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Road Trip

It seems as though we have stumped a few people with our little teaser quiz for the last two weeks. We shall give you a few easier pictures this week which should give you the model of the car at … Continue reading

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Double Trouble

A few posts ago we mentioned that we had a drive in gearbox swap out. This week we we had all hands to the (fuel) pump, gearbox, carb, wiring, exhaust etc. to go one better for a customer. Customer Cars: … Continue reading

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Bouncing Back

Firstly we would like to thank everybody for the messages and emails regarding the Santa Pod racing day out. We were back to normal in the current heat wave, trying to work over a hot engine in a hot garage … Continue reading

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Spring Time Your Way?

Ok so the title is a little play on words for this week’s blog, but the weather in the UK is picking up a little and looking forward to the warm weather and all the classic cars coming out to … Continue reading

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A Man Of Many Hats

We have to point out to the rest of the world that in the UK a single flake of snow causes carnage all over the country; trains stop running, roads close, satellite TV’s stop working, power cuts you name it! … Continue reading

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A Change To Work Loads

It makes a change to have some nice weather in the UK for a change and that itself brings a noticeable change to the work load. There hasn’t been much chance to work on all the projects this week though, it … Continue reading

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Racking and Racing

We decided that this week was going to rearrange some cars in Adams refurbished storage shed. The racking was used at another location and has been brought to the yard. the old storage was moved out and the racks put … Continue reading

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Off She Goes!

We start with the fantastic news that the French Convertible is finished on time within the very tight time scale we had. We were pushed really hard to get the car ready on time, so it’s a big thanks to Yogi, … Continue reading

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Building Blocks

The week started with some excellent news that the engine we wanted has now turned up for the French Convertible. The requirement was to have at least 350bhp from the unit. So we duly complied and came up with 390bhp … Continue reading

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