Two Outta Three

This week we have some rather unusual problems a couple which are self-inflicted and the other not as much, so we thought that we would share these with you as two are potentially dangerous.

Harmonic Dampener.

This issue was a broken bolt failure some time in the past which was still in place on the harmonic balancer itself. The question is was the bolt over tightened and the bolt sheared, or was it corroded in place and sheared trying to undo it. Either way it was refitted with just two bolts.

We could see the problem with the pulley of before we even removed the dampener but we had to remove it. To put it nicely is that the dampener is in a bad way. We of course can’t comment on why or what the reasoning was to fit the pulley back with two bolts was at the time. There are three bolts fitted for a reason by the designers of the engines. As Meatloaf would sing; ‘Two outta three ain’t bad’.

We could replace it which would be our preference, but we have been asked to try to sort this one out. It looks like an attempt had been started and was not central for drilling the bolt. This could cause issues with balance if we have to re-tap the hole. But, we shall see how it goes one we start. We mention dangerous on this one as the two remaining bolts are obviously taking more stress than they should do, metal fatigue could cause the bolts to fail which could cause damage to the crank shaft, or even allow the main pulley to rip from the dampener, thus causing damage within the engine bay to who knows what at 4,000rpm!

Steering Conversion

We have fitted so many steering conversions to cars we have lost counts and is almost an automated exercise. But to save costs some people buy the kits from us and fit them themselves. No harm in that of course providing you have the will and time to do it. However if you are in any doubt – DON’T do it yourself. We sell tens of these kits a year with no problems, we fit most of them but this car that came into us made us do a double take. The Borgeson kit was incorrectly fitted by the looks of it. For a critical part of the car where you aim where you are intending to go it needs to be right. If this steering mechanism fails you are in for a whole heap of hurt, firstly to the wallet and car if you have an accident, that of course is going on the assumption the driver is not hurt either. We will of course sort this out and fix it properly with a couple of road tests just to be sure.

Please be careful of the ‘There’s a bloke down the pub that does a bit of mechanical work at the weekends for a few quid’ scenario. Sometimes failures like this can be lethal, if not, at least creating issues elsewhere that may well cost you a lot more in the long run.


There are particular areas that the older Mustangs tend to rust, rear quarters, cowls, chassis legs etc. But we have come across this very unusual place for rut, the underside of the hood in the corners, the top side is fine.

We will have to strip this back to see if it’s a repair or replacement depending on budget once we know what we are dealing with.


One-off Mustang

A special one-of-a-kind Kona Blue 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt made its debut Friday at the Woodward Dream Cruise, but it won’t be for sale. Like the other 2019 Mustang Bullitt cars, the Kona Blue version features a performance-tuned 5.0-liter V-8 capable of producing 480 horsepower.

However, it also comes with unique gray wheels and blue cabin stitching, as well as unique side scoops on the rear windows. The 2019 Mustang Bullitt is typically available in only Dark Highland Green and Shadow Black. “If you look at the tone and color of Kona Blue, it’s really dark,” said Mustang brand manager Mark Schaller. “It fits with the overall design scheme of the car. You want it to be understated. You don’t want loud, bright colors. You want something dark and stealthy.” The Kona Blue Bullitt was on display at Mustang Alley during the dream cruise. The car will now make other appearances at events such as the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas.

Tickets for the raffle, which benefits Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), are $10 at locations where the Kona Blue Bullitt will be on display and many Ford buildings on the Dearborn campus. A winner will be selected Nov. 13. “There’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to the 2019 Mustang Bullitt,” Schaller said. “This is the way it can give back to a good cause and at the same time carve out a small niche where there is the unique one-of-one car out there driving around that helps add to the collectability of the car in the long run.” As many as 60,000 tickets will be sold for the raffle. The first 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt was auctioned for charity in January, raising $300,000 for Boys Republic, a nonprofit school and treatment community for troubled youngsters which actor Steve McQueen attended prior to becoming an icon behind the wheel of a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback in the film “Bullitt.”

Over the years the Ford Mustang has worn several special edition paint colors since its launch. The latest being the Kona Blue Mustang Bullitt as we mentioned above. Here is a little list that we have found for the limited edition colour Mustangs. Have we missed any?

• 1964 ½ Pace Car White for the Indianapolis 500 pace cars
• 1966 Anniversary Gold paint celebrating 1 millionth Mustang
• 1966 High Country Special in Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue or Timberline Green paint
• 1967 Lone Star Limited with Lone Star Limited Blue paint
• 1967 Limited Edition 400 in Deep Gold Metallic paint
• 1967 High Country Special in Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue or Timberline Green paint
• 1967 Dusk Rose paint, a throwback to the 1957 Thunderbird pink color
• 1969 Limited Edition 600 available in Groovy Green or Flower Power Red
• 1970 Grabber Mustangs: Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Grabber Blue paint
• 1982 Black/White paint: Five were produced as evaluation for the California Highway Patrol.
• 1996 Mystic paint (color-shifting technology from BASF)
• 2004 Mystichrome paint (color-shifting technology from BASF)
• 2012 School Bus Yellow Boss 302 – only one produced, special edition fundraiser for Henry Ford Health System
• 2019 Blue Bullitt Mustang – only one produced, for a fundraising event

Would you drive a one-off car if you won it? 

Take To The Floor

This week has been busy for the office with the phone ringing constantly, unfortunately most of the esquires again are around our stock levels. For the people who already know how Mustang Maniac Webshop works as an online part supplier, we can only apologise to bring this up again. We can only keep reiterating that if our WebShop says it’s “Currently in stock” then it certainly in stock there is no need to confirm by calling us. We completed a stock check only a month or so ago and we are fully itemised for accurate stock levels. Our invoice system will update the stock levels are updated instantly as we pick the parts from the shelves. So if the last item is picked before you order the part the it will show as ‘Currently out of stock’ then that item has been sold. Just refresh your browser to double-check before ordering. We hope that can allay your fears so your don’t need to call us and check.

Customers Cars:

Back to the cars more in particular the “BRC” (Blue Race Car). The car has now had the floor pan replaced, which is a critical part of the car for structure and how the car will eventually go back together again.

The floor pan was removed and there was a sigh of relief as the main chassis parts were in much better shape than we expected. This will save considerable time to refit the floor pan. The down side is some of the strengthening box sections were rotten and needed to be fabricated back into place. The side sills were in pretty good condition but only needed a little patch here and there certainly nothing much to worry about.

While the floor pan is out the main job is to protect the metal on the chassis, so the red oxide is out and all internal parts are given a good coat for protection.

The floor pan itself was the full pan and not the sections in this rebuild case, that means less welds and more cleaner metal all round.

The floor was then treated to yet more red oxide for internal protection.

With the pan allowed to dry and cure the seat bases were fitted into place.

With the major panel replaced and the floor coated that’s the main work completed for the middle section regarding the panels of course.

The rear section is the target for the next phase, we suspect there will be a fair amount of work to be done there as well.

Other Mustang News

Ford has introduced the retro-inspired ‘Pony Package’ for the 2018 Mustang EcoBoost.

Designed to give a nod to the nameplate heritage with its grille-mounted pony-in-corral badge design, the Pony Package also includes 19-inch polished aluminium wheels, bright belt line and window trim for the fastback model, premium carpeted floor mats with Ebony embroidered pony logo, side stripes on lower body sides, and tri-bar pony badge on rear deck lid appliqué.

The front badge is like the iconic Mustang logo from 50 years ago, surrounded in a chrome corral. The badge design first appeared in the mid-1960s and has appeared in various forms since, last used as part of an anniversary package for 2015.

The 2018 Ford Mustang heads to dealerships this October. Expect pricing for the Pony Package to be announced closer to the sports car’s launch later this year. Mustang Maniac are quite pleased to see the Corral back on the cars again. We have added little article which is on many websites so we thought we could also make it easier to be found here, or see the Articles Menu above.

From Dearborn, Michigan:

Part 1 – Ford becomes the official sponsor of Woodward Cruise

Ford is building on its rich history of iconic cars and community building as presenting sponsor of the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise, America’s largest annual celebration of automotive history and culture.

This year’s Woodward Dream Cruise takes place Aug. 19 and is expected to attract more than 1.2 million people and 40,000 cars.

“Dream Cruise is all about the sheer joy and freedom of the automobile, and Ford has always celebrated car culture,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford Vice President, U.S. Marketing Sales and Service. “From Fiesta to GT, we’re obsessed with making driving fun and we’re committed to celebrating that passion with enthusiasts of all ages in the birthplace of motoring.”

In addition to backing the Dream Cruise, Ford is also bringing back Mustang Alley for its 19th year. This year’s Mustang Alley will be the largest ever, featuring even more examples of the iconic muscle car, including the new 2018 Mustang, which hits dealer showrooms later this year. All Mustang owners are welcome to take part in this celebration by registering for Mustang Alley here.

Ford Mustang has long held a special place in the history of American cars and the Woodward Dream Cruise. In 1995, the Dream Cruise’s inaugural year, the top-performing Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R was noteworthy for its 300 horsepower 5.8-liter V8. Today, a 2017 Ford Performance Mustang Shelby® GT350R features 526 horsepower and a 5.2-liter flat plane crank V8 that is both the most power-dense and the most powerful naturally aspirated road-going engine in Ford history.

In addition to the fun-to-drive Ford Mustang GT350 and GT350R, Ford Performance also offers a wide lineup of vehicles to meet almost any budget or terrain, including Fiesta ST, Focus ST, F-150 Raptor and the Ford GT supercar with a top speed of 216 mph – the highest ever for any Ford production vehicle.

The fun of driving can be even more thrilling for first-time drivers. To help newly licensed drivers master their vehicles, Ford is bringing its award-winning Driving Skills For Life program to the Woodward Dream Cruise for the first time. Young enthusiasts and new drivers will get the opportunity to learn safe driving techniques with the help of a new virtual reality app with Ford Driving Skills for Life. The educational experience is being hosted by Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company.

“We are elated to have Ford Motor Company’s commitment to the Woodward Dream Cruise, and we look forward to working together on this annual tradition that puts our region in the national and international spotlight,” said Tony Michaels, executive director, Woodward Dream Cruise. “Ford consistently strives to make the Detroit region stronger, and we are incredibly grateful for their partnership.”

From Dearborn, Michigan:

Part 2. – More rubber meets the road later this year when Ford expands the availability of electronic line-lock on 2018 Mustang. The track-exclusive feature – previously available only on V8-powered Mustang GT – will be standard on all pony cars, including those equipped with 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engines.

The feature is available with either the 10-speed SelectShift® automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

On models equipped with an available 12-inch, all-digital instrument display, drivers will see an industry-first, video-game-like animation of a spinning alloy wheel kicking up a cloud of smoke to indicate when the electronic line-lock feature is activated.

“Burnouts just never get old, no matter how old you are and how many times you’ve done them,” said Vaughn Gittin Jr., Formula Drift Champion. “Who would have thought that we would see an EcoBoost Mustang producing 15 seconds of fury like this? You’ve got to love these rad things Ford is doing.”

To introduce the new updates to the world, Vaughn randomly recruited pedestrians, (you really to have to watch the video to see the looks on their faces), in Southern California to join him at Irwindale Speedway, where he put them behind the wheel of a new Mustang to lay rubber.

Electronic line-lock is traditionally used by drag racers ahead of the starting line to heat up the tire rubber for improved traction when the start light goes green. The feature leverages state-of-the-art software technology that also allows amateur race car drivers, particularly those competing in bracket racing, to achieve more consistent performance times.

Using steering wheel-mounted thumb switches, a driver toggles through a menu on the instrument cluster to activate electronic line-lock. Once engaged, the system builds pressure on the front brake calipers. Another button press holds the pressure for up to 15 seconds, allowing the driver to hit the throttle and spin the rear wheels while the car stays in place.

“We introduced line-lock on EcoBoost Mustangs because we didn’t want those customers to miss out,” said Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager. “The number of people choosing EcoBoost power continues to grow globally, and with the increased torque and new features coming on the new Mustang, customers will not be disappointed.”

Electronic line-lock is one of many changes fans will see when the newest version of the iconic pony car races into showrooms later this year, offering:

  • A sleeker design featuring a more athletic stance, with new front and rear end for a leaner, meaner look.
  • More advanced technology, including the available 12-inch, all-digital instrument cluster that can be customised, MyMode with memory function that remembers driving preferences, and new driver-assist features such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection for increased confidence behind the wheel.
  • Improved performance with powerful engine upgrades, plus an all-new available 10-speed automatic transmission for quicker shift times and improved fuel economy, as well as available MagneRide suspension for optimum handling, and available active valve performance exhaust for Mustang GT for more control.

We are pleased to see the new functions – only to be used responsibly of course. However, if you have enough power and know what you are doing, you don’t need line lock!  😉

Race And Back To Road Again

We see many cars at Mustang Maniac that have been turned into “Street Racers” or “Drag Strip Racers” very effectively, but not many have been turned back into the road cars they once were. We have such a car with those very intentions to be a road car again now for a little while. We can now start to bring you regular updates on that process as it goes along. The process has been a long one so far as the car had to be stripped back to metal in order to see what is there, or not there in the case of some metal parts, and then repair her. We came up with a name for her, not very original we admit, but it suits her; Blue Race Coupe or the “BRC” which sounds much better.

There are some dead give aways this was a race car, the biggest hint was the “Spool” diff. In other words the diff was “welded up” so that each wheel will turn at the same time irrespective of the tyre load and power transfer. Great on a track for lots of traction, but on the road the tyres will squeal and drag round corners and makes the car feel a handful should we say. The other little sign is the additional cooling at the front of the main cooling radiator.

We are pretty sure this lady has had a hard life in the past and has been attacked in a big way by the dreaded rust worm. Nowhere near as bad as bad as some we restorations that we have sorted out in the past. So with the engine and gearbox out we had a look around her to see initially what was going to be needed to fix her back up again. The inner battery apron and chassis legs were by far the worst sections and would need some serious work.

The original C4 gearbox had been replaced a C6 manual with the floor pan pretty much cut open and welded back up around it, in order to make it fit.

Inside the floor pans were patches on patches and much of the structural fabrication was rotten through, so with that and the damage to the tunnel section considered, it was decided to take the floor out and replace it for a new one. This is usually much more cost-effective and it’s all fresh metal too. In addition we can then see exactly what we were dealing with for structural integrity.

The trunk section was also in a bad way along with the drop offs and inner wheel arches, but we believe we can save much of the outer quarters.

So after the initial inspection by Adam and Yogi, it was time to start work on her, starting at the front. The inner apron on the right was cut away and exposed damaged chassis legs. Sheared bolts for the bumper irons brackets would need to be cut out and re-fabricated.

New metal welded into place and ground down for the chassis legs, the insides were treated with red oxide to prevent rusting from the inside out.

The new inner apron was fitted and also treated in red oxide paint. In fact all the new metal or welded parts were covered with red oxide.

Next week the BRC will get a new floor pan, what will we find under her then?


At last years SEMA show Adam found more exclusive parts for Mustang Maniac to stock the WebShop up with. One of those was a prototype steering wheel he liked the look of. Well, that order has been partly filled with the first of the production line with 13.75″ diameter and finished in billet with a leather grip. The mounting boss is also made especially for this wheel.

As with all our new stock we will trial these on a car and make sure it lives up to our highest standards. So we had a volunteer who agreed to trial it for us, he didn’t need much encouragement by the way! So here it is fitted to the first gen Mustang, the first in the country.

From the WebShop a new pic for the Mustang Maniac “Core” left to right; Adam, Morgan and Yogi (Allan) as he is sometimes referred to.

Wheels & Deals

We have a fairly large update this week with lots of work going on and new parts in stock and an exciting new distribution deal for Mustang Maniac. More requests for the pups pics this week as well, so lets start with the cars, parts and pups that aren’t so much puppies anymore if that sort of makes sense.

Customers Cars:

Last week we showed you the MSD Ignition upgrade on a car, now we have done more to it. As the car is going to be drag raced this car has a rather unusual engine in it.


We were asked by the owner to fix a few issues and upgrade a lot more in the mean time, which of course we were happy to do. The requirement was to have a “Line Lock” installed which allows the front wheels to be locked by the brakes and the rears left free. Why? For that all important burn out to warm the tyres up. A fairly complex set up which requires a set sequence of buttons and pedals to engage for safety reasons. The brake lines have to be re-routed first to an electronic valve.

The best part is it that the switches to engage the “Line Lock” looks pretty cool on the console with the jet fighter control switches.

To complete the set up the important shift indicator was mounted on the steering column.


Obviously not everybody will like this look, but we think it suits this car it certainly looks ready for Santa Pod drag strip now.

Belgium Convertible:

This convertible was last mentioned around October time last year where the inner side of the rear quarters were sprayed and ready for the paint job. The car was taken to paint and left in the very capable hands of “Paul the Paint”  and the slow process of bare metal strip down started. The result was not off to a good start and has taken longer to sort out than was planned for. The front fenders had been patched and the rust was eating away what was behind them and had to be cut out and made good. All of which takes time.

The rest of the car was stripped back to find quite a lot of filler, that is not unusual by any means, but again, it all takes time to remove and investigate.

With the car down to bare metal, the process of adding filler and aligning up the panels again can begin.


The front rust damaged fenders were patched, filled and rubber down.

The trunk lid was showing signs of the dreaded rust worm and need to be sorted out.

The braised areas was rubbed down and all in place where it should be, not just welded.

With the hard work completed the expertise of the paint can begin. The etch primer was applied, then the grey primer.

That’s the story so far, hopefully the colour can on then we can get this lady back to finish it off.

Dealer News:

Very exciting news now; Mustang Maniac has been appointed as supplier of Spax Shock Absorbers in the UK.


We shall be stocking a range of their products which will fit the Classic Mustangs and other makes and models too. No sooner had we had a set of Gas adjustable shocks delivered in, they were fitted. We mentioned above the drag car, well they went on that. A very nice pair of Krypton Gas adjustables.

To complement the shocks a pair of our new traction bars was added, not just bolted on like they advise, oh no. These brackets were welded to the rear chassis legs to take the torque delivered through the 9″ rear diff and axle. Yogi said enjoyed this part as he drag races his Mach1 as well.


Mustang Maniac & Scott Drake has secured a very unique deal to fabricate some BESPOKE wheels just for us, which will fit the Ford UK spec four lug wheels. We will be bringing you more news and pictures when they are on their way. Please email if you are interested in the purchase of the wheels and we will add you to our lists and advise when they are here.


We have been asked for our connoisseur engine tuners who want the best of the best for their cars. We now are stocking some wooden carb to engine spacers that will dissipate the heat much better, these are definitely not your Enos range. We are also stocking a wider selection of spacer styles and thickness’. There are even now ARP styled stud bolts to fit now as well to give that finishing touch.

We are now also stocking some top quality gaskets now, metal framed in sandwich of sealer material. Again more top quality parts that we are selling more of now.

carbpart6 We of course now have a larger selection of throttle control springs too, not only do they look great, they also add the extra spring for security and peace of mind just in case one fails.

There are so many hood scoops out there, after market styles, Shelby style, made from fibre glass or metal. Well Mustang Maniac now has a stock of some stamped steel GT350 hood scoop. These are heavy gauge steel and not the cheaper fibre glass versions. Again we had a request for a metal one so we ordered in a few more while we were at it. They are now in stock on our WebShop, click here for the quick link.


Mustang Maniac wasn’t to be left out of this model thing and hs gone eco-friendly and got a working electric-powered one.

This toy has had a hard life by the looks of it, but it still works. The battery compartment takes a couple of batteries and the single light bulb will power the headlights and the tail lights. The steering is just angled to where you want it to go, and off it goes.

The only down side is that it has lost its hood. We have not seen another like it and would like to know more if you can help out, let us know.

Important Signature:

There are some autographs you want to collect, but Mustang Maniac has been given a signature by the late Henry Ford II. Henry Ford II was born 4th September 1917 and died 29th September 1987. He was sometimes known as “HF2” or “Hank the Deuce”. Henry II was the oldest son of Edsel Ford and oldest grandson of Henry Ford. He was president of the Ford Motor Company from 1945 to 1960, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) from 1960 to 1979, and chairman for several months thereafter. Notably, under the leadership of Henry Ford II, Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation in 1956. From 1943 to 1950, he also served as president of the Ford Foundation.


The significance of the envelope was that his was the first time Ford was to make a World Car. This item will now be part of our very much prized possessions hanging in our offices. A huge “Thank You” to our very kind friend and customer who donated this to us.


Last, but not least the pups, not too much to say here as the pics speak for themselves. They are getting bigger by the day and are 11 weeks old now. The pink Collar is Daisy and the other two in the blue ones are PJ and Enos.

They were in the offices yesterday and cause mayhem as usual, but they  all got their cuddles when we could catch them. Enos was on Adam and even got on the lap of another customer. He came in for parts and almost went home with a puppy!

Mum and pups all doing well.

Back To Front

We decided to let the public into the inner secrets of Mustang Maniac body shop, (before you ask, no it’s not Yogi’s body we will be exposing). For the later cars this particular job is a bit more straight forward, but not so easy for the early cars of ’64 – ’66 for the same job. We are going to show you most of the process on the ’71 Mach how we replace the rotted out cowl section.

Yogi has been taking the front of the car apart and has been waiting for the sprayed cowl to come back. This is the first glimpse of the colour this car will be finished in. We coated all the nearby areas in Red Oxide while it was all exposed as well as the bottom of cowl sections.

The lower cowl was located in its correct position to make sure any final adjustments were made prior to any welding.

lime46The top sections are then also positioned and final adjustments made before the welding starts.

The welding was then finished up and ground down which then enabled the rest of the front inner panels to be fully welded into position and yet more seam sealing to be done.

The fender to cowl extensions were in a pretty poor shape, these vital little sections also give strength to the front of the car. They were shot blasted to see the exact level of rust damage and the old rotten parts cut away ready for the new repair plates to be welded back into place.

The repair plates are cut and profiled then welded into place with final shaping to follow the correct contours. The standard Red Oxide paint was of course applied before fitting.

The final fittings and adjustments made before the welding into place.

That’s all there is to it, but don’t say that to Yogi though!

Customers Cars

Next up was the old friend, the previously rusty ’70 fastback where work was being done on the back of a car. You may remember the post “Yogi Takes on Rust Worm”. This car needed a complete rear end rebuild due to the rust not to mention the rodent encampments, we have now got back to work on her again. Here we have the old chassis drop downs completely replaced and the new panels treated to a generous coating of Red Oxide and seam sealer before being welded back into place.


The contoured trunk section was too rotten to put back in place, so we needed to have a new panel which needed to have the final shaping adjustments before being welded into place with the chassis rail drop downs.


With the trunk drop down panel in place we could get the final parts of the floor panel in place inside the car.

Just in case you forgot what it looked like before:


Ok, we have had requests for more puppy pics and a request for more Yogi Fan Club pics. As we have had lots of pup pics recently we thought it was time for the bear. This was taken after he ventured out of his cave, down to his favorite feeding ground after hunting out his meal. Some witnesses at the time said that he likes his steak “so rare it’s still running away from him”!


Thanks for the emails, keep them coming. 🙂


We have some very kind customers who drop us off some great gifts, and these two hand drawn, framed cartoons were no exception. They are now hanging in the office for all to enjoy. A big thanks to yet another “happy Mustang Maniac customer” as he wanted to be known who had taken a number of hours to create these for us.

Thank You.

Almost Here…

This is our last full week before Christmas and looking forward to a few days well earned rest. We have some more puppy pictures which are back by popular demand (thanks for the emails). We say goodbye to the Acapulco Coupe, Paul the Paints Mach1 gets a strip down and we finish with a poem from a close friend and loyal customer Gary.

Lime Mach1

The car has some issues that we knew about and wanted to investigate a little more. We started to cut the top part of the cowl away to get a good look at the rust problem that we could see daylight through. The top part of the cowl would need to be replaced as it had gone thin and peppered with holes.

The removed top part showed our worst expectations. The lower cowl had gone rotten beyond economical repair. The top and bottom parts of the cowl have been ordered and coming in shortly. Although the parts are on their way, they are not cheap unfortunately. The simple reason is these cars are not quite at the restoration stage of the 64 – 69 models. The parts are being made now and should get cheaper over the coming years. We had to drill out the old weld points from the rest of the bodywork as normal for this type of job. The left side of the cowl didn’t look much better but could have been repaired if we wanted to.

Just for now we have stopped work on her untill all the parts in place. The other parts of the engine bay have a few issues and on investigation she has had a minor shunt. The top part of the frame is kinked a little and the an inner panel rippled along with a little rusty bit. Nothing that can’t be sorted we have seen much, much worse and this will be a great looker once she is done.


Acapulco Coupe

The car has been passed as road worthy via the UK’s mandatory MOT certificate. It’s always a big day when that bit of paper proves your work is at a high enough standard to be on the road. Mart was down with us for the day so he could ride home with her. Adam managed to get the trusty covered LAR Traffic Services lorry so that she could be taken back to her home. After four years of work and few of those years temporarily at our yard she arrived home with Adam at the wheel as he drove her into Mart’s garage for the first time. It was a nice moment to see a grown man with a particularly huge silly grin. Merry Christmas Mart.


The KR

Adam’s KR was not to be left out, the back of the car was always neat and tidy, but Adam wanted it stepped up a notch. So carpets and boards were fitted to the trunk and she now looks totally different. A little more mellow if you can use that word with this beast of a car.


’67 Fastback

This car was in for some work on the engine. The engine has had some modifications which resulted in there being no oil dipstick. So we had to unpick a little of that work and replace water pumps, belts and add that critical oil dipstick back in place. The owner was pleased with out work and being as it was that time of year decided that he would treat himself to a few more little Christmas prezzies while he was at it. First up was the hood catches which always makes the car look very different. The part number for these catches is S1MS-16892 and can be found on our WebShop click here. Next up was the front spoiler with a part number of C7zz-63001 which again can be found at our WebShop click here. Both are the top quality Scott Drake parts we stock. The difference is an instant hit with this owner. Merry Christmas to you too.


The Puppies

Back by popular demand should we say, we have more of the puppies. It was a very sad time a couple of weeks ago that we had to say a final farewell to Paddy the father of these beautiful pups. He was suddenly taken ill and the incredibly difficult decision to let him go was taken. But, his pups and memory lives on, and as so one of the boys will be called PJ (Paddy Junior). The other pups we will be keeping are called Daisy and Enos.


Meet Daisy


We thought we would let you know that we have had a couple of requests for some “Yogi Fan Club” pics to be put on the blog, shall we or not? It would mean that we may have to wake him from hibernation in his cave for the pics!

Yogi Fact:

Did you know that Yogi can smell Jaffa Cakes from about fifty feet away, that just happens to be about the same distance of his workshop, sorry, cave to the Boy’s Club!

To finish:

To round of this post just before Christmas, what better way than a brilliant little Christmas Mustang Maniac poem. This was written for us by our very loyal customer and great friend Gary W. We have never had a little ditty composed for us before, so this is a first on our little ol’ blog. Thank you very much Gary, and Merry Christmas to you too. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves; well we didn’t, but you know what we mean.


It’s now time for Christmas and the happiness this time brings
For the lucky Mustang owner, some new chrome, trim and things
Finally at Mustang Maniac comes peace and quiet and calm
Though plans of all the next projects still add to the charm

For Adam and all of the gang and all the dogs as well
It’s ‘put your feet up’ time now with a cheeky drink or two as well
As during this busy year they have brought lots tears of joy
To lots and lots of customers who have an old Mustang as a toy

They fix them up, they paint them and make them all look smart
They stock all the big bits, the oily bits and all the small parts
The love and care and they worry, keeping Mustangs in their prime
And keep their many loyal customers very happy all of the time

So given the extremely busy 2015 that they’ve all had
To put their feet up for a few days really won’t make them too sad
But Adam and all of the gang will be back soon all fit and well
So “Happy Christmas” Mustang Maniac followers have a great “Noel”!

Copyright – Gary W.

Yogi Goes Mach1

The last post from last week we had lots of great feedback regarding the new puppies. This week we are back to cars and no more puppies! I think there will be a trouble if we don’t post more cute pics somehow, so there will be some at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, we have been working on the latest car to the team, this time it’s our very own Paul “The Paint” who has treated himself to a new car. A rather nice ’72 Mach1. Paul has been driving it around for a few weeks and is well pleased with the daily driver as it feels very good on brakes, steering and drive. As ever there are a few niggles that will be sorted out a bit later on.

There was a couple of bits of rust that needed looking at such as the floor pans and wheel arches. Yogi and Paul had a conversation about looking at it properly to see what exactly is going on with the chassis and shell.

While Paul was away from the workshop (or cave that Yogi now prowls) for a day or so,


… Yogi does this all this at the speed of sound. We think somebody has been feeding him blue Smarties or something similar with hyper “e- numbers” in it! We would like to point out that he does respond better to Jaffa Cakes, so bear that in mind if you insist on feeding him. (See what we done there? Sorry.)

Seriously though, it all needed to be done, as we suspected there was some hidden spots that will need some treatment. Unfortunately these things can usually only be found when getting to this level of restoration, which means the car will get worse before it gets better. The top part of the fire wall (arrowed) had a big hole in it, and the support plates need replacing that gives the front part of the car its rigidity.

Paul’s reaction was a picture when he saw parts of his previous daily runner now being swept up at the end of the day! But, we did have some good news for Paul. Yogi has started on the floor pans and already welded some of them in place along with part of the rear quarter work. We will be using as much as possible of the original metal work where we can. It does look like the rear light panel will have to come off as well. We know the windscreen is broken, but it was going to need replacing anyway. As we see all to often, it’s what happens when the glass gets brittle with age.

We have spotted something that was a little odd, the prop shaft.


There is a new page added now under the heading “Our Cars” where “Lime ’72 Mach1” can be found, or click here. We will be updating this page on a regular basis, pretty much like Mart’s “Acapulco ’66 Coupe Full Restoration” page under “Customers Cars” or click here to go to that page, as this is a large page give it time to load!

The Puppies:

As promised we have had lots of emails and comments about the new Ellie litter of pups. Lily has taken a shine to the pups in a big way and looks like she wants one! Mother and pups are doing well and starting to show some of their colours now.



We would to thank everybody who turned up to Herbie’s for our Christmas meal. It was a great day and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.