Last Call For A Flight To Vegas

Things have been a little busy this week with Adam making preparations for his annual ‘Business’ trip to SEMA 2108 and has been out of the office a fair bit. Although we give Adam plenty of grief over his ‘Business’ trip, it’s a good chance for him to meet up with business partners and make some new ones, not forgeting his friends out there in Shelby and Scott Drake too. This is also a time to catch up with the new developments for the world of restoration and innovations for the LAR / SMR recovery businesses too. Can we just reiterate again that you don’t need to call us for making a parts order, the WebShop is up to date with the stock lists and is real-time updated. If the WebShop says it’s in stock – then it’s in stock. We mention this yet again as we have had a few emails saying that they are frustrated that we can’t provide support for fitting parts while they want to order them over the phone.

Customer Cars

Yogi has been busy with the secret project that we can’t say too much about just yet, but we will bring you the full story of this build once it has moved on a bit. The rest of the week Yogi has been working on the Hertz clone and getting that ready for customer pick up. The dash pad has now been swapped out with our top quality branded stock. The instrument cluster has now been refitted and complete.

With the pad in place we can add that all important Shelby rev counter.

The doors have had new damp papers added, insides windows greased, and new handle gaskets and the door cards fitted.

The gear shifter was looking a little worse for wear so we fitted a new leather boot to smarten things up there again. The glove box card was also not much use either and received a replacement with the hazard switch installed in its correct position.

Moving to the back of the car Yogi has finished the hand riveted inner trims for the back windows and have now been installed, water proofed and the outside trims added. The rest of the lower trims have been refitted so it all matches and looks stock.

Under the hood has also seen a fair amount of work being completed as well, and we hope that you can’t see it to be honest. If you can’t see what has been changed then it’s a job well done yet again. This time we are going to tell you what we done; the hood hinges had become bent and can cause issues with the gap alignment and opening the hood. We replaced them, and as with all these jobs it take a while to re-gap the hood to the cowl and then to the fenders properly. This invariably means an adjustment of the closure and latches.

A Yogi speciality is his signature brake line work that were replaced along with the obligatory brake bleeding, and brake adjustments that all comes as part of the process.

The car needs a final road test and recheck the levels. Once that’s all done then she should be ready for the owner to collect. 😀

As you read this Adam is at the airport ready to go. He will have limited access to emails while over in the States, but he will endeavour to get back to you if you email him.

We have asked Adam to take some photos for us and you our readers. If you click on the logo above then you will be taken to the SEMA website to see what is going on.

Enjoy the trip Adam and have a safe journey. 

A Very Special Guest

As this is the first post of the year; Happy New Year to all our readers and followers and we hope you all had a great Christmas. Thanks to those of you who dropped us gifts into the office all of which was very much appreciated. We thought we would that we would start the first post off with a bang, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Adam had kept it quiet that there was going to be a very special guest coming to the UK over Christmas to visit him for a stop over before they went back to the USA. That special guest is his friend Cleo Shelby. Cleo landed in the UK before Christmas and Adam was there to pick her up and take her back to his home while Cleo finalised arrangements for what she needed to do while over here in the UK. As Adam is a private person he fully respects Cleo’s privacy and the need to get away from it all now and again. With that in mind the visit was kept quiet to stop any unwanted attention which would allow Cleo to just get on and do her thing. Cleo would stay at Adam’s home before she returned to the USA where she was treated just like one of the family. It was a time to relax and not have to worry about anything except just being yourself, a pub visit, meals out and of course the catch ups late into the night.

Adam had asked Cleo to sign the odd thing or two for him. Cleo kindly agreed and wrapped up warm in a borrowed coat and was then taken out into the British cold weather. Cleo was shown around Adam’s vast parts stores and car just as big a car collection. Cleo was impressed by the number of cars Adam had and realised why Adam has so many guard dogs to protect his premises. Cleo was even treated to the full access guided tour even to the out-of-the-way areas where the rarities are stored. Adam had uncovered his much-loved Shelbys in anticipation for the evening signing session should Cleo agree of course. Cleo sat in each one of the cars to sign them for him. There was no expense sparred on the new Sharpie pens which were bought just for the this occasion in a selection of colours, black or silver. The only down side was trying to sort out a good balance of lighting for Cleo to see what she was doing and also for the camera work during the signings as it was starting to get dark very quickly. Sometimes the lighting and camera work getting in each others way! As with all signatures proof is always part of the provenance so Cleo was happy to oblige there too for us, just in case some people didn’t believe the authenticity of the signatures. Adam has more photo’s but they are for his private collection and not to be plastered all over the internet.

Adams Orange KR was up first.

Adam’s anniversary Hertz.

A friend and good customer of Adam’s had his anniversary Hertz at the yard for a little work which also received the coveted Shelby signature.

Next up was Adam’s pride and joy, his genuine un-restored 1966 Hertz. Adam explained to Cleo how he come to get the rare beast before she signed it in silver for him.

After the guided tour of the workshops and the yard it was back up to the offices for some warmth and conversations. In the offices there was a little more signing to be done on three DeAgostini 1:8th scale ’67 Shelby GT500 models. They were for Adam’s grandson’s Jack (a part finished model), Gary’s and Mart’s completed models waiting for that special signature.

Jack’s model being signed:

Gary’s model being signed:

Mart’s model and book being signed:

Those who are eagle-eyed will see that the cars are different as the aerial was removed on Mart’s car for transport other wise it didn’t fit in the storage box. There was also a Limited Edition book called “The Art of the Mustang” which Mart sneaked into the mix to be signed by Cleo on the author’s signature page too.

Cleo was now in much need of a hot cup of tea, so it was back to the house and get ready for the night out and something to eat. Cleo had given Lynn and Adam their gifts, Adam’s was a Limited Edition still boxed 1966 Hertz model in mint condition that was originally given to Carroll Shelby himself.

Thank You Very Much Cleo.

We can only say a huge thank you to Cleo for taking time out (especially in the freezing cold), to sign the full-sized cars and models for us. You can bet your car keys that these cars, the model’s and the book will not be parted with just for the money. Cleo’s signatures just make special items very special and unique indeed, none of which you will be seeing on eBay!

Shelby 1, 2 or 3?

Some decisions in life are more difficult than others such as what to drive. Here at Mustang Maniac we have an amazing selection of cars to choose from. In the words of a customer who recently had a guided tour of the yard “It’s like a museum”. We are immensely proud of that fact, and that decision making process has just gotten harder. What to drive this weekend? To see a true Shelby is rare, to see a collection of them is even rarer.

We have here the ever classic Shelby KR, Hertz Shelby and the beast of 2014 GT500 SVT edition.


The 2014 SVT is the baddest official Ford Mustang made to date, the SVT (Special Vehicle Team) has created a their first 200+mph car, that makes it a super car by any imagination. and all for under $70,000. The car has an incredible 662bhp with similar spine shattering 631lb torque at 4000rpm. What you have here in effect is a fully fledged track race car you can drive on the road. The builders of this car have even had the nice touch to sign the engine.

Yes we know the car is pretty dirty, but it’s not been in the yard long enough to clean it!

The difficult decision is “What would you drive for the day?” Please vote below as we would love to know what you think.


We have now had delivery of the Shelby classic Steering wheel which is an incredible exact top quality replica.

Of course to go with the wheel you just have to have the Concours horn button. We now also have these in stock, either the GT350 or the GT500. These are not your “Enos Range”, these are the exact opposite. Easy plug-in fitting to the wheel and your done. If you want you car to stand out from the crowd….. Need we say any more?



Model: DeAgostini Shelby GT500

Every now and again something catches our eye, this company DeAgostini has started to produce a very highly detailed model of the now legendary ’67 Shelby GT500. This is no ordinary model, it’s a die cast 1:8th Scale Model. We have collected a few issues together now and have started the build process. We will not be doing an exact step by step process as that would just be copying the magazine instructions. We will however be publishing the completed sections as we go along and some interesting points we find. From what we have seen this is an incredible model and after the 100 issues it will take to complete you will have a spectacular model to be proud off. The attention to detail is much better than we expected to be honest. Even to the point the headlights have a correct left and right side for the lenses. We have not seen that on any previous Mustang models we have seen.

Part 1 issued 9/10/2016 in a promotional pack


Issue 1

The start of the project is the front of the car, grill, headlights, bumper etc.


The headlights are incredibly well detailed and do indeed have a correct side for fitting.





Issue 2

The Left side front wheel, the parts.

The tyre is in fact a very heavy rigid plastic, to make it fit you have to have a hair dryer to warm it up. They say a little heat, but we found that it was a gradual heat up till it was quite warm to get any sort of give in the moulding. It also cools pretty quick and when it does it becomes rigid again. The last picture below here shows the comparison of the supplied screw driver and the precision ones we are using.



Issue 3

The top part of the engine block supplied here, air intake, twin carbs, valve covers.





Issue 4

In this issue we have been supplied with a huge slab of metal that is the hood. It’s heavy and gives you a rough idea of the scale of this model as the hood is getting on for the size of A4 magazine it comes with.

The quality of the paint is pretty amazing for a model, we have tried to show the corner of the hood in detail here. shelby1-8th20Along with the hood comes the rest of the front grill will is screwed into your previously stored front section from part 1. The detail is top quality and intricate to say the least. The spotlights are pressed into the radiator grill and held in by small metal flaps to hold it in place. We would suggest that you do this once as repeated pressing of the lights could weaken the grip.




Issue 5


This issue was a very simple section of the left front seat back rest. This came in three parts and is held together by a number of screws at each corner. They do offer the advice to use model glue for extra strength if you want to, but we found the snap together a good enough solid fit. You can see from the detail on the seat finish they really have made some excellent tooling for this level of quality.


We have a dedicated page to the building of this model under its own section : DeAgostini Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale Model. We have also placed a link on the Right hand side which will take you straight to their website. Or click here.

Office News:

This week’s weather has been pretty rubbish to say the least, so how do we know that? I guess we don’t need to say any more here either!


Almost A Barn Find

Last weekend we managed to get a bit of Spring cleaning done, so we continued again this weekend. This time at the darkest depths of the yard, not quite in a barn we found this little lot. It has been rumoured that the Moon has had more visits than this secret stash of Adam’s non Mustang cars. We intend to get the dozen or so cars out and clean them up to see exactly what we have here.


We found the cars during a little earth moving exercise by the main workshop.


As we have been working flat-out during the week and the weekend is the time we can do our own sorting out. So thanks to everybody who gave up their time on Saturday to help out. We also had a very welcome guest Gary who paid us on Saturday as well. The welcome break for a cup of tea saw the collection of goodies that Gary brought along with him rapidly reduced to empty wrappers. We all sat in the Boys Club and listened to more great and funny stories Gary shared with us. This could be the petrol head version of sitting around a came fire?

Earlier in the week we had our very own Hertz Mustang out an about and then it was promptly joined by another customer’s early version. So we just had to capture the moment. Old or New version your favourite?


Customers Cars:

We get a lot of cars in for their annual MOT and this is rare old lady was here for just such a reason. A 1963, 144ci Falcon Sedan Delivery. This Manual car has what is known as “3 on a tree” shift. There are so many features on this car that are carried through to the early Mustangs.


A Mustang Maniac branch in Norway?

Could be! this is Dag who lives in Kristiansand – Norway. Dag is a good friend of Yogi’s who is working on his 1969 beast fitting up his 1050CFM Dominator carb. We are pleased to see that he is wearing his Mustang Maniac shirt. We do have to wonder where and how he got that MM shirt – Any ideas Yogi???? 🙂


Adam will be away from the office all next week. So if you need to order from the WebShop it will still be business as usual.

Two’s Company

This week we saw another rare car in our yard, this particular car was a Hertz 2007 GT-H which matched our own 2006 GT-H, parked next to each other they really made an awesome sight. The Shelby Hertz cars are rare as only five hundred were made of each and only a few made it to the UK. The number plate on the 2007 is brilliant and matched the car as well as a statement. We can’t tell you what it is of course for privacy reasons, but we liked it, a lot. A number of customers visiting us made a comment of not seeing a Hertz Shelby before and then we have two in the yard at the same time.

A little background to the Shelby Hertz breed of pony:

(#) Head of Ford design, J Mays, had said back in 2004 to expect a series of special-edition Mustangs to keep the stallion kicking, and it didn’t take long for some exceptional variations on a winning theme. First to be announced was the Shelby GT500. This came in Spring 2005 at the New York Auto Show. But that was well ahead of the car’s introduction as a 2007 model. Announced at the 2006 New York show, and introduced as a 2006 model, was the Ford Shelby GT-H. This was a throwback to the famed Shelby GT350H “Rent-A-Racer” program from the 1960s. Ford Motor Company, Shelby Automobiles and the Hertz Corporation partnered to produce a special run of 500 performance-modified Mustang GTs and called them the Shelby GT-H. The H stood for Hertz brand. The cars were available for rent exclusively through the Hertz Fun Collection at select airport locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. In order to rent one of the race breed beasts you had to complete an interview which was a lengthy process. The program recalled the 1966 teaming of Shelby and Hertz that got Shelby Mustang GT-350s into the hands of rental customers. Those Shelby GT350H Mustangs became sought-after collector cars. Prepared with assistance from the Ford Racing Performance Group, each Shelby GT-H had black exterior paint set off in gold by Shelby’s traditional “Le Mans” dual racing stripes. Rocker stripes included Shelby GT-H custom look. Each car wore a Hertz Edition emblem on the front fenders, Hertz Shelby GT-H sill plates, and a numbered dashboard badge with Carroll Shelby’s signature.


The Hertz Custom bodywork included a Shelby Performance hood with pins, a brushed aluminium grille with running horse emblem, unique front fascia with integrated lower grille, and side scoops. The Mustang GT’s brakes were dressed up with painted callipers, visible through the GT-H’s 17-inch aluminium wheels with P235/55ZR17 high performance rubber. Ford Racing Performance Group supplied its popular Power Pack kit to add an extra 25 horsepower to the 300-horse Mustang GT 4.6-liter V-8. It raised torque by 10 pounds feet to 330. With the unpredictable skills of rental customers in mind, all 500 GT-Hs got Mustang’s five-speed automatic transmission. In place of the 3.31:1 rear axle ratio used by automatic GTs, however, the GT-H got a Ford Racing 3.55:1 ratio rear axle assembly. The package included Ford Racing’s 90mm Cold Air kit, the Muffler Kit, a new X-pipe similar to the one used on the Ford Shelby GT500, and a performance calibration and a cat-back performance exhaust. To put that extra horsepower to the ground, the Ford Shelby GT-H came with the Ford Racing Handling Pack that included special-tuned dampers, lowering springs, sway bars and a strut-tower brace. Under the hood of the new model GT-H was a security tag on a small wire which identified the engine to the chassis. The tag was to ensure the engine and chassis numbers were tampered with. This was to stop a repeat of the ’60’s where the Shelby engines were swapped out of the Hertz and replaced with a lesser spec engine in it’s place. If you can locate a number matching engine and chassis on an original Hertz the you truly have a rare car indeed.


After the heavy rain this week a burst of sunshine on Saturday morning enabled us to have a proper sweep up. The dogs love a ride in the road cleaner and Adam was happy to oblige them. There is enough space for two dogs in the spare seat, the first two were the lucky ones.

After a stint of cleaning in the warm cab a well earned tea break was in order, in the good ol’ British fashion of course. The other storage sheds for our paints, plant parts and some heavier engineering tools was looking a bit full. So we had a clear out, we scrapped a lot of the stuff we had hoarded for a some time but never used, this made space and easy access for our generators and compressors. A productive week for cars and making the place look a lot smarter.

# some additional information sourced – How stuff works 14/7/2014

New ’67 Fastback Body Shell

At long last…

We have been waiting a while for these now and now we have one. the ’67 Fastback Body Shell. These particular shells have some nice features, like strengthening across the drive train tunnel for extra stability as does the shock area. The best part is that it’s all rust free. We have just made a very special order another for a customer, his version of the body shell will be unique – it’s in right hand drive! Yep, the customer wanted a right hand drive Mustang ’67 Fastback. So we had a word with the manufacturers and they are going to be making a special shell just for us with the right hand drive fittings. Obviously we will be building this as a very bespoke right hand drive car. Being a right hand drive there could be an issue for some of the parts, so we will have to just fabricate them for the car itself and for his specification for the car.

We have posted a video on YouTube for the body shell to have a full look round it. click on the YouTube logo for the quick link.

youtube logo

Click for the link

Congratulations to Debbie from who was first to correctly guess the Shelby 2006 350GT H. Thanks to those who emailed me, I appreciate it. Some were very close indeed.

This car is number 340 of 500 that had been made by Shelby for Hertz Car Rentals. This particular car was available for rental in Las Vegas and bought over to the UK once the terms had finished for the rentals. Did you know they would only let you hire it after being interviewed. Also there is a steel cable sealed in lead from the engine to the chassis, if this was broken or damaged during your rental then you had a very big bill coming your way. This was to make sure that the engines were not swapped out like the originals were in 1966!

Before you say it – yes it does need a clean, any volunteers?

350GT H