What a Diff(erence)

The tittle is a play on words, but we liked it. We wanted to share with you a little something we see quite often here at Mustang Maniac. This is a piece of work that we keep putting back due to other priorities, but as it has now been sold we have to get on with it. The rear axle and Diff(erential) had been sitting around for about thirty years now and we needed to be clean up as the axle and diff as a customer was in need of this particular ratio. The oil had gone a little hard and was more like black treacle than an oil. We have seen diff’s on a customers cars that have not been changed since the day they were made. Obviously any lubricating properties have since been depleted and the fact the oil is sticking could lead to wear and tear on the differential itself. Not the cheapest of part to buy so a diff oil change is seriously recommended by us and most times we’re not happy until we know it’s been done. The brake drums had to come off and we removed the complete brake plate from each side, the hardware was replaced a while ago when we started this, but like some things, this never got round to being finished. One side of drive shaft came out without a hint of trouble, the other was a different story, slide and copper hammers were required to give it a little start should we say. Once we have cleaned up the diff and checked it all over we will put it all back together again as we have asked to do.

Just in case you wanted to see what was inside a diff, here’s your chance.

The hardware was laid out nicely so we could see if we need to replace any of it.

Rust In Piece (No More)

As we predicted a while ago this early coupe is now on the home straight. Bodywork wise this car is now rust free, solid and safe, as well as looking factory fresh under the skin. The sills have been repaired or replaced, inner engine bay panels replaced, chassis legs front and rear replaced, complete new floor pans fitted, new firewall fitted. In fact everything from the cowls forward have been replaced as some of it unfortunately couldn’t be saved.

Soon we will be starting on the engine and gearbox to see how they go. Again we wont know fully until we take some things apart and inspect them.

Customer Cars

We mentioned a few blogs ago that we had Chris’ i6 in for a complete restoration. Unfortunately we had to move his car outside temporarily as we need the space for an urgent crash repair to a car. In order to stop the chances of rain damaging the car we have erected a very temporary roof over his car. We have the rotisserie outside with the car now which should be mounted on it soon. Those with sharp observational skills will recognise it from when it last used on Mart’s ’66 Coupe while his floor and chassis work was being done. This type of messy and dusty work is better being done outside in the fresh air where possible for obvious reasons. We will put some temporary sides around the car soon to stop any side rain or damp getting to the car once this work begins.


The Mustang Maniac Forum is taking on new members now so we are pleased with that. We hope to add some technical information to the Forum soon as a reference guide as soon as we have some time. We have added a link to the side of the blog as well now to make it easier to get there. Click the logo below for a quick link.


Click here for the quick link



We have almost run out of our vouchers and we are hoping to get some more in. If you plan on getting some vouchers soon we hope to have a new batch in by mid-week.

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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