It’s A Bloke Thing!

During the week we have been asked what has happened to the Park & Pic posts, so not to disappoint we have one today for you. We have to admit we have been slacking a little in this area as not all the cars are collected from the front of the office, most are picked up from the yard to be fair. So we start with that this week:

Park & Pic:

This genuine 67 390 GT  is owned by Ross and is a beautiful Concours correct car.

The car was brought to us as she was running a little lumpy at speed so Yogi got to work on it and first things first, the timing. The timing was out enough to cause the problem so that was adjusted to the correct settings. Then Yogi worked his dark art magic on the carb for a tune up which again was running a little rich. Now the engine idled nicely and revved up smoothly.

While Yogi was doing what he does best, Ross mentioned that he had visited a show hosted by a well know Mustang Owners Club based here in the UK. He then went on to explain that he was docked a point for an “incorrect HT (spark plug) lead”. Pointed out here by the arrow.

Yogi said this was in fact correct.  Once Adam had finished dealing with customers in the office, the same point was raised again, Adam also confirmed this is absolutely correct and went on to explain why. This was backed up by a Concours Correct part that Adam got from the stores, just to prove the point. Adam also took the inserted label out of the sealed part bag in order to photograph it.

The insert confirms what Adam had just been explaining. “During the production line process a number of engines had a miss fire straight from the line. Ford launched an immediate investigation and it was later found that the workers had swapped the fifth and sixth cylinder leads around the wrong way. Needless to say this caused Ford multiple delays on the production line as well as having to fix the relatively simple error. Like all things, the simple answer was to identify the correct wire. So the Orange boot was created to cure the problem, which it did instantly with the very first cars with the new system rolling of the production line, no more misfires.”

So we have a couple of questions for the judges of the Mustang Owners Club in question. Firstly; how come you didn’t know this fact? Secondly; can Ross have his point back again?



Adam has had a request in to stock a particular brand of oil called “Driven”. Adam investigated and has spoken to them and now is a stockist for their products. Adam has stopped selling the Kroon product now, but still keeping the popular Kendall products. These oils are a premium product and their slightly higher costs reflects that, so if you are running down the Santa Pod quarter-mile or you inadvertently leave some large rubber trails when leaving the lights, these oils will protect your engine, gearbox, brake fluids, break in oils etc.


A new line of  wheels for the more “resto mod” look. These Magnums are 17″ x 7 ” or 17″ x 8″ in Satin black. We have already sold a set within the first week and has generated some keen interest.

Water Pumps

Adam has purchased a huge stock of multiple water pumps, and as far as we know, Mustang Maniac has the only supplies of i6 classic mustang water pumps. The rest of the stock has yet to be bought to the stores and a shelf is expected to go up and hold the additional pumps.

2015 – 16 Mustangs

Not to leave out the newer Mustangs, Adam has a new line of roof spoilers for the 2015/16 models. This simple to fit accessory creates a nice finish to the roof lines of the car. This spoiler also shields the high level brake lights from the sun (when we get it in the UK that is), and makes them a more of a contrasted to see.



To finish up with we have a strange title for this post? No not really, about sixteen years ago Adam bought his new Ford truck with the Harley Davidson livery, at the same time there was a strictly limited edition of Harleys made to match the truck. So Adam bought that as well. Since Adam has owned it he has only done one hundred miles on it.To keep it in ind condition he had an idea!

Yep, this is now part of the BBQ chill out area. So, if you’re lucky enough to be at one of Adam’s little curry nights, you too could get to stare at a pristine limited edition Harley. Adam has to finish the case build yet, with the addition of LED lighting and some rather fancy ideas about pop up electric and phone charging points!

Is it just a bloke thing? We could of course be wrong!

Yet More Storage

This weeks post is a little late and we shall explain why a little further down the post. But we start with the promised fulfilled to show what Adam has been working on for the last couple of weeks. We are pleased to show you the new storage area for the radiators and some more suspension parts. Yet another area was created for the storage of these bulky items as the current system wasn’t working as efficiently as it could have been.

The packing bench has been used for temporary storage until we get more storage space in the room.

To give you a quick glimpse of the daily stock posting, this is awaiting a pick up from the couriers at the bottom of stairs to the office.

We also said that we had some new wheels also in stock. The wheels we are excited about are the classic and favourite choice of many, the Magnum 500’s in 15″ x 7″ size at the moment. These are different as they are all in satin black and no chrome, except out quality chrome lug nuts that really set the wheels off. There are many designs out there for the general Mustang market and those wheels have been sprayed black for the look they require. This satin black effect is the look so many owners desire, but now in that classic Magnum style look.

We had one set in for our own review and they bought immediately by a customer who fell in love with them. The centre caps can come any many different designs, above they are sporting our own Mustang horse in black and chrome. Our very own Mustang Maniac centre logo looks pretty cool too. We have all sorts of centres for your wheels to match your paint colours, black, red, blue, with or without writing.

If you are interested in a set they are flying out the doors at the moment and we have to order these as a special item due to demand. Click the link here or cut and past to your browser for the WebShop page.

Customers Cars:

We have had in a rare car for a little Mustang Maniac Magic to be lavished on her to sort out an unknown leak. This is a genuine rare 428 Super Cobra Jet.

To trace an as yet unknown leak the dash cover is currently out so she looks worse than she is. I great example of a fabled car.

But our readers have seen this many times before, we are not afraid to show you what we do and how we do it. Speaking of which; a little secret can sort of be revealed, a set of Adam’s headers were spotted after being aluminium coated. We of course know what this little “upgrade” is, but does anybody else know? Especially as it’s on a set of classic Mustang headers!

OK, the reason we are a little late with the post?

Well, Saturday Adam had a BBQ and another private BBQ on Sunday. Now, we are not sure why Adam has a tea towel wrapped around his head, but he says it was to keep the sweat out of his eyes as “he was the only one working, AGAIN”.

The food was great, Adam’s BBQ’ed Steak and Cheese sandwiches are to die for!

The company was great and good time was had by all, thanks to everybody who could make it. There wasn’t much wine left or beers to come to that. Still trying to think of that excuse for the late blog post! 😉

Thanks Adam, when is the next one?

Our Best Wishes and a “get well soon” to John who is in recovery at the moment.

The Heat Is On

We have spent many hours sitting in the office catching up on correspondence, stock orders, emails, stock sales etc, we seem to have one of those offices that has hot or cold extremes with not a lot of variation in between. So as a treat for our customers and nothing to do with our own comfort of course, we’ve had Air Conditioning fitted to the offices to replace the manual air conditioning we have had for the last few years – opening the window! These new units are cold air as well as heating and lots of options in between. So now the argument is just what degrees we want the offices to be. The units are so quiet and neat and you don’t even notice them. The units have only been in a few days and already the conversation is “How did we get by without them?” If you want to know the best place sit for the full benefit – move the dogs out of the way, if you feel lucky that is. 🙂

Our good friends at Scott Drake have seen what we have done to our cars using their new line in wheels, so they have decided to feature it on their posts as well:

Scott Drake

Our Mustang Maniac Forum

We have had some requests for section on the forum to be dedicated to the sale of second hand parts. This has now been added as requested. Visit our forum to see what other Mustang Owners are selling or posting on the wants list.

Customers Cars:

The week has seen a heavy repair to a great looking car that had a side impact from right to left. The big gun tools were pulled from storage and used to straighten this chassis out almost where we want it before the jig does the rest. A hydraulic ram is used to pull the back of the car round to point forwards instead of to one side.


You can see the gaps are opened on the right hand side and closed on the left

The tool we used is quite  solid bit of kit:

The car is clamped up to the chassis and the brute force will pull the car back front back into position. With most of the work done we could start to think about aligning the panels back up and getting the gaps back to where they should be. Geo  and suspension set up will take a little time to make sure the car is as good as new if not better.

As you can see from the new wing’s dry fitting the hood is now aligned up, the hinges back in place, the support braces now sorted out along with many other bits. So far so good, plenty of things to be done yet before we are close to being happy, but the project has got of to a great start.

We often get asked about our Falcon truck, “It’s just for show right?” in actual fact we use it quite a lot, 51 years later it’s still working and used almost on a daily basis. We have some pictures of a late pick up for some parts to be fitting on the cars younger siblings sitting in various workshops. Yes we do use it, a lot!

History Lesson on Recycling from Henry Ford:

The Benson Ford was originally a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company. The interior was designed by Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison was a passenger. From the time it was built  in 1924, the boat was used to  transport coal and iron ore across the American Great Lakes.

Ford house1After being decommissioned in 1981 it was left to rust for four years before the front part of the ship was removed and perched on top of the 18-foot cliff shown below to serve as a really lovely home. The ship’s forecastle was removed, and then that portion of the boat was positioned on a great piece of waterfront property, with its bow extending out over Lake Erie for a water-going effect, and then used by its owner as a vacation home.

The  ship  still contains the beautiful wood-paneled state rooms, dining room and lounge designed by Henry Ford.

The four-deck, 7,000 square foot getaway home is made out of the ship’s forecastle, and includes the walnut paneled state rooms, dining room, galley, and passenger lounge designed by Henry Ford for his own personal use while on board. The  ship-house was originally owned by Frank J. Sullivan, but after trying and failing to turn it into a hotel in 1992, Sullivan  eventually auctioned the building to father and son, Jerry and Bryan Kaspar, who still enjoy relaxing there while taking time  off from work. It has now been modernized with a garage, a game room, a bar, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and four bathrooms. The 90-year-old US cargo ship is beautiful, as she sits there looking out over her former waterway.

Ford house6

Don’t look down – visitors may need a head for heights if they take a tour out onto the bow of the boat, and see the water way down below.

Ford house7

The four-story, 7,000 sq ft home has maintained the historic and beautiful interior, which has been updated with modern technologies.

Bryan Kaspar said, ‘Everyone who sees our home from the outside, is intrigued  to look inside. Everyone who sees this beauty, is amazed at the gorgeous woodwork throughout our beautiful ship home.

This impressive getaway is large, as it includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a captain’s office and living room with  panoramic views out across Lake Erie . The deck on the fourth floor is a great place to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the lake and the nearby cliffs, and to watch the sunsets is amazing from there. Videographer Nick James, who conducts  tours of the home, said, ‘The most incredible part is standing at the helm with the way the boat hangs over the  cliff. It actually feels like you are out on the open water.’  I love the history that remains all around the Benson Ford. In the parlor, you can just imagine Thomas Edison and Henry Ford sitting there puffing on their cigars.’ When  you’re there, it  feels as though you are stepping back in time, and that those two famed gentlemen could appear at any moment.’ An incredible beauty of a long-ago ship, still available for water lovers to see.

Ford house13

Spring Clean

This week has been very busy again with a much-anticipated delivery of parts from the USA, we were not disappointed with it that’s for sure, but more of that later. We have also continued the clearing up of the yard, a spring clean in the summer. We have also had a more than usual number of cars to look after. Regular visitors will notice the changes to the yard, we have moved some of the long-standing cars, including a rare genuine factory optioned GT that we just haven’t got round to restoring yet, to their new hopefully temporary homes. The cars were all under tents and on the backs of lorries awaiting their fate, or decision. We think the sun and hot weather has made the decisions much easier, either that or Adam got a little sunstroke! Anyway moving on, the space will be used for customer cars delivery and collection, valeting and new larger enclosure for the guard dogs. The skip will be going now as we have two other small skips that we now use. The big result is that we can now even turn our transporter lorries around without any problems at all now, a first for Mustang Maniac.


Customer’s Cars:

We often have cars that have been bought and not much is know about the history of the car. We have a real gem of a rare car and its full history. We now see this car each year for a service and an MOT, we also discuss the next little projects. This really is a fantastic looking car. Thanks to Gary who has kindly given us the following information so we could put it on our blog:

This particular car was built the day before the Mustang launch and was ordered by Ford centrally as dealer launch stock.
Originally when the car was bought it came with very little U.S. history, so after 6 months researching  late last year a real stroke came Gary’s way. A visit to a vintage Mustang forum and a random search for ‘Pagoda Green D code convertible’ was made and up popped a trail from 2007 discussing the colour of the James Bond mustang from Goldfinger. One member commented that “it’s not pagoda green as I had one of those with the rare d code engine in the late 90s”. He came from Terre Haute, Indiana – the last known address of my car! The member was contacted and sure enough, he had owned the car. Over the next few months and with his help and many letters sent to the U.S., since then a full history has been traced from new.
Gary is the 9th owner (including 3 dealers). It spent all of its U.S. life in a 40 mike radius of Terre Haute Indiana and its 99k mileage appears to be genuine. The first owner was a banker from Paris Illinois (20 miles from Terre Haute) and really wanted a dark blue car, but as Mustangs were in short supply at launch he had the dealer paint it dark blue. In the late 70s fashions had changed and red convertibles were in vogue so he had it then been painted red. He part-ex’d it in the mid 80s for a mid 50s Thunderbird. A dealer bought it for his son’s 18th birthday, restored it underneath (which is as it is today albeit with a few local repairs). The son kept it for 4 years and sent me photos of it in red with him proudly sat in it. The 3rd owner was a Terre Haute business man who kept it until 1995 and his son also sent me a photo of it. The 4th owner who was Gary’s  initial contact) checked the vin and realised it was an important, rare early car. He proceeded to have it bare metalled and painted back to its original rare colour of Pagoda Green – Ford only sold this colour for the first two months of production then changed it to Tropical Turquoise. It is suggested that only 200 Pagoda Green D Code Convertibles with White Trim were produced. He also replaced the worn trim and fitted sports wheels. He then sold the car to his attorney (who kept pestering him to sell it) in 2001. The attorney guy was the last U.S. Title owner in the car file when Gary bought it, he had kept it until 2007 only driving it 800 miles. The car then went to Malta via a trader in the UK, where he kept it until late 2012 when it was imported to the UK. It was correctly registered and Gary bought it from the dealer.


Gary has given us a great idea, we would like to our customer cars on our blog with their history. So if you can give us the details we will put them on our blog with some pictures. Who knows we may be able to establish a pattern of movements?

Chris’ i6:

Work has started on Chris’ coupe in the yard at long last. He was seen with a grin on his face and an 18v Snap On impact wrench. The suspension needed to be removed along with all the other bits, so we have some first day restoration pics. There was some helpful hints on how to remove seized steering joints without damaging the threads!

There was some more pics of the work along with the ceremonial handing over of the Mustang Maniac scraper from Mart to Chris with them shaking hands and having a laugh. As John pointed out the looks on the faces were “I’ve done it – you’re doing it”. But some dip stick had deleted the pics during the transfer to the PC for upload. Yes he has been ridiculed, he will be made to take a bath in used engine oil as punishment. 🙂

Acapulco Coupe:

Mart’s Acapulco Coupe is getting more of the pretty bits and functional parts added to the car. The washer jet pump was not working so needed to be replaced. We are at a point now where have given the car a little something special. For a our full restorations we have a little tag placed on the car. We stuck a certificate if you like, on the car to show it has met with our highest levels of restoration for a rebuild project, Mart’s number is 35. We are proud to put our name to our restoration projects and the work we do.



We mentioned earlier in the post that we have had some stock delivered. We have been waiting for these for a while now and ordered a few sets to get us started. These are on now on our WebShop, but the image does not do them justice at all. They are bespoke to Scott Drake Magnum 500 styled wheels which are made from a machined Aluminium Alloy. Available in Gloss Black and a real beautiful satin silver. The wheels had been in stock less than 24 hours and we have sold a set already.




Quick links to the WebShop to buy them here:

Driving Us Nuts

This week as we had a random call with a customer who wanted some wheel nuts. Nothing odd there you might think, but this is a mine field when look into it, and to cut a potentially long blog post short, we didn’t send any out to the customer as he didn’t know what he wanted. Needless to say the comments were not flattering and we were deemed as awkward. In actual fact it was the exact opposite, let me explain. We could have sent a set of standard nuts out, charged him and thought no more of it, but we will not have it on our conscience that he had fitted the wrong ones fitted to his wheels or studs then had an accident, or damaged his wheels. Yes, you did read that right – accident. Think about this for a moment, in each corner of a car there is a wheel, that wheel is held on by 4 or 5 nuts or bolts, that’s it. If they come off then no wheel and you have an accident, or damage to the wheel which could crack it, fatigue it, uneven wear and tear all sorts of issues. In fact would you believe that most of the restorations we see imported to us, from various places around the world with after market wheels, they have the wrong nuts fitted for that wheel! Yes, everybody knows there are steel wheels, alloy wheels, mag wheels, carbon wheels, one nut does not fit all.

So here is an attempt at trying to explain basics without getting into too much technical detail, this will apply to new cars as well as Classic Mustangs.

There are 3 basic type fastener seats;

  1. Conical Seat – cone shape
  2. Spherical Seat – round or ball shape
  3. Flat Washer – commonly known as Mag Type


Different seats for different nuts or fasteners, the angles of the seat must match the wheel in order to centre it correctly.


There are several different thread sizes used today by vehicle manufacturers;

  1. 12mm X 1.25
  2. 12mm X 1.5
  3. 12mm X 1.75
  4. 14mm X 1.5
  5. 14mm X 2.0
  6. 7/16″ X 20
  7. 1/2″ X 20
  8. 9/16″ X 18

When I mentioned about accidents here is an exaggerated view of what could happen. The wheels could get damaged as a result with movement, under acceleration or braking loads the holes on the wheel may elongate causing some serious issues should we say.


Two other things to remember;

1) do not put oil or lubricant on the threads of either the stud or lugs nuts/bolts

2) re-torque the lug nuts/bolts after 25-50 miles.

Proper Thread Engagement

This is critically important. Make sure you have a minimum thread engagement of the diameter of the vehicle stud (as recommended by SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers). An example is, if the stud size of your vehicle is “½” then you will need a minimum of “½” of threads into the lug nut. If for some reason you do not have this minimum then it is recommended that you use an Extended Thread  Type nut (see illustration above).

Proper Torque (tightening)

This is also very important. Over tightening lug nuts/bolts can fatigue the vehicle studs or lug bolts. Use the SAE recommended torque listed below as a guideline for passenger cars and light trucks;
12mm, 7/16″, 1/2″ = 85 ft/lbs (+/- 5 ft/lbs)
14mm, 9/16″ = 115 ft/lbs (+/- 5 ft/lbs)

Mustang Specific Now:

We have a little table below that should help with the basics as fitted from stock.


At Mustang Maniac we stock a large range of wheels, stock, after market and specialist even racing, we stock an even larger range of wheel nuts, hopefully we will have everything you need for your wheels. The various guides above only scratch the surface, an example is that some washer based nuts also have the correct way round to fit them too, then there are the offset washers to enable various fittings that could be a generic fit wheel or custom wheels or where space is tight to the centre hub. Here we have a selection of our range of our chrome nuts where we try to show the differences side by side.


There are open-ended nuts, closed nuts, short nuts, long nuts, chrome nuts, steel nuts, alloy nuts, black nuts, left hand thread nuts, right hand thread nuts, long shank, short shank etc. ALL of which make a crucial difference to your wheels.




So as you can see when we ask what sort of wheel nuts you want – it’s a sensible question not us being awkward at all, we are looking out for you. Simple reason is that we do have a conscience and won’t just sell you anything, but we can’t validate what you order from our WebShop of course. So please make sure you have the correct fasteners for your wheels.

We will plan to copy this post as an article shortly too ready for easy access. Was this any use to you out there, please let us know.

Customer Cars:

Acapulco Coupe has taken some leaps forward again this week. Yogi has finished fitting up the custom exhaust and made a good job of the step down from the headers to the pipes. The only thing to be careful of here is the lowest point of the car is the flange fittings for the exhaust now.

The rest of the exhaust has now been aligned up correctly and fastened up. We are going to wait and see how she sounds and performs if we need to add a cross flow pipe.


We have also used something called copper-nickel for the transmission lines and fuel lines. Although they look copper now they will tone down and look more like steel as they age nicely. We use our own custom-made and design brass fittings to the bottom of the radiator.

She even has a new set of boots we have just fitted and balanced.


We even got to the point where we have filled her up with fluids to check for any static leaks before we fire her up.