Route ’66

For the next two weeks Adam is on holiday, he tells us it’s a much deserved break for some reason! 🙂 If you need to order any parts the WebShop will be functioning as normal, or call Yogette who will be running the office in the mean time.

The blog is planning to do is something a little different for the next couple of weeks. Adam will be travelling the world-famous Route ’66 in a Mustang with his wife Lynn, what we hope will happen is that he will be posting a couple of pics each day or every other day when something takes his fancy. All this can only happen providing he has a cell phone signal to do so of course. He also wants to see if anybody will catch up with him on the road to say “Hi” and have their pic on the blog too. We shall see.

Anyway this week has been absolutely stupid busy. We managed to reunite three cars with their owners again and a couple of those eagerly awaited pick ups were on Saturday morning. We even managed to take a few pictures of the owners with their cars and we would like to thank them for letting us do so.

First up was Colin who called in to pick up his lovely black Coupe that makes the windows rattle when it starts up or pulls away, a noisy little number who’s exhausts sound pretty mean with the new 330bhp engine. Colin was obviously happy with the sound and the look of the car. Adam was there on hand to explain what had been done so far and how to drive the car for the first 1000 miles or so until she settles down. The last part that we were waiting for was the new Pertronix distributor which arrived late last week. A bit of rush to get it all fitted, set up and settled down, but we got there. We will obviously get the car back from Colin as a standard follow-up procedure for all our new engines, just to double-check all is OK after the 1000 miles to change the oils and run a selection of spanners back over it.

Colin gets ready to hit the road, and we would like to say – “Yes Colin, we could still hear you quarter of a mile away down the road!” 😉


Update: 23/3/2015

This little section we incorrectly referred to Colin as Chris. We apologise Colin and as for the daft individual who composed this post we promptly shoved a spanner where the sun don’t shine. Sorry Colin.

Next up to go was a “Hertz Rent a Racer” ’65 fast back, which have been working on when we had a little time in between jobs. A very nice car now that just needed a couple of little bits doing to it here and there. We also have a new member for the Yogi Fan Club too because Andy wanted to have a GT350 fuel cap fitted, as Yogi was about he volunteered to fit it for Andy.

Andy posed for a quick pic by his car before he too hit the road.


Shortly after all the departures had gone, we had a genuine and rare T5 returned to us for a little work and some Mustang Maniac TLC. We hope to have those pictures ready for you in the next week or so. We are glad to welcome this little lady back again.


The Rust in Piece is no longer rusty at all, in fact we need to name her something else but we are not quite sure what yet. The back-end has been fitted together and painted, both doors are in place and the starting of the suspension build. This is going to be a nice early car once she is finished.

Lastly to set a record straight.

A comment regarding the Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain alleged fracas.

We are aware that certain members may, or may not have been banned from the Mustang Owner Club Of Great Britain. The background is that a post was made on their forum that mentioned our own fledgling Mustang Maniac Forum, if anybody was interested that is. The post was made with good intentions to help other Mustang Owners. That post was promptly removed saying that it was not acceptable. Then another post by a different member of the MOCGB was put up to ask why the previous post was removed. Again this second post (after a couple of comments were left) and their subsequent third postings were also removed. We would just like to state that we being Mustang Maniac, had nothing to do with those posts, and we even replied to the post before it was removed. We can’t speak for other people’s actions and what they do, as it’s none of our business. We will not be drawn into this rather sad situation where MOCGB feel that they do not wish to acknowledge our Forum, that’s their choice and we understand and accept that. We are bigger than that to get potentially involved in some sort of petty argument about it. Quite the contrary in fact, we have mentioned their club and their forum on this blog before with no issues at all, and why not? We will even mention them again in the future I dare say. It’s a Mustang movement of members who enjoy the cars and like to network, and we believe that the world is big enough for more than one forum to be honest. We have our target members and the MOCGB have theirs. They have their rules and we have ours. We hope that sets the record straight for anybody who may have heard anything different!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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11 Responses to Route ’66

  1. Have great Hols Adam.
    As for the MOCGB sounds about right for them. I bet they have something to moan about now again.


  2. Gary says:

    Adam, have a good one and drive carefully. I have over the years, and particularly in a ‘previous life’ observed ‘clubs’ in many forms……US bike clubs, classic car clubs, replica car clubs etc. In each club there seems to be a small section who firmly believe that ‘thier view is the only view’ and any deviation is wrong and should be frowned on. They should get out a bit more! So, whether you keep your car standard, modified, clean, dirty, drive it or not drive it – you are right, and there is room in our hobby for everyone. Great blog, great forum and best of all, great people at Mustang Maniac!


    • Thanks Gary for the kind words, we appreciate it. We are sure nothing will come of it forum thing but it’s a ridiculous situation life is to short to get wound up by it all.

      I plan on driving safely don’t worry, and I will try to get some pictures back of the trip too. 🙂


  3. I’m leaving Friday on a road trip from Florida. The first week I’ll mostly be in Texas, but the second week I’ll be at various points in the general vicinity of Route 66 somewhere between southern California and St. Louis. I would be happy to catch up with Adam if it works out. I’ll try to post the sustained road trip blog on the trip and watch your blogs. Adam should have cell phone and Internet service almost the whole distance on Route 66. It will be interesting to get his thoughts on what he sees. When I take Route 66 side trips, sometimes I find really cool examples of 40s-60s Americana and sometimes I find mostly abandoned buildings.

    There is gorgeous scenery in the western US (and elsewhere) near Route 66 and I hope Adam is able to experience some of it. I’m sure Adam’s Mustang will look good in a few America National Parks. If I had to pick two side trips, it would Grand Canyon (not far away in Arizona—really cool 66 town nearby) and the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco.

    Good luck!


  4. MaxFlash says:

    Hi – sorry to hear about the MOCGB fracas. As a member, I have plugged your business a few times due to the great service I have had, so it makes me disappointed to hear that they can’t be supportive in return. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi, Thanks for the plug(s) on the MOCGB we honestly appreciate it, we hope to keep up that good service. We are trying to move with the times. Secondly it’s certainly not your fault so need to apologise what so ever, but again we appreciate the sentiment. We just wanted to distance ourselves from any potential slanging match we were not involved in. We have spoken to the people who were involved and we are still great friends and loyal customers of ours so there is no hard feeling on our side what so ever. In fact as a MOCGB member yourself or any other member are welcome to join our growing forum. We have some way to catch up with the success of the MOCGB, but we firmly believe there is enough room for us and the other non MOCGB forums out there.


  5. Debbie says:

    Of course I am so close to Route 66. Just a few miles from me. Please let me know if they will be passing through my section of Missouri. I would love to say hello!!


  6. highrollersvmcca says:

    Route 66, right in our backyard, but a long swim for you. Hope the trip turned out great.


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