Tight Fit

We pick up this week straight away with our customer’s cars and a resurrection of the project ’70 fastback with work being undertaken ready for the rear quarter panels to go back on. As Yogi has the new doors in place while the old rear quarters were in place we had a solid template to work from in order to align the “B” Pillars up correctly. A gap critical part of the process that has to be right first time.

With some clamps in place the pillars can be spot welded fully into place properly once Yogi was happy with the gaps. This is a slow time-consuming process to make sure the door opens and closes consistently before the final welding up. Rumour has it Yogi missed a tea break! With that the rear quarters were dry fitted and aligned up with the rear light panels and the B pillars. This can take hours and hours, as a tiny adjustment at one end will be a big adjustment at the other end of such a large panel. Tweaks to the panels and how they fit is normal, this is where the skill and experience of Yogi comes into its own.
rusty101With everything in place after a whole day it was all welded into place which just left the prep work for the rear quarters. Blocking down and filler work to make the insides ready for paint before being assembled onto the car.

French Convertible:

The last few posts has seen the new engine being readied for fitting back into the car. The final prep for the water and oil ways were made and double checking of the timing chain and cams etc. Not that we need to of course, it’s just a habit we have to crank by hand to make sure everything will be as it should.

The polished inlet manifold is fitted and torqued down into place and finally the coated headers are dry fitted to make sure that all the bolts are fine to be tightened up. Nothing worse than struggling with the engine in the engine bay with little room to work in.

With everything checked and the headers removed again the engine was lowered into place and attached the engine mounts.

The headers were lifted into place and bolted on properly. We knew this was going to be a tight fit and we weren’t wrong.

With the engine set in place the gearbox was a straight forward lift into place and bolt up. The hand brake and other hardware was also fitted into place.

Speaking of rumours it has been said that somebody took a picture of Yogi working on a carb in the other work-shop that was apparently having trouble with the jetting.

Only Joking Yogi! (We hope this doesn’t upset the Yogi Fan Club)

We had to study the above pic a while before we realised it was indeed a fake pic sent to us. How did we know it’s not our Yogi? Simple – It’s not a Snap-On wrench being used. Ahem – Moving swiftly on.
Where Adam is currently on a short break it has been said that the beers were free. Needless to say the afore-mentioned hospitality has been taken full advantage of so we hear.


We have a couple of great pics of the pups where Enos and PJ wanted to say hello.


The feedback from last weeks WebShop update has been very positive and we are pleased with the responses from existing customers as well as general comments. Please let us know if you have any ideas how we can improve your Mustang Maniac experience with us.

Hope you liked the post as much as Daisy did!


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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Great pics, and i can see why Daisy was laughing 🙂

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