Small Is Beautiful

We have some big updates on Customer Cars this week, business related news for Mustang Maniac and news of new products for later Mustangs. A kind and loyal customer has donated something pretty special Mustang Maniac History Collection, that’s just been made up as this post is being prepared. 🙂

The John Wick Car

We posted a little while ago how the floor pans were covered in sound proofing sheets, now we have taken another huge step forward. The rest of the car that needed to be sound proofed has been done ie. the wheel arches, these are always difficult due to the angles and shapes involved.


While the windows are out the head liner has to be fitted, Yogi got busy and spent a day fitting it and the rest of the evening getting the glue out of his fur, he told us the glue had made the cup of tea permanently stick to his hand! We are not so sure on that one. 😉

Next up was the wiring, the kit comes with everything needed to wire the car back up with a new fuse box, relays and accessories. We managed to salvage some of the original under dash loom once we had checked it was all OK and we were happy with it. The lower dash was then fitted and looms run out to the engine bay. With everything out-of-the-way it makes life so much easier to complete the intricate jobs.

The trouble is you can spend a complete day doing things like this and it looks like you have done nothing. The secret is all the small steps and preparation, such as where the cables are going to run, what else need to be attached with the loom, where the looms will run to and from etc.

Here are some before and after shots of loom work. This kit requires a 1-wire alternator, but with our know how we can wire these kits up safely with a standard alternator. This doesn’t look like much, but the work involved to remove or add some wires and re-crimp into the original fittings is a dark art. The solenoid is almost ready for the final connections and the loom to be wrapped with our own loom tape for that authentic stock look.

With most of the climbing around inside the car done we could fit the carpets. Again this looks like just throwing in the pre-cut  carpets in place, but you have to trim and create the fitting.

The rear of the car has been completely wired up now and the fuel tank has been fitted in place. The outside of the car has seen the new handles fitted so we can open and shut the doors properly now.

The brakes are all in place now, bleed and the special Yogi treatment performed on the brake lines.

Did You know?

Each car’s brake lines that Yogi has to fabricate are subtly unique, that’s just how Yogi likes it apparently, works of art so he says! Unless you want the standard routing of course which he will do for you too.


Golden Convertible:

This lady has been into us for some serious pampering as only we know how. The car need a whole heap of work doing to her as she was a little tired. The work consisted of a new C4 transmission, rear shocks, leaf springs shackles and bushes. At the front we are going to further improve the handling with new shocks, spring perches and rubber bushes. With the new transmission in place we could fit the new exhaust, boxes and re align it all back up again.

Once all the work is done there will be plenty of life left in her yet and she will feel like the new car again.

Mustang Maniac History Collection

We have been donated some rare Corgi made Mustang toys which are always welcomed.

The second part of the donation is something very special indeed. We had not seen these before let alone actually own one.


These small and beautiful key rings were made during the World Trade Fair in 1964 for the launch of the Mustang. They are no more than an inch wide plus the chain itself.

What we understand is that when you went to the 1964 New York World Fair you could get your car plate made up with its number on a World Fair mini key ring. The cost went as a donation to the US Vets fund. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) purchased The ident-o-tag company in 1941. License plate key chain tags were used since 1938. The New York based “Lost Key Services” was among the first. There were other advertising tags used too, but you had to order the tags. The DAV was able to get the various state motor vehicle departments to co-operate with them and give them the mailing lists of the people who registered their cars. The DAV mailed tags with your license plate number on them and asked for a donation. The premise was that if you lost your keys, the finder would drop them into a mail box, and the DAV would return them to you. The program continued from 1941 through 1975, and was ended because of a “right to privacy” rule. It’s incredible to have something from that very important World Trade Fair that was actually produced there and also relates to a real person who visited the fair. Special thanks to GW for the information and donations, we seriously appreciate it.

To match all of that, we aim to bring you something very special soon. We have been speaking to somebody who bought their fastback from NEW in 1965 and had it shipped over to the UK in 1966. They still have that same car and all the provenance that went with it. The owner of the car attended the world trade fair in New York itself. We hope to ask some questions with him to bring you a first hand account of that whole Mustang experience.

Mustang Maniac Offices:

The offices at Mustang Maniac always seems to be at the back of the queue when it comes to reliability for our broadband service and telephones. We won’t name them of course, But The name should be easy enough to guess. All the Office ordering, invoices, internet services and telephones are run through the broad band. Yet again we have had an outage where the phones were disabled and we were unable to work. To stop this happening again we have invested in Satellite broadband as a back up. It won’t be brilliant, but at least we can still keep the WebShop working and process your orders. More expense that we shouldn’t have to incur, but if you can’t trust something you have to do something about it.

New Parts

To cater for our customers with the new Mustangs, our suppliers and good friends from USA – Scott Drake are introducing a sale on their new products for the 2015/2016 Mustangs. We haven’t had full details of the costs yet .but we will do very soon. Some of the new parts include:

California Deck Lid Panel for Mustang S550


Aluminum Pedal Covers


550R Aluminum Strut Tower Brace Mustang S550 GT/Ecoboost



AlumaLift Hood Strut System Mustang S550


Billet Parking Brake Handle Cover


Comp Series Fuel Door


LAR Tyre Services: 

The sister company to Mustang Maniac is LAR Traffic Services who have now launched a brand new service to run along side their recovery. That service is a road side tyre service, changing, fitting, inflating, balancing etc. They will be operating to start with in the Essex, Herts and North East London areas. All the details can be found here on their Facebook page:

Enfield Pageant of Motoring 2016

It’s that time of year again when our favorite car show comes around, The Enfield Pageant of Motoring. This show allows us to bring to a selection of cars to the public. We always have a difficult decision on what to bring so we decided on something a little different this time. Adam’s new ’71 Mach1 was going to be bought into the show on the new LAR/SMR truck, parking up next to Adam’s Ranchero truck. The truck is a low entry idea that almost gets the table onto the floor. The maiden voyage was to Enfield with a classic Mustang. We started at silly o’clock in the morning and loaded the Mach1 onto the truck.

We took the big Ford F350 tow truck as well as that always goes down well with the younger visitors. On arrival at the stand we decided to leave the car on the truck and just extend it across the pitch which looked quite amazing.

Yogi had his Mach1 there and then we had some customers who turned up with perfect timing, Ian with his 66 Fastback, Mart with his ’66 Acapulco coupe.


We unpacked the cars and the flags that was sponsored to us by Linards Design Revolution & Print Solutions which was a great new addition to the stand this year. Thanks to Lance for sorting that out for us.

enfpag119It was time for some breakfast at this point now and we were donated some fantastic sausages be Kelvin from Ellis Butchers in St Albans, they were honestly amazing. Adam started the hospitality suite in full flow with full English fry ups, or sausage sandwiches, all for the Mustang Maniac Customers and staff, the big RV kitchen was going for a while and was just what was needed. Yogi, Paul, Chris, Anne & Paul were among the first to try it out with copious amounts of tea and coffee that was bought into us by visitors.

The next batch of arrivals was the more modern high performance Mustangs that parked at the front of the stand.

The day was chilly to start with, but the rain did come out in the afternoon which again bought with it a new batch of visitors to our stand. It was busy all day long and we were glad to put our feet up in the evening and enjoyed a few very cold drinks that our customers bought in for us.

Adam, Mart and John stayed on site for security saturday night to look after the cars in Mustang Maniacs possession on the stand. Sunday saw another very early start with a swap round of cars. The cars were again parked on the front row with Kent bringing his right hand drive 2016 Mustang providing a great contrast of cars. Yogi, Paul and John stayed Sunday night for the security duties enjoying the chilled contents of the fridge.

With the stand full up to bursting point, John was happy with the parking arrangements and declared it tea time.


The visitors were taking a great interest in the vast selection of cars on display, and were asking to look at the engines bays and inside the cars all day.

With our stand running itself, we took a look around the rest of the show at the auto jumble, and the other stands. There was everything from fuses to flowers, lights to project cars for sale and everything in between.

There was the usual huge American turn out all over different stands around the large field.

There was the very old cars there and some special cars from Beaulieu Motor Museum.

The UK cars were vast and varied and just impossible to show it all. So we just snapped a few of the cars on our wander around the other stands.

There was the fun fair to keep the kids and adults entertained with some very bad driving spotted near the main entrance, but nobody seemed to care for a change. Lets hope they don’t drive like that in their own cars.

We also tried to take a few pictures of the event standing on top of the RV to show the scale of the show.


We would like to say a huge “Thanks” to everybody had generously donated to the Mustang Maniac Pageant Stand. It’s a been a long weekend so if we missed anybody forgive us. Some of the freebies we were donated, show flags, sausages, bacon, cider, Stella Artois, Fosters, Guinness, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, bottles of soft drinks, cases of soft drinks, bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, snacks, sweets, bottles of water, a new kettle (as the old one had seen better days), teabags, coffee, sugar all of which really helped make it such a great weekend.

Thanks in no particular order:

LAR/SMR for use of the brand new truck that had a first job as a freebie, LAR/SMR staff for their support and transport.

Linards for the new flags, Kelvin – Ellis Butchers, Adam, Jayson, Yogi, Paul, John, Chris, Anne, Lance, Spence, Ian, Roy, Martyn, Mart, Steve, Kent, Dave, Colin, Bruce, David, Danny, Lee, Andrew and anybody else we have missed (sorry, but it has been a long weekend).

Thanks to those who visited the stand, which just leaves us with just one thing to say.


Cheers from Mustang Maniac, thanks for making it a great weekend!

Birmingham NEC Classic Car Show 2015

Last weekend we took two cars to the Birmingham NEC Classic Car Show 2015, the cars had to be there before mid day on Thursday 12th November to be registered in, then the stands and cars could be arranged within the stands which is part of the “Build Up”. First up we had Ken’s beautiful genuine ’66 GT fastback which is used as a daily driver. This was on the Classic American stand and was up for nomination in the “Classic American Car of the Year”. Featured many times in various magazines and a heat winner at previous events. The second car was the first outing in her completed state, the Acapulco Blue ’66 Coupe, which was going to be on show at the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain. It was a very early start and the sun hadn’t even bothered to get out of bed! We loaded Ken’s GT on first and then Mart’s. We would like to thank “LAR Traffic Services” who’s two tiered transporter was used to get these treasured cars to the NEC show and back safely.

Closer to the NEC the inevitable traffic jams started, but at least the other drivers got to take photo’s of the car before they even got to the show halls.



The cars were driven to their stands, the GT went to the Classic American stand where she received a great clean up so a special thanks to everybody on that stand who helped out and made her look top of her game.


Mart’s Acapulco ’66 Coupe on the MOCGB stand awaiting her final position with the other cars.


The MOCGB stand being set up and the final car positions. A big thanks to Chris York who does a great job each year to show the Mustangs of to their adoring public:

The best time to get some pictures was before the public got to see the cars as the busy crowds makes it difficult to take some pictures. If you see the high visibility jackets in the pictures that’s the reason why.

So where do we start? There are literally thousands of cars there at the show, so we tried to take unusual photos of the many cars there rather than fill the pages up with the normal photos, but some you just have to take.

A stand with millions of pounds worth of Ferrari’s lined up, many you don’t get to see, let alone all lined up next to each other. 308, F40, F50, Enzo and the new LaFerrari.


The ever beautiful E-Types & Aston’s

Then the big boys that certainly need no introduction:

Plenty of replicas and cars up for sale:

Plenty of Racing cars from various categories on show and a few famous racers too like Graham Hill’s BRM:

How about some super famous cars; Liberace’s Gold Golfers Coupe and the John Lennon’s Painted Rolls Royce, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”



The Thunderbirds movie car from 2004, not the original FAB1 Rolls – but an incarnation of it, it just doesn’t seem right without the big Rolls Grill does it? But it was based on a modified Ford Thunderbird.

Some restorations projects on the go here

The lull before the storm in just one of the arenas.


Each day the exhibitors are allowed in what time they want early in the morning. A different coloured wrist band for each day of the show is allocated to allow pass in and out of the building. The exhibitors usually find tea or coffee and get out the cleaning materials. Yes, even though the cars were cleaned a few hours ago they were cleaned again. Dust can get on the chrome and make it look tatty believe it or not. Stock is taken out of boxes and laid on the tables with final adjustments to make it look attractive. Announcements are given over the tannoy for the count downs; half hour, fifteen minutes, ten minutes, five minutes upon which the video loops are turned on and music tracks are turned up. With the final announcement “The show is now open” people scramble to take their places finish their drinks and breakfast, trying to make it all look effortless. The first few members of the public filter through, the exhibitors get ready to greet the public hoping that their voices will last the day. If their voices do hold up you can guarantee that the feet may not. What do they exhibitors get out of it if they are not being judged? Nothing, just the thrill of somebody looking and admiring your hard work, that’s it.

The public was let in from Friday onwards and the cars we took to show were very popular. Of course the GT had her crowds  all day, and most of the time was difficult to grab a clear photo from each of the cars. But, on Saturday the MOCGB had a special guest Edd China from the car restoration TV show “Wheeler Dealers”. We managed to grab a few shots of him sitting in our contribution to the club stand, Mart’s Coupe. This pulled in large crowds to see a Celeb’s photo being taken with all the members on the club stand in matching blue polo shirts.


On Sunday we had another visitor to the Acapulco Coupe – Tim Shaw from “Car SOS” tv show. Again this pulled in a large crowd waiting to see another Celeb in the car.


Chris managed to grab a conversation with Tim at the MOCGB stand. The last photo here was a great guy who was exhibiting his car, but was also a dead lookalike for Roy Chubby Brown the comedian. He made us laugh by telling us to “clean the f…. car not just look at it” 😀

The three days was a long three days it has to be said standing on your feet. The public were great except for a just one woman who didn’t look like she wanted to be there with her husband. Her long face matched her coat that was thrown over her bag, which was in turn thrown over her shoulder, this allowed the metal zip to go clattering against the cars. All the hours of hard work and devotion can ruined by a few seconds of a selfish attitude. All of the cars in the show regardless of make has taken many hours and years of work and dedication, not to mention the many thousands of £££ or $$$ to complete in pretty much all cases, especially when the cars are at this level. Selfish? Yes, because when she was asked to be carefull – there was no apology, just a shrug and huff and walked off.

She may only see this:


All classic car owners will certainly see this:

chip 2

Anyway the public were asking some great questions and took genuine interest in the cars spending lots of time with the guys and girls on the stands. It has to be said that some showed a little more interest than others.

Acapulco Coupe’s first days out with her brand new show board:

At the end of the three days the cars were loaded onto the LAR truck again for a trip back to the yard for a safe storage. We just love this photo:


Back at the yard an eerie silence was broken by the bark of the dogs and two Mustangs firing up going back to the covered workshops for a rest.


We hope that gives you a little idea of what goes on behind the scenes of a car show. That’s apart from the endless cleaning and removing finger prints from paint work and glass.

Other News:

We have found some more photo’s while bringing this collection together of when we were in SEMA a few weeks ago. We will have to do a post with more of those pics for you soon.

Enfield Pageant Of Motoring 2015

The Bank Holiday Enfield Pageant was almost upon us. We loaded the three cars up on the trailers, one was a drive on drive of for the Acapulco Coupe and the other was a double stack of the 65 “A” Code Coupe and KR GT500.

enfield15-We arrived the evening before as ever in the motor home and made our stake on the pitch we have each year. We left the Coupe under cover for the evening just in case it rained. As the coupe has no glass in her just yet and we didn’t want a mobile swimming pool in the morning. We used a selection of the LAR and SMR vehicles to help us out for the weekend.

Bright and early the next morning the sun was out and the cars started to appear and park up in their allocated spaces. We started to set up the Media area which consisted of a large LCD screen in front of the motor home to show the progress so far of the Acapulco Coupe and a selection of “Music” from Chris’s iPod coming from a pair of speakers next to the RV.

We were promised a few cars of our customers to turn up and support us, we weren’t disappointed and over the three days we had a nice selection and was bursting at the seams at one point. We had our valour down to clean the cars to top showroom conditions. We promised him to get him on the net so promise kept. Thanks Paul for a great job as ever.

As if by magic our promised cars started to turn up one by one, almost as if they knew a little valeting was going on. So we just said carry on cleaning till they stop. Of course the guys will never say no to a little extra TLC on their cars.

Adam had his grandchildren come along to help out and keep an eye on the proceedings proudly displaying the corporate image and just in case anybody was in doubt who she was helping. 🙂

The guests and fellow petrol heads started to arrive and look at the cars and we had lots of questions and plenty of complements on the cars. We had great feedback for our WebShop and how well it was working, the increasingly popular Forum and of course our Blog.

During the days we even got up on the RV roof to take a few pictures.

John did say that he wanted a couple of pics of the “Workers”, we tried to find some, but we only came across these two suspicious characters posing for photos, Ken & John! 🙂

We had a lot of interest around all the cars on display. We had a car for sale which had a number of enquiries as the project Acapulco had a number of heads looking inside to see how they we put these cars back together even before we had fully set up.

 Most Amazing Story of the weekend:

Paul’s AKA “Lob Monster” ’66 Coupe had a couple of visitors who were a little more interested than usual. When Paul went over and spoke to them. It turned out that they were the previous owners of the car of, 30 years ago! Such an amazing story that Paul struck up relationship with them and they should be sending him some photo’s of the car even before Paul got hold of it. Such a small world and what were the chances of that meeting? If they had of turned up on Sunday Paul wasn’t there for that day and they would have missed him. The owners kindly agreed to pose with Paul (on the left) for pictures with the or should we say “their” car. Incredible story.


The day started to cloud over at about 11am till 2 where the rain came down and only the die-hard petrol heads were about and us running around putting a cover over Marts Coupe. We all gathered in the RV and waited for the rain to go. Eventually the sun came back out and so did we continue where we left off. We had a wander around and took photos of just some of the other cars in the show. The main tent housed the music for the day with live bands and the prestigious cars. This year was another good year as Beaulieu Motor Museum provided a couple of great cars of the few days.

Original Race Spec AC Cobra:

Thanks to the guys at Beulieu who kindly broke a little tradition and let us behind the ropes to take some proper photo’s of this spectacular car. The last race this car was in had a bit of pile up and pretty much destroyed the bodywork. At the time AutoCraft were still making the panels under the official licence and rebuilt the body to the exact specs of the original of course. This all means that the car is currently valued at £1 to £2 Million GBP with its heritage! Yes, we have taken a few pics here but it warrants it we think.


Everybody recognises the outside, but ever seen inside the real deal?

The Next day the guys had the Original General Lee “Lee1”.  Again this car needs no introduction and a few pics to do it justice with some interesting facts.

Some of the other cars that took our fancy over the few days. Some even had our sponsorship!

Sunday morning we had a treat of a full English breakfast. Eggs fresh from Adam’s chicken at his home and local bacon and sausages, tomatoes mushrooms – well you get the picture. How did it all go down? Very well and Adam’s culinary skills improve each year. The double yolker was a hotly contested conversation.

Enfield Pageant is not just a car show, there are the numerous auto jumble sales pitches and stalls of all sorts of things, you name it, they got it.

The American scene is quite large at these shows and we have a great relationship with many of the clubs that appear each year. We had this lovely Edsel next to us that had a few issues and wouldn’t start. Adam offered his expertise and sorted out the points issue and the car was soon on its way. The screwdriver wedged in the carb was to dry out the flooding prior to the proper fix.

Here’s a petrol head trivia question for you?

What did Edsel and Mustang have in common?

The answer:

The failure of the Edsel project enabled Ford to use the Edsel machinery to be modified to take the new tooling for the Mustang. The result was that the Mustang appeared long before the time it could have done!

As Adam was often away from his loyal dogs they were always on the look out for him. When he came back for a cup of tea the end result was obvious. A picture can speak a thousand words.


 Last, but definitely NOT least.

A special “Thanks” to everybody who had supported us over the weekend and made us a success again. In no particular order they include:

Ken, John, Yogi, Chris, Paul “Lob Monster”, Lance “OCD”, Ian, Spence, Paul “The Paint”, Yogette, Martin, Paul the valeter, Mart “SatNav,” LAR and SMR. If I have forgotten anybody – I apologise, but it’s getting late and I need some more of those beers, that I hid at the back of the fridge!

A great weekend and thanks to all those that came to see us and made it all worth while.

See you all again next year.

Waiting Around

This week has been a frustrating week with not being able to concentrate on any one thing for a period of time. For those that don’t know Adam also runs a recovery company, and sometimes to help out Adam has been on the road doing some recovery when needs must. Most of the time our Mustangs are picked up and delivered back to customers in our covered lorries or recovered on the flat backs if that is what’s required. We have provided this extra service for a long time now and works well, it can save miles on the cars, pick up dead cars or transport them for safety reasons. This week our own Mustang Maniac truck was called to a mission of mercy to recover a car that had got stuck following a SatNav. Although we like our SatNavs, if you follow them to the letter they can lead you to some random places and this was no exception.

All hands to the pumps can obviously have benefits and down sides, the up side is we can help those that need our services, the downside is that we are not always in the office to take technical phone calls. So in that respect we apologise if you have tried to get us without success, but sometimes we take our overalls off and put on our suits of shining armour on to save the day.

We will go a little more off piste now as it were, but a similar incident where the sister company LAR were called out to a second Sat Nav failure this week. This time it was a sewage lorry that got stuck in some “mud” should we say, the lorry tried to turn around but got bogged down so we had to pull it out, not a nice job but somebody had to do it. We also had one of our newer recovery vehicles at Trucks Fest this weekend, if you are there pop by and say hello.

Anyway, back to Mustangs now; we often have cars in that require finishing off due to difficulty of the task, problems or time constraints which we fully understand of course. The owner of this stripped down shell had been working on her for a while now and wanted it to be painted by us. The car has been previously prepped and primed which now sits waiting for the next stage in the paint process. We did have to replace a front panel and she should be ready to go to the paint shop as soon as there is a free slot.

A newish 289 engine needed some serious diagnostics as it was making all sorts of noises and rattles. The whole car was transported here for us to investigate. This was a pretty simple one diagnose – no oil pressure, when we say no oil pressure – there was none, it didn’t even register, so we quickly shut her down. We took the engine out and removed the sump of and could see there was the optional race oil guard fitted which was nothing to do with the issue we have now. We investigated the crank and the more delicate parts for damage where we could see that it had all worn away and was now  small block scrap unit. We are not sure the full reasons why yet, but our first suspect could be a faulty oil filter, it’s rare but it can happen.

We strongly recommend to pay the extra few pounds to get a good quality oil filter, you may save a small amount short-term, but cost an awful more lot long-term!

Acapulco ’66 Coupe

The work on the mechanics has moved inside , Quite s specialised job of fitting a head liner in place. This has been fitted now and the fold marks will soon fall out when the head liner bows pull it a little tighter over time. Now you are getting a little taster of the inside colour scheme.

At Mustang Maniac we have parts to hand most of the time which are just collected from stock and noted on the system for invoice. Some of those parts can be stored in other areas that are locked away and can take a few minutes to locate. To try and work efficiently we aim to have the parts we need for the next day sourced from stock the evening before, that way we can just get on with the work when we get to the workshops in the morning. When we said to hang on a minute while we get the parts, we didn’t think we took that long at the end of a very busy day ! 🙂


Route 66 – parts 7 & 8

We left the lovely Oklahoma on our way to Amarillo, now I have said that I bet you are singing the song? We never asked anybody if this is the way to Amarillo either. On our way out of Oklahoma we stopped of here for a little look around to see some history of the famous Route 66 and a shop with a difference.

We got back on the road and found a great name for a road.


While we are on the Subject of Mustangs a little know fact about one of our cars. Our 1964 1/2 Indianapolis 500 260cid pace car which was one of only 190 made in hard top came to us from Oklahoma. We have an article all about the Pace Cars click here or it can be found under the “Our Cars” menu heading at the top. This Indy 500 Pace Car is the only known genuine item in Europe and was a complete nut and bolt restoration from the ground up completed by us.


We have seen some sights on the road and when people say they are moving house in the UK this isn’t quite what they mean.


As we had been traveling for a while at this point we decided that we would stop of for a snack. Well, more like half a cow served up on plate the size of a dustbin (trash can) lid!

Inside was amazing and everything just seemed to be as big as their steaks. I just had to try the 72oz steak that was just out of this world.

After I had finished feeding my face, stomach arms legs or just about anywhere I could put food it was time to move on. I am sure the suspension is a bit faulty as it seems to be sagging now on the driver’s side. 😀

Next day:

We have seen another famous sight on the road – Tumbleweeds, these things just appear out of nowhere to catch you out. The black blobs on the road are the weeds that just about show up on the pics.

We think this should be the next LAR Traffic Services tow truck back home in the UK! It would frighten the living daylights out of anybody when they see this coming down both sides of the road.


The next scheduled port of call was just outside Amarillo.


The Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas. It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm. It consists of what were (when originally installed during 1974) either older running used or junk Cadillac automobiles, representing a number of evolutions of the car line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of mid twentieth century Cadillacs; the tailfins) from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

After all the walking around for a while it was getting near to another meal, this time we had a light(er) meal in this lovely place at the half way point of the Mother Road and our adventure so far.

Only another 270 miles to go before we get to our next stop over in New Mexico!


We have had a few fantastic emails from people following our travels with recommendations and places to visit. We try to look at some of them and see if they are doable in our time frame as it were. Some we have managed to visit such as the Cadillac Ranch, and some we haven’t been able to get to.

Thank you to everybody who has taken time out to mail us. 

A Good Prank On TV

Something a bit unusual this week for you in the fact that our sister company “LAR Traffic Services” were on prime time television where our lorry was used for a TV prank on some poor guy. The program was Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Ant & Dec during their high ratings prime time evening slot. Basically the guy liked his car and our truck was used to lift it up then crush it. The car we damaged was a replica Ford Mondeo of course, but the results were amusing. We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel click the icon or click here for the quick link. Ant & Dec made a good job directing the chaos, we have some stills from the video clip here.

Snapshot 1

ITV Presenters Ant & Dec

The set up:


Kicking off:

Of course all turned out well when the guy realised it was a prank.

Customers Cars

This week we had a car dropped into us where the owner said the engine was feeling a little tired and could we do something about it. Of course we can depending on your budget and did! We had an engine rated somewhere between 330 & 350 bhp replaced into the car. The intake and carb were the owners own purchases which we fitted it all together for him. We had the exhaust headers treated via aluminium coating along with the intake. We replaced the pullies at the front with some nice aluminium versions for a little engine bay bling. We recycled as much as we could for the new engine.

First the tired old block was retired.


The replacement was fitted


This little lady looks and sounds the part now.

Rust in Piece

Not too much this week to show as it has been mainly prep work. More fittings have been attached and the left side lower suspension now in place. We cleaned up the front springs and they are ready for fitting. The rear axle has come back from shot blasting and has been painted ready for the diff rebuild.


Due to amount of stock coming in and out of the stores via the WebShop now we have made some changes to the premises. We have replaced the old roller shutter with a new full width security roller shutter. This will allow pallets to be delivered directly into the dispatch area now ready for stock location or distribution. In fact we now have enough room for a car to be stored in there, we know because we already tried it.



We have had a few of our good customers now sign up to the forum and we now want to get more people involved. If you know of anybody who has a classic Mustang get them to join us, its free at

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