It’s All About Choices

Exciting times for Mustang Maniac with new products and new lines coming in. We continue that this week with a new supplier for us with a different take on similar parts. We have had a couple of emails asking us about a couple of additions to our WebShop. Most notably the Daniel Carpenter and the ACP references. We will explain we will explain later on in the WebShop section.

Customer Cars

Last week we posted about the car that made Yogi cross. Well we have been doing more work on her and finding more things that need to be sorted out. Talk about doing poor ol’ Yogi’s little ol’ ‘headdie’ in and making him ‘cross’! The reason being this car didn’t need to be like this at all. The previous person on this car made life hard for himself and produced a terrible car as a result. As we have said many times before, do your homework who you want to look after your car. In some instances if the car is that bad, we won’t touch it. We have turned away cars in the past that were dangerous and we wanted nothing to do with them.

Anyway, we have changed the water pump over for the correct part and looks great already.

With the pump in place Yogi checks the spacing for the pulleys and the radiator. The current fan wouldn’t produce enough displacement of air movement so a more efficient version was fitted as the old one had been butchered somewhat.

A new double pulley, fan, correct spacer, shroud and radiator fitted.

With all the new parts in place, the distributor was refitted, pulleys belted up, correct rubber hoses fitted and fluids added. No bodges, just correct parts bolted straight on just how they should be.

While we were looking around we found that there was a strange slab of steel on the gearbox that had been ‘made’. The correct replacement part is also here for a comparison.

Just why do people do it? We also needed to replace the selector rod mechanism as it was showing signs of some distress should we say.

Next up will be tuning and road testing before we let the owner have his little lady back, she will feel like a new car. All these changes made Yogi smile again, because it’s now a Mustang Maniac serviced car.

We say these things like that because we want the owners of these cars to share our passion for these cars too. If you have a car that gives you grief all the time you won’t enjoy it and constantly be worrying when it will next let you down. We want our customers to look forward to driving these cars for many more years to come. Just don’t get cross, get Mustang Maniac on the case to sort your car out for you.

We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!


We want to give as much choice as possible to our customers. Adam has been busy behind the scenes making deals and doing what he does best to get the quality parts to the UK. The down side of course is that Adam has to pay shipping, import duty and taxes just like you do. The up side is that Adam does it a few times a month so these parts are in stock so you don’t have to do it. One of our new lines is Daniel Carpenter Mustang Reproductions.

Daniel Carpenter Mustang Restoration Parts

We are now stocking a selection of these parts with lots more to come soon. These are top quality parts from the USA, just as Scott Drake are. Both are top quality parts of course or we just wouldn’t stock them. However the parts made by Daniel Carpenter can be slightly different styles and finishes. A good example of this is the leaf spring mounting plates. Here we have a comparison of the Scott Drake and the Daniel Carpenter parts.

Daniel Carpenter Left, Scott Drake Right.

As you can see, the DC (Daniel Carpenter) parts are more angular and flatter, where as the SD (Scott Drake) parts are more rounded and slightly larger. Both will do the intended jobs without a problem, but it’s down to preference at the end of the day maybe costs? More side by side comparisons.

If you want to be that little bit different for a part that most people won’t see, you now have that choice.

We also stock a selection of the DC weather strips for the trunk lid. these look exactly the same as the SD parts, but the rubber is softer and approved by the Mustang Club of America as well.

Click here for the link to the WebShop.

The Windscreen weather seal is concours approved. A soft rubber seal that can make all the difference if you are competing at that sort of level at car shows.

Click here for the link to the WebShop.

Not just the bigger parts either, parts you won’t even see;

The parts you might see if you look hard enough;

So rest assured that if you pick a Daniel Carpenter part, you know that; a) they are top quality and b) we use them ourselves. We will be stocking more parts soon, so keep an eye out for new stock.


We posted last week about our new range of Group 24 Classic Mustang Batteries. Our 3000 ’64 – ’73  series are creating quite a stir. We have had enquiries as well as sales. The answer to question; “Will you be supplying newer style batteries?” is Yes. We are in the process of getting them to us and being branded now. We will reveal them very, very soon on our Blog right here.

The second question was what year does the Group 24 battery fit? The answer is also on the WebShop now, but the classic battery MM-Bat-64/70 also fits all models, 1964 – 1973.

MM-Bat-64/70 Group 24

Click here for the WebShop link.

More choice from Scott Drake.

We have also got a few variations of parts for the Resto-Mod guys out there. Getting ‘tired’ of the same old stock part for a gear shift handle? Look no further as this part has rubber tyre tread pattern on each side for something a little different.

Yet more exciting ACP news in the WebShop next week, with even more choices to our stock!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Not only do you guys ha massive stock, you also have a choice as well now. Amazing.👍👍


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