Promotional Time

A limited promotional offer for our customers.

The orders have started to roll in from our on-line ordering and new website and we are pleased with the response and the feedback so far for the site. As a result we have decided to offer a little promotion of our bespoke Mustang Maniac laser cut, black-coated metal key hook for your treasured Mustang keys. In order to qualify for one of these special key holders, just make an order online with us over £50. If you are one of the first ten people to order we will send you out the key hook free with your order. Of course if you like it and was not lucky enough for the free one, but you would still want one at a very reasonable cost – let us know via email and we will see what we can do for you. They have been a very popular item since we have had them made, get one early for Fathers Day or Easter?



Mustang Maniac has a new company car for the guys to pick up small parts, (pints of milk or lunch from the village too),  or nipping between the different sites. For some reason the objected to the original idea of the antique bike! The car is not quite the big beast we are used to, but this will help the environment for those little run around jobs we all have to make now and again. The upside is the signwriting on the side, OK all over it promotes our business where ever we may go. You got to be Smart these days when it comes to cars.

KR update:

This has car has come a long way this week and the electrics are almost completed. The rear lights look incredible with the flasher units in place, we have added our bespoke running LED bulbs to the front of the car with clear lenses, they run a normal white side light, but when indicators are used they will flash orange. The main headlights are Ford badged right hand lenses to give the correct illumination to the road. We will be posting a very quick video of the front and rear lights in action on this car on our YouTube channel very soon. We will post an update when we have edited the footage together.

The dash has been fitted and looks very impressive next to the modern radio in the dash.

The exhaust needs a little more fine tuning to fit properly as we have added a rear anti-roll bar. We seriously recommend this upgrade if you are going to drive it like you stole it! The rear anti-roll bar makes quite a difference to the predictability of handling, especially with this much power on tap to hit the road.

The sound system is in which has some very nice mounting for the speakers in the rear, we just have to mount the twin amps in the rear quarters, you’re going to hear this coming down the road via the exhaust or hear the music, one way or the other it will turn heads!

The engine has been given some more very nice updates via the new polished power steering pump reservoir and looks fantastic against the black inner wings. We have swapped the spark plug leads to orange instead of the yellow to match the bodywork, a very subtle change, but it has made a huge difference. The Scott Drake Stainless fuel tank has also been fitted now.

The wheels are ready and when fitted they just set the whole car off. Not sure how long the first set of boots will last on this spectacular car, but if it were our car, they wouldn’t last that long 🙂

The interior is being fabricated at the moment and we will bring another update of interior when we fit that in. We have of course updated the ’68 KR Replica page in the Customer Cars section as well for the whole story.


A large delivery of rear leaf springs has been delivered as we seemed to have sold a number of them fairly quickly for some reason. More stainless steel parts have arrived and we are pleased with the polished Monte Carlo bars, again a couple have already been sold as the older and tired chrome ones have been replaced.

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About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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