New ’67 Fastback Body Shell

At long last…

We have been waiting a while for these now and now we have one. the ’67 Fastback Body Shell. These particular shells have some nice features, like strengthening across the drive train tunnel for extra stability as does the shock area. The best part is that it’s all rust free. We have just made a very special order another for a customer, his version of the body shell will be unique – it’s in right hand drive! Yep, the customer wanted a right hand drive Mustang ’67 Fastback. So we had a word with the manufacturers and they are going to be making a special shell just for us with the right hand drive fittings. Obviously we will be building this as a very bespoke right hand drive car. Being a right hand drive there could be an issue for some of the parts, so we will have to just fabricate them for the car itself and for his specification for the car.

We have posted a video on YouTube for the body shell to have a full look round it. click on the YouTube logo for the quick link.

youtube logo

Click for the link

Congratulations to Debbie from who was first to correctly guess the Shelby 2006 350GT H. Thanks to those who emailed me, I appreciate it. Some were very close indeed.

This car is number 340 of 500 that had been made by Shelby for Hertz Car Rentals. This particular car was available for rental in Las Vegas and bought over to the UK once the terms had finished for the rentals. Did you know they would only let you hire it after being interviewed. Also there is a steel cable sealed in lead from the engine to the chassis, if this was broken or damaged during your rental then you had a very big bill coming your way. This was to make sure that the engines were not swapped out like the originals were in 1966!

Before you say it – yes it does need a clean, any volunteers?

350GT H

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4 Responses to New ’67 Fastback Body Shell

  1. Debbie says:

    I would clean and detail it in a second, but the commute might be an issue. 🙂


  2. Debbie says:

    The above comment is referring to the GT-H! The ’67 Shell is quite a sight to behold. Can’t wait to see the magic unfold.


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