Complex & A Simple Swap

We decided to swap things around a little this week and we started pick up work again on the ‘Onion Mustang’. We work on this little lady when we have time as this is not a time critical build so far. The body shop where the car sits at the moment is cool and out the back of the yard so Yogi can just get on a do his thing, the dark complex art form of making Mustangs from bits of car, old, new or reconditioned. The car is far from being finished properly for the basic body work yet, a lot of this is temporary especially at the front end. The cowl is a serious and critical part of the front end strength, however the lower cowl has been paint prepped ready for fitting. Yogi will measure this cowl a couple of times, clamp it, measure it, tack weld it and dummy panel fit for the front, all before he even starts the proper welding.

Parts for the middle section and the rear are coming together well and the rear running gear is in. The rear axle is from a later Mustang which has been shortened specifically to fit this car. The results should be a well handling car as a result.

The wall of parts are ready and waiting, you have to smart and always be a step in front of yourself, especially when the car is on the jig and being assembled to this degree.


We have been asked a number of times if a little bling makes a difference? That choice is yours alone, but we can give you a couple of examples for a simple swap out with our stainless steel upgrade. These parts fit all the ’64 – ’66 models under hood, subtle but very effective.

Stainless Steel Hood Pin can be found here

Stainless Steel safety Latch can be found here

The original car hood is obviously painted car colour as they were at the time of build.

Replacing the parts is a large nut for the hood pin and a couple of bolts for the safety latch. The replacement bolts are not your standard bolts though, these are our new in ‘Ford’ branded Stainless Steel.

The replacement is straight forward swap out but make sure the pic is set correctly for opening and closing.

The difference brakes up the large expanse of under hood colour and compliments the hood leading edge strip too. These top quality parts made of polished stainless steel are a lot cheaper than you think! As Adam would say, “it’s all in the details”.

Adam has had a few of these Mustang Maniac laser cut key hooks made up, this time with five hook pins. If you are a good customer and make regular orders, you may find one of these in the next order as a little thank you, or if you are at the yard you ask Adam ‘nicely’ you may get one while the limited edition stock lasts of course. But, if you try to call him up to ask for one – you can pretty much bet your car keys you won’t get one!

Keep putting the sun cream on and enjoy the hot weather, it will be winter soon!

Buying In Bulk

It’s a known fact that Mustang Maniac has one of the best stocked shelves of Mustang Parts in the UK. Most of it is down to Adam’s sixth sense of ordering and shrewd business sense. Well, Adam has ordered some new stock, bespoke stock, own stock and a bulk lot of stock! Firstly we mentioned a few posts ago that Adam was quiet excited that he has the moulds to create the “Eleanor” body kits, which match exactly the body kits on the “Gone in Sixty Seconds” movie cars. (Don’t ask!) The first of which was the front valance which was scrutinised by all the guys before the OK was given by Adam to make the rest of the full body kit.

Now we are pleased to say that all these bespoke parts to Mustang Maniac have been moulded and fully checked at our workshops. All of those parts can now be bought as a ‘full body kit’, or you can just buy a few pieces that you want; scoops, flared fender extensions, rear quarters, side exit exhaust covers etc. remember nobody else has these the exact moulds in the UK, and other suppliers versions don’t come close to the quality of these moulded parts. Adam now has them stored with the other ’67 body shells in his yard. Can you guess what a future project is going to be yet?

As these special parts are not on the WebShop just yet, drop an email to Adam if you are interested. Don’t call, just email him!

Next up is the “New Parts”, all be a lot smaller this time, but still a bulk order of this first batch, Adam got them all, just for now untill the next lot are ready. Nonetheless these bits of hardware can make a big difference when you are looking to be detailing your car. The new parts are authorised by Ford and had arrived just a couple of days ago. These fender bolts now come with the classic “Ford” logo on them in either “zinc” or “stainless steel” finishes. They can be bought individually or in bulk, they can also fit other application fixing as well if you really feel the need to do so.

The ‘Zinc’ hardware bolts

The ‘Stainless Steel’ hardware bolts.

There are other parts suppliers out there that take the money, then they order the parts in, so you have to wait for them to arrive in the country. Others say it’s in stock and it’s not etc. When Adam had heard of a new batch of “sway bars” had been made for various years of Mustang; he bought the whole lot! You may be lucky to find a supplier with one on the shelf, however Adam may now have one or two lying around of various sizes for various years! At the end of the day you know where to order your Mustang parts from, if you want them next day.

Newer Mustangs

Adam has been stocking up on some new parts for the 2015 – 2017 model Mustangs and has the new LED style headlights in stock.  The difference is subtle, but does make a difference.


Adam has also fitted them to his ’16 Mustang along with some other nice little mods that can all be bought from the WebShop.

The daytime running lights have also been fixed up to the grill lights and park lights.

When the main headlights are on, the look of the car changes yet again.

The indicators I hear you ask? Well they have had an upgrade too. The sequential lights will disable the DTRL until the signal on that side of the car has been cancelled. There is no mistaking a turn intention on this car now. The Amber hasn’t come out to great in the pics, but they are bright, trust me.

The back of the car has had some upgrades just to balance things out a little of course with a neat roof spoiler which highlights the high level rear brake LEDs.

The rear brake and drive lights now have a chrome highlight, the center panel is also replaced along with the black race look filler cover.

Customers Cars

Yes we have been doing plenty of other cars which we will give you the updates on next week. for now here is a little taster!

Well Done to the England World Cup team – keep it up guys,

Also a great drive from Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix today. 

One Off – In The Bin

An expensive lesson can be learned when you here the words “One Off, bespoke, handcrafted, stainless steel exhaust system”. Most of the time this is music to a classic car owners ears. But, in this case the exhaust was indeed a one-off. The car was picked up and the owner knew something was wrong straight away. The car was making a horrible noise and pretty undriveable since the exhaust was fitted. The exhaust was taken to another place to be sorted and it was improved, but again it was still not right. The car was eventually brought into our workshops where we had a look at it and found the problem. Not the material itself, but the quality of workmanship and maybe a lack of understanding. So we cut it off and threw it away as it couldn’t be salvaged.

The mufflers were not a well know brand and looked similar to a very well-known brand should we say. The exhaust was made of many sections as you would expect and welded together, not very well. The mounting of the exhaust was the serious problem to start with. A right-angled bracket was welded to the rear of the chassis and a corresponding right angle was then welded to the exhaust. Now you should always hang an exhaust on straps or rubber to allow the exhaust to move with the engine and any resonance would be dispersed from the exhaust. This hand crafted exhaust was then unbelievably welded bracket to bracket at the rear. A “one off” alright, we haven’t seen that before.


No wonder the noise was bad and that didn’t include the poor exhaust note either. To rectify the problem we could make another stainless system again and do it properly, or get a Scott Drake Flowmaster system from stock and bolt it all on with the correct brackets and hangers. We did the later as requested and here we have a full sequence of pics of another new exhaust fitted, correctly this time from front to back.

The car now sounds like a Mustang should and drives as expected. So next time you hear the words “One Off, bespoke, handcrafted, stainless steel exhaust system”, ask yourself who will be fitting it! It’s all in the detail and knowing how to fit it properly.

We didn’t get to post last week as Mustang Maniac and Friends were out to a Classic Car Show simply known as “A602 Autorama” in Stevenage. The weather was not to bad with the odd few rays of sun shine but the rain held off which is the main thing at all these shows. It was up early for some of us, no names mentioned who that was though Lance! As always there were lots of nice cars there so we thought we would focus on the Mustangs.

It was a good show and some very nice cars there, far to many to take up space on a Mustang post. 😉

Customer Cars:

John Wick is proving to be the popular car and questions about the build from visitors. Over the coming week we hope to fill with fluids and fire her up. This will check the electrics out, and the fact the engine will run. Fine tuning will come later after a road test or three. The glass is all in now and has taken time to set them up correctly.


What do you do with old doors that have gone rusty?


Answer: You make a sign out of them of course.

Stainless Steel Stock

Chrome vs Stainless Steel

As promised from the last post we have got around to unpacking and labelling up some new stock. We have had a few enquiries about polished stainless steel instead of chrome in the past. We have ordered in one of items on a bespoke arrangement, so we though we would try some various items. There are two camps and very much sit on each side of the fence. Chrome will or won’t get you home as the saying goes. Many manufacturers make claims for their chrome work some are better than others should we say. At the end of the day chrome finish is just a thin layer on the outside of the part, like paint in fact. For that reason chrome plating tends to be brittle and gets chips and scratches on it over time. On the other hand stainless steel is not as shiny as chrome plating, but the appearance lies somewhere around shiny chrome plating and dull aluminium. Stainless steel is just steel that has about 20% chrome mixed with it which prevents most rust. As a result stainless steel is far better at maintaining its appearance over time scratches and dents don’t affect it. If the part gets some rust spots in it, just buy some stainless steel polish and buff the rust out, simple as that. Areas where the car can be weathered are prone to the chrome pitting if not cared for, so the areas that can be abused are the engine, such as the alternators etc need to be looked after.

As a result of the enquiries we have got our first small batch of stock for our stainless steel line to see how the sales go, we have already sold a few bits and like the dip stick we recommend these in places instead of chrome. The initial sales look promising, polish the parts up well and you will hardly notice the difference, except that it will keep its appearance a lot better. The first batch of products is the Dip Stick for a ’65-’67, hood latch for a ’67-’68 and a battery hold down kit for ’67 – ’70. Let us know if you want any particular parts and we will see how they go. We have added a section under the new parts for Stainless Steel.  Give us a call for prices and dispatch.

All Hands To The Pump

Has the world’s weather has gone crazy?

America is being thrashed by snow gales and stupid cold temperatures that are breaking records, the UK is seeing more rain than it can cope with, again. Last year we had droughts and hose pipe bans would you believe. We have not escaped completely unscathed, but we have been here before and we are well prepared, in fact, a bit like cracking an egg with hammer to be precise. The pits that some of the cars sit over in the lesser used work shops can turn into small swimming pools if we don’t kept an eye on them. With that in mind, a while ago we purchased a water pump for that very reason. It wasn’t an ordinary pump as you would expect. It’s a pump from the old British Army fire engines, named the Green Goddess. The original brief was to design a portable pump that could be carried by two men (they would have to be big men mind you) to the source of the water and used to pump water back for the hoses for a fire. It can move a staggering one thousand litres in a minute. Where am I going with this?  Well, it has a car engine as the power source – of course. The engine was used for racing and was also known as the Coventry Climax which was later fitted into the more common road car known as the Hillman Imp in road spec of course. However in race spec for its class, the Hillman Imp was pretty good racer thanks to the very versatile engine that was light, strong and would rev its little cylinders out all day long.

The pump looked to have seen better days and had not been started for a number of years. We found out that the magneto wasn’t working, hence no life. But we had a plan, we fitted it with a coil and battery to spark her into life and it now works. We will get round to fixing the magneto, but for now we like the retro wind up handle and the power from a battery and coil, the hand cabled throttle control, the one gallon fuel tank, the tiny water tank etc. We will also paint it back to its proper green colour and restore it properly, but for now its doing it’s job, and doing it very well. It was a good buy for historical reasons and also does a brilliant job decades on.


The down side of this pump, we start it up, it clears the water, it being the pits fill up again, we start the pump and the cycle repeats. The current drainage works fine and is always pretty good except for the most adverse condition like we are having now. So we have to keep watch, we can even have some fun with it and rev it up for max pump or slow it down for a more sustained pumping, which is still too fast for what we really need. We would rather have it that way round than having a pump that can’t keep up to be honest. The other issue with the design is the open air, the rain on it can make things a little damp should we say. But, we have Gibbs Brand, a generous spray with the Gibbs keeps the parts water tight and she starts pretty much first time, every time now.

The high winds also had an effect on some of the trees unfortunately, so we decided to cut a rather precarious looking tree down before it damaged anything. We also had a little lake form where the debris from the trees blocked some drainage, we cleared the blockage and the pump sorted the rest out as well.

Wikipedia has some good notes on the Hillman Imp which I have added at the bottom, along with the Green Goddess and Coventry Climax engines, there is much too much information to post here on it all but it’s worth a quick look.

The Hillman Imp

The engine

The Racer

New Stock:

We have had some new stock items delivered to us and we are very pleased with, we will post these very soon once we have had time to catch our breath. Stainless Steel parts that looks like polished chrome no less!! Interested? We were.

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