And The Winner Is…

The yard this week has had lots of little maintenance jobs ready for the Car Show season coming up, which starts around the middle of next month, besides we thought Yogi could do with a break from devouring Onions! The colouring in competition closed last weekend and we had some nice pictures emailed to us and it was a difficult decision to pick a winner, but we (Adam actually) eventually did. Before we get to announcing the winner below, we start the post with the lead pictures of the Park & Pic section.

Park & Pic

This is owned by a guy simply known as “Hutch” who picked up his ’67 Convertible after a little maintenance. We are pleased to say that this car is used regularly and driven around Europe. It can often be seen sitting on the motorways cruising along exactly as it was designed to do.

This car really does drive very well and with the nice smooth and straight foreign roads we can imagine it’s a relaxing drive. This little lady has the unusual option boot rack, and it’s not just for show after a shopping trip apparently!

Competition Result:

The time has come to reveal the winner of our colouring competition.

Well Done Aaron Botevyle, Aged 10.

We shall be getting Aaron’s goody bag and vouchers over to him and hopefully get a photo of the winner too if he is up for it.

These runners-up also deserve a mention too; Theo Green Aged 8, Sam Kumari Aged 9 & Kelly Fullerton Aged 4. All of whom will be getting a little something from us too.

It leaves us to say a big thanks to all those who took time to colour in the drawings and send us in your entries, we appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the fun as much as we did looking at them. Adam has a few paint job ideas now so he tells us.

Adam’s New Toys:

We have had an email from the odd customer trying to buy something over the phone and not being able to get hold of Adam. Remember you don’t need to call us to make an order, that is what the WebShop is there for. Anyway, the reason is quite simple, Adam has gone back to his roots for a few days. Many people will know that Adam started of in the recovery business, and that is what Adam has been doing this week to help out. As a result he has bought himself a “new toy” as a result.

The other additional purchase or “toy” which was “an offer to good to miss”. Another Ford Falcon, but this little lady has had a hard life and was used for racing. Adam’s dilemma is; do I restore it, or have it as a race car and have some fun? Perhaps you could let him know.

Adam quoted us another of his little mottos: “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” 🙂


Adam is feeling quite pleased with himself as he has just signed a deal to be a UK supplier of an very exciting product for early Mustangs. We are just waiting for the first delivery of the items in early next week, we will let you know all about it in next weeks post with a photo update.

DeAgostini Shelby GT500 1:8th Model

Issues 61 – 64.

It seems as though We had a long break before our next instalments of the GT500 model, but at least we got them now.

Part 61

The rear seats and seat belts on this issue. AS per previous issues we are not fond of the way the seat belts pin to the underside. Again we used a little superglue to hold them in place as the little lugs didn’t seem that good. At least it can’t be seen on the underside and just gives a little piece of mind. Just make sure you get the right buckle and clips around the right way.

Place the seat into the back and screw into place.

Part 62

The rear carpet section is in two halves and clips together. Place into the back and two screws behind will hold it in place. Next are the two little clips for each corner, again held in place by smaller screws.

Part 63

We were quite excited about this issue as we see the steering wheel for the first time. This has the wired horn section and the bottom of the steering rack to be fitted.

The bottom cog is tight to the steering column shaft and needs to be tapped fully home.


The top of the steering column is in two halves the bottom half will hold the micro switch for the button. It took a little bending of the wires to make it sit correctly.

The top cover of the section steering column is three screws to hold it in place. The steering wheel itself just pushes of the other end of the shaft, with the horn button clipping into place.

We found the steering wheel does not sit perfectly square and with a little pulling will come straight back off the shaft. We would like to have seen a support screw in the middle here of some sort to be honest. Perhaps a little super glue later on? The quality of the steering wheel is very nice though. There are a few parts left over from this issue so keep them safe as they will be used later apparently. It looks like the steering column support bracket and bottom grommet to us.

Part 64

Dead simple this as we have done it before, the spare wheel. Two parts only pressed into each other.

Adam has a very interesting idea or proposition for his back fence. We will tell you about it next week, you could even benefit from it! We finish with a face that says it all – We have a Cadillac waiting for you Yogi!

Start Of A New Year

First of all we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year as this is our first post of the year. Before we get asked again, no we didn’t make any new year resolutions. Over the Holidays we worked hard by making good headway into our stock take. As yet we haven’t finished it all as we need yet more space. The stock levels are pretty accurate compared to the online ordering system. The only thing is that we found lots more stuff we had forgotten about and not as yet on the WebShop, we have stored those lost parts in our new custom-made area, which was another job we hadn’t planned on at the end of last year. The new year for us is nothing different from the old year, the cars we had a couple of weeks ago are still there in the same state that we left them. So let’s get on with the updates for you.

Customers Cars:

We have a 1963 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery 144CiD three on a tree, which required a little work in order for her to be ready for her MOT so she can get back on the road. As the car has sat in and around the yard nearly for three years we finally got the go ahead to work on her. This is rare example and you certainly don’t see many of them around now days.

The brake rear cylinders had corroded and leaked so needed to be changed as the first job, followed by a full brake adjust and bleed. The engine didn’t run very well at all when she arrived and we narrowed it down to the worn carb. First up was a new battery to turn the car over. We replaced the old carb with an Autolite part and fired her up. She started well and we could check for other issues, the most obvious now being the exhaust manifold blowing.


This was replaced easy enough without breaking any bolts which was a big bonus on a job like this. After she was put back together we could do a preliminary carb air/fuel setup ready for a road test.

We checked under the car and found that the rear exhaust had been “repaired” a few times before. It’s certainly not pretty, but it’s still holding up, for now.

The road test was great for the brakes and manifold, but wasn’t so good for the erratic engine running. We suspect that the car just needs to settle down again, it could even be simply a gone off batch of fuel. We will need to go over the fuel, throttle travel, idle, full timing & mixture settings to make her run right again. It’s not far away, just not how we want it to run. A few more miles on her first after the laid up spell before we adjust anything to much at this point.

Chris’ Mustang Project.

Chris has been working hard over the Christmas break to get the front of his car ready for some new metal and prep what he has to protect it from the elements. We see the inside of the engine has been completed and looks good now with the coats of Red Oxide.

Work has started on the upper cowl and B pillar areas.

Other News:

We have been sent a video of the differences between the USA and European spec Mustangs. I looks like we are definitely getting a raw deal in the UK! Hope you enjoy the video, not sure where it’s come from, but its a good video.

DeAgostini Shelby 1:8th Model Update 

We had a delivery between Christmas and the New Year so we done a little indoor car building. The issues are 53 – 56 and have been updated on the build model page we are doing, also on the main menu, or click here for the link.


Part 53:

We continue with the inside theme with the first of the rear trim sections which comes in two parts, this being the first. There are two simple parts to screw to the trim, the courtesy light and the latch. With those in place a further three screws holds it onto the floor pan we have been building up over the last few issues.

Part 54:

This issue has the upper part to be attached to the previous lower section. The trim is a single piece with three screws to the rear, of which one is a lot smaller than the other two towards the front of the trim.

Part 55:

This was a single piece to be fitted to the left rear trim and under the rear floor pan. You can see that part has rounded fittings which push into the both the upper and lower parts of the rear trim. We were frustrated here as the parts didn’t align correctly and took a little bending to push them into the holes. Once they were in place a simple three screws to hold it firmly at the underside of the floor pan.


Part 56:

This part we liked a lot. The fold down shelf has a hinge and this is replicated in metal with very nice detail. There are chrome coloured screws to match the metal hinge which is located by a very slightly of set centre screw and will only fit one way. Once the hinge has been screwed on there is nowhere to attach it at the moment. These hinge screws are really tiny and we hope you have a nice set of screw drivers to cope. We found that our magnetised smaller driver fitted perfectly and made life a lot easier to attach the hinge.

A big thanks to everybody who has emailed us to say they enjoyed the Las Vegas / SEMA trip from last year. It seems as though you enjoyed it as much as we did. We take on board that there was a lot of pictures, but we think it was worth the larger posts. One final note – in these cold weather spells make sure you check your anti-freeze!


We mentioned last week that we always get busy this time of year due to the show season, so we would like to thank those of you very much who have emailed us and we hope that the response(s) was what you was after. We can see some of the emails have resulted in WebShop purchases, so by the looks of it the system works we are pleased to say. While we are subject of show car season even our very own Yogi has been bitten by the car show bug.

There was even a request for the Yogi fan club to have a picture of him again, (Note: must find the person who started this “Fan Club” thing up and feed them to the dogs). 🙂 Seriously though, we found a picture that we like and decided to post that up just for the Yogi Fan Club.


(Rumour has it that Paul spotted some dust on Yogi’s engine.)

Customers Cars:

French Car:

We have been sent some more pics of the French convertible on the first of a few outings. This day trip needs no introduction as the pics speak for themselves. The car generated a good deal of interest at the event the owner was pleased to tell us.


Big thanks to the owner who kept his promise to send us some pics of the car during her events, please keep them coming.


A new project in the workshops has been started on to take out the engine and gearbox to see exactly what we are dealing with under the bodywork. She was bought in from the states and has sat in the owners garage for the last three years. Considering the time standing still, the car is not in to bad a shape at all. We are trying to come up with a name for this little lady so we thought “Patchwork”, the reason being the floor pan has had a patchwork of welding done to it and not very well unfortunately. Nothing that concerns us of course as we have done it many times before.


The bodywork is not to bad at all on the upper side and paint looks pretty reasonable too. We were a little surprised when we had a proper look at the floor area, part of it had been cut away around the chassis legs and held in place with few self tap screws. We have seen this before from USA restorations that were done in a hurry. We have arrowed the offending items on the pic below.

The tunnel of the car had been cut about a fair bit in order to make the manual gearbox fit, another good reason to replace the floor pan with fresh clean metal. We shall sort that out properly when we replace it with a C4 gearbox.

The other usual spot for a bit of rust is the inner fender for the battery tray which will also be replaced.

When we moved the car around by hand it was clear that the diff has been locked up or welded up, we will need to investigate how it’s been done properly. The engine runs a little lumpy, but we can soon sort all that out, so we are not to bothered there. So in general it’s not a too bad a looking car at the moment, we have seen a lot worse that’s for sure.

Country Squire:

A few posts ago we mentioned that we had an old Ford Country Squire hat was going to be used as a tow vehicle. Well we right there. John – has now started working on it and got the engine out. A few of the fittings were a little difficult to get out due to age and rust etc, but John got the engine on a pallet without to much trouble.


Secret Stash:

Adam had to go and get some of his new Alloy wheels out of stock in order to send to a customer, so we grabbed a quick pic of the temporary Aladdin’s cave until it’s all moved into their proper storage location.


Speaking of Wheels:

It’s no secret that Adam loves his Ranchero truck and uses it, a lot. While Adam was in the stash area he pulled himself a set of his new Scott Drake 4 stud alloys out to give his Falcon a treat. He likes these new wheels that much, and it’s his truck so why not?

falcwheels1Adam took the old wheels off the car and they are now in storage. As much as we like originality these wheels really do suit the car.


Original As It Gets?

We have some more pics of a car that Adam has stashed away, the car still has the original exhaust from 1965.

Adam Sold A Car:

Yes you did read that right, Adam sold a car and bought a couple more, but we can see his logic there. It was time for a quick blast before she went to her new owenr. Sad to see her go, but even more happy to see his new additions to the Mustang Maniac fleet.

Almost A Barn Find

Last weekend we managed to get a bit of Spring cleaning done, so we continued again this weekend. This time at the darkest depths of the yard, not quite in a barn we found this little lot. It has been rumoured that the Moon has had more visits than this secret stash of Adam’s non Mustang cars. We intend to get the dozen or so cars out and clean them up to see exactly what we have here.


We found the cars during a little earth moving exercise by the main workshop.


As we have been working flat-out during the week and the weekend is the time we can do our own sorting out. So thanks to everybody who gave up their time on Saturday to help out. We also had a very welcome guest Gary who paid us on Saturday as well. The welcome break for a cup of tea saw the collection of goodies that Gary brought along with him rapidly reduced to empty wrappers. We all sat in the Boys Club and listened to more great and funny stories Gary shared with us. This could be the petrol head version of sitting around a came fire?

Earlier in the week we had our very own Hertz Mustang out an about and then it was promptly joined by another customer’s early version. So we just had to capture the moment. Old or New version your favourite?


Customers Cars:

We get a lot of cars in for their annual MOT and this is rare old lady was here for just such a reason. A 1963, 144ci Falcon Sedan Delivery. This Manual car has what is known as “3 on a tree” shift. There are so many features on this car that are carried through to the early Mustangs.


A Mustang Maniac branch in Norway?

Could be! this is Dag who lives in Kristiansand – Norway. Dag is a good friend of Yogi’s who is working on his 1969 beast fitting up his 1050CFM Dominator carb. We are pleased to see that he is wearing his Mustang Maniac shirt. We do have to wonder where and how he got that MM shirt – Any ideas Yogi???? 🙂


Adam will be away from the office all next week. So if you need to order from the WebShop it will still be business as usual.

Snow Swap

We have been hearing a lot about the snow in the USA and we are expecting it too. This week we have had a few flurries of snow but nothing major. So just to make our friends on the other side of the pond feel at home we took a picture. Lucky for us it was raining earlier so it didn’t get a chance to settle luckily.


We having been working on the “Rust In Piece” convertible again this week and made massive progress by cutting the front off as the panels were to rotten to salvage. The floor area has been cleaned up and replace with a complete floor pan and all the relevant fittings. The safe and sure way is to replace the parts and start from a solid foundation. This is exactly the same principles we used in the now wonderful “Mastic Mustang” posts. This will be another nice car once we finished with her.

Old look set of the front of the car.

The floor pans now in place.

The bits we didn’t want? Well they were added to the scrap pile.


During the week we had a call from a good customer of ours to say that they wanted to pick up their car from our storage. This was fine by us of course, but as a result we had a swap round with some of the cars. As if by an unscripted choreography the cars were moved and replaced back to their homes, just for now that is!

The cars were all tucked up safe and sound to avoid the snow!

Customers Cars:

’66 Coupe full restoration has taken a big step forward with the engine being settled into place and looks pretty good. The next jobs will be to get the under dash fittings in place.

We have been looking at the state of the fuel tank and removed the sender to drain the remains of the old fuel that was sitting at the bottom. The sender was removed and we decided that this one had seen better days. The fact is that when you are at this level of restoration then the last thing you should do is put in a rusty old fuel tank, the rubbish and rust thrown through the engine could cause chaos with the carb, and possibly damage all sorts of items let alone block the fuel lines.

If you find that your fuel gauge is a little erratic then check the sender!

Who’s Payin’?

It’s that time of year where it’s cold damp and dark, but it’s getting closer to Christmas and a welcome break of over indulgence and is welcome! Herbie’s American Diner is a regular venue now for friends of Mustang Maniac, this occasion was no different last Sunday, we decided to have our Christmas lunch at Herbie’s as we enjoy the food so much. The Turkey came in the form of a burger with all the trimmings such as stuffing and cranberry sauce. There were even a few that had the traditional burger which was doubled-up just to make sure they looked like Santa himself. It was a great afternoon and a good turn out with the usual culprits and a couple of new faces with us too. A few photos were taken obviously:

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; this one seemed to suggest that somebody should pay!


But, when it was announced it was only a joke….. the boot was on the other foot.

Beth (Yogette) gave her approval of the afternoons antics too.

 The next day:

After such joyous events things can be a little heavy going the next day. Terry was working on a 289cid which was making some strange noises deep in the block. He decided it was going to be an old school diagnosis with his stethoscope which narrowed the noise to a particular cylinder. Terry even offered a full body medical with that long probe too. His kind offer was declined of course, needless to say the kettle was put on for hot cuppa.


Later that week:

Our new Falcon convertible arrived so we decided to take it and her sister truck for a spin. Petrol heads with wind in their hair on the way to a big fry up, what more can you ask for on a cold winters day, apart from a hot cup of tea that is? We decided to go in convoy of course, but there was a debate over who was going to drive.

Hang on – I thought you said Yogi was in the back!

Back to Christmas again, the new launch of the gift vouchers has gone down very well indeed. We have had a number of purchases from the  partners of Mustang owners who didn’t know what to get them. But, now they don’t have to  worry.

Hot of the press, our exclusive tax discs have appeared in January Edition of American Classic. At the time we post this the copy wasn’t in our hands but we will post a picture of the mag next week for you.

WebShop link for Gift Vouchers, click here.

WebShop link for Classic Car Tax Discs, click here.


Rare Cleveland 302 Engine

We have finally managed to get hold of a rare Cleveland 302 engine. Yes, you did read that right, not a 351 but it’s a 302 with the transmission as well. The Cleveland 302 was not manufactured in the USA only in Australia. It’s identical to the 351 except for the crank and rods due to the shorter stroke. Some called it the Ford Fairmount which was supposed to have more torque but slightly down on top end. Just to prove it you can see the crank clearly say 302. We have had some interesting conversations about this engine and to date not managed to get a full engine. This was stripped down about ten years ago and has been like it since and this is how we bought it. We have some plans for this engine, which one wins we will have to discuss. What better way to pick up a classic rare engine in a classic rare Falcon pick up truck?


We have had a couple of cars in for a routine services and they were finished well on time. We had this nice shot of a dark blue ’65 Coupe ready to go and we decided to make it into a wallpaper for you to download, click here.

We decided to get some work done on ’66 Coupe that is in our panel shop on the spit. The front floor pan supports were rotten and poorly welded in place. As a lot of the work has been done to grind away the old welds, we removed the old ones and was pleased to see the inside bodywork to the supports was in good condition. We painted the inside of the supports as standard with red oxide before welding.

Al (Yogi, to his friends) then welded the new floor supports(s) back in place one at a time. Everything was carefully marked up to make sure no movement in the vehicle during the process.

We also attached the hand brake bracket back in place a mended the holes there previously, we also gave the floors another generous helping of filler to be sanded down. We didn’t tell Mart as we thought it would be a nice surprise for him.


We had a stone dog given to us a little while ago and we had it shot blasted to clean it up. But, somebody who hasn’t owned up yet, staff or customer has now placed a half chewed mat and a wig on the dog! We liked it so much we have left it. 🙂 Any ideas for a name for our new hound?

Quick links:

Downloads ’65 Coupe & Gas Pump or click here