Our Ladie’s Night

After the glorious week in Las Vegas we came back to rain and we were not to impressed, but winter is almost upon us now I guess. We had to move lots of cars around this week as the full bare metal restoration ’66 Coupe was evicted from the panel shop. We delivered her towards the end of the week to her new temporary home where she will be pampered at the paint shop. She will be there for a good few weeks now getting the final prep and paint, we’re looking forward to seeing her in the new colours. Terry made sure nothing was going to happen to his hard work he done on those panels. Both he & John even had a time to hide from Yogi behind the car; we suspect it was because they were trying to avoid making the tea! I could be wrong, but the dog gave the game away.

The panel shop will only be empty for a day or so before it’s filled up with another big project coming in for the same restoration project. We will need to inspect the car properly before we pass judgement on the actual amount of work required on her, depending on how deep those pockets will go of course. It will be another ground up restoration to follow on our blog, hopefully the pictures will be on here next weekend for you with the before and after photos of her arrival.

Anyway back to these ladies of the night, we were locking the yard up and putting some cars away when the urge to take a picture in the dark came into mind. No tripod, no set-up shot, no careful composition, just a snap shot in the dark. We have played with the colours a little to see what you think is best, we couldn’t make our own minds up so we have added a little voting button for you to let us know.

Original colour:

ladies-night colour

Full colour:

ladies-night sat

Black & white:

ladies-night b-w


We have a had a little stand up the Birmingham NEC Classic Motor Show, we have some pictures from the show, along with pictures of the launch of our new product that has gone pretty well. We will post a separate blog about that before next weekend; watch this space!

We have now got the last pictures of Las Vegas uploaded to our blog. The Roush Mustang is a pretty spectacular car to say the least, driving to work in this would be like a track day – everyday!

Thanks to Yogette who worked extra hard to keep the office running as smooth as possible while we were at the SEMA 2014 show. She even had a little move around in the office, can you put it all back please? Only joking Yogette.

Las Vegas

SEMA 2014 is now officially over so we have a day or so before we fly back. Yet another gorgeous day so we have some pictures of Las Vegas for you to start with, a couple in day light with a clear sky and the more familiar neon night shots.

The day was so nice we decided to go for a drive and we stopped off at a car dealers or two and looked at their stock, we’re only interested in the Mustangs of course just to see what was out there. We had taken some pictures of the cars with their sales tickets which makes an interesting read, you can buy a new car and have the Shelby package added to it as this car was.

The other cars were a mixture of new cars on the nice shiny floor tiles and second-hand cars outside, we took a picture of the whole sales yard which was enormous as you would expect in the USA.

During the evening we came across a famous car that was owned by Liberace on display at a venue, this car was even on stage with him at his last concert in 1986.

We hear it’s been terrible weather in the UK, so we can’t wait to come back, well sort of anyway!

SEMA 2014 – Part 3

SEMA again today, so here are a few more pictures of Mustangs to be getting along with. Today will be a little different as it’s all about looking for tools that could help us out back at the work shops and forging those so important contacts for the products we like the look of, I think we still have some business cards left we can give out.

Some nice custom interiors were on display.

We can’t forget the convertibles especially in a place like Las Vegas

Another notable car that you don’t see everyday, the Batmobile.


We thought we would put up a couple of pictures Las Vegas in the day time, everything all seems very different in the sun. The famous Golden Nugget casino and a rather unfortunate picture where I was just standing there looking for my phone standing next to this street stall, such a coincidence!

Unfortunately as there has been lots of walking, that  means we have to keep the calorie and fluid intakes up, as it’s hot that means we have to drink beer, but I am sure you don’t want to hear my tales of woe!

SEMA 2014 – Part 2

As promised we have uploaded more photos from the SEMA show, including the excellent Ford Stand which we will kick off with, there’s even a picture of the much talked about King Cobra which looks even better up close than the media pictures suggest.

At the Ford stand we spotted the NASCAR legend Richard Petty in front of the King Cobra.


While we are on the subject of celebs – Adam meets Richard Rawlings.

Around the world there have been some amazing drivers with superb car control, one name sticks out – Ken Block. He’s had millions of hits on YouTube with his Gymkhana antics. Here at SEMA he has one of his cars here and it’s a classic Mustang. We seriously want a go in this one!

While we are talking racers there is this modified street legal track day car Mustang by MRT.

And last but no means least is this found Shelby GT500. It still has the dirt on it from what ever barn she was found in.

And of course there will be more tomorrow!


We have posted the quick video of a Mustang doing it’s best to trash a set of tyres which can be found on our YouTube Channel or click here for the quick link.

SEMA 2014 – Part 1

The SEMA 2014 show opened in style as you would expect and it’s great to be back here again. The question is always where do we start? We have plans but they always go straight out the window when we get here. The decision was to take it as we found it, good ol’ plan B. There was plenty of classic and new Mustangs at the show as we were expecting, of course we took plenty of pictures because we like Mustangs. There is not too much else to say about the stands so we will let the pictures do the talking on our behalf. There will be more pictures to come as soon as we sort them out and upload them of course.


General Motors had a nice truck on display:

Inside there was some accessory manufacturers with their products, we especially like the nice stitching around the dash pad. Other colours to match the paint work?

There was new style Mustangs:

And there were the Classic Mustangs:

There is much, much more tomorrow.

Don’t worry the Ford Stand is absolutely amazing and we will post those pictures tomorrow for you, there was even a famous NASCAR racing driver Richard Petty – The King as he was also known, whom we managed to grab a picture of too. Check out tomorrow’s post for more pictures from the show including a rare barn find! We also have a little video of a Mustang being given a fair bit of grief and shredding tyres much to the delight of the crowd, that will be on our YouTube channel very soon, click here for a link to our YouTube channel.

Shelby World Headquarters

Today we were in Las Vegas awaiting the opening of SEMA 2014 4th – 7th Nov. So what do you do in place like this? No not gambling, we went to Shelby World Headquarters – Shelby America Inc. What a great way to start the trip off. Like everything in America it’s huge and done with style. Plenty of space to walk around and look at the stunning cars that look like the paint is still wet from the production line! We had a guided tour of the workshops which was a superb experience, not only to see the older cars but the bespoke cars being made as well.

We have added a quick link to Shelby Headquarters click here if you want more info. If you’re coming to Vegas, visit Shelby World. Before you say it NO, I’m not on commission by the way – it’s just a great place to visit. There is even a virtual tour of the place too online.

Our Annual Pilgrimage 2014


It’s that time of year again when the annual Mustang Maniac pilgrimage takes place on our way to the Sema 2014 show in Las Vegas. We are looking forward to seeing the new products there which we may be able to integrate into our business too. We always seem to bring something back and forge more relationship that can help us here in the UK. It’s an exciting show lasting from November 4th to the 7th and with any luck and things going well we may be able to put up a few posts of some stuff we find interesting, so watch this space! The business will still be open of course and the WebShop will still be fully functional with Yogette on the phones if you need to speak to us directly.