Goodwood 2014

There are some things you can revive and some you can’t, which I will get onto a little later. But first we had a good trip to Goodwood’s Revival and some great cars and some good racing. We of course were pleased to see many Mustangs racing and on display. Goodwood had a recreation of the Earls Court building front where they housed some cars on show old and new next to each other. There was this very nice convertible baby blue Mustang who is also a customer of ours, next to the new 2015 Mustang which we have already had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal.

There were obviously other stands there from different manufacturers there, but only a few caught our eye. There was also outside features and attractions, there were even visitors dressed in period costume which was quite nice to see.

But Goodwood is renowned for its racing. We have a few pictures here of some of the cars we liked, which just happened to be Fords. Rowen Atkinson (a well known British comedian), had an accident in his Ford Falcon Sprint which he mashed up pretty good unfortunately. Lets hope it’s back on the track soon.

How not to drive a C4 transmission

As I mentioned at the beginning some things you can revive and some you just can’t, this example may be falling into the latter category. We are often asked to work our magic on things which we do on most occasion, however there are some things we just can’t repair, sometimes new parts are the only way to go. This pump from the front of C4 auto gearbox is damaged badly. The worst part is that not only has some of the pump gearing been damaged but a couple of the gear’s teeth are still missing as we haven’t found them, yet. There is no way of telling exactly just how much damage has been done or even if it can be rescued at all until it has been taken apart. How did it happen? We’re not sure the full truth will never be known, but we have seen similar results to this this in another gearbox. The gearboxes are generally pretty solid, but this damage can happen when you give the engine a boot full of revs and slam the shifter into “Drive”, or keep your foot on the brake while revving the engine while in drive. Trying to do a burn out maybe? As you can see, this is not going to be cheap repair even if it can be repaired.


Don’t rev the engine and slam the car into drive – it won’t like it. Trust us!

Healthy pump from a C4

A very badly damaged

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