Out the Mould

This week Adam has been eagerly waiting for his next delivery of some rather special parts, this time they are not from the USA. Adam has had a set of moulds made for his next project car that we will be bringing you via our blog the full project build from scratch to being on the road. The ever popular ’67 Eleanor from the movie remake of “Gone In Sixty Seconds” has fans all around the world, and is always a popular car at shows. In the past Adam has already built three Eleanors as bespoke orders and knows all to well the issues with the kits out there, obtaining the correct dimensions and good quality parts for the body kit has been challenging to say the least. As a result a FULL set of the seventeen component parts mouldings has been made for our own exact replica Eleanor kit. We are not sure how Adam has managed to get the moulds so accurate, when we ask how, he just laughs and says, “I just know a few people; don’t ask!” We now know how he done it – but don’t ask us either! 🙂 Our new moulds have had the first prototype casting delivered to Mustang Maniac for their sign off inspection. So far Adam is very pleased with the results, they are a good thick material and not flimsy like some of the others out there, the finish is pretty much paint ready as well which means minimal paint prep. As yet Adam is undecided if he will sell the kits as a full seventeen piece kit, or individual parts of the kit. So watch this space and the WebShop for details.

Adam inspects the first mould of the Mustang Maniac Eleanor Kit:

How cool is that? If you want a full kit for a GT500 Eleanor, or just a part of the set – let Adam know, he may start to stock them if he gets enough interest.

Customers Cars

The storage area is looking quite full at the moment, from early Ford Cortina to Ford LTD.

The cowl has been fitted to the properly now and any smoothing has been done ready for paint. The rest of the inside is starting to go back in ready for the dash pad later. The engine bay is now ready and running and can be driven again. We are expecting the pick up for paint to be done this week.

The Falcon Sprint

The general inspection of the brakes turned up a worrying, yet a common fault. Leaking brake cylinders can appear from nowhere especially after the car has sat for a while. The leak doesn’t usually happen when the car sits there but rather when they start to get used again, the rubber can perish and the pistons can rust a little and wear away the seals a little then they start to leak. Here we see a single side leaking and has soaked the brake shoes with brake fluid, there will be no braking this side at the rear. As a precaution you should always change both sides.

We suggest if the car has been standing, check the brakes before you move the car, apply the brakes a number of times before you drive it. Take it for a gentle drive and bring back home. Check the brakes again but remove the drum to inspect carefully. If in doubt, don’t mess about – take the car to somebody who knows what they are doing. That brake pedal is probably one of the most important things in your car.

Here we can see the removed shoes and the damage from the fluid leak. Replacing and bleeding should also be done at the point of changing the cylinders.

We expect to see a few more of these now the show season is almost apon us.

Be safe – Check your brakes!

One Off – In The Bin

An expensive lesson can be learned when you here the words “One Off, bespoke, handcrafted, stainless steel exhaust system”. Most of the time this is music to a classic car owners ears. But, in this case the exhaust was indeed a one-off. The car was picked up and the owner knew something was wrong straight away. The car was making a horrible noise and pretty undriveable since the exhaust was fitted. The exhaust was taken to another place to be sorted and it was improved, but again it was still not right. The car was eventually brought into our workshops where we had a look at it and found the problem. Not the material itself, but the quality of workmanship and maybe a lack of understanding. So we cut it off and threw it away as it couldn’t be salvaged.

The mufflers were not a well know brand and looked similar to a very well-known brand should we say. The exhaust was made of many sections as you would expect and welded together, not very well. The mounting of the exhaust was the serious problem to start with. A right-angled bracket was welded to the rear of the chassis and a corresponding right angle was then welded to the exhaust. Now you should always hang an exhaust on straps or rubber to allow the exhaust to move with the engine and any resonance would be dispersed from the exhaust. This hand crafted exhaust was then unbelievably welded bracket to bracket at the rear. A “one off” alright, we haven’t seen that before.


No wonder the noise was bad and that didn’t include the poor exhaust note either. To rectify the problem we could make another stainless system again and do it properly, or get a Scott Drake Flowmaster system from stock and bolt it all on with the correct brackets and hangers. We did the later as requested and here we have a full sequence of pics of another new exhaust fitted, correctly this time from front to back.

The car now sounds like a Mustang should and drives as expected. So next time you hear the words “One Off, bespoke, handcrafted, stainless steel exhaust system”, ask yourself who will be fitting it! It’s all in the detail and knowing how to fit it properly.

We didn’t get to post last week as Mustang Maniac and Friends were out to a Classic Car Show simply known as “A602 Autorama” in Stevenage. The weather was not to bad with the odd few rays of sun shine but the rain held off which is the main thing at all these shows. It was up early for some of us, no names mentioned who that was though Lance! As always there were lots of nice cars there so we thought we would focus on the Mustangs.

It was a good show and some very nice cars there, far to many to take up space on a Mustang post. 😉

Customer Cars:

John Wick is proving to be the popular car and questions about the build from visitors. Over the coming week we hope to fill with fluids and fire her up. This will check the electrics out, and the fact the engine will run. Fine tuning will come later after a road test or three. The glass is all in now and has taken time to set them up correctly.


What do you do with old doors that have gone rusty?


Answer: You make a sign out of them of course.

Wheels & Deals

We have a fairly large update this week with lots of work going on and new parts in stock and an exciting new distribution deal for Mustang Maniac. More requests for the pups pics this week as well, so lets start with the cars, parts and pups that aren’t so much puppies anymore if that sort of makes sense.

Customers Cars:

Last week we showed you the MSD Ignition upgrade on a car, now we have done more to it. As the car is going to be drag raced this car has a rather unusual engine in it.


We were asked by the owner to fix a few issues and upgrade a lot more in the mean time, which of course we were happy to do. The requirement was to have a “Line Lock” installed which allows the front wheels to be locked by the brakes and the rears left free. Why? For that all important burn out to warm the tyres up. A fairly complex set up which requires a set sequence of buttons and pedals to engage for safety reasons. The brake lines have to be re-routed first to an electronic valve.

The best part is it that the switches to engage the “Line Lock” looks pretty cool on the console with the jet fighter control switches.

To complete the set up the important shift indicator was mounted on the steering column.


Obviously not everybody will like this look, but we think it suits this car it certainly looks ready for Santa Pod drag strip now.

Belgium Convertible:

This convertible was last mentioned around October time last year where the inner side of the rear quarters were sprayed and ready for the paint job. The car was taken to paint and left in the very capable hands of “Paul the Paint”  and the slow process of bare metal strip down started. The result was not off to a good start and has taken longer to sort out than was planned for. The front fenders had been patched and the rust was eating away what was behind them and had to be cut out and made good. All of which takes time.

The rest of the car was stripped back to find quite a lot of filler, that is not unusual by any means, but again, it all takes time to remove and investigate.

With the car down to bare metal, the process of adding filler and aligning up the panels again can begin.


The front rust damaged fenders were patched, filled and rubber down.

The trunk lid was showing signs of the dreaded rust worm and need to be sorted out.

The braised areas was rubbed down and all in place where it should be, not just welded.

With the hard work completed the expertise of the paint can begin. The etch primer was applied, then the grey primer.

That’s the story so far, hopefully the colour can on then we can get this lady back to finish it off.

Dealer News:

Very exciting news now; Mustang Maniac has been appointed as supplier of Spax Shock Absorbers in the UK.


We shall be stocking a range of their products which will fit the Classic Mustangs and other makes and models too. No sooner had we had a set of Gas adjustable shocks delivered in, they were fitted. We mentioned above the drag car, well they went on that. A very nice pair of Krypton Gas adjustables.

To complement the shocks a pair of our new traction bars was added, not just bolted on like they advise, oh no. These brackets were welded to the rear chassis legs to take the torque delivered through the 9″ rear diff and axle. Yogi said enjoyed this part as he drag races his Mach1 as well.


Mustang Maniac & Scott Drake has secured a very unique deal to fabricate some BESPOKE wheels just for us, which will fit the Ford UK spec four lug wheels. We will be bringing you more news and pictures when they are on their way. Please email if you are interested in the purchase of the wheels and we will add you to our lists and advise when they are here.


We have been asked for our connoisseur engine tuners who want the best of the best for their cars. We now are stocking some wooden carb to engine spacers that will dissipate the heat much better, these are definitely not your Enos range. We are also stocking a wider selection of spacer styles and thickness’. There are even now ARP styled stud bolts to fit now as well to give that finishing touch.

We are now also stocking some top quality gaskets now, metal framed in sandwich of sealer material. Again more top quality parts that we are selling more of now.

carbpart6 We of course now have a larger selection of throttle control springs too, not only do they look great, they also add the extra spring for security and peace of mind just in case one fails.

There are so many hood scoops out there, after market styles, Shelby style, made from fibre glass or metal. Well Mustang Maniac now has a stock of some stamped steel GT350 hood scoop. These are heavy gauge steel and not the cheaper fibre glass versions. Again we had a request for a metal one so we ordered in a few more while we were at it. They are now in stock on our WebShop, click here for the quick link.


Mustang Maniac wasn’t to be left out of this model thing and hs gone eco-friendly and got a working electric-powered one.

This toy has had a hard life by the looks of it, but it still works. The battery compartment takes a couple of batteries and the single light bulb will power the headlights and the tail lights. The steering is just angled to where you want it to go, and off it goes.

The only down side is that it has lost its hood. We have not seen another like it and would like to know more if you can help out, let us know.

Important Signature:

There are some autographs you want to collect, but Mustang Maniac has been given a signature by the late Henry Ford II. Henry Ford II was born 4th September 1917 and died 29th September 1987. He was sometimes known as “HF2” or “Hank the Deuce”. Henry II was the oldest son of Edsel Ford and oldest grandson of Henry Ford. He was president of the Ford Motor Company from 1945 to 1960, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) from 1960 to 1979, and chairman for several months thereafter. Notably, under the leadership of Henry Ford II, Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation in 1956. From 1943 to 1950, he also served as president of the Ford Foundation.


The significance of the envelope was that his was the first time Ford was to make a World Car. This item will now be part of our very much prized possessions hanging in our offices. A huge “Thank You” to our very kind friend and customer who donated this to us.


Last, but not least the pups, not too much to say here as the pics speak for themselves. They are getting bigger by the day and are 11 weeks old now. The pink Collar is Daisy and the other two in the blue ones are PJ and Enos.

They were in the offices yesterday and cause mayhem as usual, but they  all got their cuddles when we could catch them. Enos was on Adam and even got on the lap of another customer. He came in for parts and almost went home with a puppy!

Mum and pups all doing well.

Promotional Time

A limited promotional offer for our customers.

The orders have started to roll in from our on-line ordering and new website www.mustangmaniac.co.uk and we are pleased with the response and the feedback so far for the site. As a result we have decided to offer a little promotion of our bespoke Mustang Maniac laser cut, black-coated metal key hook for your treasured Mustang keys. In order to qualify for one of these special key holders, just make an order online with us over £50. If you are one of the first ten people to order we will send you out the key hook free with your order. Of course if you like it and was not lucky enough for the free one, but you would still want one at a very reasonable cost – let us know via email and we will see what we can do for you. They have been a very popular item since we have had them made, get one early for Fathers Day or Easter?



Mustang Maniac has a new company car for the guys to pick up small parts, (pints of milk or lunch from the village too),  or nipping between the different sites. For some reason the objected to the original idea of the antique bike! The car is not quite the big beast we are used to, but this will help the environment for those little run around jobs we all have to make now and again. The upside is the signwriting on the side, OK all over it promotes our business where ever we may go. You got to be Smart these days when it comes to cars.

KR update:

This has car has come a long way this week and the electrics are almost completed. The rear lights look incredible with the flasher units in place, we have added our bespoke running LED bulbs to the front of the car with clear lenses, they run a normal white side light, but when indicators are used they will flash orange. The main headlights are Ford badged right hand lenses to give the correct illumination to the road. We will be posting a very quick video of the front and rear lights in action on this car on our YouTube channel very soon. We will post an update when we have edited the footage together.

The dash has been fitted and looks very impressive next to the modern radio in the dash.

The exhaust needs a little more fine tuning to fit properly as we have added a rear anti-roll bar. We seriously recommend this upgrade if you are going to drive it like you stole it! The rear anti-roll bar makes quite a difference to the predictability of handling, especially with this much power on tap to hit the road.

The sound system is in which has some very nice mounting for the speakers in the rear, we just have to mount the twin amps in the rear quarters, you’re going to hear this coming down the road via the exhaust or hear the music, one way or the other it will turn heads!

The engine has been given some more very nice updates via the new polished power steering pump reservoir and looks fantastic against the black inner wings. We have swapped the spark plug leads to orange instead of the yellow to match the bodywork, a very subtle change, but it has made a huge difference. The Scott Drake Stainless fuel tank has also been fitted now.

The wheels are ready and when fitted they just set the whole car off. Not sure how long the first set of boots will last on this spectacular car, but if it were our car, they wouldn’t last that long 🙂

The interior is being fabricated at the moment and we will bring another update of interior when we fit that in. We have of course updated the ’68 KR Replica page in the Customer Cars section as well for the whole story.


A large delivery of rear leaf springs has been delivered as we seemed to have sold a number of them fairly quickly for some reason. More stainless steel parts have arrived and we are pleased with the polished Monte Carlo bars, again a couple have already been sold as the older and tired chrome ones have been replaced.

Don’t forget to visit our website:  www.mustangmanic.co.uk 

Eleanor is watching…

Eleanor Update

After a little wait we have got our custom designed and bespoke engine mounts finished and sent back to us from our supplier. As a result we were able to fit them and mount the engine properly for the first time. The engine dropped in almost perfectly with only a tiny adjustment for the perfect fit we were after. The Engine is now sitting where we expected it to be, with definite locations we can now make the bespoke air intake plate that will allow the hood to close properly. Even with the big bulge on the hood there is only just enough room. The intakes made for a fairly unusual picture, almost as if this beast is watching us!


The engine itself we mounted close to the firewall as possible to get the weight of the engine just behind the front wheel axles as it were. The weight distribution was a consideration when this car was in the development stages. The fire wall was moved backwards and the tunnel had to be re-engineered to take the transmission and the engine.

The measurements for cooling now mean that we had to take a small cut out from each side of the chassis to allow the radiator to fit correctly as shown by the arrow here.

Radiator cut out

Radiator cut out

The pedal proved to be a little bit of a challenge as the standard fittings would not fit obviously. To get round this and to fit the customer we built a custom mount for the pedal. The floor was also covered in sound proofing, heat shrunk in place to the floor as well as the fire wall. Final tidy up and sound proofing will be done once the brake and clutch pedal goes in.

The steering column had to made to fit the new rack and pinion steering control. The UV joint and steering column mounting are all bespoke. We went for the smooth engine bay look, so we filled the chassis fronts in under the fire wall to make it a smooth finish, (see arrow).

The upright metal posts are still in place just in case we have to lift the engine out for some unknown reason. Due to the tight fitting of engine to the engine bay, we only want to do this the once.

The final part was the transmission. As we already cut the bespoke holes for the shifter this mounted pretty well and married up cleanly.

Quick link:

The rest of the updates can be found under the Customer Cars – Project Eleanor or click here for the link

For Sale:

We also have for sale a 1966 Coupe that has just arrived over from the states.

Competition results:

There were a couple of close guesses for a vent, but nobody managed to get the correct year, so here is the answer…

1969 GT500 Front fender air scoop.

Time for an Australian Convertible

1968 302ci Convertible Right Hand Drive Australian Import.

This is a very unique car we have looked after for a while now. Recently we custom fitted an interior, now that work has been completed we can show the before and after.

The owner of this car uses it for Time Trials. Not the thrashing it around type stuff, but very regulated destinations in certain times etc.

The right hand drive conversion was completed in Australia from where it was imported from. The conversion is pretty good to be fair but there are a few little things we would have done slightly differently. This is a nice example of a 302ci that runs smooth and is not all about the noise and show. The owner just loves to drive and cruise around in it which is how it should be; used and enjoyed.

When we first got to grips with her there was a requirement to make a very bespoke radio console which includes ducting for heating and fresh air into the car. There was a requirement for the turn indicator to have a unique main beam flash function incorporated into the turn stalk, a bit of job to keep it looking stock, but it works very well and we were pleased with that modification. The Time Trial equipment required special mounting and we also added a battery voltmeter to the dash itself, so it was all change for the standard dash look.

Notice the colour of the seats here.

We also fitted a nice rack and pinion steering setup to the car as he wanted a more responsive feel for his driving.

The latest requirement was to make some bespoke trim and seating for him. We relished this task and this was the end result. A superb looking car and the interior says a lot about the owner who intends to keep driving this car.

This a real head turner for all the right reasons, a true classic with a modern spin to it that doesn’t look out-of-place.

New ’67 Fastback Body Shell

At long last…

We have been waiting a while for these now and now we have one. the ’67 Fastback Body Shell. These particular shells have some nice features, like strengthening across the drive train tunnel for extra stability as does the shock area. The best part is that it’s all rust free. We have just made a very special order another for a customer, his version of the body shell will be unique – it’s in right hand drive! Yep, the customer wanted a right hand drive Mustang ’67 Fastback. So we had a word with the manufacturers and they are going to be making a special shell just for us with the right hand drive fittings. Obviously we will be building this as a very bespoke right hand drive car. Being a right hand drive there could be an issue for some of the parts, so we will have to just fabricate them for the car itself and for his specification for the car.

We have posted a video on YouTube for the body shell to have a full look round it. click on the YouTube logo for the quick link.

youtube logo

Click for the link

Congratulations to Debbie from http://hoodscoop03.com/ who was first to correctly guess the Shelby 2006 350GT H. Thanks to those who emailed me, I appreciate it. Some were very close indeed.

This car is number 340 of 500 that had been made by Shelby for Hertz Car Rentals. This particular car was available for rental in Las Vegas and bought over to the UK once the terms had finished for the rentals. Did you know they would only let you hire it after being interviewed. Also there is a steel cable sealed in lead from the engine to the chassis, if this was broken or damaged during your rental then you had a very big bill coming your way. This was to make sure that the engines were not swapped out like the originals were in 1966!

Before you say it – yes it does need a clean, any volunteers?

350GT H