Expert Or Expertise?

This week we have had a car in that is overheating and are on their fourth radiator. The problem is from the engine block that is depositing sediment into the radiator and blocking the the narrow pipes. In order to prove the fact Adam has got out his knew gadget to take a photo of the problem for the customer.

Thermal Imaging was a super expensive technology a few years ago, but this has now filtered into the automotive market at reasonable costs to make diagnosis easier. The radiator was scanned and clearly shows the cold spot on due to a blockage on the left hand side of the radiator. This quickly narrowed down the issue and Mustang Maniac started the flushing procedures of the radiator and water ways to try and fix the problem. Really and truly this engine needs to come out for a strip down and sort out.

That may full tear down may have to wait until we get the go ahead from the customer, but for now we shall try a few old school tricks to make her run cool again, if not it’s a new radiator again.



We mention that Adam has been getting his gearboxes reconditioned and stored, well we have new batch arrive and now gone into the Aladdin’s cave of hidden treasures.

There has even been a couple of manual gearboxes properly restored such as this four speed Top Loader fitted with a Hurst shifter.

When a good customer of ours asks for a something to be brought in especially we go out of our way to make it happen for them. In this instance the customer wanted to swap out his Manual gearbox for a automatic. A few weeks later it was built to the customer specs and arrived with us long with our other stock ready for fitting.

To finish up our little gearbox stock level update, Adam came staggering out of the storage room to find his transport trolley had been moved from where he left it.

Adam’s devoted and loyal dog Shelby was on the look out for the culprits, we’re pretty sure that she was gonna make somebody pay for it!


Adam has had a new line of shocks come in from Scott Drake which are their low pressure versions. These new ’64 – ’73 lines are already on the WebShop, the fronts can be found here.

The rears can be found here.

As our WebShop states; “These low-pressure gas shocks are an affordable upgrade from the original factory hydraulic shocks. These shocks are ideal for the daily driver that prefers a smooth comfortable ride over performance. For a more spirited driving we recommend Drake’s performance high-pressure gas shocks.”

Spax have now replenished us with another supply of unique personalised shocks in red. These red shocks can only be purchased through us. Adam is opening this batch to check for quality control.


We said that we are now using second class Royal Mail as some customers don’t want to pay the courier rates. That’s absolutely fine, but don’t expect it to arrive the next day as one customer complained about. Remember you have the choice for some items on how much you want to pay vs how quickly you want it. The little lot going out yesterday afternoon with a mixture of options including signed for or not;

The pilot has come to an end and we have decided to continue the service. We shall of course continue to monitor the feedback which so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everybody who has taken time out to let us know what you thought of the options.

On a slightly negative point we don’t normally post about customers, but we felt we had too on this occasion. We will not be disclosing any details of what happened, but this customer needs to see a more public response as they keep sending us emails. The customer that has just been allocated the “C” button and has been repeatedly contacting us again. We honestly appreciate your apology thank you, due to the previous unpleasant experience from yourself with unreasonable expectations, we can assure you that we went over and above our normal excellent customer service we provide including a considerable expenses to ourselves, we even let you keep the item and gave you a refund. We will not be providing any more parts to you going forward or responding to your numerous emails. We’re sorry that the other suppliers are out of stock for the items you are requesting, please try other parts suppliers or you will just have to wait for your new “preferred supplier” to get the items in stock for you.

Expert Or Expertise?

We recently had a a customer complain to us that that their light up Mustang kick plates for the door sills was not working. We have had no problems with these items and fitted a few now without problems.

The customer insisted they were faulty as his “Expert Electrician” said they didn’t work. So they were returned to us and we opened the package to check them. We were hit with a tell tale burning smell.

Not only did they blow the transformers once, they did it twice! We never claim to be experts, as we are always learning. But, we do however have considerable expertise in classic Mustangs. We can confirm their experts ‘diagnosis’ that these transformers are not working. However we have never blown any up yet!

Keep Safe.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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3 Responses to Expert Or Expertise?

  1. Without a doubt, you guys set the standards for Mustang Restorations. Nobody comes close to your expertise.
    As for the customer with the C button, funny how they always come back though. You are right to not deal with them. Life is hard enough without idiots causing carnage.


  2. Mark says:

    Spax Shock Absorber Review

    If anyone reading this is wondering about the Spax shock absorbers I have them fitted all round on my 67 and can attest to their build quality and performace.

    Fitted up front with 600Ib coil springs and out back with 5 leaf mid eye springs all from Mustang Maniac. The car also has Baer tracker anti bump steer kit and a 1 inch Arning (Shelby) drop. The car had a complete new set of steering and suspension components fitted at the time so if you’re just adding the shock Absorbers your experience may vary from mine below.

    After almost 5000 miles and a few initial adjustments I can say they are better than great.

    If you dont mind laying on the floor you can (with a bit of fanangling and patience) adjust them insitu yourself. Mine were set to the exact halfway point when fitted. It took a few drops underneath the car for adjustments and about 500 to 600 miles of different roads (motorways to twisty country lanes) to find a setting I liked best. I tried to keep the gas tank half full (as that’s when you get maximum “wash” effect), 11 gallons splashing around in your tank while cornering does have some effect … especially with a tank that’s behind the rear axle.

    If you like a firmer suspension setting then start halfway and you’re somewhere in the ballpark. If you like it slightly softer then I’d go 2 to 4 clicks softer possibly more.

    I adjusted the fronts first instead of trying to dial in all four corners at the same time. Once the fronts were where I thought they felt best I adjusted the rears. Then did more miles up and down the same road but with the fronts 2 clicks softer than the desired setting and then 2 clicks firmer ( total sweep of 4 clicks). I did this as any adjustments rear adjustment could have an effect on the front and vice versa.

    Currently the fronts and rears have different settings and I’m actually pleasantly surprised how well these cars can and do drive and handle with new or upgraded original style parts …. even though I was advised of the potential improvement by both Adam and Yogi. The car is set slightly firmer than I think most people would prefer but I find a great trade off of comfort and handling. It doesn’t have Lotus Exige handling and never will have but it can stay up with every day traffic on all dry roads without any extra effort and I could quite happily use the car every single day it’s actually a genuine pleasure to drive, whether just poodling or with the bit between your teeth.

    Worth the extra £££ in my opinion.

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