Out the Mould

This week Adam has been eagerly waiting for his next delivery of some rather special parts, this time they are not from the USA. Adam has had a set of moulds made for his next project car that we will be bringing you via our blog the full project build from scratch to being on the road. The ever popular ’67 Eleanor from the movie remake of “Gone In Sixty Seconds” has fans all around the world, and is always a popular car at shows. In the past Adam has already built three Eleanors as bespoke orders and knows all to well the issues with the kits out there, obtaining the correct dimensions and good quality parts for the body kit has been challenging to say the least. As a result a FULL set of the seventeen component parts mouldings has been made for our own exact replica Eleanor kit. We are not sure how Adam has managed to get the moulds so accurate, when we ask how, he just laughs and says, “I just know a few people; don’t ask!” We now know how he done it – but don’t ask us either! 🙂 Our new moulds have had the first prototype casting delivered to Mustang Maniac for their sign off inspection. So far Adam is very pleased with the results, they are a good thick material and not flimsy like some of the others out there, the finish is pretty much paint ready as well which means minimal paint prep. As yet Adam is undecided if he will sell the kits as a full seventeen piece kit, or individual parts of the kit. So watch this space and the WebShop for details.

Adam inspects the first mould of the Mustang Maniac Eleanor Kit:

How cool is that? If you want a full kit for a GT500 Eleanor, or just a part of the set – let Adam know, he may start to stock them if he gets enough interest.

Customers Cars

The storage area is looking quite full at the moment, from early Ford Cortina to Ford LTD.

The cowl has been fitted to the properly now and any smoothing has been done ready for paint. The rest of the inside is starting to go back in ready for the dash pad later. The engine bay is now ready and running and can be driven again. We are expecting the pick up for paint to be done this week.

The Falcon Sprint

The general inspection of the brakes turned up a worrying, yet a common fault. Leaking brake cylinders can appear from nowhere especially after the car has sat for a while. The leak doesn’t usually happen when the car sits there but rather when they start to get used again, the rubber can perish and the pistons can rust a little and wear away the seals a little then they start to leak. Here we see a single side leaking and has soaked the brake shoes with brake fluid, there will be no braking this side at the rear. As a precaution you should always change both sides.

We suggest if the car has been standing, check the brakes before you move the car, apply the brakes a number of times before you drive it. Take it for a gentle drive and bring back home. Check the brakes again but remove the drum to inspect carefully. If in doubt, don’t mess about – take the car to somebody who knows what they are doing. That brake pedal is probably one of the most important things in your car.

Here we can see the removed shoes and the damage from the fluid leak. Replacing and bleeding should also be done at the point of changing the cylinders.

We expect to see a few more of these now the show season is almost apon us.

Be safe – Check your brakes!

Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 1 (Part 1 of 3)

Tuesday 1st November 2016. SEMA starts, the whole point of the trip out to Las Vegas was now being played out. Due to the number of photo’s we took we will have to split the SEMA days over a few posts, if we don’t there would be a huge post taking ages to load. So here is part one of three. Luckily there won’t be too many words on these posts as it’s mainly cars, trucks and the odd pretty promotional ladies.

We had already had the parking sussed out and drove there after a light breakfast of a Steak and eggs! The South hall was going to be entrance and first port of call. For the guy’s first visit, Yogi, Gary and Mart they were amazed at the size of the halls, not on a single floor, but in some places over two floors. We spent the day in this hall and the “Ford OutFront” show. At this point we would like to thank Gary for keeping an eye out for Mart while he randomly disappeared to take a pic of something throughout the four days of SEMA. He managed to keep us all together unless we separated for a while to look at our own things, so he deserves an award for that and having the patience of a saint.

The cars and trucks need no introductions.

Yogi said that he had found his next ride as it was big enough for the bear.


We called outside to see the “Ford Outfront” where some cars and trucks were being thrashed around a track. There was even a band to welcome you in.

Some very talented driving skills were on display we must say. There was a raptor doing leaps over mounds of mud and Mustangs making lots of noise as well as destroying a few sets of tyres!


Some of the best noises were coming from the Roush tuned Mustang.


Around the arena were various tuning companies, aftermarket upgrades and of course a Ford merchandising truck. There was celebrity cars of their own rights, along with some celebrities themselves.


After the Ford merchandising truck had persuaded us to part with a few dollars we had a look around the outside of the halls. Fascinating mixture of cars McLaren hyper car, the best of Japan Skyline all mixed up with SS lifted classic.

Around lunch time Adam had some business appointments from stand holders to demo their products and attended the odd meeting(s) throughout the day. We made our way towards some hospitality suites for a sit down and some food.

After the very welcomed rest we headed back inside.. all of which is to come in Part 2 of 3.

Eleanor is watching…

Eleanor Update

After a little wait we have got our custom designed and bespoke engine mounts finished and sent back to us from our supplier. As a result we were able to fit them and mount the engine properly for the first time. The engine dropped in almost perfectly with only a tiny adjustment for the perfect fit we were after. The Engine is now sitting where we expected it to be, with definite locations we can now make the bespoke air intake plate that will allow the hood to close properly. Even with the big bulge on the hood there is only just enough room. The intakes made for a fairly unusual picture, almost as if this beast is watching us!


The engine itself we mounted close to the firewall as possible to get the weight of the engine just behind the front wheel axles as it were. The weight distribution was a consideration when this car was in the development stages. The fire wall was moved backwards and the tunnel had to be re-engineered to take the transmission and the engine.

The measurements for cooling now mean that we had to take a small cut out from each side of the chassis to allow the radiator to fit correctly as shown by the arrow here.

Radiator cut out

Radiator cut out

The pedal proved to be a little bit of a challenge as the standard fittings would not fit obviously. To get round this and to fit the customer we built a custom mount for the pedal. The floor was also covered in sound proofing, heat shrunk in place to the floor as well as the fire wall. Final tidy up and sound proofing will be done once the brake and clutch pedal goes in.

The steering column had to made to fit the new rack and pinion steering control. The UV joint and steering column mounting are all bespoke. We went for the smooth engine bay look, so we filled the chassis fronts in under the fire wall to make it a smooth finish, (see arrow).

The upright metal posts are still in place just in case we have to lift the engine out for some unknown reason. Due to the tight fitting of engine to the engine bay, we only want to do this the once.

The final part was the transmission. As we already cut the bespoke holes for the shifter this mounted pretty well and married up cleanly.

Quick link:

The rest of the updates can be found under the Customer Cars – Project Eleanor or click here for the link

For Sale:

We also have for sale a 1966 Coupe that has just arrived over from the states.

Competition results:

There were a couple of close guesses for a vent, but nobody managed to get the correct year, so here is the answer…

1969 GT500 Front fender air scoop.

Back to ’67 Eleanor

Long weekend for the UK this weekend, but it has turned out to be a long week instead of the long weekend. Looking forward to a few days break hasn’t gone to plan as the stock needed updating and the cars needed a bit of a move around on Saturday. The phone was going mad, the office was busy with customers too, but they all were talking amongst themselves while I eventually got round to getting everybody sorted out. I am not sure where that morning went to be honest, it was just a blur. On the plus side, I am sure there have been some new friendships formed as a result of the busy day all due to their passion for the Classic Mustangs. That sort of makes it all seem worth while at the end of the day.

Update on a popular project;

We are now back to the Customer Project Car Eleanor. We have finished making the new fire wall so we could move it back, we welded it in place and now we have enough clearance for the engine. We then dummy mounted the engine into the bay again, still going to be tight with all the other parts on it, but it was in.

What did we try to fit into that engine bay that caused us to move the firewall? This superb Genuine factory GT500 v8 5.4 straight from the factory in the USA. The nice thing about these genuine engines is this it has been signed and makes for a great talking point.

In order to try to keep this car pointing the right way, we are fitting a modern spec Rack & Pinion steering for this car. Again a bit of a custom fit, but well worth the effort. With the amount of power this will be producing, you will need to feel exactly what the car is doing on the road.

modern rack and pinion

modern rack and pinion

The fire wall needed additional work after the engine was in place. Why? We had a slight change of plan to the gearbox that was going to be used. It’s a monster alright – T56 6 Speed. This gearbox was giving us no room to work with. Again, we have fabricated and rebuilt the tunnel to take the transmission with clearance so it can be maintained. We made the provision on top of the tunnel to take the shifter in its new location. We will need to treat and finish the welding properly net week.

inside welding

inside welding and cut out for the shifter

The T56 6 Speed should make this car a superb cruiser and also leave a trail of rubber from the lights if the gas pedal is nailed to the floor.

T56 6 Speed Transmission

T56 6 Speed Transmission

On the lighter side, while the wife was out for the day, when I had a bit of spare time, could I do a bit of cleaning in the house. What a great idea I thought!

So here was my contribution!

new wheel cleaner

Am I joking or not?

We are looking at another car to add to the other little ladies we have here, I will post some pictures if we do.

Quick link to the page for the car, click here, or go to Customer Cars – Project Eleanor.

’67 Eleanor Poll

You can probably guess that we get quite a few requests for the famous Eleanor car to be built from their specifications. There are the official licensed versions and there are the replica versions. We build a few of these replicas with the body kits to the customers requirements. We only use one paint shop as his work meets our high quality standards, and these are a few photos of their work on a such a car. The paint job for these cars has to be top quality and does not come cheap as a result, but what you do get is a something pretty special I think you would agree. Even without anything else on the car, this car just looks the part already.

There are various lengths you can go to with these cars. Here is an example of a car that is spectacular to view, incredible to drive and likes to be polished (a lot) too. If you have the money anything is possible!

Here is the poll for you regarding this ’67 Eleanor: