Ripping Up The Rule Book

This week we can’t fail to mention the weather, which has seen a promise of more to come in the UK. We are happy to see a period of nice weather for a change instead of the normal rain, with the on set of the nice weather we have managed to convert the old car storage areas into a new “large and heavy parts” dispatch area. As a result of Mustang Maniac needing more space and storage areas for a slightly different car! More on that later a little further down.

Park & Pic

This week we had a very nice rare car come into us with a minor leak on the steering. We fixed it with no problems as normal, and the customer arrived to take her away. We give you the legendary Shelby GT500, nothing else needs to be said!


More Stock

It’s a well-known fact that for your Mustang parts, Adam is your man with is ever-expanding WebShop. But, what is not quite as well-known is that Mustang Maniac stocks an ever-increasing rage of ’64 – ’66 Falcon parts too, so much so that Adam is now “stock piling” Falcons cars now to match the stock levels.

The latest set of Mustang parts in stock are these performance strut rod parts which have now arrived in the latest container. They are super high quality and an awesome racing part upgrade or just for bragging rights.

Drag Racing

Another known fact is that Yogi takes his Mach1 down the Santa Pod 1/4 mile drag strip, wrecking a set of tyres each time, but the bear was not happy with his last eleven second run. The reason was the will spin being unable to get all that power down to the tarmac. To stop that Yogi bought himself an over drive and under drive unit. Yep you read that right “Under Drive”. This gearbox allows you to select the lower gear to launch of the line that much quicker. The gearbox will allow you to change gears for each of the main gears which gives you in effect six main gears now. Yogi has fitted it and loves it, so much so that he has melted his speedo cable, we need to think of a way to fix that, we have a plan. Here we have some instructions for the unit to show just how it works. The new AutoDrive is able to handle up to 1200bhp! Yogi has been heard to say, “That will do for now”!

The inside is so subtle to work the overdrive, fully automatic with indicators via a switch on the console arrowed here.

For race, there is a switch on the console that controls the normal operation, and another he operates with his foot for “only for racing purposes, on specially designed track with proper supervision for all health and safety purposes” should the need arise at Santa Pod.

The funniest part of all this is that we found a page “removed” from the instructions. Rumour has it that Yogi “accidentally ripped it” or tore out the page called; “Drag Racing do’s and dont’s”. He is also rumoured to be growling “nobody tells the bear how to drag race”.

Yogi has changed out his livery on his car too, subtle but very effective. Thanks to Linards for these.

The gearbox is working fine, but his interior is now apart thinking of a way to stop the speedo cable getting so hot. But this is what the completed fit looks like underneath.

He has put some of his stickers on the car too;

If you see this car don’t bother to try racing it! Honestly, we have road tested it and we can confirm – it’s quick.

Next week we have a special report on the Fox body lights. Keep cool in the sun and be sensible with the heat.


Goodwood 2014

There are some things you can revive and some you can’t, which I will get onto a little later. But first we had a good trip to Goodwood’s Revival and some great cars and some good racing. We of course were pleased to see many Mustangs racing and on display. Goodwood had a recreation of the Earls Court building front where they housed some cars on show old and new next to each other. There was this very nice convertible baby blue Mustang who is also a customer of ours, next to the new 2015 Mustang which we have already had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal.

There were obviously other stands there from different manufacturers there, but only a few caught our eye. There was also outside features and attractions, there were even visitors dressed in period costume which was quite nice to see.

But Goodwood is renowned for its racing. We have a few pictures here of some of the cars we liked, which just happened to be Fords. Rowen Atkinson (a well known British comedian), had an accident in his Ford Falcon Sprint which he mashed up pretty good unfortunately. Lets hope it’s back on the track soon.

How not to drive a C4 transmission

As I mentioned at the beginning some things you can revive and some you just can’t, this example may be falling into the latter category. We are often asked to work our magic on things which we do on most occasion, however there are some things we just can’t repair, sometimes new parts are the only way to go. This pump from the front of C4 auto gearbox is damaged badly. The worst part is that not only has some of the pump gearing been damaged but a couple of the gear’s teeth are still missing as we haven’t found them, yet. There is no way of telling exactly just how much damage has been done or even if it can be rescued at all until it has been taken apart. How did it happen? We’re not sure the full truth will never be known, but we have seen similar results to this this in another gearbox. The gearboxes are generally pretty solid, but this damage can happen when you give the engine a boot full of revs and slam the shifter into “Drive”, or keep your foot on the brake while revving the engine while in drive. Trying to do a burn out maybe? As you can see, this is not going to be cheap repair even if it can be repaired.


Don’t rev the engine and slam the car into drive – it won’t like it. Trust us!

Healthy pump from a C4

A very badly damaged

Problem Solving

Sometimes we have car that takes a little bit of time to work out what the actual root cause of a problem is and then sort it out. Sometimes we replace the part(s), we can fabricate a bespoke part or we make a modification to fit what is required. Most of the bigger car problems are sorted out with a quick chat or a second opinion over a mug of tea and a biscuit. It’s rare we have a full on team meeting around the engine bay of a car. This pic was a snap shot of the guys having a look for the best way to fix a problem, as there wasn’t even a mug of tea in sight I knew it wasn’t that bad. It turned out to be the best way to make a new part fit and look good. They say two heads are better than one, or a problem shared is a problem halved. In this case it turns out that four heads are better than one.

Problem solving

This week we are pleased to see the return of our Classic Racer back from the dippers and the difference is quite obvious. Nothing is left apart from the good bare metal and the solid welding. This gives us a perfect head start to any work that needs to be done such as replacement welding, replacements panels, start of the under coating or what ever we decide to do first. There have been a few modifications made to this car previously and these will have to be removed and replaced with the correct stock parts again for the series of racing this will be entered back in to. It’s not very often we get a clean canvas to start work on, but it’s worth it. It’s a quick way to get back to the bare metal but the cost has to be considered, or you can do it all by hand the hard way like the ’66 Coupe we also have on the go too.

The fenders and other panels were dipped and in this pic you can see the guys doing a dummy fit of the fender to see what work will be required as a rough guide for time estimates and work load allocation.


Ready To Race

They say things come in pairs, here at Mustang Maniac we’re not so sure. We think a new addition to our fleet of cars, goes well with our other racers which have recently been given some stripes, there is a good reason for all this, we hope to have some more news very shortly! First the new addition to our fleet which shouldn’t need any introduction. This little brute has a modern 5 speed manual gearbox, nice set of under dash gauges and drives as good as she sounds. This is a real monster of a car and the exhaust note just has to be heard to be believed.

But, just to tease you a little here are some pics of the Mustang Maniac mean machines. Which one would you pick for a blast around a track?

Bullitt (UK) Remake Link (must watch):

A customer of ours has done a brilliant job of this promotional video for the Silverstone Classic Event 25th, 26th & 27th July 2014. Click on the link here to watch it, sound up and full screen.

You just have to see this!

New Stock:

We have now got – sorry did have some new wheel nuts in. The first batch has sold in out in days, we are waiting for some more  to arrive. They look brilliant, and the design is a slightly smaller socket which means if you have wheels like these then you don’t have to keep taking the centre caps off to change the wheels. Contact our webshop on

Our first freebie download:

For all our readers a big thank you and to say thanks we have uploaded a high quality wallpaper “Twins” from the above photo set. Please feel to download it and use as your new wallpaper. If you like the idea let us know and we will upload some wallpapers, give us some ideas and we will see what we can do for you.

Click the link here or go to “Downloads” menu.