SEMA 2019

Over the next few weeks the blog may be a little erratic. Adam is leaving for SEMA 2019, every year this is Adam’s favourite business trip. The SEMA show is from Tuesday 5th November to Friday 8th November. Once the contacts have been met, caught up with friends, deals been made and new products sourced, there will be a few days holiday after the show while he is in the USA. We will be bringing you some photo’s of SEMA when we get them. Adam’s access to emails will be limited and the time zones could mean responses at all sorts of hours. Also due to the NEC in a couple of weeks, there may or may not be a post that weekend.

The clocks went back this morning so we are now in official winter time. Not many Mustangs come out to play and have been ‘Winterised’ as Adam would say, tucked up in their safe warm storage places. So over these dark winter months we get to work on our own projects. One of which is a private job for a very good friend of ours and wishes his project to remain offline for now, we will respect that of course. But, lets just say Yogi’s metal work skills have come into play, a lot! The other thing that can happen is that cars which have seen the summer out can come in for some serious project work such as our first car here.

Customer Cars:

We have a ’67 Coupe in with a swap out and recondition required.

This little lady has had a 351W swap out at some stage in the past and the customer wants to keep that level of power still.

The replacement is to be one of our reconditioned 351W slightly breathed upon on engines. The other recondition was going to be the C4 transmission. Although we have these in stock ready to go, the customer wanted to keep his original transmission and get it reconditioned. We agreed and that will be going of to our UK Engineering company to be worked on over the coming weeks.

When we have her back we can bolt together and road test.

Hood Scoop

The customer of this car wanted a replacement hood with a scoop without loss of strength. Carbon fiber would be great, but costs are mental money. So glass fiber supported by a steel frame was the way to go. Considerable saving on weight and the results are top quality. Black spray job on fiber glass is never easy but as you can see this is spot on!


Trade Sheet Metal,

We now have an important message regarding our sheet metal parts. The WebShop has now been updated to only sell sheet metal to “Trade”. Thanks to a particular customer that has managed to ruin for everybody else now, Adam has now changed his approach to the parts. It seems that customers are complaining that they are damaged and bent. They aren’t of course, it’s the pressing marks and stamping creases. This caused Mustang Maniac a lot of aggravation, time and we ended up out of pocket through no fault of our own. We will bring you the full story later, once Adam has calmed down. As a result this was seen to go up outside one of his workshops the next day!

If you intended to by sheet metal parts from us, you will need to supply the details of your “Trade”, which will be checked by us, or already have a Trade account with us! Our sheet metal terms and conditions have now also been applied at the check page.

Adam might and we mean very little chance, might change his mind in the future, but considering his reaction – we doubt it very much.


We have some real nice Mustang Maniac bespoke H4 replacement LED headlight bulbs come into us and this is the first of the batch. They are not cheap, but these are white and bright! We have yet to trial these on our own cars, but from what we have seen so far these will be popular. A straight H4 LED bulb, not just for Mustangs either. Canbus friendly 12 -24 volt fitting. We are very excited about these.

Lost & Found

A few years ago at the NEC car show there was a large Mustang Carpet on display that had many feet walk over it in the course of the weekend. During a recent clean up to make room for some more reconditioned engines this was found; a one off custom made mat.

Adam has no idea how he has come to have it, but here it is, in it’s full grubby state. Adam isn’t sure what to do with it now. Was it stuffed into a car that Adam transported back from the show, was it a present, or did somebody dump it, we don’t know.

Any suggestions or ideas?

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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