how it’s all done, but it’s a very cleaver process.

The rims are fitted to the centres and put on pallets ready for another inspection.

The other parts are batch tested also and any parts that are not up to their high standards are scrapped.

We left through a side door and taken to another huge storage area which is not usually seen by anybody. This is where some of the rare cars are stored, we were all buzzing with excitement. First up was a drag car which has been quite successful in its time.

Most of the cars are covered in a layer of dust waiting some dedicated attention.

And the cream of the of crop is the genuine Shelby GT500. The dilemma here is to restore it to her full glory or leave her as she is. The current thinking is to leave her as she is, totally authentic and rapidly rising in value.

Under the covers is a rare Sunbeam Tiger which has the original v8 engine shoehorned in it still.

With the tour completed we taken to another are where the meeting rooms are. The was a table laid out with a batch of some new products that were being discussed. Again for obvious reason we can’t show you those particular items, but we can show you some others. In the corner there was a hood which has a genuine Carroll Shelby signature on it.

A personalised autograph to Scott Drake.


After the tour we were taken out to lunch at a wonderful place called “Mustang Sally’s Diner” of course just down the road which was attached to a Ford dealership.

The Ford Dealership next door had one or two cars and trucks for sale!

After we had finished lunch and Adam had concluded business we set of back to Vegas where we would spend Halloween on the old strip Fremont Street.

Mustang Maniac would like to thank everybody at Scott Drake Automotive Group once again for their very generous hospitality. 

Small Is Beautiful

We have some big updates on Customer Cars this week, business related news for Mustang Maniac and news of new products for later Mustangs. A kind and loyal customer has donated something pretty special Mustang Maniac History Collection, that’s just been made up as this post is being prepared. 🙂

The John Wick Car

We posted a little while ago how the floor pans were covered in sound proofing sheets, now we have taken another huge step forward. The rest of the car that needed to be sound proofed has been done ie. the wheel arches, these are always difficult due to the angles and shapes involved.


While the windows are out the head liner has to be fitted, Yogi got busy and spent a day fitting it and the rest of the evening getting the glue out of his fur, he told us the glue had made the cup of tea permanently stick to his hand! We are not so sure on that one. 😉

Next up was the wiring, the kit comes with everything needed to wire the car back up with a new fuse box, relays and accessories. We managed to salvage some of the original under dash loom once we had checked it was all OK and we were happy with it. The lower dash was then fitted and looms run out to the engine bay. With everything out-of-the-way it makes life so much easier to complete the intricate jobs.

The trouble is you can spend a complete day doing things like this and it looks like you have done nothing. The secret is all the small steps and preparation, such as where the cables are going to run, what else need to be attached with the loom, where the looms will run to and from etc.

Here are some before and after shots of loom work. This kit requires a 1-wire alternator, but with our know how we can wire these kits up safely with a standard alternator. This doesn’t look like much, but the work involved to remove or add some wires and re-crimp into the original fittings is a dark art. The solenoid is almost ready for the final connections and the loom to be wrapped with our own loom tape for that authentic stock look.

With most of the climbing around inside the car done we could fit the carpets. Again this looks like just throwing in the pre-cut  carpets in place, but you have to trim and create the fitting.

The rear of the car has been completely wired up now and the fuel tank has been fitted in place. The outside of the car has seen the new handles fitted so we can open and shut the doors properly now.

The brakes are all in place now, bleed and the special Yogi treatment performed on the brake lines.

Did You know?

Each car’s brake lines that Yogi has to fabricate are subtly unique, that’s just how Yogi likes it apparently, works of art so he says! Unless you want the standard routing of course which he will do for you too.


Golden Convertible:

This lady has been into us for some serious pampering as only we know how. The car need a whole heap of work doing to her as she was a little tired. The work consisted of a new C4 transmission, rear shocks, leaf springs shackles and bushes. At the front we are going to further improve the handling with new shocks, spring perches and rubber bushes. With the new transmission in place we could fit the new exhaust, boxes and re align it all back up again.

Once all the work is done there will be plenty of life left in her yet and she will feel like the new car again.

Mustang Maniac History Collection

We have been donated some rare Corgi made Mustang toys which are always welcomed.

The second part of the donation is something very special indeed. We had not seen these before let alone actually own one.


These small and beautiful key rings were made during the World Trade Fair in 1964 for the launch of the Mustang. They are no more than an inch wide plus the chain itself.

What we understand is that when you went to the 1964 New York World Fair you could get your car plate made up with its number on a World Fair mini key ring. The cost went as a donation to the US Vets fund. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) purchased The ident-o-tag company in 1941. License plate key chain tags were used since 1938. The New York based “Lost Key Services” was among the first. There were other advertising tags used too, but you had to order the tags. The DAV was able to get the various state motor vehicle departments to co-operate with them and give them the mailing lists of the people who registered their cars. The DAV mailed tags with your license plate number on them and asked for a donation. The premise was that if you lost your keys, the finder would drop them into a mail box, and the DAV would return them to you. The program continued from 1941 through 1975, and was ended because of a “right to privacy” rule. It’s incredible to have something from that very important World Trade Fair that was actually produced there and also relates to a real person who visited the fair. Special thanks to GW for the information and donations, we seriously appreciate it.

To match all of that, we aim to bring you something very special soon. We have been speaking to somebody who bought their fastback from NEW in 1965 and had it shipped over to the UK in 1966. They still have that same car and all the provenance that went with it. The owner of the car attended the world trade fair in New York itself. We hope to ask some questions with him to bring you a first hand account of that whole Mustang experience.

Mustang Maniac Offices:

The offices at Mustang Maniac always seems to be at the back of the queue when it comes to reliability for our broadband service and telephones. We won’t name them of course, But The name should be easy enough to guess. All the Office ordering, invoices, internet services and telephones are run through the broad band. Yet again we have had an outage where the phones were disabled and we were unable to work. To stop this happening again we have invested in Satellite broadband as a back up. It won’t be brilliant, but at least we can still keep the WebShop working and process your orders. More expense that we shouldn’t have to incur, but if you can’t trust something you have to do something about it.

New Parts

To cater for our customers with the new Mustangs, our suppliers and good friends from USA – Scott Drake are introducing a sale on their new products for the 2015/2016 Mustangs. We haven’t had full details of the costs yet .but we will do very soon. Some of the new parts include:

California Deck Lid Panel for Mustang S550


Aluminum Pedal Covers


550R Aluminum Strut Tower Brace Mustang S550 GT/Ecoboost



AlumaLift Hood Strut System Mustang S550


Billet Parking Brake Handle Cover


Comp Series Fuel Door


LAR Tyre Services: 

The sister company to Mustang Maniac is LAR Traffic Services who have now launched a brand new service to run along side their recovery. That service is a road side tyre service, changing, fitting, inflating, balancing etc. They will be operating to start with in the Essex, Herts and North East London areas. All the details can be found here on their Facebook page:

Moving To All WebShop Ordering

Over the weekend at the Enfield Pageant we spoke to a lot of customers who came to see us and asked their opinions about the WebShop. With the very positive responses we were getting a decision was made, Mustang Maniac will be moving with the times and the internet age. It is our intention to make your parts ordering as simple and efficient as possible. In order to do that we are going to transition all our sales over to our WebShop ordering service. This is for a number of reasons;

  1. We are increasing our already extensive current Classic Mustang stock levels, as well as stocking some of the more common parts of the recent model Mustangs.
  2. When you click on the WebShop what you see “Currently in stock” that means we have that item on the shelves, no need to call us and check. The stock is instantly updated as soon as any item is purchased. If you ring us to ask if something is in stock, we check the item on the WebShop in exactly the same way as you do.
  3. The WebShop staff does not answer the phone as they are busy getting the daily deliveries ready and organising the stock. If they were to answer the phones, the deliveries could be delayed which isn’t acceptable for our customers. For instance today we have had 274 missed calls and the day isn’t over yet (4.30pm as we start to prepare this post). We missed the calls due to the fact that we had a big container delivery with three fully loaded pallets inside. All of those stock items have to be loaded onto the system to update the availability. Each item is then stored in location which could easily take a couple of days. That’s not an excuse, we are just realistic about the priorities at the time. If you have seen all of our stock locations then you will know what a big undertaking it is.
  4. Adam is now spending more of his time fixing, restoring, collecting, delivering and buying cars.
  5. Customers are ringing to ask how to do repairs and what parts they might need. Obviously this is virtually an impossible question to answer without seeing the car or even seeing the problem. To help with this we recently set up an email service which has been doing very well so far. Adam is often answering the emails in the evenings or where ever he is around the world at the time (literally). Please by all means send in your emails with pictures of the problem and as much detail as possible and we will do our best to get you the parts you need, even if you don’t know what you need. It’s so much easier than trying to explain it on the phone.
  6. No more messing around taking payments over the phone, the WebShop is fully automated.
  7. Order your parts where ever you are, sitting on a bus, train, or in a cafe having a coffee.
  8. Order day or night when it suits you, rather than being tied to our opening hours to place an order.

However, Mustang Maniac fully appreciates that you may not find exactly what you are looking for on the much bigger and new improved WebShop, We are pleased to say that we have also had limited number of the Scott Drake 2016 Retail Catalogues delivered to us this week, so if you wish to order a copy of the catalogue, email us via the WebShop and we will post one out to you while stocks last. The other much quicker alternative is to download the catalogue which will be added to the WebShop as soon as we can get it updated, hopefully by the end of the week. In the meantime you can get it first from our blog and download the PDF from the “Download” menu above, or click the icon below to view the full catalogue PDF.  This is a large download of 43mb so please be patient.

PDF-Download icon small png

The office phones will not be redundant, they will be used for booking in the cars for a service, accident repairs, full restorations or part restorations etc. all of which by their very nature require a conversation prior to the vehicle arriving at the workshops.

We have had some calls to ask about the standard postage charges we use. One example is we were even asked if we can “nip down to the post office and post them to me so it makes it cheaper”. Unfortunately this isn’t a viable option for our business, by the time we drive to the Post Office which is six miles down the road, register the package and pay the postage you would only save about £3. That’s without our time and effort we could be putting too much better use elsewhere and all for a part that costs much less than the cost of the postage.

Most people already know this, we have various options to help out our customers who do not wish to pay the postal charges that we pass on to our customers;

  1. Make arrangements to call in and pick it up from our office.
  2. Make your own arrangements to have the parts collected and delivered to your location of choice.
  3. Rather than ordering the small amounts, order a larger package with couple more parts which would still cost the same, oil filter or spark plugs perhaps?

We are more than happy to do any of the above for you. We are confident that this will make things much easier for you to order what you need, and to get in contact with us. We do listen to you and hope you like the new process as it comes fully into operation. A big thanks to everybody who put up with our questions at the show.

A Mid Week Treat

We had seen this video clip posted on our Facebook page, it’s only a few seconds long but it’s well worth a look.  We are sure that you will be singing the song after you have watched it. Janette Semerdjian is Australian and owns this very nice 1965 Coupe which had been converted to a right hand drive.

The pictures were found on 360 Mustang 


We mentioned last week that we always get busy this time of year due to the show season, so we would like to thank those of you very much who have emailed us and we hope that the response(s) was what you was after. We can see some of the emails have resulted in WebShop purchases, so by the looks of it the system works we are pleased to say. While we are subject of show car season even our very own Yogi has been bitten by the car show bug.

There was even a request for the Yogi fan club to have a picture of him again, (Note: must find the person who started this “Fan Club” thing up and feed them to the dogs). 🙂 Seriously though, we found a picture that we like and decided to post that up just for the Yogi Fan Club.


(Rumour has it that Paul spotted some dust on Yogi’s engine.)

Customers Cars:

French Car:

We have been sent some more pics of the French convertible on the first of a few outings. This day trip needs no introduction as the pics speak for themselves. The car generated a good deal of interest at the event the owner was pleased to tell us.


Big thanks to the owner who kept his promise to send us some pics of the car during her events, please keep them coming.


A new project in the workshops has been started on to take out the engine and gearbox to see exactly what we are dealing with under the bodywork. She was bought in from the states and has sat in the owners garage for the last three years. Considering the time standing still, the car is not in to bad a shape at all. We are trying to come up with a name for this little lady so we thought “Patchwork”, the reason being the floor pan has had a patchwork of welding done to it and not very well unfortunately. Nothing that concerns us of course as we have done it many times before.


The bodywork is not to bad at all on the upper side and paint looks pretty reasonable too. We were a little surprised when we had a proper look at the floor area, part of it had been cut away around the chassis legs and held in place with few self tap screws. We have seen this before from USA restorations that were done in a hurry. We have arrowed the offending items on the pic below.

The tunnel of the car had been cut about a fair bit in order to make the manual gearbox fit, another good reason to replace the floor pan with fresh clean metal. We shall sort that out properly when we replace it with a C4 gearbox.

The other usual spot for a bit of rust is the inner fender for the battery tray which will also be replaced.

When we moved the car around by hand it was clear that the diff has been locked up or welded up, we will need to investigate how it’s been done properly. The engine runs a little lumpy, but we can soon sort all that out, so we are not to bothered there. So in general it’s not a too bad a looking car at the moment, we have seen a lot worse that’s for sure.

Country Squire:

A few posts ago we mentioned that we had an old Ford Country Squire hat was going to be used as a tow vehicle. Well we right there. John – has now started working on it and got the engine out. A few of the fittings were a little difficult to get out due to age and rust etc, but John got the engine on a pallet without to much trouble.


Secret Stash:

Adam had to go and get some of his new Alloy wheels out of stock in order to send to a customer, so we grabbed a quick pic of the temporary Aladdin’s cave until it’s all moved into their proper storage location.


Speaking of Wheels:

It’s no secret that Adam loves his Ranchero truck and uses it, a lot. While Adam was in the stash area he pulled himself a set of his new Scott Drake 4 stud alloys out to give his Falcon a treat. He likes these new wheels that much, and it’s his truck so why not?

falcwheels1Adam took the old wheels off the car and they are now in storage. As much as we like originality these wheels really do suit the car.


Original As It Gets?

We have some more pics of a car that Adam has stashed away, the car still has the original exhaust from 1965.

Adam Sold A Car:

Yes you did read that right, Adam sold a car and bought a couple more, but we can see his logic there. It was time for a quick blast before she went to her new owenr. Sad to see her go, but even more happy to see his new additions to the Mustang Maniac fleet.

Wheels & Deals

We have a fairly large update this week with lots of work going on and new parts in stock and an exciting new distribution deal for Mustang Maniac. More requests for the pups pics this week as well, so lets start with the cars, parts and pups that aren’t so much puppies anymore if that sort of makes sense.

Customers Cars:

Last week we showed you the MSD Ignition upgrade on a car, now we have done more to it. As the car is going to be drag raced this car has a rather unusual engine in it.


We were asked by the owner to fix a few issues and upgrade a lot more in the mean time, which of course we were happy to do. The requirement was to have a “Line Lock” installed which allows the front wheels to be locked by the brakes and the rears left free. Why? For that all important burn out to warm the tyres up. A fairly complex set up which requires a set sequence of buttons and pedals to engage for safety reasons. The brake lines have to be re-routed first to an electronic valve.

The best part is it that the switches to engage the “Line Lock” looks pretty cool on the console with the jet fighter control switches.

To complete the set up the important shift indicator was mounted on the steering column.


Obviously not everybody will like this look, but we think it suits this car it certainly looks ready for Santa Pod drag strip now.

Belgium Convertible:

This convertible was last mentioned around October time last year where the inner side of the rear quarters were sprayed and ready for the paint job. The car was taken to paint and left in the very capable hands of “Paul the Paint”  and the slow process of bare metal strip down started. The result was not off to a good start and has taken longer to sort out than was planned for. The front fenders had been patched and the rust was eating away what was behind them and had to be cut out and made good. All of which takes time.

The rest of the car was stripped back to find quite a lot of filler, that is not unusual by any means, but again, it all takes time to remove and investigate.

With the car down to bare metal, the process of adding filler and aligning up the panels again can begin.


The front rust damaged fenders were patched, filled and rubber down.

The trunk lid was showing signs of the dreaded rust worm and need to be sorted out.

The braised areas was rubbed down and all in place where it should be, not just welded.

With the hard work completed the expertise of the paint can begin. The etch primer was applied, then the grey primer.

That’s the story so far, hopefully the colour can on then we can get this lady back to finish it off.

Dealer News:

Very exciting news now; Mustang Maniac has been appointed as supplier of Spax Shock Absorbers in the UK.


We shall be stocking a range of their products which will fit the Classic Mustangs and other makes and models too. No sooner had we had a set of Gas adjustable shocks delivered in, they were fitted. We mentioned above the drag car, well they went on that. A very nice pair of Krypton Gas adjustables.

To complement the shocks a pair of our new traction bars was added, not just bolted on like they advise, oh no. These brackets were welded to the rear chassis legs to take the torque delivered through the 9″ rear diff and axle. Yogi said enjoyed this part as he drag races his Mach1 as well.


Mustang Maniac & Scott Drake has secured a very unique deal to fabricate some BESPOKE wheels just for us, which will fit the Ford UK spec four lug wheels. We will be bringing you more news and pictures when they are on their way. Please email if you are interested in the purchase of the wheels and we will add you to our lists and advise when they are here.


We have been asked for our connoisseur engine tuners who want the best of the best for their cars. We now are stocking some wooden carb to engine spacers that will dissipate the heat much better, these are definitely not your Enos range. We are also stocking a wider selection of spacer styles and thickness’. There are even now ARP styled stud bolts to fit now as well to give that finishing touch.

We are now also stocking some top quality gaskets now, metal framed in sandwich of sealer material. Again more top quality parts that we are selling more of now.

carbpart6 We of course now have a larger selection of throttle control springs too, not only do they look great, they also add the extra spring for security and peace of mind just in case one fails.

There are so many hood scoops out there, after market styles, Shelby style, made from fibre glass or metal. Well Mustang Maniac now has a stock of some stamped steel GT350 hood scoop. These are heavy gauge steel and not the cheaper fibre glass versions. Again we had a request for a metal one so we ordered in a few more while we were at it. They are now in stock on our WebShop, click here for the quick link.


Mustang Maniac wasn’t to be left out of this model thing and hs gone eco-friendly and got a working electric-powered one.

This toy has had a hard life by the looks of it, but it still works. The battery compartment takes a couple of batteries and the single light bulb will power the headlights and the tail lights. The steering is just angled to where you want it to go, and off it goes.

The only down side is that it has lost its hood. We have not seen another like it and would like to know more if you can help out, let us know.

Important Signature:

There are some autographs you want to collect, but Mustang Maniac has been given a signature by the late Henry Ford II. Henry Ford II was born 4th September 1917 and died 29th September 1987. He was sometimes known as “HF2” or “Hank the Deuce”. Henry II was the oldest son of Edsel Ford and oldest grandson of Henry Ford. He was president of the Ford Motor Company from 1945 to 1960, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) from 1960 to 1979, and chairman for several months thereafter. Notably, under the leadership of Henry Ford II, Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation in 1956. From 1943 to 1950, he also served as president of the Ford Foundation.


The significance of the envelope was that his was the first time Ford was to make a World Car. This item will now be part of our very much prized possessions hanging in our offices. A huge “Thank You” to our very kind friend and customer who donated this to us.


Last, but not least the pups, not too much to say here as the pics speak for themselves. They are getting bigger by the day and are 11 weeks old now. The pink Collar is Daisy and the other two in the blue ones are PJ and Enos.

They were in the offices yesterday and cause mayhem as usual, but they  all got their cuddles when we could catch them. Enos was on Adam and even got on the lap of another customer. He came in for parts and almost went home with a puppy!

Mum and pups all doing well.

A to B

A busy week with so much on the go we have had to carefully plan what we can and what we can’t can turn around for our customers in a realistic time scale. We have had plenty of visitors to the yard and few guided tours as a result.

Customers Cars:

Yogi has spent a couple of days on the ’70 fastback where he had previously declared war on rust. The back of the car is now coming together again and looking a bit more like a car. We decided to replace the inner and outer rear wheel arches as a single piece. We could have saved most of the inner arches, but by the time the cutting and welding had been done it’s more economical to replace with brand new panels.

The arches were put in place and dry fitted up with rear quarters and clamped in place. Final adjustments made to the arches and the full proper spot welding done. None of this drill a hole, weld, and rub it down if you’re lucky sort of efforts. During the aligning up of the quarter panels it was noticed that the back had a little fender bender and distorted the back frame. Yogi had to straighten that all out first so the new B pillar would fit correctly. The current B pillars won’t be able to be saved due to heavy the rust at the bottom which obviously forms part of the structural strength of the car.

With the new arch in place and sealed after the standard coat of Red Oxide had been applied. The original cars were just left as bare metal as it wouldn’t be seen, we prefer to treat and protect even what you can’t see.

The right side is shown here for comparison with nothing in place just showing the bare metal.

We have kept the old panels where we can in order for us to use the original brackets and take measurements from them. We always clamp and dry fit before we tack weld and refit again, only once we are happy we get on with the full welding into place.

The rear quarters will be sandwiched in place and we will lead fill and make sure they are brazed in position like they should be.


The inside floor pans from the A pillar back to the B pillars is now completed and coated with the trusty Red Oxide for protection again.

The owners of this car popped down to see us on Saturday and see the work in progress so far. It’s always a little bit of a shock to see half your car missing. But as we know what we are doing, Yogi says “in a week or so it will be a shell again”. The rear axle, brackets, mounts and other parts will all be sent away for shot blasting before being treated and fitted back onto the chassis. We hope to get the colour of the car on the inside of the quarters early next week. But, like most things, if we have an emergency job to do then things could change.

We have had a ’66 Coupe in for a number of upgrades and new parts to be fitted. The first of which was to fit a complete new MSD ignition system.

Stock News:

We are very excited to say that Scott Drake have now produced a pretty awesome 4-lug alloy wheel which we will be holding in stock. Now there is no excuse to leave those rusty old steels on your car when you can have these great looking wheels.


These wheels are a single size of 15″ x 6″ in either Gloss Black or Charcoal. We have ordered 36 wheels and they have already been sold before we  even unpack them. We will be getting some more but the demand has been high for the long-awaited wheels. We often considered the 4 lug wheels to be left out a bit, but now Scott Drake have put that right. We will be putting these on the WebShop for prices and availability very soon.

We have some more very exciting news for Mustang Maniac being a supplier for another company in the UK. This is exciting for us and we will reveal all shortly, we are convinced it will be good news for a lot of people. Watch this space!


Last week we posted a piece on the promotional Mustang models of that era. As a result of that, we received an email which arrived with some more interesting info on Mustang Models. Thanks to Ian C. who kindly took time out send these pics with the following note.

“Your readers may like to know about the pics I have attached. They are all working promo radio’s from ’65/’66. They were made by Philco and run from a 9v battery, the speaker is mounted inside the car. The gold version is mint, the other two are in good condition. As far as I am aware all were fastbacks and had 1966 on the number plate, various colours were made.”

If anybody out there around the world has any other Mustang memorabilia you would like to share with us and our readers, please email us and we will get it on the blog for you.

Got to give him Credit!

Barclays Bank in the UK will allow you to personalise your credit cards. Adam decided that he would put the love of life on the company card. It just had to be the Shelby KR!