A busy week here at Mustang Maniac big projects continue on the “Rust in Piece” and to an engine refit with a set of LED light upgrade at the rear on a car we have had for a while now. Apart from the busy days with work on the car Adam has been doing some homework. Most of the time he will only read Mustang related Magazines, articles or books being “Haynes” style, every so often an odd American car magazine. This week has seen him wandering around with a book in his hand, looking at a car looking at the book and wandering off again. Why? Well the Race car is back from a paint shop and now needs to be fitted out. The car is going to be entered into the highly competitive world of Classic Car racing, the car will need to conform to the FIA Regulations. The regulations are a mine field at the best of times, but they are very strict on what can and can’t be used in racing. As such we need to make sure this car fits with the rules. No extra strengthening here or no lightening there etc. on this car. We originally had the car come into us with a modified bodywork so that had to be changed for the current rules. Then it was sent of to be dipped of all rust and then painted. The paint job is a very nice paint job considering that it’s going racing and will probably pick up a few knocks in her future life. We are expecting the FIA representative to take a look at the work soon and sign of the car as meeting the required standards.

As the car arrived to us

Arrived back after the strip dipping

Once some of the panels were repaired we then released the car for paint and she came back looking like this. The hood is fitted with a full set of pins to hold it in place rather than the standard hinges. This will probably be the prettiest car on the start line. We have even taken a few arty pics with the USA flag and chequered flag we have on our wall. We hope this little lady will see plenty of those in her forthcoming career.

The interior and underside have also been given some nice attention too.


Rust in Piece – Continued.

This has seen a lot of popularity from the responses we have been getting so we will be giving more updates on this as we move along with the project which is going very well so far.  The front firewall has now been replaced along with the corresponding panels and the sill fronts have been welded into place. We tried to rescue the bottom of the pillars that were offering no structural support at all, but we had to replace them.

The rear section wheel arches were rusted badly and a hole strip had to be cut away and replaced with new strips of shaped metal and welded into place. The drop panels have been welded in and we need to complete the outer arches and finish it all off for a final clean up.

Customer Cars

The ’66 Coupe full restoration has taken another step forward with some specialised sound proofing being added to the flooring, this will make a huge difference to the car, especially as the exhausts are expected to be on louder side of standard should we say.

The drivers fresh air vent and wipers have been fitted as well.


We have a fine example of a car that has been brought back from Europe and we have been asked to look her over for anything that needs doing. This is a genuine export car with an I6 engine. We will grab some more photo’s of her soon, but here is nice shot we took after the first road test late yesterday.


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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