Menancing Mustang

This week has been all about tidying up the yard and there is some stuff we have been meaning to do for a long time now. We were recently asked how the new pups were getting on. We can say that Aria and Cleo are happy and have now made themselves more than comfortable in their new home with their mum Shelby in the yard area. They have already got into the pack instinct and patrol the yard very well with that natural guard dog instinct so natural to to them.

Customers Cars

We have been working on a cowl rust project for a little while now and we like to think that we are one of the few people who can do this without ruining the car. The cowl is notorious for holding water and will rust through if not looked after and the drain points kept clear.

The lower cowl has been treated and painted on the inside to match the colour of the car and the underside for the interior of the car.

The upper and lower parts of the cowl are then in effect matched together so there are no unsightly gaps before they are welded together. This process takes time to fit the lower cowl to the car, then the upper cowl has to be matched to both the parts. This is the skill and levels of dedication that you cant even see make the difference. You just know it’s done properly by Mustang Maniac.

The upper cowl is treated on the underside that you don’t see and the edges are prepped ready for the shaping and the welding. Here the parts are clamped and final checks for overall location before the welding.

There are a number of ways to weld this together that we won’t go into by some of our competitors, but we do it properly to replicate the look and feel of the time.

Here is a short video of that process.

The last part of the process is the crucial strengthening brackets for the inner fenders to the cowl. This is a critical area of the car for stability of the chassis.

The last part of the process will be the prep work for the paint and then put it all back together again.

Our Cars

There are few sounds that send shivers down your spine when you hear them, one of those is Yogi’s ’69 427ci menacing Mustang on tick over. We found this old clip and decided to share with you what we mean, a car you hear before you see it. Turn the volume up and tell us what you think, this is seriously awesome.

To complement the video we have this clip of Yogi at one of his favourite haunts; Santa Pod Drag Strip. Although he annihilated the competition, Yogi was not happy as his wheels couldn’t get grip to launch of the line properly. That was confirmed but the data print out, but he decided to trash the tyres and run again, and again just because he could. Listen to the Yogi ride on full chat again awesome.

Have you taken your car down Santa Pod or any other Drag Strip? Send us some pics and we will get them on the blog for you.

Ripping Up The Rule Book

This week we can’t fail to mention the weather, which has seen a promise of more to come in the UK. We are happy to see a period of nice weather for a change instead of the normal rain, with the on set of the nice weather we have managed to convert the old car storage areas into a new “large and heavy parts” dispatch area. As a result of Mustang Maniac needing more space and storage areas for a slightly different car! More on that later a little further down.

Park & Pic

This week we had a very nice rare car come into us with a minor leak on the steering. We fixed it with no problems as normal, and the customer arrived to take her away. We give you the legendary Shelby GT500, nothing else needs to be said!


More Stock

It’s a well-known fact that for your Mustang parts, Adam is your man with is ever-expanding WebShop. But, what is not quite as well-known is that Mustang Maniac stocks an ever-increasing rage of ’64 – ’66 Falcon parts too, so much so that Adam is now “stock piling” Falcons cars now to match the stock levels.

The latest set of Mustang parts in stock are these performance strut rod parts which have now arrived in the latest container. They are super high quality and an awesome racing part upgrade or just for bragging rights.

Drag Racing

Another known fact is that Yogi takes his Mach1 down the Santa Pod 1/4 mile drag strip, wrecking a set of tyres each time, but the bear was not happy with his last eleven second run. The reason was the will spin being unable to get all that power down to the tarmac. To stop that Yogi bought himself an over drive and under drive unit. Yep you read that right “Under Drive”. This gearbox allows you to select the lower gear to launch of the line that much quicker. The gearbox will allow you to change gears for each of the main gears which gives you in effect six main gears now. Yogi has fitted it and loves it, so much so that he has melted his speedo cable, we need to think of a way to fix that, we have a plan. Here we have some instructions for the unit to show just how it works. The new AutoDrive is able to handle up to 1200bhp! Yogi has been heard to say, “That will do for now”!

The inside is so subtle to work the overdrive, fully automatic with indicators via a switch on the console arrowed here.

For race, there is a switch on the console that controls the normal operation, and another he operates with his foot for “only for racing purposes, on specially designed track with proper supervision for all health and safety purposes” should the need arise at Santa Pod.

The funniest part of all this is that we found a page “removed” from the instructions. Rumour has it that Yogi “accidentally ripped it” or tore out the page called; “Drag Racing do’s and dont’s”. He is also rumoured to be growling “nobody tells the bear how to drag race”.

Yogi has changed out his livery on his car too, subtle but very effective. Thanks to Linards for these.

The gearbox is working fine, but his interior is now apart thinking of a way to stop the speedo cable getting so hot. But this is what the completed fit looks like underneath.

He has put some of his stickers on the car too;

If you see this car don’t bother to try racing it! Honestly, we have road tested it and we can confirm – it’s quick.

Next week we have a special report on the Fox body lights. Keep cool in the sun and be sensible with the heat.

Yogi On The Drag

The last couple of weeks have been busier than usual and it was decided that the guys wanted to go and play. So just what is the best place to go and play? The answer was quite obvious to Yogi, “Santa Pod” drag strip racing for him. So Mustang Maniac went on tour with a few Mustangs.


So Yogi, Paul, Stuart & Claire, Mason, Mart, Sam & Steff all arranged to camp overnight last Saturday night at Santa Pod Classic Ford Show with a “run what you bring”. Yogi wanted to run his Mach1 down the strip after a few changes. The guys arrived in their three Mustangs, Saab and a Vauxhall. They parked up and got the tents up ready for the evening.

With the essentials completed Yogi wasted no time in swapping his rear tyres over for an old set of rims and a some old tyres he found. Yogi drove to the fire up lane and waited for his turn to tear up the strip. Sam, Paul and Stuart pushed the car up until it was almost Yogi’s turn to run, the first of his three runs.

Most of the cars here such as the older Fords have race this, or race that, NOS piped in and turbo’s etc. Yogi is running his car against some of these super fast and highly pampered cars. The results were pretty spectacular for his first run where he was holding back with 12.04 time which was the fastest of the day for a fair while. No added bolt-ons and he was still faster than some of the other dedicated drag racing cars there.



He was fairly pleased with the time since it was the first time he had hit the drag strip for three years, but he was complaining he couldn’t get traction of the line. The second run was against a Subaru turbo rear engine and rear wheel drive dedicated rocket. We tried to do a slow mo shot of this run but it didn’t come out to good. But we will try to sort that out and upload it to our YouTube Channel when we get round to it very soon. Yogi run a red light in his eagerness to get going and you could just see the car loosing all grip and not going anywhere, in true Yogi style his still carried on with a time of 11.4 nevertheless.

The last run was the best of the day and Yogi was blowing the cobwebs out his fur and getting the hang of it. He nailed a 11.01 this time, but was unhappy with the tyres that were now completely shot to bits and gave no traction at all.

In fact the data sheets shows he was wheel spinning up to the 100 feet (or nearly two seconds) marker before he actually hooked up any real power. Yogi said that with decent tyres there was easily another one and half seconds to be found.

We wandered around the fire up lane took a few photo’s of some very nice cars to share with you.

Later in the afternoon it was Fords only racing.

The evening was set with a single can of beer each (yeah right), there was a the drive home the next day to think of too. Just for the Yogi Fan Club we have the following:


Sunday saw many more cars turn up to play and some of the dedicated drag cars that were still not as quick as Yogi’s time set.

Somebody happened to mention that to Yogi and we got this:


The stalls and displays were in full flow with some trailer queens being brought to the show just to show them off.

Racing was pretty spectacular as well with some very nice very fast cars.


Jeff from Taz Racing was there showing them how it should be done.  Jeff , Yogi says: Hi!

There was a pretty awesome bit of kit there in the form of Fire Force 3, the worlds fasted jet car.  The camera got a bit shaky as people were trying to muscle in and get a good a position as we got to see this car run. It does settle down again though.

It made the run in just a fraction over 5 seconds!

A great time was had by the guys and there was estimated 100,000 people there over the weekend.

Customer Cars:

The ’70 Mach1 has had some serious work done to the rear end now and is looking pretty darn good.

Paul the Paints Mach1 has had a new rear end fitted and is also looking pretty darn good too.

To finish up a pretty big post we have PJ & Enos taking up station in the Yogi cave!